Classic style in the interior, what is it like?

Judging by the translation of the word “classicus” from Latin, the classic is the standard to be followed. And one cannot disagree with this. How many years have passed since the canons of the classic interior were invented, and they still remain relevant. But the term has another meaning - traditional. Due to its beauty and organicity, the design, which has undergone a long test of time, still remains one of the most popular in modern interiors.

Classic interior in a modern living room of a private house

Classic in a modern interior is something that never loses its relevance and never bothers

The classics are different

If the designer is tasked with decorating an apartment or room in a classic style, then he will have to explain what kind of room decoration is required. After all, classic interiors are different. The formation of the style was influenced by many factors during its development. Therefore, the classics may be different.

  1. Antique. In the 18th century, interest in the art of Ancient Rome and Greece revived. The classics in the interior have absorbed many elements from these ancient cultures - strict symmetry and geometry, ideal proportions, light colors, spacious and high rooms. There was a whole trend in art called classicism.

    Photo of the interior of a classic living room in antique style

    Antiquity in the interior of the classical style

  2. With elements of baroque, rococo and empire. All these styles have left their mark on the classic style. From here - skillful candelabra, magnificent decor, picturesque tapestries and other luxury goods.

    Baroque living room design

    Baroque luxury in the classic living room

  3. Multinational. Each country in Europe interpreted the concept of classic in its own way and introduced its own national spirit into it. Therefore, French classics will differ from Italian, English or Russian.

    Interior of a living room of a modern house in the English style

    English style in a modern living room

  4. Modern. The classic style in the interior never becomes obsolete. On the contrary, he tries to keep up with the times. Clear symmetry, a calm color palette, a craving for minimalism, simple and elegant filling of space are the basic techniques that are found in a modern classic interior.

    Interior of a classic living room in a modern design

    Modern classic in the living room interior

The main features and canons of the classical style

Despite all the variety, the classic style in the interior has common features for all varieties.

  • The subordination of symmetry. The basis for the creation of this style was the ancient Greek and Roman architectural rules. In antiquity they attached great importance to geometry and structural harmony. Therefore, symmetry is the basis of the foundations, which must be present in the design of such a plan.
  • The main axis. The classic interior is, first of all, ideal proportions. The central axis helps to create them. Around it, the main composition is formed. The axis can be located in the center of the room if it is spacious. Or be in a corner of the room with small square meters.
  • Spheres and hemispheres. A square and a rectangle are the forms that the classic adheres to.But there is another configuration that plays an equally important role - the sphere. Arches, semicircular bends of the upper part of windows, columns - without them it is already difficult to imagine a primordially classic interior.
  • Abundant decor. Most often, the classic is associated with rich decoration and a lot of luxurious details. Among them are stucco molding on the ceiling, carved furniture, textiles embroidered with golden threads.
  • Severity. In contrast to the baroque abundance, there is a more moderate design. In modern interiors, the classic is increasingly becoming ascetic. Ceiling moldings are replaced by more restrained moldings. Colors prevail light. The space is becoming more practical, unloaded from unnecessary details and excessive decor.
  • Natural materials. This classic will not tolerate chipboard, fiberboard, MDF or plastic. Only expensive and high-quality wood or stone finishes are acceptable. Noble metals and marble are often used. The floor is covered with parquet from expensive wood. Decor is also no less expensive - expensive textiles, crystal chandeliers, carpets made of natural wool.
  • National traits. The classic style of the interior should reflect the flavor of the country from which it was borrowed. For example, the English classics are restrained and concise, while the French classics are pretentious and pompous.
Design of the dining area in the classic-style kitchen-living room

The classics are suitable for the living room and bedroom, for the hallway and hall, for the kitchen and study

Classic dining table setting in the kitchen

The classic interior is expensive, but it's worth it

Characteristic color scheme

In the classical style there are no contrasting color schemes. Only warm colors are used. It is mainly taken from a palette of pastel shades.

