How to apply yellow color in a modern interior

Emotional and life-affirming, rich and warming - this is how you can characterize the not very popular yellow color in the interior. The most relevant background for northern rooms, compensating for the lack of sunlight, is a real design favorite in latitudes, where there are much more cold and cloudy days than clear and warm. However, it should be used with caution, otherwise its activity will displace a calm pastel palette, interfering with a good rest.

Yellow wall in the interior of the living room

Warm yellow color brings joy and positive

Colorists, psychologists and interior designers will tell about all the secrets of using shades of the brightest part of the warm spectrum.

Yellow properties

Yellow color is called sunny, warm, bright, honey, amber, flower and fruit - and this is only a small part of its inherent epithets. Naturalists noticed the positive impact of such a palette on well-being, therefore, they offer all kinds of combinations of yellow in the interior of different rooms. One of the latest trends is the use in design of different styles of honey-amber gamut related to noble shades of yellow.

Yellow interior of a private house living room

Yellow color looks good both as a main shade and as a bright accent

Yellow shades quickly restore intellectual activity, normalize blood pressure in hypotensive patients, relieve depression and activate vitality. Bright sunny background is better not to use as the basis of the recreation area. But the yellow interior is liked by children, geniuses and many people with developed imagination. Therefore, there is no better bright accent in the work area or where creative personalities create something.

Many celebrate their sense of self in a room with a lot of yellow elements and textiles. The cool honey-golden room seems warmer than the blue-silver bedroom with the same temperature. So we are affected by the “warm” palette and the interior with yellow walls, and this is another secret of the human subconscious. And people prone to seasonal depression, in the protracted autumn slush, are recommended to hang the windows with yellow curtains and curtains that mimic sunlight.

Two yellow armchairs in a living room with a blue wall

Yellow furniture fits perfectly with a room with blue walls.

Tip. If you want to add more life to a simple modern setting, add fresh flowers and decorative sofa cushions in a warm color scheme.

Yellow decorative pillows in the interior of a gray bedroom

A few yellow accents made the gray bedroom warmer and less boring.

Red, blue and yellow are the main colors, all the rest are obtained from mixing them, respectively, they are already derivatives. These favorites are easily perceived by children, so they are in preference. It is noted that banana, canary and lemon varieties increase vitality, especially in combination with caramel and chocolate addition. This combination can be an excellent solution for the dining area and kitchen, where everyone is in a hurry to have breakfast together or drink coffee.

Lemon color door in the living room

Three well-chosen accents - a yellow door, a red pillow and a blue pouf

Gray, lilac or beige as a companion to the yellow range is rarely of interest to most failed personalities.For them, experts recommend a combination of yellow wallpaper with other colors, especially with white ceilings, brown furniture and spectacular wood finishes.

Note! Yellow has been proven to arouse appetite. Therefore, it is useful to be in the interior of the yellow room for children who are harmful at the table, but are contraindicated in people prone to overeating and obesity.

White-blue suite in the kitchen with yellow walls

Blue and yellow colors complement each other.

It is important to consider what yellow color is associated with the owner of the room, no matter what the designer suggests. For some, this is joy, prosperity, ringing of gold coins, active intelligence, warmth or fresh flowers. For others, it is separation, sickly pallor, risk, or increased attention when threatened.

The use of yellow shades in interiors of different styles

Each color has its own character and gradation. Moderation is the motto of designers who practice interiors in yellow colors. Excessive saturated color in its pure form will tire, especially people whose work is associated with emotional differences. On the contrary, depressed and passive people will find the hallway and bath in yellow shades useful, as in the photo.

Decoration of the bathroom walls in yellow

A windowless bathroom with yellow walls becomes more spacious and lighter

Blurred and pale lemon tones may well replace whiteness in any room with windows facing north. And saturated shades should always be used with caution, for example, if this is the interior of the living room with yellow parquet and curtains.

Honey and amber shades can be used without fear, they will not spoil even the luxurious palace interior of the bedroom, stylized as boudoirs from the time of King Louis XIV.

The design of the living room in a classic style with a predominance of yellow shades

In the classic living room, yellow is successfully combined with beige and olive flowers.

Golden yellow fittings guarantee a little shine to the conservative office in the English style with expensive furniture with brown leather upholstery.

