What could be the design of a small apartment

The house is a safe and comfortable place. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and calm in him. Small apartment design It has important nuances and features. Given them, you can implement a beautiful and functional interior.

original apartment interior

Free but well-organized space is the basis for the design of a small apartment.

interior of a small apartment

Before you start planning a major repair, think about it - perhaps it is worthwhile to soberly assess the situation and throw away / give away too much?

Small apartment design

It is important to think over everything so that the limited area contains everything you need and without prejudice to the appearance. Interior of a small apartment must reflect all its advantages and hide the cons. Pros can be different, including a high ceiling, large window openings, which will become key in the design. The main disadvantage is the limited area.

apartment interior design

Knowing just a few simple rules for organizing space, you can get rid of almost all the problems of small rooms.

The use of special techniques aimed at visual expansion of the space will make it possible to practically use the available square meters. It’s important to think carefully and plan carefully. interior design of a small apartmentand then translate it.

interior of a small apartment

Cozy interior of a small apartment with special attention to various details.

Expanding the space of a small apartment

The ways in which you can expand the space are shown in the table.

design tips for a small apartment

To organize space in a small apartment is a real art.

Methods Description
Apply bright tones Dark shades narrow the area, but even they can be used if everything is done correctly. A bright palette gives depth and saturation.
Create a single style, color or texture Connecting rooms let have one scale, and use a uniform flooring.
Light ceiling At least one tone should be lighter than the walls. This will raise the ceiling and make the room more spacious.
Proper placement of light Large chandeliers eat up the square. An excellent solution would be spotlights and medium sized fixtures.
Minimum Decor Nothing more, do not clutter up the room.
Use all the space Engage every corner, any niche. There are many options for corner pieces of furniture, practical cabinets, and more.
Implement Mirror Panels Placed on the walls or ceiling. Allow to visually increase the area. In addition to panels, you can install a cabinet with mirrored doors.
Simple redevelopment Interior standard doors should be replaced with sliding.
Do not place furniture along the wall. This is not rational. Use space and upright.

Interior design for a small apartment

Preferred small apartment design is minimalism. And use the tricks to create an attractive interior that does not “eat” space.

design photo of a small apartment

It is necessary to properly distribute things and make the room as functional as possible.

  1. If the window has a beautiful view, discard the curtains. Otherwise, choose roll models or blinds to control the amount of incoming light.

    curtains in the living room

    Do not use dark shades, massive furniture and gabardines during design.

  2. Change the purpose of the rooms. The largest room is traditionally reserved for the living room. You can act on the contrary. Turn a large room into a bedroom combined with an office. Zoning will help divide the space into segments.
interior of a small apartment

The former bedroom can become a relaxation room for the whole family.

Kitchen - Visual Transformation

The available space must be used to the maximum. Use light colors to decorate the ceiling and walls. Pastel colors allow you to reflect light, making the room freer.

kitchen in a small apartment

Your apartment should be a place to relax and fill with energy for new achievements.

Choose several shades of the same color, making an easy transition between them. Fix the result with good lighting. Eliminate cold tones that negatively affect your appetite.

kitchen Design

It is better to give preference to light shades - white, peach, blue or powdery.

Living room - the main part of the home

In the design project of a small apartment turns on the transformation of the living room.

  • Connection to adjacent rooms. It can be a kitchen or a balcony. It is necessary to redevelop. Style should be one. Only zoning of each area with the help of different shades from one palette is allowed.
living room with kitchen

This color scheme will create a feeling of warmth and coziness and visually expand the space.

  • Replace interior doors with arches or sliding structures. This will bring freedom to the apartment.
arch instead of door

Such openings really significantly save space in a small apartment.

  • An extension in the form of a bay window. This will perfectly add natural light and increase the area.
bay window design

These are some of the simplest options for expanding your space.

The bedroom is a cozy place to relax.

When developing interior of a small apartment It is important to correctly design the bedroom. Choose beds with several tiers that make it practical to organize a storage system. On the wall, you can place additional shelves where books, flowers and more will be installed.

bedroom in a small apartment

As you know, the best style for the modern design of a small apartment is minimalism.

Free up space from unnecessary objects as much as possible. There should not be extra chairs, cabinets and other things. Only necessary, functional. Refuse unnecessary decor in the form of figurines, vases and other things.

small bedroom project

Get creative, use angles where storage systems can be placed.

Save space in a small apartment

To save square meters, you should follow the tips.

  1. If you use a laptop, give up a huge desktop. Put the equipment on the shelf.

    saving space in the apartment

    To make the ceiling look visually higher, place high racks or make open shelves in the living room.

  2. When combining the kitchen with other rooms, use a screen that allows you to separate the rooms. This is suitable for zoning, sharing a place of rest and work.
small apartment design

Now there is a fairly large selection of multifunctional furniture.

Storage in a small apartment

It is important to properly equip the storage system of things, especially when the dimensions are small. To do this, you can put a narrow rack. Suitable for storing small items. I usually place it in the space that remains between the furniture.

shelving in the interior of the living room

White color is one of the few that visually enlarges the room and emphasizes the rest of the colors.

There are many different cabinets of different sizes with high functionality, allowing you to place things conveniently without taking extra meters. Rationally use the space under the bed.You can install special drawers where you can put bedding and other things.

bed with storage system

Chairs, tables, sofas, a bed - all this can serve as a great place to store things.

N 1. Light colors in priority

A light palette, including white, is most suitable for a limited area. Use dark tones in a minimal amount and thought out, otherwise the apartment will become even less visually. The warmth of color depends on the location of the room.

bright living room design

Cold tones are suitable for the south, consider mostly warm for the north.

Choose the gamut carefully. If you overdo it, the apartment from a spacious and free will turn into a kind of hospital ward.

light design of a small apartment

Buy the necessary furniture that fits perfectly into the overall style of the rooms.

N 2. Unity of decoration

You can achieve space by completing adjoining rooms in the same style. For the entire apartment, choose the same floor covering, or close in shade. This rule applies to wall decoration.

floor and wall decoration

Get the most matching tone.

If possible, discard standard doors. When opened, they only take up extra space. Install arches, but if it is impossible without doors, install sliding structures.

interior of a small apartment

A sliding door does not interfere either aesthetically or physically.

N 3. Make the ceiling higher

When planning design of small apartments it is important to consider the height of the ceiling. If you need to add a little, for example, you can make it slightly lighter than the walls. So you can achieve an excellent effect.

light ceiling

Do not overload your apartment with additional decorative elements.

Organize the right lighting, on one of the walls create a vertical strip, more reflective surfaces. This will visually make the ceiling higher and space more free.

small apartment design ideas

Home furnishings can acquire an original look that will delight you day by day.

VIDEO: Design of a small apartment. Design tricks.

Design of a small apartment - 50 ideas for organizing space:

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