How to create from the ordinary unusual? Original design solutions in the interior of the house and apartment

The house is our fortress. An apartment or a country estate, all this does not matter. The main thing is the interior of the room, which fully reflect the character of its occupant.

Unusual design of a modern living room

Everything was designed by design rules - from planning to decorative decorations. But if you want to go beyond the established framework and create your own exclusive interior, you will have to use creative measures to implement the project

The home environment reflects character, sense of humor, mood. The house should be not only beautiful, but also cozy. We set off on a journey of unusual design.

Ordinary apartment with an unusual interior

To make an ordinary apartment out of the ordinary, you don’t need much effort. There are many ways to create a bright, unique design. It is enough to add a couple of bright pillows to a boring sofa and the general appearance of the room will already change.

Bright flowers on unusual wallpaper in the living room

Most often, an unusual interior is needed by people who are not averse to prescribed traditions and stereotypes

But there are more sophisticated ways:

  1. Change of finishing materials, change the floor, ceiling, glue new wallpaper. Due to the variety of finishing materials, it is possible to make a unique designer creation from an ordinary apartment.
  2. We change ordinary furniture to designer furniture under the order or restore the old one.
Designer staircase with drawers for storing small items

The original staircase-cabinet, which will fit a lot of things

An interesting look can be given with the help of modern curtains. So, the style of a completely ordinary apartment can be transformed from classic to Japanese. By adding pillows, rugs, blankets or wraps, the living room will be transformed with minimal cost in a matter of minutes. Textiles play a large role in the design.

Popular styles for creating an unusual design

Designers often use different styles to create an unusual interior. There are several of the most popular that you can connect with each other and get unique solutions for creating projects.

Styles for an unusual interior:

  • avant-garde;
  • high tech;
  • pop Art;
  • classical;
  • fusion.
Concrete ceiling and unusual upholstered furniture in the living room in the style of the avant-garde

Unusual design in the style of the avant-garde can be realized with the help of custom furniture

Vanguard - at the same time you can combine incongruous. So when creating a project, modern materials, shiny surfaces, bright colors and muted tones look great together. Using the avant-garde in creating the design, the author of the project creates smooth geometric shapes and lines, eliminates the abundance of decor. The main decorative component is unusual furniture in the form of geometric shapes. The backlight is also used. An important role is played by the area of ​​the apartment. To “turn around”, the avant-garde style needs a lot of space, high ceilings. Unusual and originality is based on furniture. Sofas in the shape of lips, grand pianos in the form of a cake - all this makes the room unusual, cozy. Another avant-garde device is the use of lighting. Lamps, floor lamps and unusual chandeliers fit perfectly into the big picture.

Fancy shaped chandelier in the avant-garde living room

An unusual chandelier can become a highlight of the interior

Fusion is a style that is not repeated twice. It's hard to find a similar design elsewhere.The main point in creating the design of the room is that the decor should be combined into a single whole. The embodiment of design ideas is due to decoration, furniture, riot of colors, vintage, loft. The author of the project, using fusion, can safely use plastic and wood, wood and metal, glass and fur. One fits perfectly with the other, creating an overall original project. The most important thing is to guess with the color combination. So, for example, if the furniture, the decor is bright colors, the decoration of the room is done in light muted tones. Perfectly combine loft and vintage. Living room with brickwork and metal lamps, furnished with chests of drawers, chests. By combining the incompatible, you can create such a cozy, comfortable place where you don’t want to leave. A smooth combination of muted and bright colors creates a harmony of colors.

Design of a modern living room in fusion style

Fusion combines different directions in the design of a home, which should be perceived as a whole

Fusion kitchen interior with glass furniture

Clear glass furniture and vintage lamp

Pop art - a daring style in the design. Bright colors in decoration materials, decor. For example, old plates can be used as decor. This will be a kind of panel, and instead of the usual vase, you can use a decorated jar or bottle. In the pop art style, the author of the project creates a design based on the personal preferences of the client. So, for example, in California there is a house of the Flintstones. And to create children's rooms use a pirate or space design.

Design living room in pop art style.

Bright saturated tones and incredible color combinations in the interior of the pop art style

Pop Art Dining Area

When furnishing in the style of pop art, the principle of minimalism is used.

Some ideas for creating a custom interior in the apartment

Living room - a place where guests and households gather in the evenings. The room should be comfortable, cozy. In order for the design to become extraordinary, it is necessary to combine decorative furniture, brightness in decoration materials, panels, mosaics, add decor. Do not overdo it, otherwise the room will turn into a museum of strange things. If the walls are bright, juicy, then the furniture is better to choose muted tones.

