Brick wall in the interior of residential premises

The original design of the surfaces is a popular design technique, and the most popular is the brick wall in the interior. The real masonry does not compare in atmosphere with imitation in the form of wallpaper or facing tiles, but visually this type of facing always looks very stylish. An interesting property of this versatile decor material - looks great in modern style. Nothing is able to emphasize a certain touch of antiquity in many styles, depending on the chosen variety and color. To correctly use the material appropriate for the tasks, use the hints of experienced designers outlined in the article.

Accent brick wall in the living room interior

Masonry gives the interior of the living room solidity and weight

Which brick to use for the decor of residential premises

Conventional piers, if properly and neatly laid, do not require additional processing, especially for urban styling. Although the old red material based on baked clay remains the most organic, the colored block and the white brick wall are increasingly used in the interior of new buildings.

Spacious loft style brick walls

Open brickwork is ideal for loft

Of course, they don’t argue about tastes, you can plaster and paint or leave a “virgin” surface, only slightly sanding it from excess solution. Old surfaces need more careful processing, especially if plaster and whitewash show off in places. There is even such a design trick when not all plaster is specially randomly churned, but by chaotic shapeless spots. Upon completion, it is fixed with a primer, cooking under a colorless varnish.

This is a building material from natural raw materials, in many respects resembling a regular-shaped stone. For these purposes, it was invented, but under the influence of adverse factors, it tends to gradually collapse. In some places, the bare brick in the interior of the apartment, as in the photo, looks inimitable. Unfinished surfaces based on natural material are treated with special tools from building supermarkets, designed to increase the protection of bricks from destructive changes.

Making the wall between the windows with open masonry

Scandinavian interiors often use small fragments of masonry to emphasize the solidity of the walls of the house

The uniqueness of industrial aesthetics is appreciated by designers. Probably because against the background of the "brick" of the kitchen, modern household appliances and plastic furniture of an original form look spectacular. Colored brick is a completely independent decor in an industrial interior, in the loft and high-tech style.

Important: The universal building material is also good because you can live in an unfinished house with unplastered piers inside, which have not yet decided what to finally veneer.

It is impossible not to mention the refractory brick, which is indispensable for walls with real fireplaces. With such a cladding, the owners of the house may not worry that the wall will overheat and ignite - fires are not dangerous for her.

White brick fireplace in the living room interior

Brickwork can highlight the accent area with a fireplace

Today, the restoration of old walls is extremely appreciated in the redesign of "Stalin" and other buildings, which are more than half a century old. As they say, “to break - not to build”, and there has been a tendency to keep the primary piers in its original form, a real retro!

A small masonry in an open plan in a studio apartment and a “house without partitions” looks solid and reliable. She will remain a fashionable design reception and after a while, especially in houses with a large area and apartments with zoning.

Brick base for the supporting beam in the kitchen-living room

A separate architectural element can be built from brick

How to choose a facing material? Preference is taken into account, but the decision depends on many factors:

  • stylistics;
  • color and shape;
  • way or pattern of masonry;
  • surface texture;
  • required specifications.

Decorative blocks of rectangular shape are usually used for the construction of vertical bases. They have a lot of advantages, so their capabilities are not limited to one partition. Building blocks of different sizes and shapes are available in a large assortment with a variety of color palettes.

Red brick bar counter in a white living room

Stylish bar counter with brick base

The material is valued as environmentally friendly, it does not harm allergies sensitive to chemistry. Columns and small walls, arches and window sills between the room and the balcony, massive bases for interior aquariums and heavy shelves are made of it.

A budget alternative with the same aesthetic possibilities - textured wallpaper, looks like real brickwork in the interior. This is the fastest and most affordable way to achieve the desired effect without building skills. Photowall-paper quite often imitate a part of any historical building or a fragment of the European street entwined with ivy and flowering plants.

Brick wall finish in the kitchen-living room

A wall with imitation of brick will create the desired impression and will not reduce the volume of a small room

Decorative brick in the interior - choose a color

Three factors determine the appearance of the base of decorative or facing bricks for interior decoration:

  • type of masonry (chain, Gothic, Dutch, Flemish, cross, bonk, spoon, chaotic);
  • finishing method;
  • shade of building blocks.

