What can be the design of the one-room apartment in which the child lives?

If the family has children, then decorating the interior, it is necessary to provide them with a separate space. To do this in a studio apartment is not easy, but possible. Properly thought out design will help in solving this problem. As a result, each tenant will be comfortable at home, relax and do what he loves.

studio apartment with a nursery

Living in a one-room apartment is accompanied by a number of inconveniences and requires owners to pay increased attention to interior decoration in order to obtain the required level of comfort.

The design of a one-room apartment for a family with a child needs to be thought out thoroughly. Everything is taken into account to the smallest detail, furniture is located in the most rational way. This will allow you to get a spacious and concisely designed housing.

interior of a studio apartment

With the advent of a small child in the family, the need for the proper layout of the living space and increase its functionality increases even more.

Layout: what is characteristic?

One-room housing, as a rule, has a small area. Therefore, its main drawback is the lack of space. The layout provides for one room. On its territory it is necessary to arrange a bedroom, a living room, a nursery and an office. Rational use of space will help to make it comfortable, and modern design decisions to style stylishly.

children's area in the apartment

A professionally designed interior design of a one-room apartment for a family with a child enables all family members to have beautiful, convenient and practical housing.

There are two types of single-room housing plans.

  • Free type. It differs in spacious dimensions. The area is usually about 60 square meters. m. Mostly found in modern buildings.
  • Typical. An apartment with such a layout is small. The footage does not exceed 30 square meters. m
interior of a studio apartment

Design style can be chosen for every taste.

The second planning option is not easy in the process of arrangement. To implement many design decisions on meager square meters is quite difficult. It is necessary to place furniture on them, and save free space for convenient movement. The main requirement for housing is comfort.

layout of a studio apartment

The design of a small apartment is being built so that children and parents have the necessary conditions for a healthy lifestyle.

Which interior is better to choose?

A large number of ideas for the interior of a one-room apartment. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, suitable for a specific case. When choosing a design, consider the following:

  • How many people live;
  • Age of residents;
  • Dimensions of housing;
  • Location of windows and doors.
studio apartment with a nursery

The main thing is that everyone has the opportunity to fully relax, work efficiently and develop correctly.

These criteria are important in the process of interior decoration, zoning, selection of finishing materials, and furnishings. If there are children in the family, then their age is taken into account. After all, each period of life has its own characteristics that affect the choice of interior. There are several age groups of the child:

  • Preschooler;
  • Junior school age;
  • School age;
  • Teenager.
design of an apartment with a children's area

Creating an improved layout in the old Khrushchev can be done in various ways.

For children who do not go to school, having a desk at home is optional. In this case, the shelves where toys can be stored are more relevant. Children's area should be as open as possible. This will allow adults to go about their business and monitor the child.

apartment with a children's area

The increased area is much easier to differentiate into zones and arrange it in your favorite style.

Room size and ceiling height are the determining factors in the selection of finishing materials and furniture. Light tones that visually make the housing more spacious will do. Furniture is installed only the most necessary, appropriate items such as transformer.

apartment ideas with a nursery

For the child should highlight the bright part of the room so that the baby received a sufficient amount of sunlight.

As for the style of interior design, the best option is Art Nouveau. It involves a compact environment, the use of modern materials for decoration. As a result, the room is light, spacious, filled with comfort.

one-room apartment with a child

If necessary, mother and child should be able to retire, relax not only at night, but also in the daytime.

Division into zones

Proper zoning will make housing comfortable, fill it with cosiness. It is necessary to organize a children's zone and a berth. For this, mobile type partitions are used. They easily change their location, which allows you to increase the space if guests come. On the partitions should not be large ornaments that attract attention. Otherwise, the room visually seems smaller.

zoning of a studio apartment

To delimit the territory, a sofa, shelving is well suited.

Making out the children's space, it is necessary to take into account that the small owner is growing rapidly, and his interests are changing. Every year, repairs are troublesome. To not have to do this, the interior should remain relevant for several years.

interior of a studio apartment for a family

It is important to remember that a berth for a child should be equipped with an orthopedic mattress and a comfortable pillow.

The children's area is a warm, functional, light-filled part of the room. Installed objects such as transformer, original cabinets, shelves. A folding armchair or sofa is good. They are easily transformed into a comfortable berth. You can select a zone with wallpaper on which a children's ornament is applied. Here the baby will feel comfortable, with interest to consider the drawings on the walls.

interior apartment with a nursery

Refuse standard furniture, a large number of trinkets and beautiful, but unnecessary things.