The warm part of the spectrum can also have its own “cold” tones, which are formed when mixed with another color. For example, yellow-green or lemon is perceived much "cooler" than a banana, canary or pumpkin color. Thanks to this variation, it is convenient to experiment with a combination of yellow in a modern urban interior.

Mustard sofa in an industrial style living room interior

The sofa with mustard upholstery looks spectacular against the stone walls of the living room in a loft style

The warm palette is well perceived in the design, made for ethnic, retro styles and country. Warming ability will be needed to create a special homely atmosphere, especially if it is yellow in the interior of a living room, kitchen or dining room. This range is especially interesting in the addition of orange, green and terracotta shades.

Saffron, ocher and mustard are the delicate and slightly muted colors of the warm spectrum. They are considered favorites of Mediterranean interiors and Provence-style furnishings. This choice will emphasize the features of the stylistic choice in replenishing the olive, lavender, blue and aquamarine - greenish shades of sea water.

Painting the walls of the bedroom in a yellow tint

A warm mix of light yellow walls with a beige bed

The yellowish shades in most interiors are perfectly combined with dark contrasting tones:

  • black
  • chocolate;
  • Blueberry
  • blue and black;
  • dark purple;
  • woody brown tone (mother-of-pearl overflow of a slice of a wenge tree and chestnut fruits).

Golden tones - a luxury that is not appropriate in all styles, especially if it is textiles, dishes and accessories. The most noble gold looks on a black and chocolate background, depending on the design concept.

Yellow throw pillows

The choice of shade is determined by the style and purpose of the room

Experts recommend diluting gold with a contrast of chocolate color white or pale pink, especially if it is a bedroom under modern. In the Art Deco style, gold is complemented by a combination of a calm yellow tone in the interior of the living room, adding purple or black contrast to the linear pattern.

Attention! Abuse of “yellowness” will not make a stylish interior more emotional and cheerful.

Roman curtains with pink trim in the bedroom of the girl

No more than three primary colors should be used in any interior

An excess of this color will bring some imbalance and obsession, especially if it is a large and unfilled plane, for example, the ceiling of the bedroom.

At the same time, use dull yellowish shades more boldly to add some zest to any stylistic decision:

  • creamy;
  • sand;
  • "splashes of champagne";
  • "vanilla ice cream";
  • ivory;
  • "Creme brulee";
  • ecru (natural wool);
  • tender apricot.

Wall murals with a huge yellow flower are suitable for the modern solution. He will decorate the white wall at the head of the bed, making the room more extravagant, as in the photo.

Minimalist yellow and white bedroom

Modern style bedroom with a huge tulip over the head of the bed

Interested in what juicy yellow color is combined in the interior of a classic bedroom? Here the combination of white, black, brown and yellow is most harmonious, especially against the calm background of beige walls.

Yellow shades in rooms of different functionalities

If you choose the right shades and combination of yellow with other colors in the interior, then the emotional sunny color will be perceived differently in rooms of different functionalities.

Attention! Use a noble palette for an entrance hall, an office, a bedroom or a drawing room. It is undesirable to make the whole apartment in this gamut - dilute the adjacent rooms with cooler tones. Bright yellow shades are suitable for the kitchen, nursery and bathroom.

  1. Hallway Many are interested in what shades are appropriate in the interior and with what color the yellow color at the front door is combined. Here the amber trio is in harmony with beige and dark green. If you replace dark green with brown or black, then you need to correctly select the shade of wood (laminate on the floor and eco-veneer for interior doors).

    Narrow entrance hall with a yellow wall

    White and yellow combination will add space in a narrow corridor

  2. Kitchen. A bright combination of yellow and light green shades is suitable for the facades of built-in furniture. This riot of spring colors can even be diluted with orange or red accents in the form of prints or pictures. But this combination is better to be shaded by walls of a milky shade. If the walls are yellow, then it is better to limit yourself to dark furniture and colorful curtains.

    Yellow and white facades of a kitchen set

    Contrast yellow to green

  3. Bright yellow tones are suitable for a children's room - preschoolers love a radiant color. But it should not be in excess, choose one thing, for example, banana-colored furniture, curtains or a door, complementing with accessories and soft toys. Add the theme of the sun, dandelions or sunflowers - the room will immediately transform.

