How to decorate the home library?

Modern gadgets are slowly replacing magazines, newspapers, books from everyday life. Despite the convenience of the electronic version, there are still quite a lot of fans to read real books. If your family has such a way of spending leisure time in high esteem, then it's time to think about designing a small home library. In this room you can correctly organize the space for the proper storage of the book collection, ensuring a carefree pastime. Attractive library design will make the overall atmosphere in the house more stylish, rich. Make it right you will help tips posted in this publication.

Tall book storage racks in your home

There are quite a few home library design options

Where is the best place to store books?

To “carve out” a suitable place for a home library in a large house is not difficult at all. Its role can be performed by a separate free room, home office. The ideal option is a cabinet. It will be possible to read in it, to do business away from noise.

Organization of a book storage system in the living room

Home library is usually combined with a living room or study

Two leather armchairs in the home library

It is necessary to organize storage so that the search for the right book does not take much time

No less attractive place is the living room. A large living room with bookshelves, a fireplace will look amazing. If the apartment is small, there is very little space, bookshelves can be placed directly in the bedroom. Shelves can be made built-in, then they will not take up usable space. Many hide them behind the doors of a large wardrobe.

Storage of books in a sliding wardrobe with glass doors

The bookcase of a compartment will ensure high preservation of books and will elegantly complement the interior of the room

Open-type book modules in the living room interior

On open shelves you'll have to fight dust more often

Book storage rules: briefly on the main thing

In order for the library design to be always attractive, it is very important to keep its content in the best possible way. Books need some care. Their storage at home requires the following several rules:

  1. Books can be called real dust collectors. It is easiest to protect them from dust with the help of shelving with doors. Closed racks will significantly extend the time between cleaning.
  2. All items should be cleaned with a damp cloth at least once a week. The fabric needs to be squeezed out well.
  3. Dust is best removed from books with a special broom made of feathers.
  4. Once a week, all closed cabinets, racks should be ventilated.
  5. The ideal temperature for storing books is 18-20 degrees. If the office is cool, you need to install additional heating.
  6. Paper perfectly absorbs odors. The home library should be placed away from the kitchen, equipped with a good ventilation system. No smoking in the office. Tobacco smoke quickly absorbs into the paper.
  7. Too bright electric lighting is very detrimental to paper. Bindings will quickly lose elasticity, pages will turn yellow.
White bookcases with doors

Bookcases with doors will protect books from dust and direct sunlight

Open wooden bookcase racks

Use roomy and sophisticated book storage systems that emphasize your room style

Furniture selection

Having learned the basic rules for storing books, choosing a suitable room, you can proceed to the next step in the design of your home library - the selection of furniture. Printed publications can be stored in special racks, cabinets, on built-in bookshelves, etc.

Dark Brown Bookcases

Natural wood bookcases look very impressive

Custom book storage rack

The original bookcase will demonstrate your uniqueness

Original design bookshelves on the living room wall

Designer's fantasies about bookshelves are endless

Furniture should be selected based on three main parameters:

  • number of print publications;
  • design style;
  • the size of the room.

If there are a lot of books, they were inherited from my grandmother, the best option would be to buy high shelves. They can be made by individual standards of the room. Shelving is usually placed along one wall.

Ladder and high bookcase

For optimal filling of the entire wall, you will most likely have to make shelves for specific sizes

You can decorate the interior of the library cabinet with stylish cabinets with glass doors. Sliding wardrobes can become a modern analogue. They are made to order from natural wood, decorated with original carvings. Wardrobe is better to choose a tall, compact. It will turn out to carve out more space for the installation of upholstered furniture, a coffee table.

Wall-mounted bookshelves will be the perfect solution for a young family whose print collection is still small. Shelves can be placed in the living room, bedroom, nursery. The shape, size of such furniture should be chosen based on the general style of the room.

Interior of a small home library

The home library is not only a place to store books, but also a lounge

Cozy home library design

The atmosphere in the home library should be suitable for all family members

Restored old bookcases

You can make the interior of the library cabinet original with the help of old, long-needed furniture. Grandmother’s wardrobe, chest of drawers, obsolete shelves can always be restored, reused in the interior. This is a great way to save money, save pleasant memories from the past.

