Wooden stools for the kitchen: varieties, real photo examples

In the assortment of furniture there are many models of kitchen stools. Wooden stools for the kitchen are lightweight construction of the support and seat. Elements differ in size, materials, style, decor. The main features of the stools will be stability and reliability. Lack of backs distinguishes them from a chair.

Wooden stools in the kitchen.

Wooden stools in the interior of the kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden stools

Advantages of stools:

  1. can be hidden under the table, increasing the space;
  2. Do not greatly affect the interior, this simplifies the choice;
  3. perfectly combined with objects, without violating harmony;
  4. unpretentious in leaving;
  5. extensive assortment.
The advantages of wooden stools.

The advantage of stools can be considered the ease and simplicity of designs.


  1. Natural stools are very afraid of underfloor heating. This may cause the material to dry.
  2. Excessive moisture will cause severe damage to the material.
  3. The cost of wooden stools is high and not everyone can afford it.
  4. There are risks of mechanical deformation. Some types of wood may be hard, while others are too soft.
The price of wooden stools for the kitchen.

Natural stools are much more expensive.

Types of Stools

A stool is essential for stability and durability. Ease of use provides the seat. Rigid seats are more practical, they do not require special care, they are easy to clean. They are distinguished by versatility and harmony. Soft stools have a seat with a filler. They:

  1. provide comfort;
  2. increase aesthetic indicators;
  3. highlight a certain style.
Stools Kutgli for the kitchen.

Creative design of stools with wooden legs.

Stool designs

A classic stool consists of a square seat and four legs. But manufacturers went further. By design, several types are distinguished.


They can be soft, hard and semi-soft. This is the most popular species. They are made of different materials with any color.

hard stools for the kitchen.

Classic hard stools for the kitchen room.


These stools have a convenient design, they can be easily folded and hidden in any cabinet, additionally freeing up space. Used as additional furniture during the holidays.

Folding wooden stool.

Folding stool made of wood.


An indispensable attribute for a very small kitchen. Differ in high legs with a support for legs. A high table and chairs complement the modern interior.

Bar stools.

Bar stools in the kitchen with a bar counter.

Step Stools

This is a rare guest in the kitchens. Such stools are used for decorative purposes because of the interesting and unusual design. Will be indispensable in a kitchen with high ceilings.

Stool stepladder.

Wooden stepladder stools.

Possible product materials

A huge assortment of these products is provided with a variety of raw materials. Materials for production will be:

  1. natural wood;
  2. metal alloys;
  3. chipboard, chipboard, MDF;
  4. plastic.
Material for kitchen stools.

Stools are sold from any materials and cost.

Variety of shapes and sizes

The most popular round stools for the kitchen.There are classic straight or narrowed models. Seats are:

  1. round
  2. square
  3. straight,
  4. concave shape.
Classic stools.

The classic version of kitchen stools with a table.

What styles are combined with

Usually stools have a universal design. Wooden models will suit the styles of art deco, neoclassicism, constructivism, shabby chic, eco style and country. Techno, loft and hi-tech styles are suitable for a metal base.

Design of a wooden stool.

Stools can be combined with any kitchen design, the main thing is to choose the right color.

A variety of ready-made models

Chairs and stools for the kitchen include not only wood, but also metal and plastic. These designs have their own characteristics and characteristics.


Basically, this is only the base and legs, the seats are made of other materials.


  1. High strength, withstand heavy loads.
  2. Aluminum is not subject to corrosion.
  3. Any shape and color of the seats.
Metal stools.

Metal soft stools with a table.


Pluses of wooden stools:

  • Durability.
  • Attractive look.
  • Strength.
  • Environmental Safety.
  • Reliability.
Stools made of wood.

Stools made of wood.

The big minus is the price.

Chipboard and plywood

More budget option. The color palette is quite diverse: alder, wenge, oak, dark walnut, sonoma and more.


These products are widely used in public institutions. Popularity is due to:

  1. low cost;
  2. high durability;
  3. unpretentiousness in leaving.
Plastic stool.

Plastic stool for the kitchen.

DIY wooden stools

Those who started with the manufacture of stools may later deal with more complex and large-scale models. This will save decent funds in the family budget.

Popular models

Children's stool:

  1. It is convenient not only for children, but also for adults.
  2. Light in weight and small in size.
  3. It can easily be removed to any place in the house where it is needed.
Children's stool.

Folding plastic stool for children.

Stool drawer:

  1. The kitchen will help with a lack of space for all kinds of little things.
  2. This model is perfect for cleaning the table from various unnecessary items.
  3. The box where the things are placed is always easily accessible.
Stool drawer.

Stool-box for the kitchen.

Folding stool:

  1. Suitable for small kitchens.
  2. It is used in the unfolded state, if necessary, can be cleaned in any cabinet.
  3. The seat looks good with different shapes: round and square.
Folding stool.

Design of folding kitchen stool made of wood.

Step stool:

  1. It is used both for sitting and as a stepladder. You can get the right thing from the top shelf of the cabinet.
  2. When folded, it is an ordinary stool, easily turns into a convenient staircase.
  3. Reliable and steady step-ladder.
Step stool.

Step-ladder with three levels.

Design Ideas

Obsolete stools can be used for various purposes:

  1. Original table with crossed legs.
  2. Wooden shelf for the fireplace.
  3. Set the stool down and use it as a storage for newspapers and magazines.
  4. As a stand for various small things.
  5. Original lamp or table lamp.
  6. Children's swing.
  7. Bedside table.
Designer plastic stools.

Designer plastic stools for the kitchen.

Useful Tips

The stool also gives a flight of fancy for creative solutions. In work do not forget about safety measures. Work carefully, take your time, wear gloves. Then at work there will be no cuts and splintering. Stools can be quickly removed and decomposed, stacking on top of each other. They can be stored in the pantry when not in use. The most affordable option is a folding stool. The best models look very dignified and elegant. A soft stool with upholstery is very convenient. The materials are very diverse. Mostly fabric or leatherette. When washing, you can easily handle a damp cloth. The price is small, they can always be bought with a margin.

Folding metal stool.

For small apartments, folding stools are suitable, which can be easily hidden in a closet.

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