Designers often offer an unexpected solution, not only within the terracotta-reddish range or white silicate blocks. Most of this palette is presented in other, no less interesting proposals, depending on the inclusions and technology of material release.

World map graffiti on a brick wall of a living room

Brick blends well with graffiti

The most spectacular colors are:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • buffy;
  • sand;
  • pistachio;
  • terracotta;
  • chocolate;
  • straw.

Depending on the design concept, the brick wall can even be blue, green or black. This is justified if, for example, they use a background for spectacular loft-style graffiti or for other aesthetic tasks involving “bricks”.

Black bed in a minimalist style bedroom

White brick is good for interior decoration in a minimalist style.

Separately, it is worth noting the white color, it is appropriate in any room, visually expanding the space and adding light. If it was not possible to choose the suitable material, there will be no problem with this if you paint the masonry in bright colors. There will be more light, but then the natural material will not “breathe” under the film, absorbing and giving away excess moisture.

Important! If you want to protect the material from moisture, for example, in the bathroom, painting is justified. Any brick wall in a room with high humidity is pre-treated with antifungal solutions, then they solve the problem with the coating.

The gray color looks modest, and at that time wives are aristocratic. Experts appreciate it as a great backdrop for exquisite mirrors and other original decor in an elite setting.

Gray brick wall in a modern bedroom

Neutral gray color creates a calm background for decorative elements.

The material is different in texture:

  • glaze coating;
  • smooth baked;
  • chipped;
  • chopped;
  • wild;
  • rocky;
  • marble, etc.

Surfaces are often smooth matte, but it is possible to choose a finish with a glossy end or with a rough texture. Whitewashing or painting on top of real masonry is the best way to upgrade without resorting to major repairs. You can paint in any color, but a little darker than the shade of the brick itself, so that there are no bald spots.

Brick wall decoration over the sofa

An interesting combination of smooth surface with exposed brickwork

Aged brick is not necessary to hide under a layer of plaster, if the base is laid out very skillfully. Designers suggest removing the top layer or picking up building materials with the same effect. The old brick remaining after the repair can be used purely for practical purposes. It remains to fold the piers again, saturated with colorless varnish. Processing will make the surface more pliable for cleaning.

Note! Brick-produced wallpapers with varying degrees of protection against moisture are produced. If the repair needs to be completed sooner, soak it with matt varnish in 2-3 layers.

For persuasiveness for decorative purposes, the laid out base is slightly destroyed - they are modified with a chisel, files, blowtorch, building acids and other means.

Bar counter along a brick wall

The bare masonry should be coated with a protective varnish.

Any design project involves a stylistic solution. In the modern solution, the plasma panel on the brick wall in the living room interior is the main accent, in a classic English office it is better to hide it behind a rotating picture. This is a universal decor in many styles:

  • grunge is a typical retro French bourgeoisie who value comfort and quality things checked by time, here time seems to freeze (crumbling brickwork as a dumb witness of past luxury);
  • fusion - a product of eclecticism, where classic features in modern rethinking are recognizable);
  • in the Scandinavian interior, the white wall is perceived most organically;
  • Neo-Gothic is an excellent solution with a black wall for high ceilings;
  • excellent find in country style and provence, only light unfinished plaster and whitewash;
  • hi-tech - his “ode to high technology” goes well with this brutal finish;
  • the classics presuppose a sophisticated decoration, the style card is a fireplace with open masonry.
Black sofa near rough brick wall

Brick walls are suitable for many styles.

Brick in the interior design of residential premises

The surface "in the brick" is able to decorate any room, but it is important to make the right choice of cladding. Then a brick wall in the interior will be perceived not just as a tribute to fashion or an original design decision, but as a real decoration of your personal space.

Living room design with high windows

Brick wall in a classic living room interior

Imitation or real masonry looks great in any living room, especially a large area. It is appropriate in a house without walls, in a two-level duplex, as well as in a compact "smart home" and a studio type apartment. Dark brick in the design of the kitchen will perfectly shade light furniture, dishes and modern household appliances.

Tip. Choose a “brick” in an industrial interior, if nothing else comes to mind. This is a practical decor for the kitchen apron, the surface near the dining table, a “special feature” at the head of the bed and an inimitable background for the equipment.

