How to create a functional attic design

Repair suburban houses takes more time and effort than arranging an apartment. Equipping this huge spacemore difficult to cover every corner. Therefore such premise as attic often disregarded.

attic design

If in your private house there is an attic, then it would be strange not to use these square meters for the benefit of the family.

This happens for various reasons: lack of ideas, materials, means, desire, the idea that the upcoming work is hard and will take a lot of time. We will suggest design ideas, necessary materials, all the nuances of work, and you will see that the arrangement attic interior - pure pleasure.

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Living room, bedroom, guest room, dressing room, study or even an additional bathroom - the possibilities for arranging the attic are limited only by your desire, needs and the size of the budget for reconstruction.

Attic floor: what is it and how to use it

Often people confuse the concepts of "attic"And" attic. " However, they have some differences. Attic is non-residential premise, often unheated, with one or two small windows. It is intended for storage of various things, placement of communications or technical equipment. Therefore, it can be without adequate ventilation, insulation and design.

attic design ideas

We bring to your attention an impressive selection of design projects for attic and attic spaces, determined by the needs of their owners.

Attic in turn it is residential space. It must be well insulated, equipped with high-quality ventilation. As a rule, it has a certain stylization and its own purpose (children’s, bedroom, library, etc.). Also in white papers attic, unlike the attic, is included in the calculation of living space, and is considered additional room along with the rest.

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Let modern, practical and outwardly attractive interiors be the inspiration for your remake.

These concepts are similar, and indeed once one evolved into another. Until the middle of the 17th centurythe attic"Did not exist. This concept, as well as premise as it was, proposed by the young architect Francois Mansart. In those days, multi-story houses only nobles could afford. They hired the servants who resided in their houses. Mansar suggested use the attic, having previously ennobled it, for the servants to live.

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So there was an attic known to everyone at the present time, named after its inventor.

Design Nuances

Today it is premise finds application for various purposes. Modern masters can pick up interesting attic design in a wide variety of styles. Given space It has its own characteristics that an experienced designer will turn into advantages, and inept - into disadvantages.

beautiful attic design

In the modern realities of life, any piece of living space is priceless and is used to the full.

If you decide to carry out repairs yourself houses and equip attic floor, it is worth considering these features, leading to some of the nuances of design.

  • Technical

Room located directly below the roof. Given its position, it is necessary to take care of quality equipment.

attic design in a private house

The interior design of attics can turn these rooms into a standard of style and family comfort, if you correctly approach the design.

  1. So how is it premise Designed for a long stay, it should be properly insulated.
  2. The next aspect is lighting. Usually, attic floor has a small number of windows. Therefore, you must either do a redevelopment, introducing more daylight, or take care of sufficient artificial lighting.
  3. Ventilation. Roomlocated directly beneath the roof, the most stuffy and hottest. Warm air tends to move up. Having no way out of the building, it will accumulate under the ceiling. In summer, the air here is especially stuffy and hot.
attic design with windows

Therefore, be sure to consider the ventilation and air conditioning system.

Best when equipped with this the rooms consult with an experienced craftsman, use only quality materials. Well-designed technical points make it possible to create further and create beautiful attic design.

attic interior

In the process of determining the future purpose of the attic space, it is desirable to maintain a natural balance.

  • Designer

Design features also affect design.

The first thing that matters is form premises. It usually has a beveled low ceiling. This determines the choice of furniture, lamps and scenery.

additional windows in the attic

Inadequate lighting makes it possible to come up with original window shapes to add more light.

Both factors influence the choice of colors. Here you can apply both light and dark tones. But one must be careful not to do the room dull, or sterile.

In general, performing this work, you will receive a sea of ​​positive emotions and huge opportunities for revealing your creative abilities. In this topic, there are three aspects that should be addressed in order to create a unique attic interior.

light attic design

Careful study of the attic design will even turn a small room into a comfortable room.

Window design

Due to the peculiarity of the design, roof also plays a role walls. Through windowmounted on this the wallthe roof, we will observe the starry sky, fluffy clouds, or we will admire the falling drops of rain.

attic design with large window

Therefore, the style of the window should also be special.

To begin with, we are moving away from the usual rectangular shape. Round, triangular, arbitrary shapes are welcome here. The opening in the form of a trapezoid looks interesting. Watching the stars through the porthole is a pleasure. And to achieve this will help the use of a round frame.

Speaking of sizes. Since this is the top floor, window for the whole the wall will not cause harm, and will look original besides adding to attic interior more daylight.

attic floor

The large dimensions of the connector will only benefit.

Type also matters. The mechanism can be arranged as in a standard metal-plastic one, or in unusual species opening in an interesting way (rocking chair, accordion, etc.). There is an option windowwhich transforms into a balcony. An original solution, but somewhat not practical, due to the fact that glass is the floor of the balcony.

attic floor design

It is better that the window opens outward, as opening it inward will be inconvenient.


