How to create a castle interior

On the Internet there are a lot of photos of modern interior design styles. Plastic and metal decorative material, all kinds of wood substitutes and other artificial elements are components of the interior of the premises in high-tech style, minimalism, as well as other modern styles. It’s rare to find medieval style in interior design. Ancient ceiling vaults, heavy furniture, cold floors - this design will enter into a stupor of any person.

Interior of an old castle with paintings on the walls

Few people can afford to build a real castle, but to reproduce, at least partially, the medieval interior is quite real

Classic medieval features

This direction in the design of the premises takes its roots from medieval England, with their magnificent castles and crusades. The high arches of the facades of the castles with observation towers, as if taking away the gaze of those looking at them. Stained glass, creating a special vision of the interior, in combination with large window openings are truly mesmerizing.

Exterior of a modern castle-style house

Even modern buildings in the castle style look much more attractive than monotonous cottages and frame houses

The design of the bay window in the spirit of the Middle Ages

Medieval style in the interior - bright, luxurious and exclusive

Antique Natural Wood Bed

The interiors of those years are distinguished by a rich and rich color palette

In addition to the external architectural features of castles, these knights' chambers are distinguished from the ordinary dwelling by the interior decoration of the rooms. The following features can be attributed to the special features of the medieval-style premises:

  1. Rough interior surfaces. This manifests itself in all elements, ranging from flooring to interior furniture.
  2. Massive design elements. Ceiling beam as interfloor ceilings, stone columns, architectural elements of arches, fireplaces, chests - all this emphasizes the medieval interior.
  3. Particular emphasis is placed on lighting in the castle. Copper three tooth candlesticks or even torch lights will add mystery and mystery to the atmosphere of the interior.
  4. Stained glass. Images and silhouettes, paved from multi-colored glass - a wonderful gift from the past with a Romanesque style.
Rest area in front of the fireplace in the living room in the castle style

The invariable attribute of the living room is a real wood fireplace

Statue of a knight in the interior of a modern living room

Statues of knights, dragons or horses are suitable as decor

Stone columns with arches in the interior of the living room in the style of the castle

The general atmosphere in the room should be such that you feel like behind a stone wall of an impregnable fortress

Tree in a medieval style living room interior

The best material for decorating doorways will be oak or panels based on it

All these features can really be realized in an ordinary city apartment.

Wall decoration

The walls in the medieval castle style are made of boulders and stones. The more diverse their sizes and shapes, the more realistic the effect of the castle is created. In reality, of course, it will not be possible to dismantle the wall of the apartment, but instead lay masonry. Instead, you can buy wallpaper with a stone pattern, or special finishing panels of a similar texture.

Medieval style fireplace

A classic castle is first of all stone walls, massive, cold and not comfortable

Natural stone in the decoration of the bedroom

In a modern interior, it is better to finish the walls with masonry not completely, but alternating with stucco, wood or wallpaper

Castle bright living room interior

Wall surfaces should not be perfect

If we are talking about the Romanesque style, then here the walls are already plastered in white.

How to make a floor?

The floor in the castle, as you can recall from any medieval film, has a "cold effect." This is the most remarkable thing in this style of interior, that is what designers are after when creating a “castle” in an apartment or a private house. Naturally it is a stone. If desired, it can be replaced with ceramic tiles.

Ceramic floor in the interior of the kitchen

The ideal solution for the castle style will be floors made of ceramic tiles or natural stone

Persian carpet on concrete floor

In this room, the uneven concrete floor was left without decoration, and a variegated carpet was laid on top.

The use of stone or tile will entail the installation of a warm floor. In addition, you can lay on the floor a beautiful carpet with patterns typical of that time.

As substitutes, you can use a textured laminate with a chamfer at the junction, as well as ordinary linoleum with a similar pattern made in the form of round boulders.

Colorful carpet on the parquet floor

Natural parquet looks good in combination with stone wall cladding

Ceiling design

The ceiling space in the medieval style implied a design that provides overlap between floors. It was a base of planks, the support of which were rough uncouth logs, or at a later time - a square beam. Later, this style grew into the main distinguishing feature of the Georgian style.

Wooden beams on the living room ceiling

For the design of the ceiling, you can use structural wooden beams or make them imitate from boards or panels

In relation to the home interior, instead of massive logs, polymer structures of a similar texture can be purchased. When building a house at the stage of drawing up the plan, you can immediately provide for the overlapping of the timber.

Furniture selection and lighting

Furniture, like all elements of the castle’s interior, should be rude and massive. Aged wood, wrought iron, loosely fitted planks on the facades of cabinets - these are the features that fully reflect the essence of the design of a medieval interior.

Antique furniture dining group

You can use antique furniture, or antique stylized items. It’s clear that such a luxury will cost a lot.

Table with benches in the interior of a medieval style

Another solution is to use simple, do-it-yourself furniture.

In this case, the sleeping bed should be with a canopy, which is a white thin canvas.

Simple four-poster beds in stone-walled room

Four-poster beds emphasize the fabulousness and mystery of the Middle Ages

Four-poster bed in a bright bedroom

Lighter bedroom option if the previous one seems too gloomy

The canopy in those days served as protection against bloodsucking insects. Now it has become an inevitable attribute of the Victorian style.

An old chest near a bed in a Victorian bedroom

Victorian style bedroom filled with old world charm

Art Nouveau leather bed headboard

This option combines modern and Victorian trends into a single concept.

A large chest with forging and rough wood can act as a bedside table at the feet.

Lamps should be in the form of candlesticks or torches (as noted above). Of course, these are electric appliances, not natural candles, and even more so - tarry torches.

Gothic living room dimmed lighting

It is lighting that gives the desired effect to the interiors in a medieval style

Chandelier with candlesticks over the kitchen island

In the castle style use lighting devices with imitation of candlesticks and candelabra

Lamps in the style of the Middle Ages on a brick wall.

Original fixtures from water pipes

Living room with a large fireplace made of natural stone

In general, the interior of the Middle Ages in a modern design can be cozy and comfortable

Video: beautiful interior of a medieval castle

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