Silent refrigerators: features, selection tips, TOP-5 of the most silent coolers

The noise level of a household appliance for cooling products is put on a par with its power, dimension of chambers and type of defrosting. People want to buy silent equipment. This is especially true for refrigeration units. Silent refrigerators are the dream of most people. And that is understandable. After all, the necessary refrigeration appliance in the household can buzz, buzz, buzz, and so on. It may not be noticeable during the day, but at night such “roars” can cause insomnia in households.

Silent refrigerator.

To date, silent refrigerators are no longer a dream.

How is the refrigeration unit arranged, what causes noise in it? Indeed, “functioning noisily” is a subjective concept. How to choose a silent refrigerator and check how noisy the food safety device is? The quietest rated refrigerators - all the information in our material.

Device for food preservation

Despite the high prices and responsible "work", such devices are quite simply arranged. Why know about how this unit is designed? At least for understanding how to use correctly. It is important to understand what leads to a breakdown of the device, which, on the contrary, will extend its life. Among other things, knowledge of the general device of a household appliance will allow you to quickly navigate when certain breakdowns occur: the master will be called in a timely manner. It is also important to understand why the device necessary in the household is noisy.

Refrigerator compressor.

Noise from the refrigerator occurs when the compressor is running.

Any modern refrigeration equipment consists of such parts:

  • Compressor - provides refrigerant circulation; the motor starts, freon moves through special tubes: this ensures cooling inside the unit.
  • Evaporator - located inside the refrigeration unit, which takes heat from the chamber; Freon boils and is converted into gas. This takes a lot of heat, the tubes are cooled in the chamber together with the air in the compartment itself.
  • Cooler - located on the side or rear wall of the device, which removes heat into the environment; so the unit does not overheat.
  • The refrigerant (usually freon, can be isobutane) circulates in the pipelines, promoting cooling in the chambers, carrying heat to the cooler from the evaporator.
  • Thermostatic valve - is necessary to maintain pressure in the required mode for the movement of the refrigerant.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION! Do not place the refrigerator near central heating batteries, stoves, or radiators. In this case, overheating cannot be avoided and the motor will quickly break down.

Where to install the refrigerator.

It is highly recommended not to install a refrigerator near heating appliances.

Reasons for Noisy Work

The main element of the circuit apparatus for cooling and freezing products is a compressor, it is driven by an electric motor. The functioning of the latter is not as noisy as the compression in the compressor of the refrigerant. This is the secret to the noise the refrigerator makes.

In addition to the compressor itself, sharp sounds during operation of the refrigerator can emit:

  • electric relay: it starts the electric motor, characteristically clicking;
  • condensate and bubbles of other substances in the refrigerant itself, then when the compressor is off, a characteristic gurgle is heard;
  • poor build quality, in this situation it is difficult to reduce the level of noise emitted by the refrigerator;
  • poorly adjacent shelves or their incorrect design, in many cases this problem can be solved.
Silent refrigerator.

Finding a silent refrigerator is no easy task.

Choosing a silent refrigerator

Finding a fully silent refrigeration unit is difficult. Its design assumes the presence of elements that emit different sounds during the operation. To purchase a refrigeration device that would not cause discomfort, consider its characteristics, the degree of noise, which cannot exceed the permissible standards.

The power of the refrigerator.

If the power of the refrigerator exceeds 53 dB, then it should not make sounds during operation.

How to check the noise level of a refrigerator

Many buyers are interested in the topic, how to choose the quietest refrigerator?

First of all, when buying, one should take into account the possible noise level of the device: the corresponding indicator is indicated in the application manual or on the energy sticker. The value is expressed in dB (decibels).

According to GOST, during operation, the refrigeration appliance should not make sounds whose power exceeds 53 dB.

The noise level of modern cooling devices and popular models is not more than 44 dB (the wall clock is also noisy).

To reduce this indicator, high quality insulation materials are used. Although such measures still do not allow you to get a silently working refrigeration unit.

the noise level of the refrigerator.

