How to use a light laminate in the interior

Most designers consider the dark shade to be the most traditional floor design. Light laminate in the interior is not so common compared to other coatings. But with the competent organization of the whole design, it fits perfectly there.

the option of using a light laminate in a bright interior of a house

Light laminate in the interior is not used very often

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in an unusual apartment decor

If you choose the right color, a light laminate can fit very well in the interior

the option of using a light laminate in a beautiful home design

Laminate should be combined with the interior of the room

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate resembles wooden parquet. But it can not be fully attributed to wood products. The top layer is made of resin, acrylic or melamine. It is a protective coating that preserves the beauty of the decorative finish. The first layer is followed by a film. It has a decorative character and imitates wood. Then comes a plate made of fiberboard or chipboard, which allows you to make the product tougher and stronger.

The products have various consumer properties. You can choose the most suitable for a particular room.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a bright apartment style

The top layer of the laminate is made of resin

the option of using a light laminate in a beautiful home decor

For a particular room, you can choose the right laminate

How to choose a laminate

The choice usually comes down to two parameters, including appearance and quality characteristics. But it is recommended to consider other factors:

  1. wear resistance, durability;
  2. manufacturer;
  3. sensitivity indicator for wet cleaning;
  4. moisture resistance.

Appearance matters. You need to understand how to choose everything according to style. The recommendations are presented in the table.


The appearance of the laminate


Warm shades.


White tone or its shades will do. Looks good bleached oak.


Choose a light palette that is perfect for such a style.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in an unusual apartment design

A very beautiful light laminate will look in a modern style

the option of using a light laminate in a bright style of a house

Preference should be given to trusted manufacturers.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a beautiful apartment interior

Light laminate can fit into any style of interior

Light laminate in the interior

A light laminate in the interior of the apartment is a suitable option to decorate the floor. It goes well with other colors, fills the room with light and hides some of the room's flaws. The main thing is to combine with various shades and factors correctly. If you do not observe accuracy, you can get an absurd interior. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the features of the product.

Light laminate: benefits

There are a number of advantages, so it becomes a good option when creating a design.

  1. The ability to visually increase the space. Therefore, it is worth using in small rooms. The dark gamut narrows the space, and the opposite makes it more spacious.
  2. Everything is filled with light. If the windows are not on the sunny side, which leads to the lack of the required natural light, then you should choose a similar laminate. It will make the space more illuminated.
  3. Less dirty than the coating of dark colors. The dust on it is almost invisible.Therefore, this option is much more practical and less moody.
  4. Create original and sophisticated styles. You can apply many different details that look bright on white. Therefore, the use of contrasting elements is suitable.

These pluses allow you to choose this design option.

option to use a light laminate in an unusual apartment decor

With the help of light shades, you can visually expand the borders of the room

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in an unusual home design

Such a laminate does not get so dirty as usual

Light laminate: flaws

The product has certain disadvantages that are important to consider before buying it.

  1. An unnatural effect may occur under certain lighting conditions. Most tend to make the selected model look as natural and natural as possible. But achieving this will not be easy.
  2. It takes a lot of time to pick up the related parts. It is necessary to carefully choose skirting boards, window frames. The key difficulty comes down to choosing a winning combination.
  3. It may look rustic. Some people think that such a floor does not look so chic. Therefore, it is not suitable for any style.

Laminate in the interior of the apartment looks spectacular, only if you take into account all its pros, cons and features. This will help to avoid wrong decisions.

the option of using a light laminate in a beautiful home interior

In addition to its advantages, this coating also has disadvantages.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a bright apartment decor

It will be difficult to pick up related elements to the light floor

the option of using a light laminate in an unusual interior of a house

Before laying such a floor, it is worth considering all the little things

Features of choosing a light flooring

In order for the selected model to emphasize the features of the room and hide the flaws, it is necessary to adhere to certain tips. When you decide what color is needed, you should understand what in the end you want to get. You can achieve a natural effect or luxurious. In the latter case, buy a product that has a glossy finish. Be prepared that the whole design in such a way will be difficult to sustain. It will not look natural. If you need a glamorous effect, it is better to choose a darker palette. Otherwise, there is a risk that the design of the floor will seem unnatural and cheap. But if you replace it with a matte model, it will add an atmosphere of naturalness and sophistication.

Laminate flooring can connect several rooms. Then it’s not the palette that matters, but the lighting. The selected tone may look completely different with a certain direction and saturation of light. It is recommended to use peripheral lighting and central lighting, arranging everything correctly.

The choice will be affected by the type of room. Some designers believe that light coating should not be used in the hallway or corridor. But if you manage to carefully think through and organize everything, you can not follow the recommendations of the designers.

the option of using a light laminate in a beautiful style of a house

The choice of flooring should be approached with caution.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a beautiful apartment design

To such a floor you need to select lighting

Light laminate in the interior: tips for use

When using a laminate in the interior of an apartment, you should carefully consider the wall palette. If the tone matches the floor, visually the ceilings will become higher. But the space itself will seem narrower. If you do not carefully think through the design, you get a room that resembles a ward in a hospital. The completeness will add a correctly selected baseboard. It is better if it will be a few tones darker than the color of the floor.

