How to make a balcony in the apartment

Almost every apartment has a balcony or loggia. And most likely there is a lot of stuff, just taking up space in anticipation when it will be thrown into the landfill. If so, then it's time to do it right now. Get rid of the unnecessary burden of the past, and in the vacant place make a great place for your favorite activity or furnish the balcony with comfortable furniture. Read today's review and learn how to decorate a balcony in a modern apartment, as well as in a country house.

Ceramic green floor in the interior of the balcony

Capacious enclosed wardrobes - a good way to clean up the balcony

Design options

Any of your ideas can be realized. Here you can come up with an original design option, for example:

  • continuation of the kitchen;
  • arrangement of a lounge;
  • location of a small home workshop;
  • arrangement of a children's bedroom for a teenager;
  • sports Hall;
  • layout of the winter garden;
  • organization of a greenhouse;
  • arrangement of a sauna.

The last three options seem to be fantastic. But with the proper approach on the balcony, even such bold decisions can be realized.

Beige curtains on a comfortable balcony

The arrangement of the balcony directly depends on the functionality of the room and its size

All of the above can be done by everyone, and even by their own hands. It is worth noting that the choice of one or another option for arranging your balcony will depend on the size of the room. For example, on a small balcony of a five-story Khrushchev, it is hardly possible to fit a massive simulator. In this case, the combination of the balcony space with the room of the kitchen or room may be more suitable.

Organization of a sports corner on the balcony

On almost any balcony you can fit the Swedish wall and horizontal bar

If you are planning to install any machine equipped with an electric motor, then it is worth considering the sound insulation of windows. Making it with your own hands is not difficult.

Organization of a seamstress workshop on a balcony or loggia

A real workshop for sewing clothes


For fans to work in the fresh air, on the balcony you can make an office. This will add newness to the working atmosphere, and therefore increase productivity.

Home office on the balcony of a panel house

A small home office will fit even on a narrow balcony

When arranging a small balcony for an office, repair should begin with the dismantling of the old wall cladding and flooring. Pay particular attention to the floor material you plan to install again. On your balcony, it must be a tree or its derivatives. If the height allows, then the floorboard should be put on the logs, and in the formed gap to lay the insulation.

For a working atmosphere, the classic style is best suited, with its strict lines and contrasting shades. On the side wall, arrange a bookshelf with a classic-style desk.

Classic cabinet table on the balcony of a brick high-rise building

The office on the balcony is convenient in terms of lighting - you do not have to turn on the lights in the afternoon

Tip. If possible, it is worthwhile to provide a heating radiator. In this case, before finishing the interior of the room, heating pipes are pre-laid under the facing layer of material.

The design of the workplace on the balcony of a multi-storey building

Contemporary style workplace

On the windows of the balcony you can hang roller blinds with the corresponding interior printed image on them. In stores you can find a huge selection of various print options. From colorful landscapes to intricately twisted lines and shapes.


Such a room is perfect for sophisticated people. This idea applies even to the interior of a small balcony. From furniture, a comfortable recliner or rocking chair is suitable here. The furnishings are finished to your liking.

Design of a heated balcony with a seating area

Stylish room with a mattress on the floor for relaxation

Brick wall decoration with decorative stone brick

A hanging bed is no worse than a rocking chair

The rest room should have all its appearance to relax the person. To do this, Provence style should settle on your balcony. Its distinguishing features are:

  • soft combinations of color tones in the interior of the room;
  • the use of floral metal suspensions on the walls and ceiling;
  • small details of interior elements should overlap with the overall color scheme;
  • flowers and plants that grow in abundance in the south of France (namely, from there Provence came from nowadays).
Provence Balcony Interior

A comfortable place to relax on a balcony of 4 squares

Tan hat on the blue wall of the balcony

French Provence Decorations

Field daisies on the balcony of a city apartment

The floor is lined with carpet in deep green.

If the width of the balcony allows, then you can put a bed, or buy a folding chair. An extra bed is equipped with night wall lights. Along one of the walls, you can hang flowerpots with flower arrangements, or equip a hinged shelf by placing pots with plants and other decorative elements on it, designed to increase the comfortable stay of visitors to this corner.

