How to embody the style of minimalism in the interior

The style of interior design was changed every era, maximism was replaced by pretentiousness, it was later replaced by romanticism. When a person accumulates many things that take energy, it becomes impossible to rest in a cluttered space. It was at this time that a person turned to such a style as minimalism (from the word least).

The interior of a spacious living room of a private house in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is perfect for both a country house and a city apartment

Style story

The style of minimalism in the interior originated in the 1960s, and has become popular nowadays when society has become overflowing with information and things, necessary and unnecessary. The main feature of the style is the expansion of space.

One of the very first style took root in Japan, everyone heard about the Japanese style of minimalism, it was originally present in the culture of the Japanese and their traditions. A combination of white, black and red colors is considered a classic.

Living room of a private house in the style of Japanese minimalism

The main features of true Japanese minimalism are simplicity, naturalness and openness.

If we delve into the study of the style of minimalism - the most controversial style of the 20th century, we can understand that it is the outlet of modernity. He does not tolerate brightness and scream, does not understand modern piles of tasteless things. Style does not exist in isolation from everything, but also represents a trend in art. The origins of minimalism are constructivism and functionalism combined, replacing romanticism. For people of that time, not beauty, but ergonomics came first.

The goal of minimalism: to compactly place objects in a small room and at the same time visually increase it. Thanks to this, the space is cleaned and no longer puts pressure on the perception of man.

Minimalist dining area in the kitchen

The essence of minimalism can be expressed in two words: “Less is better”

This style, in fact, is universal because of its practicality. It is used not only in private homes, but also in the offices of large companies.

Who can suit this style?

Answer: to any person, for whom order is important, who cannot put up with the abundance of unnecessary details and a heap of things in space. Each of us, it happens, gets tired of monotony, tightness, trash (both mental and material), then there is a desire to change our life, throw out all unnecessary things and become another person.

Minimalist living room with panoramic windows

The style is ideal for those who value simplicity and comfort in one.

But in order to make your living room or kitchen minimalistic, you don’t have to throw everything away and become an ascetic. First, all things are divided into necessary and mediocre. Then from mediocre objects are selected those that you have not used for more than two years. Thus, you can sort your things and throw out the unnecessary.

Also, minimalism style suits aesthetes because of its simplicity, functionality and, at the same time, elegant forms and smooth lines.

Features of minimalism in the interior of the apartment

Interior design of a modern home in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is not only a convenient and practical style of interior, it is also a philosophy of life.

Space organization

The special organization of space in the design, that is, the minimum number of partitions and doors.

Minimalist style living space

An open and uncluttered interior is a distinctive feature of minimalism.

Minimalist two-tone kitchen dining area interior

Using a two-tone palette set will help to visually increase the limited space - a dark shade at the bottom, and light tones above

When a large apartment is delimited by many unnecessary rooms, it spoils the interior, and a person becomes crowded in such a space. Furniture should not be massive. For the living room there is enough sofa, TV, TV stand, chest of drawers and a coffee table. For the kitchen - a kitchen cabinet, some electrical appliances, a table or a bar.


Lighting plays another important role. For example, in the center of the living room or kitchen on the ceiling should be a large chandelier that scatters soft white light. On the walls are small lamps hidden in a niche. If possible, the size of the windows can be increased to make it lighter, while curtains and blinds transmit sunlight as much as possible.

Bright natural light in the living room of the country house

The main role is given to natural light.

Artificial lighting in the living room of a city apartment in a minimalist style

There should be enough lamps, but not too many

Lighting should also be imperceptible, massive lampshades and chandeliers are not allowed. It is better to give preference to geometric shapes. Light can make a room warmer (the problem of style is minimalism, as many people think, its coldness and uncomfortability).

Accessories in the design

The minimalism style in the interior is characterized by an almost complete absence of small decorative elements and accessories. In addition, there should be only two primary colors (mainly white and black) and one to attract attention. Soft carpets and pillows are allowed on the sofa in a contrasting color to give coziness to the room.

Minimalist style living room interior decoration

Lightly colored carpet and bright pillows compensate for the lack of decor on the windows

Red accents in the interior of minimalism

Minimalism allows for bright details

Color and shape

If we talk more about colors, then in minimalism it is not allowed to use many bright colors. White and pastel shades are preferred. You can emphasize only one bright color to give the room a contrast, and not leave it faceless.

Minimalist style bedroom interior decoration

Laconic surfaces, clean lines and simple color

The combination of colors in the interior of a minimalist style

It is recommended to combine no more than three colors

The basic color for the minimalism style in the interior is gray. You can also use brown and its shades.

Shapes must be geometrically correct. Either round or square monophonic furniture without protrusions, smooth non-neck surfaces are used.

Natural materials

The room must have natural materials, such as wood, cotton or linen for curtains, stone, glass - it looks beautiful and natural.