Shelves with decorations on a brick wall

The texture of the brick wall adds a feeling of comfort to the interior

Brick in the interior of the rooms

Brick wall in the design of the kitchen-living room

Brickwork will find a place in any room


In the hallway, this decor is most appropriate, but more often it remains a nondescript background for furniture, mirrors and interior doors. But here you can apply some decorative techniques, for example, an "unfinished" partition or a "fortress" destroyed on the edges.The masonry can be presented in the form of a small column or block for zoning the space in front of the kitchen, separating part of the hallway from a long passage.

Brick wall in the hallway interior

Near the brick wall, small chests of drawers or tables look spectacularly above which it is appropriate to hang a mirror


In the bedroom everything is decided by color. Some are interested in what a white brick wall is combined with. It is not so important which shade of bricks is pure white, milky or grayish. This universal solution fits almost everything, moreover, not only as a decoration, but also practically.

Brick wall behind the head of the bed

In a bedroom, a brick is most often used to highlight an accent wall.

A grayish tone will look flawlessly white against a dark textile and wood finish, but will be dirty as compared to snow-white sheets. In the interior of a modern bedroom, the brickwork at the head of the bed will look extravagant, regardless of the chosen shade.


In long corridors, recreations and walkways of private houses of a large footage, you should not spend on finishing, if the design of a brick wall in the interior looks very impressive.

Brick wall in a narrow corridor

You can decorate the wall of a narrow corridor with your favorite photos


In the kitchen, these techniques are also quite appropriate, and in the interior of the room for cooking looks the most organic. Any non-standard imitation of the hearth with open masonry will be an excellent country-style decor, retro or imitation of the atmosphere in the spirit of a Romanesque castle. The brick base is suitable for a bar between the kitchen and the dining room, as well as a window sill between the balcony and the compact catering unit.

Small kitchen with a white brick wall

A white brick wall will visually enlarge the space of a small kitchen

Living room

In the modern living room, many design developments are used to use the masonry for practical purposes. Decorative brick in the interior is always popular, especially with large areas. According to the same laying principle, partitions are made of glass blocks and mirror tiles. Diodes are placed under individual glass blocks to create an original lighting design.

Dark gray corner sofa

The dark gray brick wall creates a pleasant, soothing atmosphere in the living room.

A large brick arch is another win-win technique. All these "chips" perfectly complement the wallpaper with imitation and real masonry. Extraordinary comfort on cold nights will provide a real fireplace with decorative cladding, but even imitation will give the room aristocracy and comfort.

Studio apartment

In a studio apartment, a loft apartment and a two-level duplex, the masonry decor is often used under the staircase and in the entrance recreation. This technique gives the industrial "brutality" that distinguishes this style.

Living room interior with a bed on the second floor

Clay red brick walls attract attention and become the main decorative element of the interior


The bathroom and the bathroom, the mini-pool and shower, due to temperature changes and high humidity, it is not so easy to revet with something other than tiles. Today, the so-called "boar" tile, which resembles a brick in shape and appearance, is gaining more and more popularity. It is laid in the same way.

Brickwork in the interior of the bathroom

For the bathroom, the best option is facing brick

Copper alloy bathtub in a room with white tiled walls

Or brick ceramic tiles

Rectangular glass blocks are no less interesting - a durable translucent material that transmits light, but distorting the silhouette behind the wall. If you still prefer the natural analogue, choose a hyper-pressed block that does not break down under the influence of moisture, but it is better to treat the masonry with fungicides.

General recommendations for use

1. Moderation Brick in the interior it is used dosed, 1 vertical plus fragmentary decor (accent wall, decoration of a niche, arches, columns, partitions).
2. Conformity Stylistically, the masonry should be justified.
3. Functionality Each decorative element must perform a specific task (bring benefits in the house).
4. Designer creative It’s just that the wall is not interesting, it’s a suitable background or an independent decorative element.
5. Combination with a different finish The exposed surface is well perceived with rough unplastered surfaces, wood, plaster, stone and metal.
6. Original or drawing The real masonry should not be supplemented by paper imitation - only wallpaper, painted brick in the interior or just bare wild.
Double bed in a room with a blue brick wall

Cozy romantic atmosphere in the bedroom with a blue brick wall

Decorative cladding for masonry - a universal design technique. It’s easy to care for such a surface. It is easy to update it at the next repair - to defeat, repaint or even hide it behind the plaster and wallpaper. See more interesting variations on this material in our photo gallery.

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