How to organize space and design in a smart way, if the area of ​​the studio apartment is 20 square meters. m

Studio apartment 20 sq. M. meters is a common housing option. It has a small area, which complicates the process of its arrangement. If you correctly approach the solution of the problem, then making a full-fledged housing is simple. It will combine such characteristics as multifunctionality, original interior, convenience. A great option for such housing is minimalism. This style will help to arrange the necessary pieces of furniture and save free space.

To equip a small apartment, you must responsibly approach the task. A major redevelopment is underway. It allows you to competently organize the space. Thus, on a modest footage there will be a living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. It does not require large financial costs. The modern author offers projects that help not overpay and get cozy and comfortable housing.

the idea of ​​an unusual studio decor is 20 sq.m.

This apartment is a popular housing option.

an example of a bright studio style of 20 sq.m.

Creating a cozy and compact housing will not be difficult

Variant of bright studio design 20 sq.m.

The arrangement of the apartment should be approached with seriousness.

Several materials are well suited for flooring. In the hallway, tiles are laid out, and in the living area - laminate. These are durable and inexpensive coatings that will last for many years. The arrangement of a small apartment can be compared to jewelry work. Every meter of space is important for rational use. Design Studio 20 sq. m. for the author of the project - a challenge, a great opportunity to learn his professional abilities.

Equipping such housing, do not skimp on installing mirrors. They will visually expand the space. Such items are especially appropriate in a modest entrance hall. Mirror facades will perform several functions at once. Before leaving the house, the owners will be able to control their appearance.

In the closet are placed not only shoes, clothes, but also household items. It is necessary to think over a place for a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner.

In this case, you do not need to use the standard version of furniture. It should be made according to the project, which takes into account the features of the apartment and the requirements of the owners. If a large area is allocated for the bathroom, then it is better to reduce it. This will expand the other area in the room. In the bathroom a little space will take a shower.

The design of studio apartment 20 must be functional. All installed items take up minimal space or are used to solve different problems. Lockers turn into a table thanks to the mounted wheels. The bed is located slightly above the floor. The space left below is perfect for installing a refrigerator.

the idea of ​​a beautiful studio interior of 20 sq.m.

For living space, laminate flooring can be laid.

variant of the unusual style of the studio 20 sq.m.

It is advisable to install many mirrors, they will be able to visually expand the area

How to arrange furniture?

The project of the studio apartment is being prepared before the start of the repair. Everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail: starting from redevelopment, finishing, and ending with the arrangement of furniture. The author of modern projects is convinced that it is easier to equip a small apartment than a large housing with different rooms. Such repairs will require a little effort, the main thing is to plan each zone correctly, and what area is allocated for it.

To increase the kitchen, it is necessary to reduce the number of square meters allocated to the hallway. The room is divided into two zones: the reception and the bedroom. If the studio apartment has a balcony, then it can be advantageously applied. It will allow to realize various design ideas.

An example of a bright studio design of 20 sq.m.

Furniture must be approached with seriousness.

An example of a beautiful studio decor of 20 sq.m.

If you place the furniture correctly, the room will become cozy and comfortable.

variant of the bright interior of the studio 20 sq.m.

Zoning can be done using furniture or partitions

Interior decoration should start with the arrangement of furniture. It can be performed in many ways. Each of them will allow the use of space rationally.

Zone differentiation option


Installation of the partition

This option will allow you to get several areas separated by a special design. It will become a good border for the bedroom and living room.

Glass door or bar counter

Mainly used to separate the resting place from the kitchen. The glass structure is transparent, therefore it will not interfere with the penetration of light


It is mainly located in the corridor. The built-in version is well suited, since it takes a few meters and is quite roomy

the idea of ​​a bright studio design of 20 sq.m.

You can arrange furniture in several ways.

option of unusual studio decor 20 sq.m.

Each way of arranging furniture will be able to use the free space rationally.

The arrangement of the residential area: features

In any project of a studio apartment, a large area is provided for the residential area. And this is not surprising. Here the owners relax, spend time with the guests, and are engaged in creativity. Therefore, it should be cozy, comfortable and practical.

In a modest room, the bed is not appropriate. It is better to choose a small sofa. It is easily turned into a full and comfortable berth. You can also install a wardrobe in which to hide the bed thanks to a special trigger. In addition, you can store things in it.

the idea of ​​a bright interior of a studio of 20 sq.m.

In any project of a studio apartment, a large area is provided for the living area

An example of a bright studio design of 20 sq.m.

In a small room, instead of a bed, it is better to put a sofa

option of a beautiful studio style of 20 sq.m.