    Yellow shelf in the interior of a children's room

    Advantageous combination of white and yellow colors

  4. Living room is not a place where diversity is appropriate. Noble tones are suitable here, including lemon, sand and honey. However, experienced designers find worthy use even of bright yellow furniture in the interior of the guest room.

    Yellow armchair in the corner of the living room

    Beautiful combination of a yellow armchair with gray walls and black decorations

  5. Personal space of a teenager. Young people like the acid yellow color, and it is applicable in their bedrooms. Just not opposite the eyes, so as not to ripple in the eyes, but at the head of the bed, in the form of an art emphasis on the “bare” surface.

    White open shelves on a yellow wall background

    Teenager's room in a modern style.

  6. Muted shades are ideal for a living room, studio apartment and one-room apartment of a small format. This will help fill the room with light, especially in combination with mirrors, glossy surfaces and chrome fittings. But there should not be a lot of dark furniture - limit yourself to shelving and glass shelves. Can be complemented with light gray, pearl or silver paint in the design of the modern yellow living room.

    Two yellow Art Nouveau chairs

    Spectacular contrast of yellow chairs with a black table

  7. Study. Brown-honey combinations are an amazing duet for a place at the computer or desk.The nobility of this range will complement the furniture in black or chocolate color.

    The interior of the home office with yellow walls

    The yellow shade energizes and improves your wits.

  8. Deep saffron and floral tones enliven a cold bathroom or a combined bathroom. Crystal-white, dark-blue or active green color will add elegance to such an interior, especially for decorating a hygienic room in ethnic or ecological style.

    Using a yellow tint in the bathroom

    The interior of the bathroom can be brighter with a yellow tile

  9. An exquisite bedroom will look more luxurious if the yellow color in the interior is complemented by black lacquered or mirrored surfaces. It can be a bulk polymer floor, accent niche or stretch ceiling. But that the ceiling did not "hang", competent illumination is necessary. White furniture will add elegance, even if the curtains, decor and accessories are bright yellow.

    Yellow bedspread in a white bedroom

    In the bedroom, do not overdo it with yellow shades

  10. Yellow shades favor open communication during meals. They will be appropriate in the kitchen-dining room or living room, combined with a kitchen and a balcony. You can add chocolate and caramel shades, as well as a little wine red on the yellow walls - for expression and dynamism in the interior.

    Yellow chairs in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

    The spectacular interior of the yellow kitchen-dining room

Attention! Vivid accents should not be in front of the eyes of the resting owner of the room, whether it be a nursery, a bedroom, a teenager’s room or a studio. So it will be difficult to put emotions in order - a cheerful tone is too active for perception.

The presence of yellow in the interior is recommended for people with latent potential who want to release it in a creative atmosphere. Therefore, it is often chosen by intellectuals and bohemian personalities to equip a creative workshop or work area.

Bright room with yellow curtains

Solar paints must be used in dosage

Yellow as an auxiliary and primary in the interior: design tips

Important! Sunny tone has many positive qualities, but it should not be in excess:

1. Walls The use of yellow wallpaper or painting walls in bright colors is highly undesirable. Choose blurry and mixed with an admixture of yellowness - sand, cream, apricot, vanilla, the color of white wine.
2. Floors A bulk floor with a colored base will be quite appropriate in the kitchen and bathroom, but the palette directly depends on the picture (coral fish, flowers, sea stones).
3. Ceiling To the choice of shade yellow ceiling in the interior fit consciously, especially if it is a stretch web. General perception depends on gloss, satin or matte finish.
4. Furniture The texture of the upholstery of sofas and armchairs determines yellow color in the interiorflock and suede, velvet and velor, eco leather and alcantara, tapestry and jacquard look different in a soft corner. The color of the facade made of natural wood and plastic is selected according to the catalog.  
5. Textile Alternative to Sunlight on the North Window - Resilient shades of yellowon curtains and curtains. The main variations are the type of fabric, the type of curtains and whether it will be colored fabric or plain. Multilayer curtains vary - the lighter the fabric, the lighter the color.
Yellow chair and wooden wall lining

Sunny yellow color looks great on a natural wood background

As you can see, everything is not so difficult if you choose the right shades and colors, companions. More clearly - on the proposed examples of photo galleries.

Video: a successful combination of yellow with other shades

Photo: ideas for using yellow shades in the interior

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