Let the baseboard repeat one of the shades of room design. Any element of decor will do. The same color of the baseboard and door looks perfect.

If you do not like standardization, and want to add originality, it is recommended to use a simple technique. Skirting and flooring should have contrasting colors. If the latter is decorated in bright colors, the first will be black. It will turn out expressively. Be sure to add a few black elements to the interior, complementing the baseboard.

An excellent solution would be to use the gamut of flooring, which is several tones lighter than furniture.If you do not follow this advice, there is a risk that the objects will merge into a single spot. The style will not be bright, expressive. You can avoid merging by placing a dark carpet on the floor. This will be a spot that perfectly dilutes the overall look.

the option of using a light laminate in an unusual apartment interior

The best option is considered a competent combination of color in the interior

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a bright style of a house

Sex should be at least slightly different from the overall picture.

the option of using a light laminate in a bright home design

The carpet is perfect for general dilution

Laminate choice and room style

It’s logical and simple to select interior doors to match the floor design. This helps to expand space, adding freedom. White is a fashionable and popular solution.

Light shades of laminate are suitable for the following styles.

  1. Scandinavian. Assumes the maximum use of white scale. Not a dark oak is suitable for the floor. The effect of the hospital ward can be avoided by placing bright, contrasting elements. Suitable picture, vases, carpet, pillows.
  2. Provence. In this case, white is replaced with pastel colors, delicate. There is a floral pattern on the details. This will positively affect the whole image;
  3. Minimalism. It is necessary to combine in one room a white palette and free open space. Minimalism involves the use of a minimum of furniture and decor. Only the necessary, practical and functional.
  4. High tech. Add strong, clear lines. The style does not require the presence of naturalness, which allows the use of a laminate with a glossy surface. The stronger the industrial atmosphere is emphasized, the more ideal it will be. Doors between rooms do not open, but move apart. Dominated by metallic, black, gray and white tones.

Proper design helps the laminate to look advantageous. First you need to decide on the result that you want to get.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a beautiful apartment decor

This laminate is more suitable for modern style.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in an unusual style of a house

That the floor would look advantageous, it is necessary to issue the room correctly

We use a light laminate in the interior of the apartment

When decorating an apartment, it is important to remember the features that each color has. There are paints that absorb light, and others that play with them and create glare and overflow. Of key importance is the organization of light, its location and intensity. Observe moderation and remember about compatibility.

Laminate and skirting are selected, taking into account the following factors:

  1. the appearance of furniture;
  2. openings design;
  3. wall decoration and the use of decorative elements.

Designers believe that it is not necessary to select everything exactly in one tone. An exception will be the space where a dark carpet is introduced, which is a diluting and contrasting element.

the option of using a light laminate in a beautiful apartment interior

The main role in the use of such a floor is played by lighting

the option of using a light laminate in a bright apartment design

When choosing a laminate it is worth considering all the little things

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in an unusual home decor

Selecting all in one tone is not worth it

The right combination of color laminate and doors in the interior

There are the following principles for a competent combination.

  1. Contrast. The use of radically different colors. A dark laminate in the interior of the apartment, along with details that are opposite in the palette and vice versa. To enhance the effect, the selected paints should be both warm or cold.
  2. Combination. When the laminate is a little lighter. The gamma temperature is one.
  3. Coincidence. Maximum approximation by palette, texture. Choose a door from the same wood that imitates a laminate. Do not try to achieve identity. Close proximity to each other.

A color scheme.

  1. Beige. It is neutral, so the door can have any shade of the same spectrum.
  2. Gray. Anything from dairy to smoky. Allowed to use the entire gray palette.
  3. White. An ideal door will be the same color. The temperature must be observed, either only warm or cold.

Dark tones of the laminate are combined with the same doors. Additionally, the invoice and drawing must match.

the idea of ​​using a light laminate in a beautiful apartment style

In some cases, a light laminate in a bright room may look advantageous

the option of using a light laminate in a bright interior of a house

Usually if the walls in the room are light, pick up the floor a little darker

Room-specific selection rules

There are certain recommendations that depend on the particular room. Among them:

  1. Kitchen. It is a complex space in terms of choosing the class of wear resistance of the material. Appearance choose under the general design. The kitchen has high humidity, there is a chance of greasy drops falling on the floor. Therefore, a material with a high degree of resistance to the negative influence of these factors is perfect.
  2. Bathroom. Experts do not recommend the use of such a coating in this room. The most suitable is considered a stone, or tile. If you are considering only the option with a laminate, then be sure to choose with high water resistance. Differs in high cost, but copes with steam, moisture and condensate.
  3. Living room or bedroom. In addition to durability and beauty, here you need to take into account other indicators. It matters how well the material absorbs noise, especially for the bedroom. Therefore, a high-quality product that will not creak when walking is suitable. For children, it is necessary to consider the safety of the material, does it cause an allergy, how warm. Roughness is better than smoothness.
  4. Hallway In the corridor, the level of patency is high. The floor is more exposed to pollution, more often washed. Therefore, models with resistance to moisture and good wear resistance are suitable.

These tips will help you choose the right cover for the room. Thanks to this, you can avoid many errors in the design.

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