The parent area is darker than the nursery. As a rule, it does not have a natural light source. It is separated using a sliding type design. The berth is a sofa. If necessary, he easily becomes a bed.

layout of a studio apartment for a family with a child

Each element of the interior should have a functional application.

Making this place, you should not install furniture made of massive wood. For dividing the room, screens, gypsum board structures are better suited. The cabinet looks bulky and visually makes it smaller. A lamp is installed in the working area.

separation of zones in a studio apartment

Point devices are appropriate in the living room.

Differentiation of functional areas can be done with flooring. In the children's area, it is appropriate to arrange a bright and warm carpet. Finishing is done in bright colors, which visually expands the home.

Organization of children's space

The children's part should be not only beautifully designed, but also comfortable. On its area, it will be necessary to arrange zones of sleep, games and work. Reducing the space reserved for adults will help to do this. We are talking about their sleeping place and living room.

design of a studio apartment for a family

Inside tables, cabinets, you need to install additional shelves and roomy drawers.

Modern designers offer several interior options.

  • Arrangement of a one-room apartment according to the type of studio in which zoning is carried out. This idea is great for families with a baby. The area for adults to sleep is as open as possible.
  • Making a separate room for the baby. For this, a kitchen is suitable. Cooking is done in the living room or on the loggia.
  • Redevelopment. If the area allows, then housing can be converted from one to two-room. This will help niches, balconies and more that are provided in the building. By connecting the corridor to the main room, you can increase its area. Then divide the space into two rooms.
redevelopment of a studio apartment

It is worth providing retractable surfaces that can be used periodically if necessary, for example, a board for drawing, sculpting, installing a computer keyboard.

Children's corner: what to consider at arrangement?

Choosing a children's corner is a difficult task that requires a responsible approach. It should be performed as correctly as possible. In this case, it is worth paying attention to many points. The main ones are safety and hygiene in the place where children will spend time.

one-room apartment with a children's corner

Even if the apartment has large windows, it is necessary to install, in addition to a bright common lamp, zonal illumination of the game part of the room, places for work and homework.

This site should have good lighting, natural is welcome. Based on this, the best for the baby is the space near the window. When equipping it, it is necessary to adhere to the style of the whole room, they must be in harmony.

zoning of an apartment for a family with a baby

In places intended for pastimes of adults, separate local sources of illumination are also mounted.

What should be the design of the school zone?

Parents do not have time to look around when it comes time to go to school. Such a child will need a place not only for games, but also for study. A properly organized small office will allow him to concentrate on reading, writing and performing other tasks.

studio apartment with a zoned nursery

The color of the walls and the shade of the furniture are selected in bright colors.

The design of a one-room apartment for such a family has a number of characteristic features. Be sure to have a partition in the room. The rack will perfectly cope with this task.

dividing a room with a rack

It will divide the area into parts, will serve as a place to store things.

It is necessary to place such a design away from the window so that it does not close it. Rack height any. Near it is a desk and a bed for a child. On the other hand, the parent territory is located. It provides for the presence of a bed or sofa, video equipment, TV.

one-room apartment design ideas

The TV is mounted on the wall using a special device.

If you have a teenager

Adolescence in the lives of children is quite complicated. It is not easy for parents with a 15 year old daughter or son to accommodate in the same territory. But sometimes there is no choice, so you have to find a compromise in matters of registration of housing.

apartment design with area for teenagers

The smaller the room, the more concise and neutral the color of the furniture should be, the more concise and simpler its shape should be.

To separate the zones, drywall partitions are used. On the children's territory there is a bed. It can consist of two tiers: on the first - a wardrobe, the second - a bed. This design takes up little space and is as functional as possible. If the area is limited, then instead of the closet, you can place a desk below.

multifunctional bed with table

To get to the berth will help the stairs, which is provided in similar furniture.

It is possible to make a one-room apartment not only comfortable, but also beautiful. This will help high-quality finishing materials, various design ideas. The living space will sparkle with new colors, it will be comfortable for everyone, even the smallest inhabitant.

apartment design for family

If you love your family and understand your child, then intuition will tell you how to act so that your child or children feel good together with you in your small but cozy and thoughtful apartment.

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50 design ideas for a studio apartment for a family with a child:

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