Which is better: coffee maker or Turk: description, their advantages and disadvantages

A good day usually begins with a cup of strong coffee. Do you know how many devices exist in the modern world to create a fragrant drink? No less than varieties and methods of brewing it. Still a traditional way of cooking in cezve. But to save time, people prefer modern devices. To understand which is better, a coffee machine or a Turk, you need to familiarize yourself with each option in detail. These are the most popular and famous devices. But there is still a French press, a geyser coffee pot, a pendant, carob, drip coffee maker. Some of the fans are even familiar with Kemeks and Purover.


Turk for making coffee.

When deciding how best to brew coffee, with the help of a Turk or a coffee maker, it is worth prioritizing. What is more important: the taste and quality of the drink, the ability to cook it every time in a new way. Or taste advantages are secondary, and in the first place, time saving and ease of preparation. Not the last question of price.

coffee machine in the kitchen.

Coffee machine for coffee.

Features of the choice of making coffee in a coffee machine and Turk

If you start from the price, then the advantage will be on the side of Cezve.

Note! A modern machine equipped with a bunch of buttons will be expensive. Of course, there are cheaper models, but even in comparison with them, the turkey is a more economical option. It is like in any comparison of mechanical and electrical equipment. To solve the problem of choice, you need to understand in more detail with each option.

Cezve for coffee.

The most economical option is Cezve.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooking

Coffee in Turk

What is cezve, even an uninitiated in the intricacies of the coffee ceremony knows. Long before the invention of the unit for creating an invigorating drink, the inhabitants of the east prepared it in the sand in a vessel of elegant appearance. This form was invented not by chance, the wide bottom allows you to evenly warm up coffee powder, sugar and spices, and the narrow neck does not allow aromas and essential oils to escape. It is made of copper, and so that the metal does not oxidize during heating, the vessel is covered with tin inside. This device is equipped with a long handle.

Turk on the table.

Electric Turk for coffee.

The advantages of the vessel include the following items:

  1. In a copper jug, a fragrant drink is brewed according to any recipe, but more on that later.
  2. Spices and sometimes salt are added during cooking. You must admit that you cannot stuff all this into the coffee maker.
  3. A suspension of coffee grounds gives density, in the apparatus it remains on the filter.
  4. It differs from an electric coffee maker in that any coffee is brewed in a cezve.
Coffee on the sand.

Special taste and aroma is equipped with coffee made in the sand.

There are few disadvantages in this method.

  1. Cooking takes a lot of time. In the morning, hurrying to work, there was no time to conjure mistresses at the stove.
  2. The preparing drink strives to “run away”, you need to be there all the time.
Coffee in Turk.

The wide bottom of the Turk contributes to uniform heating of the drink.

Coffee machine

It is unlikely that anyone would argue that a drink from a coffee machine is prepared much faster than on a stove.You can refuel the unit in the evening, and in the morning just press the button. But is it possible to compare coffee passed through a coffee machine in its aroma with a drink from a Turk?

With the development of the current industry, it has become possible to choose a coffee machine of any type, size and price.

The device and the principle of operation are the same for them: the water inside the machine heats up and under the influence of pressure passes through the pressed coffee, which is in a special horn.

Cocktails in a coffee machine.

In addition to coffee in the coffee machine, you can also make coffee cocktails.

The benefits of this type of coffee maker:

  • modern devices are equipped with a cappuccino machine, with its help they prepare coffee cocktails;
  • the preparation will not take much time — it is enough to press the ground coffee into the filter (in a pouch coffee makers put the finished filter bag with powder) and press the button;
  • many models are equipped with a platform for heating cups, which allows you to cook several servings when the first remain hot;
  • some machines have the function of grinding beans, while they are able to adjust the degree of grinding and strength of the finished coffee.
Cappuccino machine

Modern coffee machines are equipped with a cappuccino machine.

The cons include:

  • for such aggregates, grains of medium size are preferable, but how can you make grains that are grinded as you like;
  • coffee passing through the machine does not have all the nuances of taste, like freshly brewed;
  • you can only make espresso, and with the addition of milk it will already be coffee cocktails;
  • the price is much higher than the cezve.
Coffee machine or turk.

The disadvantage of a coffee machine is the high price compared to cezve.

Which coffee tastes better - with a coffee machine or Turks?

Differences in the cooking process

In order to answer the rhetorical question, with the help of which a more delicious drink will be obtained, it is worth conducting an experiment, testing both devices.

Witchcraft over the Turk does not endure fuss. Of course, you can quickly pour ground grains into a cezve, pour water from the tap and put on fire. And you get a swill served in low-grade cafes.