This point should also be given special attention due to the technical characteristics. the rooms, and design considerations. Since we need a sufficient amount of light, and the structure the ceiling does not allow use ordinary chandeliers, we are free to use the most extravagant lamps.

attic lighting

If you want to make bright splashes of variety, choose multi-colored lamps.

So for attic interior Spotlights, as well as a variety of floor types, are perfect. Often this is the place to embody unusual decor ideas, so find lamps in the form of deer horns, stars, various built-in diode light compositions - this will create a special atmosphere and bring in more light for lack of natural.

lamps in the attic

Make sure that the decorative fixtures match the overall style.


About Stretch the ceilings it is not a question. There are also several design options. So, you can leave the ceiling beams open, handle them well.

attic design with ceiling beams

Get the original design at no extra cost.

Another option: cover the surface with drywall, closing the beams and view the roof. Then you can paint it, apply patterns using a stencil, etc. If you plan to apply a drawing, please note that ceiling be at an acute angle to the floor, so think in advance whether the pattern in this position will look good. Wallpaper for this the ceiling in not appropriate. And indeed, this type of decoration is already a thing of the past.

Design Ideas

Given all the nuances of work and design features of the "celestial the rooms", We offer some ideas attic floor interior design

original attic design

How can this space be diversified and what will be needed for this.

how use Colors What is needed Special attention
Bedroom Light pastel colors The bed is better to choose from pure wood, give preference to natural materials Room should be well insulated
Cabinet Deep dark shades, necessarily the presence of blue or red Massive oak table, not use high furniture Must get a lot of daylight
Game Bright funny colors Warm playhouse for games, racks and boxes for toys Window should be with a protective mechanism against children
Workshop Any suitable master Low racks, large window openings, furniture may be from chipboard (not necessarily natural wood) Make a good ventilation system

Let us consider in more detail what kind of work we have to do.


To get an overnight stay in the open air while being warm and comfortable is a feasible idea. To do this, it’s enough to equip the bedroom under most the roof.

attic bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom in a room whose ceiling is formed by a gable roof is the best option.

Much depends on the general mood that you want to create. For romantic bedrooms good fit big window against the bed. At this time, the bed is represented by a large mattress placed directly on the floor. A bed made of construction pallets is also suitable.

attic bedroom design

The master bedroom or guest room can become a comfortable additional space for your home.

The rest of the rooms leave it empty or place a large cabinet in it that matches the overall style.


For an office, this option fits perfectly, especially if you live in a noisy family. Then take care of sound insulation. In general, work "under the roof"Away from everyone - a great option anyway.

attic office

To design an office you need only a couple of square meters.

Now about the technical aspects of the arrangement. Better if in the room A large amount of natural light will come in. To do this, you will need to do some redevelopment in the overall project housesthat will allow mounting in the roof big window. We put a large oak table against it - a great workplace is ready.

The next is communications. Make high-quality wiring, and think through a system of outlets. Count the number of electrical appliances needed, their cord lengths and location.

attic cabinet design

The workplace should be lit by a table lamp.

For the rest of premises just a few built-in diode lights, or a floor lamp at the entrance.The working area should be well lit, the rest of space can be trusted only to one lamp located at the entrance. This will help to concentrate on work, and create a special atmosphere.


This is a great option for creative people. A quiet, cozy "under heaven" will raise dreamers even higher, and help to focus on creativity.

attic workshop

Particular attic design for the workshop is not needed. Its arrangement may occur during operation premises. You can paint wallsworking on creating a new picture. Or apply other techniques for processing, completing the next order.

But the base still needs to be created.

attic workshop design

It is better to make the walls white by treating them with a primer, then you can decorate them in accordance with any fantasies.

Take care of the lighting. A sufficient amount of natural or artificial light is needed. Work tool racks walls. They can be triangular or other non-standard shape due to the peculiar structure. the ceiling.

attic workshop

If you work with paint, glue or other toxic substances, take care of a good extract, so as not to get poisoned.

In general, for attic design your author’s ideas will best suit the workshop, which will present you as a master and reflect the inner world.


Another option attic interior - quiet and comfortable library. In that indoors You have the opportunity to create a kind of antique library with all its features. Select the appropriate bookshelves, build a fireplace, put a rocking chair, covered with a blanket.

attic library

These basic elements will help to create a wonderful atmosphere for a quiet and lonely pastime behind a book.

As you can see attic interior has many different options.

attic library design

This room is unusual in its design and is suitable for creating interesting and even magical ideas.

VIDEO: Attic: 60 tips for a dream interior.

50 original design ideas for the attic in the house:

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