Canons of contemporary style in the interior

Contemporary style originated in the middle of the twentieth century, but even now it is relevant in the design of various premises (in houses, apartments and offices). The basis of this design direction was minimalism and simple Scandinavian interiors, and the architects of the Bauhaus school are considered its founders. Kontemporari appeared as a response to the request of the post-war society, for which the splendor and luxury of the Empire, Baroque and Rococo, with an overabundance of furniture, parts, decor and decoration were not relevant. Functionality, an abundance of light, comfort and coziness - what society needed in the middle of the twentieth century, is necessary now, which makes contemporary (English - modern), a favorite for a modern person, with a fast pace of life and a large number of events in it.

Contemporary contemporary living room with olive sofa

The term "contemporary" designers define modern interiors that do not fit into technical high-tech or laconic minimalism

Style basis

Living room of a country house in contemporary style

The principles of decoration in a contemporary style are based on convenience and common sense

This interior direction is "based on three pillars": convenience, simplicity, functionality.

Bright living room with a sofa by the window in contemporary style

The interior should not be oversaturated with numerous details.

Despite the fact that the requirements for a room made in such a style do not fit into a clear framework, there are still some rules that should be followed.

  1. Simplicity of forms, conciseness and restraint. Furniture, decoration, lighting, textiles in the interior - everything should be in moderation, all objects of simple shapes. The main principle: "Little means a lot" (the use of a small amount of furniture and objects leaves room for space, air and light).
  2. A large amount of light in the room, both artificial and natural (for windows they use simple solutions: single-layer curtains, fabric blinds or do not decorate). They design houses with a large number of windows, with panoramic and dormer-windows, in apartments, if possible, expand window openings.
  3. Functionality. A large number of storage systems, preferably hidden from view. All home furnishings carry their own functional load, even decor elements are standardly used by those that carry some significance for the owners (for example, souvenirs from iconic travels).
  4. Zoning of premises. For zoning, light, the color of the surfaces are used, podiums are equipped, zoning is allowed with the help of light, weightless structures (for example, shelving).
  5. Combined bathroom. The combination of the bathroom and the toilet allows you to get a larger space, which is indispensable for this direction. A glass shower cubicle without a pallet is more appropriate than a bathroom bowl (its installation is acceptable in homes where the area of ​​bathrooms can be impressive).
  6. Application of technology for embedding furniture and household appliances.
Living room of a private house in bright colors in the style of contemporary

If you look closely, the contemporary features of the Scandinavian style, minimalism and constructivism are visible

Staircase to the second floor in the living room of a country house

The style will definitely appeal to people who often change the interior.

The characteristic color scheme of the contemporary style

This modern interior design is characterized by neutral background colors (shades of gray, brown, sand, beige), which enable a person to relax from the rhythm of large cities.

Contemporary style interior with gray as background

Natural shades of gray, sand or beige are used as the background.

So that the room is not boring and monotonous, the monochrome colors of the background are diluted with accents in textiles, decor of bright colors:

  • red,
  • blue,
  • Orange,
  • yellow,
  • green.

Ornaments and patterns in such an interior are usually not used, but it is possible to use natural textures (stone, wood), or variations on the theme of the animal world (skins of a cow, zebra, leopard).
The interior, decorated in contemporary style, uses living plants (a real find for designers is a panel made of natural moss).

Fireplace and living plants in a pastel-colored living room

Live plants are great accents.

Surface Finishing Methods

In the decoration, when creating a room in the style of contemporary music, natural and artificial simple textures are used, and their combination allows zoning of the room.

Spacious contemporary gray lounge in contemporary style

Style loves pure colors, laconic shapes and spaciousness.


To design the floor use:

  • laminate, carpet, parquet board, cork floor;
  • floor tiles in combination with a warm floor (comfort is one of the main principles in the interior design of this area);
  • plain carpets, often long-haired.
Wooden floor in the living room of a country house in contemporary style

Finished natural board is great for the floor

Laminate under a tree on the living room floor

Expensive wood can be replaced with a laminate with imitation wood texture


For registration, you can choose:

  • painting or whitewashing;
  • wallpaper;
  • decorative plastering of surfaces;
  • brick and stone finish;
  • combination of textures (stone, painting, wallpaper, stone and wood inserts).
Monochrome wall decoration in the living room of a private house

The design of the walls does not imply bright colors and colorful patterns or drawings.

Wall decoration behind the head of the bed with wood in a contemporary style bedroom

Variety in the form of glossy, rough or wooden surfaces is allowed.


When decorating the ceiling, it is better to give preference to smooth white surfaces (painting or technology of suspended ceilings). Plasterboard structures are used to build in the backlight, complex elements and shapes on the ceiling will not be appropriate.

Ceiling lights integrated in the drywall construction

Smooth ceiling painted with water-based paint

Using natural wood to decorate a ceiling in a contemporary style

Natural wood suspended ceiling

Choosing furniture for a contemporary style

Important criteria when choosing furniture to create a contemporary interior (contemporary) is functionality and low cost, combined with an attractive design and durability.