Interior of a cozy balcony of a modern apartment

Suitable atmosphere for a romantic dinner

Stylish design of the balcony with your own hands

A nice table and Viennese chairs, and on the wall of hydrangeas in beautiful flowerpots

Provence Narrow Balcony Design

Open shelves on the end wall are also suitable for Provence style.

You can do small decorative elements of the interior on your balcony with your own hands. It can be various floral arrangements with the participation of artificial flowers and birds of the animal world. Provence style will allow you to fully reveal your talents.

Winter Garden

Amazing atmosphere in your home will create a winter garden on the balcony. Of course, to fully reveal the idea of ​​a winter garden will be possible only on the spacious balcony of a country cottage. Depending on the prevailing variety of vegetation, you will need to glaze such a balcony with wide windows, and it is even possible to make an inclined glazed structure in the form of a stained-glass window instead of a ceiling. But even with a small balcony, you can equip the interior under a winter garden.

Roman curtains in the conservatory on the balcony

When organizing a winter garden on the balcony, it is necessary to consider not only warming and lighting, but also protection from bright sunlight

Important! When choosing plants for a balcony, consider the location of the balcony relative to the cardinal points. In good light, you can choose photophilous plants. On the contrary, with the northern placement of the balcony it is worth planting the corresponding flowers.

Creepers in the interior of the balcony in Khrushchev

Vertical landscaping saves space and looks spectacular

If your apartment has a spacious loggia, then this is a huge plus. A loggia with dense vegetation passing along two rooms will create an atmosphere of mystery, freshness in your rooms.

Small plants are best hung on the walls of the loggia. Plant curly flowers, letting them sprout along a stretched cord along the entire room, and place large green palms in the corners of the loggia.

Hanging pots with indoor plants on the balcony wall

With a lack of space, plants are placed in flowerpots or on shelves on the side walls of the balcony

Indoor lemons and other plants in the conservatory on the balcony

Winter garden on the balcony will be pleasing to the eye all year round

An interesting option would be the device of a small flower bed, or planting a green lawn. When arranging such a green corner, you can have a great time feeling floral aromas, as well as play mini-golf.

It is best to separate the loggia from the living space with wide sliding glass doors. They are installed instead of a wall partition. The texture of the glass is selected different kinds, which allows us to achieve different visual effects.

Children's room

A balcony for a children's room is well suited. New buildings are now designing wide, spacious balconies. Such a room meets all the requirements for size in an interior with furniture and decorative elements.

Organization of space in the children's room on the balcony

Children's room on the balcony will be a real godsend for a small apartment

Toy house on the furnished balcony

The balcony can be turned into a play area

The style of such a room can be completely different. Both themed interior design and modern classic are suitable here.

When choosing a classic style, preference should be given to smooth tones that combine favorably. Screaming accents should not be here.

Classic style living balcony interior

The design of the balcony in a classic style for a teenager

Making a children's room on the loggia

Arrangement of children's space in a modern style

With the location of the balcony in the children's room, the device of a sports room would be a good solution. Install the Swedish wall with the bar at the top. From furniture, a soft armchair or a small ottoman for reading books is suitable here.

Design a spacious balcony with a play area

The Swedish wall should be fixed to the main wall.

Bionics in the design of the balcony

If the loggia borders on one of the rooms, then there is the option of combining these rooms. Remove the partition completely and place the window part of the balcony in the modern, natural Bionics style. This style fully reflects the essence of the natural world surrounding us - smooth outlines, natural colors in the interior of the room.

Unusual harmonious design dining group

Futuristic bionics style dining area design

Bionics style involves the repetition of forms of nature. So, the balcony window facing the street can be redone in the form of bee cells (honeycombs). Also, if the plans do not completely dismantle the room wall, then you can make several holes of any shape in it and get an interesting architectural composition. From the vegetation, the stems of green bamboo will look interesting.

Video with modern balcony ideas

Photo: 50 ideas for practical arrangement of the balcony

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