When choosing a silent refrigerator, you should pay attention to the possible noise level of the device.

IMPORTANT! The choice of device is made taking into account the fact that the data sheet is designed to function under normal conditions. When installing a household appliance in a house, the degree of noise usually increases.

To find out how quietly your chosen model works, ask the consultant to connect a household device.

Choosing a refrigerator, “rely” on user reviews.

How to reduce the dB level

You can influence the volume of noise emitted by a refrigeration device as follows:

  • make sure that the unit is located on a flat surface;
  • if the refrigeration unit is on an uneven floor, adjust the height of the legs, give the case the correct position (this will help both lower the volume of sounds emitted by a household appliance and avoid malfunctions of important system elements;
  • observe the necessary distance between the wall and the refrigeration unit;
  • normal activity requires that there is enough space between it and the objects around it;
  • take care of the proper placement of the products inside the refrigerator, the dishes and containers should be in such a way that the objects do not touch each other during its operation, since when the compressor is turned on, vibration occurs inside the unit, so close objects begin to ring or rattle.

Useful Choices

Everyone wants to buy a refrigerator that operates silently. We will figure out how refrigeration appliances differ in noise level.

According to GOST, the noise level emitted by the refrigerator should not exceed 53 dB. All equipment of this kind is classified on a certain scale and according to it the noise of cooling devices is divided into 3 levels:

  • high - exceeds 45 dB;
  • medium - up to 44 dB;
  • low - up to 34 dB.

Noise indicators also depend on the cooling system of the device: the norm for devices with a “no frost” system is no higher than 47 dB; drip units require operation with noise levels up to 42 dB.

When choosing a device for food safety, consider the above figures.

Many refrigerator models are designed for a published noise figure of up to 17 dB. But do you need such indicators, given that the overpayment for them will be almost double in comparison with refrigeration units of the same functionality and average noise figure? This is justified if the household appliance is in the room where you are relaxing or in a studio type apartment. If the refrigeration unit is located in the kitchen, and it is endowed with medium or low noise level, then the room will not be heard.

General recommendations:

  • Do not chase cheapness! Often, manufacturers save on components, which results in poor build quality. Other refrigerators are completely unsafe because they contain toxic materials.
  • It is better to choose a refrigerator with glass shelves - they are more hygienic than plastic ones, they are easier to wash.
  • Pay attention to the "filling" of the unit. Do not overpay for an additional compartment, which is not intended to be used;
  • Choosing is worth models equipped with a layer of rubber - this allows you to ensure a stable t inside the compartments and prevent thawing.
  • The doors of the apparatus for cooling should fit snugly against its wall and hermetically close the space inside.
  • In many models of refrigerators, it is possible to outweigh the door on the other side; if your kitchen is small - when choosing a unit, stop at them, so you will save usable space, and it will be more convenient to operate the device.
  • Contact only major appliance stores providing after-sales service. The possibility of warranty service is more important than the fact that you can save once - later you will have to overpay many times because of such dubious savings.

Rating TOP-5 of the quietest refrigeration units with “No Frost” system

Which refrigerators are the most reliable and quiet? If it is difficult for you to make a choice of a device for cooling, freezing and storing products, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following rating, which contains models of different price categories - from luxury to budget. You are sure to find a reliable and convenient refrigeration unit for your home!

Samsung RL46

An elegant dual-chamber cooling unit is an example of grace and style. It has a spacious cooling chamber, is equipped with a multi-threaded cooling system, which has the necessary functionality. Roomy, it fits easily in any corner of the kitchen space, creating a comfortable, homely atmosphere. The “no frost” system with dry freezing facilitates and simplifies the maintenance of the unit.

In its arsenal, such a refrigerator also has a Super Freeze mode: shock refrigerated processing of products allows you to store useful substances and taste in them. The refrigerator compartment has four glass shelves.

The refrigerator chamber is voluminous (208 l), there are 4 shelves made of tempered glass, 3 of which can be adjusted in height.

An additional convenience is the possibility of moving the doors in the necessary direction.