The most typical tones:

  1. Peach.
  2. Olive.
  3. Beige.
  4. Terracotta.
  5. Honey.
  6. Sand.
Kitchen interior in pastel colors

Light pastel colors add softness to the interior.

The use of black in the interior of a classic living room

Dark colors are best used for accents and differentiation of zones.

So that the situation does not turn into a monotonous and boring symphony, it is diluted with more saturated color notes. To do this, use deep tones of chocolate, coffee, amber color or make the design more saturated by adding dark green colors. A room looks advantageous if light tones are complemented by dark gray spots. Classics in the interior will sound in a new way, if you refresh it with indigo. To create the effect of aristocratic gloss and luxury, gilding is used.

Classic style furniture

It is believed that the best furniture in the classical style is made by Italian craftsmen. Although other world manufacturers can always offer a wide range of products of this type. After all, such furniture is always in demand due to its elegant design. Depending on the style, its appearance changes. If rococo elements are present, then the legs of tables, chairs and armchairs will be curved. And the influence of the empire is noticeable in a gilded decor.

Cabinets with utensils in a classic-style living room

Classic-style furniture takes up a lot of space, so the room should be spacious enough

Classic bedside table

Classic pieces of furniture can create a luxurious atmosphere.

But similar furniture has common features:

  • use of natural materials;
  • impeccable quality;
  • high price.

Of course, such an acquisition can significantly hit the pocket. But the costs will pay off with interest, since the headsets are made of real wood:

  • durable
  • never lose relevance;
  • look exquisite.

Classic in the bedroom

Probably no better style for the bedroom than the classic. Grace of design and moderation of colors create ideal opportunities for a good rest and restoration of strength. Therefore, crazy design experiments with an abundance of colors and imbalances are hardly suitable for a bedroom. The winning will not look too pompous design of the room, but with a hint of nobility and well-being.

Textiles in pastel colors in the decoration of a classic bedroom

A modest hint of wealth and noble triumph is appropriate in the bedroom

Interior of a classic bedroom in bright colors

Floor and table vases with living plants or flowers will be a good addition to the bedroom interior.

It must be remembered that peace must be reigned in the bedroom, peace and quiet. Only in such an atmosphere does it become possible to forget the worries of the day and take a rest. If the room allows, then the design can be supplemented with columns. The bedroom will become much more comfortable if pasted over the walls with wallpaper in pastel colors.

Interior of a classic bedroom in bright colors

The general atmosphere of the bedroom should have a comfortable rest and protect from everyday hustle and bustle

The most optimal color palette options:

  • beige;
  • lavender;
  • sky blue;
  • pistachio;
  • the color of green moss;
  • pale turquoise.
Classic bedroom in creamy shades

Color preference is given to noble tones.

The ideal finish for the floor is wooden parquet. Furniture should conform to the canons of style - natural materials, rounded backs and headboards, soft colors, expensive natural upholstery. In the arrangement there is complete harmony, no chaos and asymmetry.

Classic in the living room: how to independently design a guest room in a classic style?

Often the layouts of standard apartments are so small that creating an authentic design in a classic style is not so easy. I have to turn to various styling techniques. Holders of spacious dwellings are more fortunate. Dimensional apartments are ideally suited for the embodiment of design in accordance with all the rules and principles.

Classic-style chandelier on the ceiling of the living room

For central lighting of the classic style room, crystal chandeliers are most often used.

Wall, ceiling and floor decoration

Walls need to be leveled. Their surface should be perfectly smooth. For decoration, you can use different materials - wallpaper, plaster, special fabric. If the volume of the room allows, it is better to make the walls textured. For this, details of geometric shapes are used - gypsum bas-reliefs, sockets, moldings. But in small rooms it is important not to get too carried away with such decor. He takes a lot of space.

The decoration of the walls of the living room with wallpaper in a classic style

Wallpaper should be plain and have a soft texture

The ceiling is also leveled before finishing. The ceiling space is a great place to decorate a room. Stucco molding, borders with patterns, cornices, murals, pilasters are welcome. The color of the ceiling is white, milky or ivory. Acceptable options are frosty hoarfrost, pastel shades of a yellow palette.

