Sofa in the kitchen in provence style: variety, examples of placement, tips

Today, the kitchen is not only a room for cooking, but also a place of rest, and sometimes even receiving guests. Thanks to the Provence style, you can perfectly fit the sofa into the interior, because it is based on the classic style. Consider what a stylish and modern kitchen sofa is worth choosing, we will understand the color scheme and the option of its placement.

Sofa Provence.

Kitchen sofa in provence style.

Features of a provence sofa

It is unlikely that you will find a sofa in the style of Provence with a luxurious finish, the absence of pathos - this is the main distinguishing feature. Strict lines are characteristic of them, and for their manufacture they take natural fabric of soft colors.

upholstery fabric.

For upholstery sofas Provence use only natural fabric.

The Provence style sofa has the following features:

  • production material - solid wood; metal is also acceptable for originality;
  • varnishing of wooden parts of the sofa;
  • only natural fabrics are used for upholstery, the color scheme consists only of light shades, a floral print is possible;
  • as decorative elements, small parts and carvings are used (forged elements are also found);
  • the back is rounded, small legs have a curved shape;
  • the presence of a large number of pillows and other accessories of the same color.
Sofa provence for the kitchen.

Sofa in provence style made of wood.

It is interesting! Kitchen sofas are a bit more expensive for the price, because higher demands are placed on the upholstery material. It must be well cleaned, withstand moisture and temperature extremes.

Provence style features

The Provence style in the interior has distinctive features, thanks to which it acquires a special charm and charm. It is dominated by:

  • light and creamy vanilla shades;
  • floral print;
  • the presence of quilling and various decorative elements.
Registration of sofas Provence.

Provence sofas are found in pastel colors and floral prints.

Walls and floors tend to have light shades. It is preferable to lay the parquet on the floor or make it wooden. The walls are plastered or painted, again, they use exclusively pastel colors. If you want to stick wallpaper in this style - choose bright with a floral pattern.

Lighting is very important for Provence: it must be bright and natural.

It is worth choosing wrought iron chandeliers or antique lamps.

Provence style interior.

Interior design in the style of provence.

To ensure that there is enough light in the room, the curtains choose light, transparent, with ruffles and patterns.

Furniture in Provence style should be comfortable and functional, creating a certain image. Chairs, tables, cabinets, sideboards in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom should be carved, elegant, but at the same time look slightly shabby, as if they were made many years ago.

Furniture is also chosen in light shades, a table can be covered with knitted napkins, put a vase of flowers on it.

Sofa in the kitchen in provence style.

Furniture in Provence style should be comfortable and of high quality.

Provence style kitchen is the main place in the house.Here, work is going on all the time: soup is cooked, cakes are baked, meat is cooked. Therefore, in the interior of the kitchen there are always a lot of cabinets and utensils, the presence of fruit baskets and flowers. A good option would be to choose a wooden sofa in the kitchen with Provence style upholstery.

Provence style kitchens

Kitchen design in provence style with floral curtains.

Variety of Provence style sofas

Choosing a sofa in the Provence style kitchen, you can stay at different options. In appearance and functionality, several types are distinguished. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Corner sofas

In order to save space, such a model is often chosen in a small kitchen. The shape of the corner sofa can be either standard or rounded. The latter option is great for filling bay windows.

Corner sofa

Corner sofa in Provence style.

Wrought iron sofas

Outwardly, it looks soft, light and graceful, but at the same time quite durable and stable. This is ideal for a country house with spacious rooms.

a sofa with a table.

Wrought iron sofa with a table in provence style.

Sliding sofas

Such a model can be transformed, allowing you to get additional places to relax. Suitable for a spacious kitchen.

Sofa ottoman

The dimensions of this product are small, a characteristic feature is the absence of a back and armrests. It is convenient due to the presence of pillows and rollers of various shapes and sizes. A narrow sofa will harmoniously fit into a small room.

Sofa ottoman provence.

Sofa ottoman in the kitchen of Provence.

Classic sofas

The model is characterized by a rectangular shape, a convex high back. They can be with armrests, there are options without them. The frame is made of wood, has two or more seats. For the back and seat, soft padding is used.

Classic sofa.

Classic sofa in the design of the kitchen-living room in the style of Provence.


A low sofa in the style of Provence, ideal for the kitchen. Its feature is the location of the backrest along with the armrests.

Coloring and finishing materials for the sofa

The most suitable shades for Provence style are:

  • white;
  • Ivory;
  • olive;
  • purple;
  • peach;
  • light pink;
  • blue;
  • terracotta.

You can choose any color, the main condition is that it should not be bright.

Colors Provence.

For the Provence style, light, calm colors are used.

As an upholstery take natural jacquard, linen, tapestry fabrics. It can be monophonic or with a floral pattern, less often a strip or a cage. Synthetic fibers may well be present in the fabric, which increases its wear resistance.

Advice! For an interior in the Provence style to remain modern, do not get carried away with the print. Its use in two subjects is admissible.

Upholstery sofas Provence.

For upholstery fabric take natural jacquard, linen, tapestry.

Rules for placement in the kitchen

Ways to place a sofa in the kitchen:

  • An elongated straight sofa is best placed along the wall. On the other side of the table you can put chairs. So the free zone will remain, and the empty wall will be occupied.
  • The corner of the room is the best option for placing a corner sofa. It can be supplemented with chairs.
  • “Coupe” - if there is a niche near the window, put two sofas opposite each other. Between them is a table. Non-folding models or benches are suitable for this.
  • Such furniture is also suitable for zoning the room, for example, when it is necessary to distinguish the border between the kitchen and the living room. It is better to stay on models with soft upholstery.
  • If the size of the kitchen is impressive, then the sofa can be placed outside the table. It can be used as a sleeping place.
Sofa in the kitchen of provence.

Provence style kitchen with direct sofa.

Useful tips from designers

When choosing a sofa in the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the following qualities:

  • Upholstery should be well cleaned of dirt. Textiles should be treated with special dirt-repellent impregnation. A good option would be cotton, flock, chenille.
  • A longer period will serve as a frame made of natural wood. A cheaper option would be chipboard.
  • The shape of the sofa depends on the size of the kitchen. Corner models are suitable for a square room, elongated - straight.
  • Functionality: availability of additional storage space, the possibility of folding.
Sofa shape provence in the kitchen.

The shape of the sofa will depend on the size of the kitchen.

Although this type of furniture is not very common in the kitchen in our country, it is definitely a convenient and stylish option. To create home comfort it is enough to replace the chairs with a bench or sofa. Yes, and manufacturers today offer a huge assortment of such furniture, which can be used for interior kitchens in the Provence style.

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