Red furniture in the interior of a room in contemporary style

Modern furniture is successfully combined with elements of decor and materials of past eras

Comfortable and functional furniture in a contemporary style living room

When choosing furniture, not so much beauty is important as functionality

The most popular furniture in such interiors:

  1. Modular upholstered furniture. The sofa from the modules can be easily transformed into armchairs or a bed.
  2. Furniture transformer. For example, a coffee table, with the possibility of transformation into a dining room, modular cabinets with a pull-out / folding table or a main bed with an extra bed leaving the podium.
  3. Built in furniture. Cabinets, podiums.
  4. Dressers, racks, couches.

Upholstered furniture is often selected in the shades of the background, soft and unobtrusive, but it is possible to make the sofa a bright accent (emerald, marsalum, yellow or blue).

Transforming table in a contemporary style living room

Furniture that takes up little space and at the same time performs several functions is welcome.

Cabinet furniture, kitchen sets, tables, beds can be made of wood, glass, plastic, stone, MDF and their combinations.

Subtleties of kitchen design

The ideal kitchen is high-tech, functional and easy to care for, therefore the contemporary style is the best suited for the decoration of this room.

Characteristic features of a contemporary style kitchen:

  1. Combining the kitchen area with the dining room or combining the kitchen with the living room.This technique allows you to get more space, you can zone it with the help of a podium, which can accommodate a dining area, separate lighting of zones or various finishing materials (or by combining these techniques).
  2. Kitchen sets with smooth facades and hidden fittings.
  3. An island-style suite with a built-in worktop.
  4. Bar counter.
  5. Kitchen equipment with integrated appliances.
  6. The use of a large number of light sources (ceiling, lights above the dining area, bar, work surface, decorative lighting of the headset itself).
  7. The design of the kitchen apron was skinned (with glass panels).
Brick wall in the design of the kitchen-living room in the style of contemporary

The blue facades of the kitchen set look beautiful against the background of brickwork

It is important to correctly think over the functional filling of cabinets and ensure the step-by-step accessibility of all areas of the kitchen for cooking (food storage, preparation and preparation), to save cooking time.

Kitchen set with dark trim and red chair

All kitchen utensils are within walking distance, which is convenient and reduces cooking time.

Features of the arrangement of the bathroom

The interior of the bathroom in contemporary style is characterized by its calm gamut of colors, non-standard textures for this room (wood or metal wall will be appropriate here), built-in shower cabins made of glass, hanging toilets and bidets, built-in furniture. Using non-standard textures for decoration, do not abandon the more familiar and very practical ceramic or porcelain tiles for decoration (gray, sand, brown, granite tones), washbasins and bathtubs made of natural stone.

Contemporary style shower cubicle

The bathroom combines sophistication and modernity.

Retro-style bathtub with an unusual faucet

Unusual plumbing can become a chip in the interior of the bathroom

Faucets or accessories such as towel rails, hand dryers or toilet paper holders can be accents in the interior if they are made of chrome steel or made colored. Numerous hygiene products in these bathrooms are hidden from view in various integrated storage systems.

Contemporary style living room design

Living room in contemporary style looks very advantageous, for the arrangement of this room you must follow the following recommendations:

  1. Arrange a comfortable sitting area, with a large and comfortable sofa, electric or modern bio-fireplace (installed in apartments and houses), a fireplace (since installation in apartments is problematic, suitable for home interiors, have an attractive look and can warm in cold winters).
  2. A large number of light sources to create a different environment in the room.
  3. As furniture for the hall, use modular cabinets consisting of open racks (on which you can place books, souvenirs and photo frames), and closed cabinets (where you can, for example, hide a TV).
  4. Decor Photos on the walls, paintings without frames, and modern paintings will look good in the hall. You can also decorate the living room with colored pillows and indoor plants.
  5. Large, and preferably panoramic windows. If possible, it is worth expanding the window openings as much as possible, a room with a small window or without windows will not correspond to the chosen style.
Large panoramic windows in a contemporary style living room

The style of contemporary is space and a lot of light. The best option - panoramic windows without curtains

Simple window decor

The interior made in contemporary style has no place for heavy curtains, lambrequins and multilayer fabric compositions. Most often, the windows are either simply left open, or, if necessary, they are decorated with fabric blinds, blinds, Roman curtains, curtains from simple fabrics (linen, viscose, cotton, mixed fabrics).

Panoramic glazing in a bright bedroom with a dark bed

Panoramic windows in the bedroom interior

It is interesting to beat the window with a wide windowsill, which will be a great place to relax.Such a windowsill can perfectly replace a table, and in the space under it you can organize drawers and storage shelves - an alternative to a study in small apartments.

Contemporary interior design in contemporary style

The contemporary style of interior has many admirers all over the world, and combines the functionality of housing, which is so necessary for a modern person, with homeliness, there is a place for details and cute little things, in contrast to traditional minimalism or cutting-edge hi-tech.

Dining area in contemporary style kitchen-living room

It is necessary to create an integral interior composition of stylish elements of the environment that perform well-defined functions

Wicker lampshades of kitchen fixtures in contemporary style

Fantasy-shaped fixtures are appropriate for contemporary style

The use of simple materials in decoration allows you to quickly modify a boring home (just repainting the walls), which is a big plus in the current rhythm of life, as well as the use of affordable raw materials for furniture (MDF, plastic, glass, linen, cotton).

The abundance of light, neutral colors, natural materials and living plants in the interior make it possible to fully relax in your own home or apartment, work fruitfully in the office.

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Interior photo in contemporary style

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