How to apply mint color in the interior

Having started repairs, many apartment owners prefer pastel finishes. It does not hurt the eyes, helps maintain mental peace or quickly restore strength. This design does not create a feeling of heat or cold, but helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. The decor can be monochrome, pastel also works well together. Low saturated tones will make the room harmonious. Mint decoration of apartments and offices is especially popular.

Spacious mint living room in a country house

The mint color is quite calm and can be chosen for any room, from the hallway to the bedroom

Under the term "mint color" green shades often fall, not all of which resemble the color of the leaves of the mentioned plant. The mint color in the interior has a very useful function - it is able to give a feeling of coolness and freshness to the room, as well as tea with the same plant gives us the opportunity to refresh our feelings and put our condition in order.

Recently, designers have respect for the named shade and are increasingly including it in the design of rooms of various types. We will figure out how to tastefully include mint in the interior of different types of rooms, with which options it is best combined, which decoration requires.

Room with mint walls and beige furniture

Mint color looks good as a base color and is also suitable for highlighting

Many shades of mint

If a client wants to see the predominance of mint in the interior, an experienced designer will try to find out which pole a person is more supportive of: blue or green, because the mint shade is nothing but a combination of these two colors. When mixed, different proportions can be maintained.

Mint color in the interior of the living room

A variety of mint is considered light pistachio, turquoise in light shades, the color of sea foam and menthol tones.

Mint will not attract fans of flashy decoration; it will appeal to lovers of blurry shades and those who prefer pastel variations in the design of rooms. The kingdom of mint includes the following shades:

  • snow mint
  • aquamarine,
  • pang
  • heavenly turquoise.

What effect on a person is the presence of mint tones in the interior

Before making a final decision on bringing this popular background to the room, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics that are attributed to mint by experienced designers.
We repeat that connoisseurs of color therapy say that peppermint combinations make a person feel cool, fresh and calm.

Kitchen set with a mint shade

Mint color soothes and creates a cooling effect, suitable for decoration in any style

This Kohler relieves nervous tension. No wonder it prevails in the decoration of children's rooms, clinics.

All shades of green are natural colors and have beneficial effects on vision. The mint color in the interior of offices and other rooms, where people spend a lot of time working at a computer, will not hurt.

Mint-colored upholstered chairs at a black table in a bone

One mint color detail is enough to refresh the interior of any room

To some, the mint may seem like a dull color, and the abundance of such a color will cause a feeling that the objects have faded or become old.Therefore, to make the decor look modern, it is worth carefully considering accessories.

What to combine with

The specified color can be both predominant in the interior, and an additional motive. It is important to consider a competent combination of mint shade with other colors.

White bedroom design with mint accents

The combination of pale white interior with separate decorating elements in mint colors

The combination of natural wood with mint color in the kitchen

Mint color blends perfectly with wood surfaces and details, especially in the kitchen or dining room

Cream walls, brown floor and a little mint in the living room decor

An interesting combination of mint and cream on the curtains

An unmistakable solution is a combination of peppermint with other combinations of blue or green.
The combination of pale green and pastel or cream will be harmonious. The room will look noble and bright. Its owner will create the impression of a balanced and elegant person.

The combination of beige and mint in the living room

The beige-mint interior looks balanced and is often diluted with white or black accents.

Mint facades of a kitchen set against a background of gray walls

A gray background is often used to highlight a mint.

Fans of unusual combinations can pay attention to coral, light green, bright yellow combinations. They should be found in the decor pointwise (in the form of paintings, dishes).

What room to decorate in mint color

In light green versions you can decorate any room, especially refreshing shades in hot rooms. This color will give the living room nobility, in the nursery it will create an atmosphere of peace, in the bathroom it will fill about the marine theme.

The use of mint color in the design of the living room

Mint in the form of a bright accessory


The mint color in the interior of the kitchen will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in this room, so suitable for family dinners and quiet evenings. Calm tones will relieve nervous tension and help family members focus on the meal. But it is better to dilute mint with some additional shade.

Matte fronts of the kitchen set in mint colors

Design of a modern island kitchen with mint facades and gray and white floors

A combination of light green or wallpaper of the specified color with the silver color of household kitchen appliances and cutlery will become modern and boring. Floors are best finished in milky tones.

Fans of the classics can follow fashion trends that support combinations of greenery. The white color of the kitchen will be in harmony with the mint worktop. Such a trick will help in a small kitchen to create a feeling of spaciousness.