When creating a design studio is to think through everything in advance

If there is a balcony in the apartment, then a recreation area is organized on it. Two armchairs and a small table are installed. Do not use bulky objects, the lungs are well suited, which, if necessary, are transported. In many projects, pear chairs are placed in similar interiors. By removing them, you can get free space, which is suitable for solving other problems, creativity, recreation.

The presence in the design of a partition between zones is obligatory. Making the interior, you will need to choose the right pieces of furniture. It should be multifunctional and occupy a minimum of space. At the same time, it fits well into the overall picture of the design. It is better to install objects of the same color.

The color scheme of a small apartment should be bright. They will visually expand the space. Dark colors will steal the area and make the room smaller than it is. Mirrors and objects reflecting light look beneficial.

An example of an unusual studio decor is 20 sq.m.

Making the interior, you will need to choose the right pieces of furniture

option of light studio design 20 sq.m.

Use light shades, they will help visually expand the area

Kitchen zone: how to organize the space?

A kitchen is a must in any home. It not only prepares food, but also consumes it. The project of the studio apartment combines it with another room, which is located nearby. Mostly with the living room. This allows you to increase its area and make more rational use.

In the kitchen you need to place not only the set, but also the equipment. At the same time, it should be cozy and comfortable. In this process, the recommendations of experts will help:

  • appliances and kitchen accessories occupy a quarter of the area;
  • arrangement of a place where the owners will be able to create masterpieces;
  • convenience at the maximum level.

A competent layout of the apartment will be cozy and comfortable for living, as one person or a family. It is important to note that its implementation can cause difficulties.Basically, they are associated with obtaining permission and the preparation of necessary documents. You should think about this in advance. There are specialists who know the features of this work, so they will quickly solve the problem.

the idea of ​​a beautiful studio style of 20 sq.m.

With the correct layout, the apartment will be comfortable for living as one person or a small family

variant of the unusual interior of the studio 20 sq.m.

An excellent option would be to give all the work to a specialist

the idea of ​​a bright studio decor of 20 sq.m.

Usually the kitchen is combined with another room

Communications: how to equip?

Since the kitchen and living room are combined, it is important to make good ventilation. Modern systems will allow to maintain fresh and clean air in the apartment in any situation. The smell of fried cutlets does not soak furniture and curtains.

Thought ventilation immediately after receiving documents for redevelopment. The question of the arrangement of furniture is raised. Access to outlets should be free, nothing to interfere with the sewer and water system.

an example of a bright studio decor of 20 sq.m.

The kitchen should have good ventilation

An example of an unusual studio interior is 20 sq.m.

Modern ventilation systems will not allow to be saturated with an unpleasant smell of furniture and curtains

Color and lighting

Light and gray tones are well suited for interior decoration of a studio apartment. They are used in the decoration of walls and ceilings. It is appropriate to install glossy white furniture. The curtains on the windows are soft. As accents you can use contrasting elements. They are used on the wall, furniture.

As for the floor, a natural color finish is good. Wood will give the room a noble chic. The interior will be cozy and beautiful.

As a rule, the ceilings in the studio apartment are low, not more than 2.5 meters. Installing one chandelier on them is not the best lighting option. It is appropriate to use several fixtures in different zones. They will highlight each area of ​​the room, fill it with light and make it visually wider. The lamps are installed in the kitchen, or rather the lower part, above the mirror in the hallway. They are used mainly in the evening, which gives the home a cozy atmosphere.

the idea of ​​a bright studio design of 20 sq.m.

For a small apartment, it is better to use light and gray shades.

an example of a beautiful studio style of 20 sq.m.

Glossy items are great

an example of a bright studio style of 20 sq.m.

A chandelier in a small apartment is inappropriate. Use multiple lights

A bathroom

The size of the bathroom in the studio apartment is modest. To save space, the toilet and bath are combined. The main requirement that is presented to him is convenience and functionality. In the room you need to place a cabinet, washbasin and shower. The color scheme should correspond to the style chosen for the arrangement of the entire apartment.

If you install a shower with glass doors, then visually increase the free space in the room. The washbasin is best placed in the corner. So it takes up a little space and allows you to use one that often remains unused. In order not to burden the interior, use a stand without legs. Under it there is free space.

option bright studio style 20 sq.m.

To save space, the toilet and bath are combined

variant of a beautiful studio decor 20 sq.m.

The design of the bathroom should be combined with the style that is chosen for the entire apartment

Making the interior of a small apartment beautiful and functional is easy. This will help a carefully thought-out project, the right color scheme and compact furniture. Such a housing design will be spacious and look expensive.

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