What is the difference between a blender and a mixer: advantages, disadvantages and differences

Nowadays, in every house there are a lot of equipment that has a narrow or wide application. The mixer and blender are very similar devices, but they have some differences. The mixer mixes dry and liquid products very quickly. The blender in its functionality is more similar to a meat grinder, as it is designed to grind products, while the mixer mixes and whips. For those who are wondering if a regular mixer can be used as a blender, you need to understand which functions you need.

Mixer or blender.

Mixer and blender have many functional differences.


The main features of the difference between the mixer and the blender

Mistresses often wonder how the mixer differs from the blender. One is intended for mixing, it is mainly used for confectionery purposes, and the second - for grinding solid products. The second device has wider functionality. The blender rotates up to 20 thousand revolutions per minute, and the mixer has a maximum of 15 thousand.

The mixer in the kitchen.

The mixer is used to mix confectionery compositions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each household appliance device has its own advantages and disadvantages, as there are no ideal mechanisms. Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons in order to know what you are dealing with.


  1. Power is the most important indicator. The power of handheld devices is in the range from 100 to 250 watts. Stationary has various speeds and high power - up to 500 watts. He can beat not only protein, but also a cool dough.
  2. Cost - the price depends on several factors: brand, material from which the body and nozzles are made, the number of nozzles and functionality. The cost of household appliances is influenced by their design.
  3. Compactness and size - cooking takes up a lot of space, so you should choose kitchen equipment so that it does not interfere and does not take up much space in the kitchen. Manual is more compact, and all corollas are removed and cleaned. Stationary longer due to large bowl and stand.
The mixer for cream.

The mixer allows you to quickly and efficiently mix creams and dough.


  • Power can be from 180 watts to several thousand. The main purpose is to grind solid products, so frozen meat will quickly turn into minced meat. The hand blender has power up to 1200 watts. It is not very convenient to hold, and due to the low power, the wires can quickly overheat and deteriorate. They will not be able to chop hard nuts or vegetables.
  • The cost can be from one thousand to eighty. It depends on the power, body materials, company and the number of nozzles. Cheap models of unknown companies are likely to fail quickly, so it is better to choose time-tested brands.
  • Device size The hand blender is completely disassembled, so it will take up the least space.
Fruit blender.

A blender allows you to grind different foods, mainly fruits and vegetables.

Functional purpose of devices

A mixer is a powerful mixing device.He has various nozzles, beaters for whipping. The technique is needed for making cocktails, creams for cakes and something light. A blender is a more serious device, which does not have whisks, but strong knives.

Mixer with stand in the kitchen.

Stand mixers are significantly more expensive.

What is a blender for?

The blender is responsible for chopping. It is equipped with sharp, durable knives to mash, grind meat or vegetables. The mechanism is similar to a food processor and a meat grinder. But the advantage is the smaller size of the device.

Hand blender.

Hand blender is a more advanced version of a conventional blender.

Stationary blender

This device takes up more space, but it stands firmly on the table, and there is no need to hold it. He has a bowl, a body and a lid. The bowl is quite large and roomy. You can put food in the bowl, close it and start the mechanism. Power is adjusted by buttons on the case.

How does a blender work?

The grinding parts of the blender are special legs.

Hand blender

The immersion device is a handle at the end of which a nozzle is located. Dishes can come in the kit, but you can take your own. A hand blender can also chop both meat and nuts. There is a whipping nozzle on it. So whipping a cocktail is not difficult.

Types of blender.

There are two types of blender.

What is a mixer for?

From the word mix it is already clear that we are talking about mixing. The hostess needs a mixer who whips the cream, kneads the dough or prepares the cream. It will not work to use the mixer as a grinder, since there are no knives on it. The blades do not move very fast, so that the mass has time to be saturated with oxygen.

how does the mixer work.

The mixer mixes using blades, which can be changed depending on the consistency of the cream or dough.

What is the difference between a mixer and a blender

The difference is that one is needed for mixing and the other for grinding. Both units are necessary, but if you need to choose one thing, then you can take a blender, for it there are nozzles - whisks.

Mixer work in the kitchen.

During mixing, the mixer saturates the food with oxygen.

The fundamental difference between the operation of devices

The main essence of the blender: the knives are located at the bottom, they create a centrifugal force that sends the flesh to the walls, and not the crushed pieces fall on the knives. Also the difference is that basically all blenders have a lid. Mixers precisely oxygenate products, and blenders make porridge. The blade designs also differ. The mixer has wire whisks, the blender has sharpened knives.

porridge made from fruits.

The blender allows you to quickly get gruel from any fruit and vegetables.


The appearance of stationary devices is very similar. This is a bowl, handle and nozzles. The appearance of handheld devices is different. Removable nozzles are different, this is justified by various uses.

The mixer mixes the dough.

For full functionality, you need to purchase both a mixer and a blender.

Combined Option

The blender mixer is a very convenient combination device. It performs the functions of two devices. The device has nozzles for mixing, slicing and grinding. This is very convenient in that you do not need to buy 2 similar mechanisms. The units have high power, a huge number of nozzles for various cooking techniques and customizable power. During operation, the units do not make noise, do not heat up and perform all functions well. In every house, a blender mixer is an indispensable thing, especially if there are children. This is not to say that a blender or mixer is better, so the combined option is the best solution.

Mixer blender.

Combined version of mixer and blender.

Additional function

Modern appliances include new technologies: an ice chopper, a grater and a measuring cup. Chopper comes in handy if you like making cool drinks or smoothies.

crush ice with a blender.

The chopper in the blender allows you to successfully crush ice.

Safe Use Basics

Do not leave the device if you are away for a while. Wires can overheat and deteriorate. The task of the devices is to grind or interfere.The rotation speed is very high, which means in no case do you need to poke your hands to the blades while the device is turned on. It is very important to thoroughly wash all the elements so that the product remains do not rot in it. Special brushes for cleaning will come to the rescue. After washing, it is necessary to dry the parts so that not a drop of water remains.

Smoothie blender.

Before use, thoroughly dry the instrument parts.

Selection tips

When choosing a device, pay attention to several characteristics:

  1. Power. It depends on how the unit will work effectively. Unlike devices with high power, with a small one they deteriorate and overheat faster.
  2. Housing and nozzle material. Everything should be as strong and dense as possible. This is work in the kitchen, which means that food particles should not clog into shallow holes and crevices.
  3. The presence of various modes. This is important if you make various dishes.
  4. Easy to operate and wash. If the equipment is difficult to assemble, it will not be convenient and comfortable for the hostess.
Power blender how to choose.

When buying kitchen appliances, special attention should be paid to the power of the appliance.

Important! In choosing a device, it is better to give preference to proven popular brands, regardless of what you choose. Their prices may be higher than other brands. But the price most often corresponds to quality. Do not save on yourself.

Choosing mixers and blenders

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