Old grandmother's bookcase with a book collection

Furniture manufactured in the old days is of high quality

Important! Having chosen the Provence style for your home library, you have to throw away the idea of ​​buying a new wardrobe. Old furniture is one of the main foundations in the design of this design.

Home library interior with desk

If the value of old furniture is low, you can try to repair it on your own.

Restoration of old furniture requires certain experience, skills, equipment. If none of the above is present, it is better to entrust this task to a specialist. The restorer will do the job quickly, efficiently.

Sometimes old bookshelves, lockers do not need global restoration. The owners of the house only need to repair them a little, wash, replace the glass parts with new ones. If desired, novelty can be added to old furniture. Simply paint the inside walls of the cabinet with paint. Paint color should be chosen from the general color scheme of the interior. Paint should be of high quality, non-toxic. Acrylic is good. It dries quickly, has almost no smell, looks amazing.

Installing bookshelves in niches

The best way to save space is to use built-in bookshelves. They can be placed in special niches made of drywall, brick, and other building materials. Making bookshelves is a way of expressing home owners. In them you can display your character, mood, goals. By their shape, color, you can identify the music lover, collector, esthete, lover of modern "lotions".

Living room interior with fireplace and bookshelves.

Wooden shelves in drywall niches

Choose the size of the shelves based on the volume of the home library. If a whole room is allocated for prints, you can equip a large built-in shelving unit. Add to it a special charm will help coloring the back wall of the niche in a bright color. For example, light shelves with dark walls are perfectly combined with each other.A large rack will help to place a lot of literature, magazines, collector's publications in a convenient manner.

A narrow niche for books in the doorway

Niches can be made in the most unexpected places.

Storage of books in a niche with shelves

And their design can be very diverse

If it is not possible to highlight the entire room, then a mini home library can be made in the living room, bedroom with the help of small shelves built into a niche. Compact shelf allows you to place everything you need, does not take up useful space. If the room is tiny, shelves are best designed in white. The light colors of the shelves will help visually make the space larger, more spacious.

Bookshelves under the stairs to the second floor of a private house

Books under the stairs are also an option if there is very little free space in the house.

More on styles

It is impossible to properly design a home library without choosing a harmonious style direction. The most suitable styles, their characteristic features are discussed in more detail in the table:

Style Character traits
Provence Sensitive, gentle, calm style. Ideal for decorating a women's home library. The color scheme should be light: olive, peach, white, light green. You can apply floral print. Furniture is better to choose old, rare.
Classic The ideal style for arranging a large, spacious room. Classics are characterized by a restrained design in bright colors. The decor of the room should be expensive, the furniture - wooden. Curtains will play a large role in the design. They must be multi-layered, heavy.
Minimalism Minimalism is a great solution for a modern family. This direction is characterized by light colors, simple forms of shelves, a lot of light, practicality. Decorative details should be almost completely absent.
Classic home library interior

The classic interior will require considerable financial investments in wooden furniture

White Provence Bookcases

Provence also gravitates towards the natural, but looks simpler and cheaper.

Long bookcase in white

For minimalist interiors, modern models of cabinets made of composite materials are quite suitable


When arranging a home library, in particular, a reading zone, the correct organization of light is an important point. To books too bright an electric light is harmful. Cabinets, shelves are best left without unnecessary lighting. One ceiling chandelier is enough. During the day, bookshelves need to be protected from natural light. This function is well performed by ordinary blinds.

Home library design with fireplace

Convenient reading place with an additional lamp located on the bedside table next to a soft armchair

A small sofa for reading books in the window opening

On such a sofa it will always be light during the day

A cozy place to read books in your home library

In the dark corner of the room can not do without additional sources of color

However, the reading area of ​​the room must be equipped with additional light sources. For this purpose, a floor lamp is well suited. It will illuminate a specific area without harming the books. Floor lamps are usually installed near an armchair, sofa. His style should be in harmony with the general style of the reading area. You need to place a floor lamp behind the reader. It is also important for him to choose the right lamp. It should be ergonomic, light soft.

Video on how to organize a library in a small apartment

Photo ideas for decorating your home library

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