The electronics system and LED display (on the outside of the refrigerator) allow you to set the precise cooling mode. The temperature in each chamber of this cooling unit is displayed separately.

The freezing chamber (92 l) has 3 retractable containers (they are transparent) and a mold for making ice.

The degree of cooling of the freezer is adjustable.

Noise level 41 dB.

Samsung RL46.

Fridge Samsung RL46.

Samsung RB33J3301WW

The technology of uniform cooling allows you to maintain optimal t mode, which will extend the shelf life of products.

It has a capacious freezing chamber, with the “no hoarfrost” system both for small and larger stocks. It is convenient to sort products in it. Has a roomy drawer for fruits and vegetables.

There is a fresh zone - something in between the upper chamber and the freezer - convenient for placement, chilled.

Roomy, lightweight and functional door opens at any degree - and deployed and direct.

There is a control panel (located on the door, with it you can control t of each camera and fresh zone.

Noise level - 37 dB. Outside the kitchen space that the refrigeration unit is operating does not give out anything.

Acceptable price.

Samsung RB33J3301WW.

Fridge Samsung RB33J3301WW.


The design consists of separate chambers: a freezer (located at the bottom of the unit) and a refrigerator (at the top). Each has its own door. If necessary, they can be outweighed on different sides. The device is highly energy efficient

The chamber has 4 shelves made of durable glass. A special box is provided for storing vegetables.

There are 4 "balconies" on the doors. The chamber provides multi-threaded air circulation, the presence of a deodorizer makes it possible to place food with different odors in the refrigerator.

A special lid maintains the required level of humidity inside the compartment for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

It is possible to select the required t mode. It will help to install the corresponding button on the display.

A refrigeration unit is capable of freezing up to 14 kg of products per day. If you want to freeze more products, turn on the Super Freeze function.

There is no ice generator in this model. not.

The volume of the refrigeration appliance is 360 liters.

The noise level is average, 40dB.


Refrigerator LG GA-B489 YVQZ.

Bosch VitaFresh Serie 4 KGN39XL2AR

It is distinguished by functionality, the “no frost” technology has been introduced, which eliminates the appearance of ice on the walls. Such an aggregate consumes little energy. Maintains the necessary level of humidity and t.

The device has a “fresh vitamin” compartment: in it, the products retain their freshness 2 to 3 times longer than usual. The presence of such a zone allows you to buy products in large quantities and at the same time less often. This is a roomy refrigerator with a freezing chamber located below.

The laconic design of the cooling device allows you to fit it into the space of the kitchen or studio. The design of the model is such that it allows you to place it tightly on the furniture and on the walls: there will be no gaps on either side or back. This significantly saves space when installing equipment.

There are retractable shelves in the compartments; these zones are equipped with a filtering system.

The quick freeze function allows you to prepare products for long-term maintenance: while the appearance and taste are preserved.

The control in the device is carried out in electronic mode control type, the function of temperature and operation control is supported.

The design of the model suggests the possibility of installing a door with opening in the desired direction.

The noise level of this refrigerator is 41 dB.

FURTHER INFORMATION If the temperature in the cells is elevated, an audible alarm will sound in this cooling unit when the doors are open.

Bosch VitaFresh Serie 4 KGN39XL2AR.

Refrigerator Bosch VitaFresh Serie 4 KGN39XL2AR.

Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 7200 WO

Keeps cold offline.

According to its characteristics, it is modern, there are functions of superfreezing and supercooling, as well as a function that prevents the appearance of bacteria.

Spacious (volume 322 l), there is a freshness zone, it is equipped with the maximum functionality.

Noise level 40 dB.

Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 7200 WO

Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 7200 WO.


It is important to consider that the degree of noise of the apparatus for cooling also depends on whether it is installed evenly and correctly, and whether various containers are correctly placed inside the dishes.

We should not neglect the recommendations on putting the purchased refrigerator into operation: give it the opportunity to stand for about a quarter of a day after delivery. Read and follow the operating manual carefully.

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