Original fabulous chandelier in the interior of the living room

Exclusive chandelier that turns a room into a fairy forest

A coffee table with unusual prisms in the interior of the room

The glass prisms of this table paint the living room with bright colors

Original window in the shape of a living room clock

Living room with a window in the form of an old clock

The bedroom is a place of solitude, relaxation from the bustling rhythm of life. It should fit into the overall picture, but not look like a room of a mentally ill person. It is necessary to finish in strict colors, calm, but at the same time add unusualness. The chairs are shaped like glasses, an unusual bed, a mirror ceiling, 3D murals.

Amazing design of a bathroom combined with a bedroom

In the bedroom you can put an extraordinary bathroom, for example, from glued wood

Children's room - the personification of the hobbies of the child. Pirate ships, castles of princesses, spaceship, forest hut. All this is embodied thanks to modern bright finishing materials, designer items to order. The main thing is not to overdo it with the colors, because the child’s bedroom should also be a bedroom. A place where you can safely sleep and nothing will distract, annoy. The room should blend in seamlessly with the style of the apartment.

Glowing wallpaper on the wall of a children's room

Novelty on the market - luminous wallpaper coated with special acrylic paint

Original kids room with stairs to the attic

Game room with painted tree and attic entrance

The kitchen is a place for cooking, so its main component is convenience. Unusualness can be created with the help of decor, modern decoration. Tables, chairs of non-standard shape, decoration elements from dishes, lighting.

Kitchen interior in amazing style with geometric elements.

In the interior of the kitchen, give preference to bizarre furniture and unusual coloring.

The bathroom is a riot of fantasy. You can take a walk thanks to modern finishing materials. Just imagine the bathroom among the waves of the raging ocean. And this is entirely possible thanks to bulk floors with a 3D effect.The walls are finished under a rainforest, sandy beaches, mountainous surroundings. All this is complemented by mirrors, lighting, modern plumbing.

Original sink in an unusual bathroom design


Wall decoration in the bathroom with living plants

“Living” wall of green plants

Eclectic interior for collectors and gatherers

Eclecticism - the desire to concentrate in the living room the interests of all its inhabitants. Such a room is usually done in bright colors, and collection items are hung on the walls. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can’t notice the rest zone itself behind all this variety. It is best to concentrate the recreation area in the center, furnishing, finishing in light natural tones, and place dear things to the heart on the entire perimeter on open racks, or hang them on the wall, as mentioned above.

Collection of icons on the wall of a living room of a private house

An example of eccentric design in a collector's living room

Indoor shelving in the avid collector's living room

Unusual shelving for home collection

The fireplace is used as a decorative element of the room and as a building that gives heat. In addition, the mantelpiece serves as a place for a family photo, decorative items. A winter evening by the fireplace will become not only warm, but also cozy. The crackling of firewood and the flames soothe and also create an amazing atmosphere. Fireplaces fit perfectly into the country style.

Exclusively decorated fireplace in the living room of a country house

Original fireplace decor in the living room

Bright colors are rarely used to decorate bedrooms, but allow yourself a riot of colors to decorate the living room - a great option. Walls of bright shades are perfectly combined with juicy shades in the elements of decor. You can combine red, blue, orange colors at the same time. So a striped sofa with pillows of various colors goes well with turquoise walls, and curtains can be hung on windows to match the pillows. The floor is better to withstand strict tones, a brown or chocolate shade is suitable. If there is no desire to make the walls blue or turquoise, you can choose calm colors, but order an unusual setting. So in the living room, decorated under a tree, sofas of bright orange shades look great.

Eclectic style play area

An eclectic-style living room looks great on a piano or pool table. The combination of the extraordinary in the setting, design and play area creates in one space a place of passive and active recreation.

Piano in the living room with an exclusive interior

Every thing in this living room can be called an art object.

Bright, almost crazy colors in the design of the living room

In such a living room you will definitely not be bored

A flight of fancy to create an original design has no limits. The absence of walls - expands the space, enables the original selection of furnishings, lighting elements, decor.

The original interior of the living room with extraordinary items

A bright carpet was added to the living room, on which there is a “coffee table”

A mixture of different styles in the interior of the living room

Contrast living room, the interior of which was a mixture of Provence with modern

Creating an unusual interior of an apartment or house, start only from your own preferences. And then the house will reflect the inner world of the one who lives in it. And the stay will be comfortable and cozy. Do not limit yourself to fantasies, create the unimaginable, combine the incompatible. Everything is possible thanks to experienced designers, a variety of finishing materials. Even from a small modest housing, you can make a room unique in its beauty and design.

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