Bookcases made of natural wood in the corridor of a private house

You can use absolutely any materials - wood, concrete, stone, plastic, glass, etc., but natural components must always be, or at least imitate them

Walls, floor, ceiling

Dark colors are suitable for floors, while light colors are for ceilings and walls. Glossy and matte coatings can be successfully combined with each other. The floor should not attract attention, but only emphasize the whiteness of the walls and ceiling.

You can cover the walls with various modern materials, such as decorative plaster, stone, wood, plain wallpaper. Organized in the interior of the room are painted walls, without any pattern. Also on the walls should not be a large number of paintings, one is enough, the picture on which must be combined with the interior.

Plain walls and white furniture in a minimalist style room

Walls should not attract attention. If painted, then white, if glued with wallpaper, then only plain

Minimalist bedroom flooring

To finish the floor using natural wood, laminate or linoleum without a pronounced pattern

For the floor, as well as the walls, you can choose different finishing methods (parquet, laminate, tile), the main thing is that the color of the coating is in harmony with other objects in the room and has a not bright color. Choose more practical and high-quality materials with a long service life.

For the ceiling, you can use any modern way of decoration - from simple painting to creating multi-level ceilings. Stretch ceilings are a great idea.

White living room of a private house in the style of minimalism

A high white ceiling will make the space as free as possible

Furniture is very important in minimalism. She should not be too much in the room. The presence of massive cabinets and cabinets is unacceptable. The main thing is convenience. Folding chairs, pull-out cabinets and shelves that can be removed at any time by making the space freer fit very well into the interior of the apartment.

Minimalism style in the interior of the kitchen

For the kitchen, the same rules apply as for other rooms.

Minimalist white kitchen interior

Kitchen decoration in a single bright design

Light shades and glossy (or matte) smooth surfaces should be present. It is better to give preference to glass doors and little tables.

As for the furniture in the kitchen, it’s simple, without frills made of stone or natural wood (to give a glossy shine and additionally with it to illuminate the room, you can cover the table with varnish or acrylic) or stone. If the room is large, then a large table is set in an unusual (but geometrically correct) shape.

Minimalist gray kitchen interior

As a gray color in the kitchen interior, stainless steel or stone is used

To make a small emphasis in a plain kitchen, you can highlight a kitchen apron, but avoid bright colors. An alternative to this is the glass panel above the table.

Minimalism in the bedroom

To free up space, get rid of excess furniture, only:
bed, wardrobe, desk, bookshelves for zoning space.

Minimalist white bedroom interior

Masonry on one wall can simply be painted white

The beds are worth paying attention to. It should be massive, low or completely without legs. The headboard is either absent or made without thread and upholstery. The color of the set of sleeping clothes is combined with the wall, ideally - merges with it. Near the bed are small tables made of the same material. If the room has a dressing table, then it should also be suitable for bedside tables.

An example of extra-minimalism in the decoration of a bedroom

Minimalism on the verge of asceticism - a mattress on the floor and books instead of a bedside table

To store things, a sliding wardrobe is located in a niche so as not to create unnecessary shadows and not to load the space.

Choosing accessories, you should think about comfort, it is important when creating the interior in the bedroom. On the floor you can put a fluffy rug, on the bed one or two pillows of a contrasting color. As a complement - a large picture without a pronounced frame.

Minimalist bedroom design in dark wood furniture

Interior of a bright bedroom with contrasting furniture in dark brown

The window should not be cluttered with flowers or figurines. It will be better if one curtain of the basic color is installed above it with a light tulle suspended in it and plain, monochrome curtains.

The essence of the minimalist approach is that things should be concise and there should be few of them. Minimalism has no other canons - any colors, any textures, any spatial solutions are used. As a result, the style of minimalism looks very different.

The use of textiles in the interior of a minimalist style

In minimalism, textiles are almost never used, but the bedroom remains an exception. You can place pillows and bedspreads in it, lay a mat on the floor

Having designed a minimalist sleeping area, a person will feel a surge of strength and good mood, it will become better to get enough sleep.

At the end of the article on minimalism, it is worth saying that for centuries, trends in art have replaced each other, forcing the life of ordinary people to adapt to fashion. The above style does not fit this.

The style of minimalism does not crush a person under itself, but only guides it on the right path. Living without trash in the dark corners of the room, without everyday rubbish and dust - this is the best that art can offer.

The combination of minimalism and country in a modern living room

Minimalism with a touch of country

Interior decoration in strict minimalism with bright accents

If the interior seems too boring for you, add a couple of bright details

The style of minimalism helps to free the mind, contemplate the beautiful through the prism of simplicity and freedom. Fills with vitality and enthusiasm. Equipping his room in this style, a person can find himself, find peace. The style of minimalism in the interior is comparable to daily meditation and spiritual practices that should be included in your life.

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