Gender flooring is made of wood or polished marble. Although marble coating is rarely used due to its impracticality and high price.

Furniture and Textiles

Furniture is selected high-quality, wooden. It is famous for its comfort due to its high backs. No less respect deserves its appearance. Depending on the era, it can be generously decorated with carvings, patina or executed in a more restrained format. The presence of blankets is not provided. They will close all luxury upholstery. Often, the textile cover of furniture becomes an adornment not only of sofas and armchairs, but of the entire room. Golden embroidery, tapestries with floral motifs and lush flowers form a beautiful composition, talking about the prosperity of the owner.

Upholstered furniture in the interior of a classic living room

The furniture in the living room is selected massive, made of natural materials, with inlay and carving.

Curtains in the classic style of the living room of a country house

Curtains - wide and long, possible with fringe or garters

Textiles complete the look. It should be status and spectacular, made of flowing, heavy fabrics, beautifully draped. Previously, deep, saturated shades of cherry, violet, and blue were selected for him. Today, preferences have shifted towards bright colors. Curtains are a must-have item. They are often placed in loops with large tassels, decorated with lambrequins, folds.

Decor Details

Large mirrors in gilded frames decorated with ornaments from the ancient past will help to complement the picture.It would be nice to equip the living room with a real or decorative fireplace. An important role is played by antiques - antique watches, figurines, paintings in gilded frames, vases from painted porcelain or crystal. But with these nuances of the interior you need to be careful. They can completely absorb the space of the room, making it too pretentious, tasteless and uncomfortable. It is better to dilute the rigor of design with one or two items of baroque luxury.

Noble design for the kitchen

The classic-style kitchen means comfort, style and a festive atmosphere. In the design of the kitchen according to the principles of the classics, the same laws apply as for other rooms. The only thing to consider is functionality. This is the main condition for the room where food is prepared, food is stored, dishes are washed, and in some cases dinner parties and dinners are held. Therefore, it is better to pre-order furniture in which all the equipment can be built.

Classic style kitchen interior with a natural wood set

Classic kitchen unit looks great through the use of natural wood

Classic bar and chairs

A classic kitchen should be functional in the first place, but it’s better to hide the technique “behind a screen of luxury”

Carpet on the parquet floor in the classic design kitchen

Moderately festive and at the same time cozy atmosphere of the kitchen emphasizes the refined taste of the owners of the house

The abundance of cabinets and drawers will also be a plus - they will accommodate all the dishes and kitchen utensils. A gentle, non-irritating palette of walls, cozy parquet on the floor, a fashionable suite with a marble countertop, embroidered textiles - all this will give the kitchen a unique grace and solemnity.

Neoclassicism - a new look at the classics in modern interiors

Classic interior in a modern design - this is neoclassic. Such a design combines established traditions and new ideas. In one room, classic elements that can be harmoniously combined with original and non-standard solutions should be clearly visible.

White living room in the style of modern neoclassicism

Modern objects and materials find application in the neoclassical interior

The design of the bedroom of a private house in the neoclassical style

It also uses traditional classical elements - arches, pilasters and columns

There are several signs by which you can determine that in front of you is a room in a neoclassical design.

  • Nothing extra. There is no abundance of decor, the space is not lined with furniture, not loaded with anything unnecessary.
  • Moderate tones. The color scheme without catchy shades is close to the softest, natural combinations.
  • Proportions and measured lines. All space is subject to the laws of geometry. No asymmetry, only clearly calibrated harmony.
Beige upholstered armchairs in a neoclassical living room

Unlike the usual classics, there is no excessive cost and flashy elegance

The presence of a reference classic is a prerequisite. Stucco or columns, mirrors or furniture in a classic style will do. In the design of the room, something primordially classic should certainly appear. Indeed, it is not for nothing that the style is called neoclassical.

Video: review of the interior of the house in a classic style

Photo: interior design options in a classic style

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