What is the difference between a built-in refrigerator and a regular refrigerator?

The refrigerator is a necessity and convenience. It provides an opportunity for people to store foods. Employment of a modern person makes it impossible to go shopping all the time. You can buy food for several days, thanks to the cooling equipment.

Now there are new types of refrigerators - built-in. New models of household appliances are more advanced. But what helps built-in devices stand out?

Built-in fridge.

Built-in fridge in the kitchen.

Features characteristics of classic and built-in refrigerators

Both devices have common features:

  1. The presence of one or two cameras, depending on the model and the number of family members. If the family is large and buys a lot of products, then the refrigerator will be more.
  2. Both devices have 3 defrost systems.
  3. No Frost involves cooling without ice.
  4. A drip chamber leaves ice on the back of the device. It melts, droplets flow into the pan and evaporate when the compressor is turned off.
  5. Semi-automatic freezing may or may not be. It should be turned off to eliminate frost.
  6. The same energy class: from G to A ++.

The main difference is the installation method and design.

Built-in and regular refrigerator.

The biggest plus of the built-in refrigerator is space saving.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each species has its own characteristics. Something is positive, something can cause discomfort. But if you know exactly their pros and cons, you can choose the device that is most suitable.

Pros and cons of built-in refrigerators.

As usual, built-in refrigerators also have their pros and cons.

Built-in refrigerator

One of the differences is the lack of a case. It cannot be moved. Models of built-in refrigerators are more expensive than usual. They are not very convenient to wash. But their service is practically durable, and the look will always be good. Yes, and there are quite a few advantages to this type of apparatus. For example:

  • it will easily enter any interior (the hostess will not have to rack her brains about the color, shape, pen, and the place where to determine it);
  • thanks to decorative panels, its heat-insulating and sound-insulating qualities are enhanced (which is not the case with a classic refrigerator);
  • there will be no problem if the paint comes off somewhere (the panels hide all the flaws and the view remains excellent);
  • there is a 2nd fan.
Built-in fridge in the kitchen.

The built-in refrigerator can be combined with any kitchen design.

Conventional refrigerators

They can be delivered immediately and they will start working. And for built-in models, you need to call the wizard for installation. Also, the price of a classic appliance is cheaper. It can be moved to any place in the kitchen. IMPORTANT: The classic device fits well into a large kitchen. It will be a good, inexpensive solution for a large family. It is convenient to transport and does not need to be mounted. Modern industry provides a wide selection. You can find any model: from simple to “smart”. Sometimes you really want a permutation.

The choice of a refrigerator for the kitchen.

The advantage of conventional refrigerators is a large selection.

The following factors can be attributed to its disadvantages.

  • Sometimes it can make noise.
  • Must go to the interior of the room.
  • If the paint comes off, it will be visible (the appearance will deteriorate).
  • Service life is less than the built-in
  • Takes up a lot of space.
Kitchen and refrigerator design.

An ordinary refrigerator takes up a lot of space and should match the design of the room.

Differences between recessed and conventional refrigerators

They can be determined based on some important criteria.

  • Appearance (they differ in design. The built-in model does not depend on the interior, and the classic ones are part of it).
  • Functionality (built-in is located in the closet, whose surface can be used as a stand, cutting board. And you can combine the device with other household appliances. The usual one can be supplemented with magnets, watches. And some models have several additional functions).
  • Placement (simple can be placed in any place where it will stand until the next move. And the built-in model cannot be moved).
  • Cost (classic devices are cheaper at times).
  • Noise level (built-in models are not audible).
The cost of refrigerators.

Built-in refrigerators are much more expensive.

Types of built-in refrigerators

Devices are fully and partially built-in. The first view is almost invisible. In a partially integrated appliance, the entire frontal zone is open. This is very convenient when regulating the operation of the refrigerator. Another classification divides the models of embedded devices by type of installation.

  1. With the help of a moving skid (then the door will move sideways when opening the compartment).
  2. By means of hinges (the facade is hung on the door).

Also, the devices are:

  • single chamber;
  • two-chamber (freezer only).
Two-chamber built-in refrigerator.

Built-in refrigerators are single-chamber and two-chamber.

To whom the built-in device is suitable

This device is suitable for those for whom design and interior are more important than practicality. This means that it is suitable for those who want to make the room ultramodern. For those who design a stylish kitchen, the built-in refrigerator is also suitable. Conventional appliances have a white or cream color, and this is not always combined with the overall interior. The built-in device does not spoil the overall look, since it is not visible.

Built-in fridge.

So that the refrigerator does not spoil the overall design of the kitchen, you should opt for built-in appliances.

It fits well in a small kitchen. So that he does not stand out, he needs to be mounted in a cabinet or bedside table. This technology is widely used in large hotels, in minibars for some rooms. Also, people with means can buy the device, since its price is expensive.

Which is better - built-in refrigerator or freestanding?

The built-in refrigerator is good for small kitchens. It is invisible, suitable for any interior. The device has excellent sound insulation. It will always look good, thanks to the panels. Of course, it is smaller in volume. But for the design, the type of room, these models are indispensable.

Built-in refrigerator model.

For a small kitchen, the built-in refrigerator model is an excellent solution.

A free-standing refrigerator is suitable for large kitchens. White color goes well with everyone else. The device fits particularly well into a high-tech space. Also, a steel shade apparatus may be suitable.

Useful tips and tricks for choosing

When choosing a device, pay attention to the following.

  1. Dimensions (this is very important. Devices can vary greatly in size. It is better to first purchase a device of a certain height, width, depth, and then a kitchen set).
  2. Doors (look at their number. Two-chamber usually have 2: for a freezer and a refrigerator).
  3. Energy consumption (you need to take a refrigerator with A + class. But the most economical and modern option: A +++).
  4. Volume (classic models have more than built-in models).
  5. Defrosting (it is best to take a freezer with No Frost function).
  6. Compressors (the usual type brings the temperature to the required level and turns off.It is the cheapest, but it has disadvantages: it increases energy consumption and reduces resource-strength. The inverter raises the temperature and works, consuming only half of its power to support it. Its price is much more expensive. Linear works in 2 positions: incl. and off It smoothly and gradually moves to one or the other).
  7. Noise level.
  8. Humidity control (optional).
  9. Signaling devices (sound during congestion).
  10. Antibacterial coating (protection against the spread of fungi and bacteria).
The noise level of the refrigerator.

Before buying a refrigerator, special attention should be paid to the noise level.

IMPORTANT! Best European assembly: Germany, Czech Republic, UK, France. You don’t need to take another one. Upon receipt of the goods with delivery, you must immediately check how it works. If the condition is not working, it is better to return the purchase immediately. Installation and installation are required to be done only by specialists.

Among the most famous brands of built-in refrigerators are:

  • bosch;
  • samsung;
  • liebherr;
  • atlant.
The kitchen is in the style of minimalism.

Built-in refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen in the style of minimalism.

How to install a built-in refrigerator in the kitchen

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