Turk advantages and disadvantages.

Turk should be in the arsenal of every coffee lover.

To make the taste extraordinary, the drink is not brewed. The turkey is slightly warmed up, then freshly ground grains are poured (this is important!), Coffee, sugar and seasonings (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and even salt). All this is fried over low heat to create future foam. When the sugar begins to melt, pour cold water (the colder the better). As soon as the foam rises, the dishes are removed from the burner, the foam is collected in a cup and set on fire again. And after the third raising, they pour the finished drink into a cup. During cooking, do not bring the composition to a boil, otherwise all its magical qualities will disappear.

Copper Turk.

Preference should be given to copper Turks.

No special skills are required for the coffee machine. She will do everything instead of you. Water is poured into the tank, coffee powder is poured into the horn with a filter. Press the button and enjoy the finished espresso. If you come in for something new, then using a special nozzle with which such devices are equipped, beat the milk in a froth for cappuccino.

Good grains are the foundation of quality coffee

Even a novice in the coffee business will guess that to make a fragrant drink you need to stock up with first-class raw materials. You can fry the grain yourself, but it is better to trust the professionals or purchase a ready-made one in the store. The best coffee is obtained from freshly ground beans, since aromatic properties disappear with prolonged contact with air.

The aroma of cezve coffee.

Coffee tastes better from freshly ground beans.

Also, the taste depends on the density of grinding:

  1. Fine grinding gives the coffee its density and bitterness, ground particles do not settle to the bottom. It can be brewed simply in a cup.
  2. Medium-universal, suitable for Turks, coffee machines, a French press, geyser coffee makers. Its grains are proportional to salt.
  3. In coarse grinding, the particles are obtained as bread crumbs and give the drink a sour taste.
A glass of coffee.

During the day you need to consume at least one glass of coffee for energy.

Variety of recipes

That’s where coffee lovers can take a walk, it’s in experiments with coffee drinks. When asked how many there are, the answer of Aunt Charlie from Brazil “And you won’t count!” Begs. There are a great many recipes based on traditional coffee. Boil it in a Turk or create a cocktail using a coffee machine, everyone chooses:

  1. In Arabic. The first among the recipes, since it was from the East that a miracle drink appeared. The highlight of the composition is the presence of spices and its special strength. Sugar is heated in a turk to a light brown shade, but it is not allowed to turn into caramel. Ice water is added. Separately mixed, cardamom, coffee, and after boiling water add this mixture. Warm up three more times without bringing to a boil. And when the finished liquid aroma is poured into the checker, sprinkle cinnamon on top.
  2. Viennese. The eastern fortress of an invigorating miracle did not appeal to the inhabitants of Europe and they came up with their own recipe. It is worth adding cream whipped into a strong foam and decorate with them a regular strong drink. You can sprinkle with grated chocolate and citrus zest.
  3. Turkish coffee maker is very strong. They even recommend drinking it with water and in order to better feel its taste ... and it’s safer for the heart. Grains are ground almost to dust. The water is taken the cleanest, without salts and impurities. Prepared in the sand. After the first foam is removed, the coffee maker warms up several more times.
  4. The composition of coffee in Brazilian style is similar to Viennese coffee. Whipped cream and chocolate are also added. But the recipe was not original if the composition did not include rum. This is probably why the locals drink a few cups a day.
  5. Espresso is the basis of all cocktails, coffee, passed through the pressure and press of the coffee machine.
  6. Cappuccino and latte originally from Italy. This is a family of cocktails. In their preparation, they are similar, since most of them consist of milk. However, there is a bit more in latte. Yes, and their milk foam caps are different: cappuccino is denser, while latte is light and airy.
  7. Americano is a weak younger brother of espresso. A portion of a strong coffee pot is diluted with hot water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  8. Rough coffee. A rather young recipe, invented in the late 90s of the last century in Russia. It is rather a dessert drink based on it. Espresso, vanilla sugar and cream are whipped into a homogeneous mixture, without bubbles and foam.

These are several recipes, and there are many more. After all, every country wants to excel and add something of its own to coffee.

How to make coffee.

Each coffee lover has his own universal recipe for making coffee.

Selection recommendations

How and in what way to prepare invigorating coffee, everyone decides for himself. In both cases, it will be invigorating and odorous, although tastes may vary. Gourmets will like the Turk; a more urbanized, hurrying people coffee machine is convenient in everyday life.

Red coffee machine.

The coffee machine allows you to quickly prepare your favorite drink.

Nevertheless, the taste and aroma of a morning cup of coffee will depend not so much on what it is created in, but on its variety, fineness of grinding and degree of roasting.

Turkish coffee in a coffee maker

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