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Refresh the furniture of the kitchen and dining room if it has lost its former appearance or just become boring, without any special costs? There is a solution! Textile chair covers are gaining more and more popularity. They can be ordered in a specialized sewing studio or made by yourself. We describe both options with examples.

Covers of different colors for kitchen chairs

Covers for chairs can be ordered in a specialized studio for tailoring or do it yourself

Covers in different variations for kitchen chairs

Different options for chair covers

To begin, consider the main functions of the chairs, there are only two of them and this:

  1. Functional component

As functional pieces of furniture, chairs are used in everyday life for a convenient location at the table. The most popular are the chairs of the kitchen and dining room. In second place are chairs in offices and work areas.

Covers in striped style for kitchen chairs

Striped chair cover

Covers with a pattern on the chairs for the kitchen

Covers for kitchen chairs with a pattern

Covers with flowers on the chairs for the kitchen

Covers with flowers on the chairs for the kitchen

Covers for purple chairs for the kitchen

Purple chair covers

Covers for blue chairs for the kitchen

Elegant dining chair covers

Kitchen chairs daily take a hit several times when we have breakfast, lunch, dinner, receive guests. In this regard, their wear and tear is maximum: the upholstery is gradually erased and contaminated, legs are chipped or scratched.

If there are children and animals in the house, the factor of possible mechanical damage to chairs increases (scratches, cuts, painted or painted elements, non-laundering stains).

The above can be avoided by living replaceable textile covers on the chairs of the kitchen and dining room. Firstly, you will close the flaws with them. Secondly, protect or maintain integrity. Thirdly, covers can be changed or washed. You will not do this with a whole chair. Fourth, the money spent on sewing chair covers is many times less than the cost of a new set of chairs.

Black and White Striped Chair Covers for Kitchen Chairs

Replaceable textile chair covers

Covers for white chairs for the kitchen

White covers for kitchen chairs

The form of covers for chairs in the kitchen

The functionality of the room is also supported by the shape of the covers.

  • Tightly seated chair covers will fit as permanent. They fit well, do not interfere with sitting, are difficult to remove, which means they will protect chairs from damage as much as possible.
  • The free cut of covers is very convenient. In this case, he can dress on a permanent cover, covering him completely. The cover is put on the chair frame if there are no other covers or, taking the moment, you decide to wash the others. Often, free covers become an adornment of the kitchen during the celebration: they look exquisite, but change very quickly and easily.
  • Drapery (cover) covers can hide partial imperfections of chairs or add comfort to them. If the chairs are beautiful, and the seats spoil the whole view, you can sew covers only on the seats. If the seat is hard or the back is uncomfortable, make covers with a foam or orthopedic layer.
Throw covers for kitchen chairs

Drapery covers for kitchen chairs

Covers two colors for chairs for the kitchen

Stylish drapery covers for dining chairs

Covers original style on the chairs for the kitchen

Original chair covers

When choosing fabric for covers for the kitchen, you need to take into account the density and strength, because you will have to withstand a considerable load and washing.

  1. Interior Solution

The interior of any room creates details. They are either certain accents of the room, or merge completely, creating additional comfort and harmony.Chair covers are now in fashion, but so far they can be found more often as parts of a festive decor.

Choosing a cover by style

Choosing a cover, it is important what shape and texture will suit the style chosen for the room.

  • If you are a follower of natural styles (Country, Provence), cotton covers of a straight form, preferably light natural natural colors, as in the photo, will do.
  • It has become widespread for interiors kitchen ecostyle - Boho. You can support it by using covers from a rough burlap (option on the photo) or even denim. They harmoniously look with a natural tree.
  • Lovers of classics will appreciate the noble fabrics of calm tones (not necessarily light): crepe satin, silk, satin, brocade. They always look elegant and aristocratic.
  • High-tech trends today also allow elements such as chair covers. The main thing with their help is to simplify the shape of the chair and give it geometricity. Fabric for covers in this style should not wrinkle. For example, a dense two-layer viscose or supplex.
Covers with flowers on the chairs for the kitchen

Covers with flowers and fringe on chairs

Everyday and solemn covers should differ both in fabric and in shape. It would be more logical to have a straight cut for the former and complex (ruffles, frills, bows, ties, ribbons) for the latter. But, in the first and second case, in order to maintain harmony in the room, you need to pick them up in a compliment with curtains and a tablecloth. They may not repeat the full form, but include overlapping elements. When choosing enough bright covers for chairs and calm tablecloths and curtains, you can smooth out the dissonance with bright accents on the table (napkins, dishes, candles) and windows (tucks, pendants, holders).

Sewing chair covers in a specialized studio

As mentioned above, you can entrust the work of selecting and sewing covers to the design and interior studio, of which there are so many now. There they will offer you options, and apply to a specific case, sew, remake if necessary. The cost of the work is negotiated initially, as additional difficulties may arise, and it will unpleasantly change upon completion of the work.