The use of pale green in the bedroom

Equipping a relaxation room, we want to get a relaxation zone, so the mint color in the bedroom interior is the best solution. In the bedroom in a greenish design, a person will quickly relax and restore his mental state.

Making the bedroom in mint colors

The bedroom looks great combination of different shades of mint

Cozy design in mint colors with white beams on the ceiling

The interior of the bedroom in mint colors with the addition of green-purple ornament and white ceiling beams

Usually walls are decorated in shades of green: they use whitewashing, painting, wallpaper of appropriate colors. Furniture and curtains choose white, beige, blue.

Making the living room

The mint color in the interior of the living room will help maintain a healthy, welcoming atmosphere between family members. Here pleasant conversations with guests will quietly flow, family members will be able to calmly discuss the conflicts that have arisen or to celebrate small family celebrations.

Brown polished mint table in living room

The combination of chocolate and menthol in the interior of the living room

The combination of mint and yellow colors in the interior of the living room

Bright yellow color warms the living room, and mint cools

You can safely introduce mint as a base: make pale green walls, ceiling. Light furniture will be appropriate, but as an experiment, you can pay attention to the bright furniture of coral, yellow or light green tones.


Parents often face the question of how to positively engage color therapy in order to improve the emotional state of the child. Mint in design is very suitable for hyper-excitable children, helps relieve stress after an active holiday. Another plus is a neutral shade, suitable for both the girl and the boy.

Pink accents in the interior of the bedroom with mint walls

Mint pink combination suitable for a girl's room in the style of shabby chic or provence

Children's room in mint colors for a boy

In the children's room, mint shades are successfully combined with white, gray and blue. The latter is well suited for the boy's room

For the princess, they equip the room in soft light green versions. As additional tones, pink, lilac, beige are used.

Boys can be offered a blue or turquoise decor. It is complemented by vivid paintings. Carpets should not aggressively stand out.


Why are green variations attractive in bathroom finishes? These tones will help us relax and enjoy our water treatments. Bright towels, snow-white plumbing and mint walls create a feeling of a stylish and modern room.

Mint color in the interior of the bathroom

Mint color makes the bathroom brighter and more spacious

Mint color in the design of the bathroom

Peppermint bathroom

What styles are appropriate to introduce mint

Given all the characteristics of the color, it is worthwhile to understand that with some styles it will look the best. With it, you can perfectly transform the room "antique", so designers are willing to introduce this color scheme in the styles of retro, vintage, country. In shabby chic and country dominated by expensive figurines, ruffles in finishes. By the way, there will be mint wallpapers. In retro style, a light green wardrobe or the same sofa will be appropriate.

Living room of a country house in mint color

The classic mint color interior makes the room bright, comfortable and spacious.

Classic mint living room

Solid mint walls blend perfectly with plaster moldings and high ceilings.

A greenish color was introduced into the interior in past centuries. The combination of the indicated tone with chocolate helps to create a classic composition, retro images arise from mint-pink options, mint-lilac are often used in Provence, white-mint combinations create marine accents reminiscent of relaxation and pleasant moments.

Unusual is the combination with red, where he is assigned a secondary role. Flowers on a wallpaper, a vase, a picture, a plaid can be red. In multi-color interiors, you can find combinations of mint with blue or green. They help fill a large room, make the decor more diverse and richer.

Living room design in mint colors with accents of red

Red accents in a calm mint interior

Modern marine style kitchen with mint furniture

Cold pastel palette of mint, blue and turquoise colors is well suited for interior kitchens in a marine style

You can experiment and introduce objects of restrained orange color into the decor. A peach carpet, warm lamps will help a joyful awakening in the bedroom, they can decorate the nursery. Gray-mint combination looks fashionable. This is a boring alternative to low-key gray-white or black-and-white duets in demand in hotels, modern offices.

More and more people are trying to equip the apartment so that it is psychologically comfortable, so they carefully think about the color scheme, the functionality of furniture, and decor. It is not for nothing that mint occupies a worthy place in the design of rooms. This is facilitated by the psychological characteristics of color, compatibility with other tones, the ability to decorate any room.

Sofas in the living room in mint color

A successful combination of three shades of mint on the carpet and two sofas

If you are a fan of pastel design, while you are pleased to look at green and blue things, think about the mint interior - it is modern, practical and rarely bothers due to the ability to combine various accessories perfectly.

Video review of the kitchen in mint color

Mint color photo in the interior

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