Design and decoration of the dining area

Not every apartment boasts an abundance of free space. But even in a small room all the necessary functional areas should fit. One of them is the dining room. How to do without it. After all, a kitchen is a place for creating culinary masterpieces, a hall is an area for relaxing and receiving guests, a study and even more so a bedroom are not intended for eating. Therefore, the allocation of a specific place for a meal, as well as the design of the dining area is an important part of any repair.

Modern design of the dining area in the kitchen-living room

The dining area in a modern house should unite all family members in one place and should be conducive to sincere conversations

Suitable style

Design rules depend on some criteria. First, pay attention to the dimensions of the apartment. In this regard, allocate a specific place for the design of the dining area. Also, these indicators affect the size of the furniture, the presence of additional parts and even style. Although the style largely depends on the general mood of the apartment. If you decide to choose a separate direction for each zone, do not forget that everything should be harmonious.

The design of the dining area in the classical style in the kitchen of a country house

Traditional classic with elements of marine style

The interior of the dining area with black furniture

The classic combination of black and white

We suggest considering the most successful combinations:

Style Color scheme Features
Loft Brown, red, black Brickwork, unusual lamps
Provence Olive, beige, blue Wood in decoration, small handmade ornaments
Minimalism White, black, gray Pictures in the style of avant-garde, the lack of many additional details
Classic Beige, milky, brown Smooth lines, soft transition of colors, opaque surfaces
Retro style dining area design with modern table.

A successful combination of traditional elements with a retro style in pastel colors

Dining table with wooden countertop in the kitchen of a country house.

Nobody bothers you to bring together completely different in style details. For example, add hipster elements to a minimalist style dining area

We offer to analyze the basic laws and design tricks, based on the proposed combinations and rules. It all depends on your desires and imagination. You can obey the general flow, or select a working area, realizing its own style for it. We propose to make this zone somewhat different from the main direction. But to choose adjacent flows for this, so as not to get a dissonance of styles.

Spacious loft style dining area interior

Restrained atmosphere in the loft style kitchen. The dining area is highlighted with a colorful carpet.

Moroccan-style dining area in a private home kitchen

The Moroccan style is considered the most practical, allowing you to combine different shapes and colors, while remaining within the plot

We also turn to the psychology of color and style. Experts advise using warm and soft colors for the dining area. It is proved that orange, yellow, milky, beige, peach contribute to the stimulation of appetite and comfortable digestion. You can also include green, olive, brown. Give preference to styles in which the given colors prevail. Provence and classic will be a great option. Provence is generally considered a rustic style, its warmth and coziness will decorate any dining area, and will give the appropriate mood.

Ethnic style modern dining area.

Country Dining Area

Large dining table in the american style kitchen

Bright farm-style cuisine

If the apartment is small, especially for a studio apartment, then it is better to choose a style that matches the general trend.Give preference to the direction without any frills and unnecessary details. In this case, minimalism or loft will be an excellent choice.

Wall decoration

There are many options for wall decoration in the dining room. But the choice also depends on the existing design. After all, it is worth remembering that everything should be harmonious. We offer several possible options:

  • wallpapering;
  • plain coloring;
  • various types of painting;
  • ceramic tile coating;
  • brickwork.

Choose color, material and type of coating in accordance with the design of the kitchen. After all, the dining area is closest in style and mood to the kitchen.

Bright chairs with backs at the dining table in the kitchen-living room

The dining table should fit into the overall interior of the kitchen

Combined wall decoration in the dining area

Paint the walls - the most economical option. Wallpaper - a popular wall covering thanks to a huge selection of color palette and textures

Wall decoration in the kitchen with decorative artificial stone

Recently, for the decoration of walls often use quite affordable artificial stone

Advice! Decorate the wall near the dining table in a contrasting color. This will help visually highlight the zone.

Wall decoration over the dining table with a decorative niche

An interesting option is a decorative niche with backlight

You can use both glossy and matte finish. Be sure to pay attention to the design of the kitchen. If the walls in the cooking zone are colorful, with any kind of decor, then the dining area is best done calmly.

Ceiling design

This detail is also of great importance. After all, improperly selected design of the ceiling will create a dominant effect, and a person will feel uncomfortable in the room.

The main criterion in choosing a ceiling design is the height of the room. For low ceilings, it is undesirable to use multi-level structures, dark colors, wood coating. High ceilings allow you to apply any kind of ceiling design.

Decorating the ceiling with wooden beams over the dining table

The ceiling with wooden beams will make you feel homely and warm.

Slatted ceiling in plastic in the interior of the kitchen

If the height of the kitchen allows, you can consider the option of a rack ceiling, quickly mounted, hiding plate defects and easy to maintain - in case of severe pollution it is simply washed

Pay attention to the false beams. This option is suitable for haute cuisine and dining room, in style it is closest to Provence. This type of design has an environmentally friendly base, warm colors and an unusual design. Two-level ceilings with hidden lighting will also create a warm atmosphere, but are only friends with high walls.

Illuminated two-level ceiling above the dining area in the kitchen of a city apartment

The stretch ceiling is resistant to moisture and pollution, which is in excess in every kitchen

For a small dining area, stretch ceilings painted with light paint or wallpaper are perfect.

What furniture to choose

If the kitchen is small it is better to choose functional furniture. So, in the dining area you can place a soft corner with additional drawers or use a bar counter as a table. The latter option will also help in zoning, separating the dining area from the kitchen and the rest of the room.

Retro-style folding table in the dining area

Folding tables are very convenient, used both for small dining areas and for spacious spaces.

Arrangement of a small dining area in the country

A small but chic breakfast area is a simple round table and a U-shaped banquet. Pillows of different colors, but perfectly matching each other, serve as a decor.

Limited corner dining area

Corner sofa and a small table for comfortable tea drinking for 2-3 family members

Otherwise, the choice of furniture depends on the style of design and the wishes of the owner. For minimalism, modernism, cubism and other modern trends, transparent furniture is perfect. The table may be made of glass, and the chairs made of plastic. For Victorian, classical, Baroque, Provence, a pair of exquisite wrought iron or carved upholstered chairs, and a table in the same direction.

Additional details

The design of the dining area requires a complete idea. Additional details will help. It can be natural or artificial flowers, paintings on the walls, flowerpots, various figurines. The main thing at this stage is to know the measure.Too many additional elements must not be allowed - they will clutter up the space and look superfluous.

Posters on the wall of the kitchen near the dining table

Posters, paintings and other decorative elements will give the kitchen a complete look

Decorating the dining area with a mirror

The original decoration of the wall above the table will be a mirror of a non-standard shape

Choose the details that match the general mood. They should complement the style, and not stand out in the contrasting flow. So, statuettes and any decorative dishes decorated with their own hands are suitable for Provence. For minimalism - avant-garde paintings and ornaments in the style of cubism.

White pillows on a sofa in a dining area

To create comfort, just put pillows

Table setting in the dining area of ​​the kitchen-living room

Tablecloths or co-chairs ennoble and protect the table. Having in stock several options for “dresses” for the table, you can always change the design of the dining area depending on the mood

Fresh flowers will be a great decoration for any style. Select only the appropriate vase and keep it clean. The hostess, who always has fresh flowers on the table in the dining area, will be respected by guests and loved households, because in this way she will create unique cosiness and warmth.

Lamps from willow rods in the interior of the dining area

Large lamps with lampshades from willow twigs successfully marked the breakfast area

Beautiful design of the dining table with glass objects

Everything that is always on the table should be beautiful

Video: choosing a dining table and chairs

Photo: beautiful dining area design ideas

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