Drapery covers for chairs for the kitchen

The work on the selection and sewing of covers can be entrusted to the design and interior studios.

White slip-on covers for kitchen chairs

Fashionable chair covers in the dining room

Covers with a pattern and ruffles on the chairs for the kitchen

An interesting option for chair covers

Cushion covers for chairs for the kitchen in a classic style

Slip-on chair covers for the dining room

Fancy covers for drapery on chairs for the kitchen

Fancy Upholstery Chair Covers

Throw covers with a pattern on the chairs for the kitchen

Dining Room Covers

Pink chair covers for kitchen chairs

Pink kitchen chair covers

Of course, if the material side of the issue is not worth it, it is better to entrust the matter to a professional. They will take into account the wishes, give advice and do the job efficiently and in the shortest possible time. To avoid poor quality work, do not contact unverified studios. These are studios without a portfolio and regulatory information other than a sign.

If you decide to do it yourself

“My house is my fortress”, and bringing comfort in it is always very pleasant. We rejoice by rearranging cabinets or shelves in the room, replacing old furniture with new, etc. If you need an influx of positive emotions - try to sew chair covers yourself. No one claims that you will succeed the first time or that the result will immediately please you. Your surprise will be unlimited when you realize that you can decorate your house without the intervention of others.

Brown chair covers for the kitchen

If you need an influx of positive emotions - try to sew chair covers yourself


First, evaluate your strength correctly:

  • If you sew well and have basic knowledge of working with a pattern, you can safely choose the fabric you like in the right quantity in the store (on average 1.5 - 2 m per chair), find the pattern (patterns) on the site, and possibly the pattern itself with the coincidence of the size of the chair, and feel free to get to work.
  • If you are afraid of failing the first time, take the most inexpensive, but in all respects suitable fabric at the store.About the parameters it was not said by chance, because no one, and maybe even yourself, knows about your hidden sewing abilities. And if everything works out the first time and the resulting chair covers can be used? Then you will regret the money spent on the wrong fabric. Otherwise, it will be possible to use them as replaceable at the time of washing. If you are completely unsure - do not take the fabric on all the covers, but start with one of the calculation of 1.5 - 2 m / pc. Better then buy, than throw it away. Be prudent: do not take from the remnants of the goods (unless, of course, you did not plan to make a single cover), since when you come to the store for the rest, you will not find anything in stock.
Do-it-yourself covers for kitchen chairs

When preparing for independent tailoring of covers, first correctly evaluate your strength


You have decided on the fabric. I saw a lot of photos on the Internet and you know exactly the style and shape of future covers. Next you need to make a pattern. Many sites contain similar information: some simply provide formulas for calculation, others sell them, still others offer ready-made patterns for download, fourth adjust to your size and send the finished version. You can choose any of the most convenient options and prepare paper for cutting (tracing paper, Whatman paper, thick newspaper).

In any case, you will need the size of the chair or chairs, if they differ. You can only correctly cut them out. Pay attention to all the extensions and contractions (most often it occurs on the legs), width, depth and height. You can draw yourself a small version and designate the dimensions on it so as not to get confused.

If you have the simplest chairs in your kitchen, and you planned to sew rectangular covers - do not look for formulas, just follow each side of the chair itself, measure and draw rectangles of appropriate sizes (do not forget to mark which one comes from: back in front, back in back, front leg - PN, back leg - ZN, seat).

Covers with an ornament on the chairs for the kitchen

Chair Covers for Dining Room Chairs


After successful cutting of the cover, it is necessary to transfer it to the fabric. There are certain rules here:

  • Spend the fabric sparingly - do not cut from the middle of the fabric, fold the fabric in half to make 2 identical parts.
  • The fabric has a shared thread (fabric direction with maximum stretching). If you want the cover on the chair to sit as tightly as possible, that is, stretch when dressing - put the pattern perpendicular to the shared thread.
  • When transferring the pattern to the fabric, attach it with English pins and first circle directly along the contour with colored chalk or a sharp edge of soap, and then make a 3 cm allowance for the seams on each side and draw another line.
Cover knitted for chairs for the kitchen

Knitted chair cover


The main step in creating a chair cover is sewing. Arm yourself with a needle and thread, sweep (pre-connect manually without strong knots) all parts of the cover, or 2-3 pieces. Then, from the wrong side, fasten the dangling edges with an overlock (zigzag), stitch the main connecting seams. If there is no sewing machine, sew the seams with tight stitches manually, but this process is more time-consuming. Excess threads from the estimate can then be removed.

Do-it-yourself brown covers for kitchen chairs

Beautiful do-it-yourself chair covers


You can finish the job by washing the resulting product. But this is not clothing, and without fail this can not be done. Iron the products completely and at the seams, turn them to the front side. Having passed so many unmistakable stages, feel free to try on the product!

Congratulations! You responsibly approached the transformation of the kitchen. Continue to experiment with other rooms and enjoy the result.

We sew a chair cover with our own hands Video:

Chair covers for the kitchen 34 photos:

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