Interior design kitchen in the country: ideas and tips

Kitchen design in the country has rich potential. It is characterized by the presence of a large amount of wood and light. The windows open beautiful landscapes. However, there are peculiarities of arrangement. Be sure to consider them in order to achieve a functional and attractive interior.

kitchen design in the country

The design of the kitchen in the country should be as ergonomic as possible.

The kitchen in the country house is one of the main rooms. Therefore, the choice of design should be approached carefully and seriously. One of the key tips to follow is to learn from others.

kitchen design in the country

The interior of the kitchen in the country.

The room must be equipped with modern, practical, but also as convenient as possible for you. You should be comfortable moving around the kitchen, being there. Browse the work of designers. This will help determine what exactly you like and what you can refuse. After choosing from thousands of ideas a few suitable for you, check out the reviews that people who have already passed through kitchen interior design in the country.

light kitchen design in the country

The interior of the kitchen in the country. Organize the space.

Be sure to add your own ideas to the interior to give it personality. Be sure to highlight several zones, combining a place for eating and a cooking area on the same territory.

kitchen design ideas in the country

The fewer stand-alone elements in the kitchen, the more compact and functional it is.

Stove or stove?

At the beginning of the development of the future interior, it is worth deciding how often you plan to cook in this kitchen. Or she will more serve as a dining room. Your choice will affect the correct installation of the stove. Some decide not to place a modern model, but a stove.

DIY kitchen in the country

Russian traditions in the interior are always relevant.

It is worth identifying all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. They are reflected in the table.

Product Benefits disadvantages
Stove The room will look more colorful, more original. It is necessary to have the skills of digging a stove, and firewood should always be available.
The food will be more homey. Cooking will take longer.
Electric stove It takes less time to cook. You can’t make a barbecue.
A modern option that does not require certain skills, extra costs. May not fit in the selected design. For example, in country style.

If you are staying on a stove, it is recommended to choose a model equipped with two or three burners. This is quite enough for a country kitchen.

white color in the country kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in the country. Practicality above all.

When you have decided on this issue, it is worth touching on the one that relates to the refrigerator. Choose a product compact, not bulky. When growing fruits and berries, take care of their storage location. Get a fridge equipped with a freezer.

country kitchen

In any interior, first of all, you should feel comfortable.

Features of the layout of the country kitchen

The key problem that you may encounter when you are developing country kitchen design, is the lack of enough space. Such houses are known for very compact dimensions. Therefore, the kitchen is rarely spacious. But this does not mean that you will not be able to realize a chic interior.

interior kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in the country.Simple and tasteful.

It is important to follow some recommendations.

  • The kitchen set should be installed along the wall or in the shape of the letter G. Do not choose island or U-shaped models.
  • Maximize the height in the room. Lockers can be placed above the headset. This will help create additional storage areas. Using space in height is much more convenient and practical, especially when meters are limited.
set for a country kitchen

In the interior of a small kitchen, it is best to use light-colored furniture.

  • Avoid freestanding products. This will save space. Discard the classic table model. Replace it with a special worktop. It is attached to the wall and leans back at the right time. When the table is not in use, the countertop is cleaned to make room.
  • The country kitchen is not a place for a large refrigerator. Compact recessed products or bar-type models are best.
  • The hob only takes precious meters. Limit yourself to an electric model with only 2 burners.
country kitchen dining

The interior of the country kitchen can be homely.

If the house is equipped with a basement, you can not install a refrigerator.

You can expand the space by connecting the kitchen with the adjoining room. Then the dimensions will become larger, but in addition the working area is equipped with a hood and is used regularly when cooking dishes. The expanded room needs more frequent and thorough cleaning.

kitchen design living room in the country

The main task of modern cuisine is to minimize the time spent on cooking.

Features of a wooden kitchen

The wood kitchen has a number of features.

  1. The house needs strict and careful observance of fire safety rules.

    arrangement of a country kitchen

    This should be taken into account when arranging furniture, items of equipment, equipping a ventilation system.

  2. Decide in advance where communications will be located. It is important to provide free access to them if the need arises for repair or replacement. If gas or electricity lines are located nearby, install a generator with power that allows you to provide lighting and good operation of the equipment.

    interior kitchen

    You can hide the system using wireframes.

  3. If the house was recently built, expect it to sink.

    kitchen in a country house

    It is important to consider this when organizing the design.

  4. The kitchen in such houses is not a huge area. Therefore, it is worth abandoning elements placed separately, which are not part of one design.

    kitchen interior design in the country

    Then you can achieve freedom and space.

  5. Wood is a very difficult material to maintain. It easily absorbs aromas and moisture. Tree like insects. Therefore, use special tools to reduce the number of problems with wood, preserving the material for a long time.

    wooden kitchen

    Regularly ventilate.

What styles suit the kitchen in the country in a wooden house?

Wood is an ideal choice for emphasizing naturalness. The following styles are preferred.

  • Provence. Allows you to achieve airiness and lightness. It features a large number of floral prints and the presence of original details. For walls, a pastel palette and wallpaper with the image of flowers are suitable. For windows, choose curtains decorated with ruffles. To add tenderness, add some beautiful pillows.
Provence style kitchen

Use open shelves, which will allow you to place beautiful decor elements.

  • Country. It is popular in wooden houses. For walls, a light palette is suitable. It is important to reflect rural motifs in the design. Geometric elements are only of the correct form, and the furniture is suitable from a roughly processed array. Only natural materials are used.
country-style kitchen

Country style is very appropriate in the interior of a country house.

  • Scandinavian. It features spaciousness, a light palette and open emphasizing wood. Discard the standard chairs and replace them with benches. If you place a table, choose compact models.
Scandinavian-style kitchen in the country

It is important to realize the interior as simple and restrained as possible.

  • Russian. It consists in reflecting the appearance of an old hut. Be sure to have a stove equipped with a chimney in the kitchen. Walls should not be painted; make them textured. This will add warmth and coziness to the room. Leave the floor wooden. So that in the winter it is not cold to step on it, position the mat.
Russian style cuisine in the country

Place chairs with homemade covers next to the table.

The best solutions for choosing a suitable interior design in a country kitchen

To get a finished and organic picture when designing a kitchen, important tips should be considered. This will help to avoid common mistakes.

  • With a small room, it is worth using the most vertical space, placing hanging cabinets.
set for the kitchen in the country

By raising the cabinets to the height of the wall (if the mount allows), save not only space but also time for dust cleaning.

  • Household appliances are only the most necessary, preferably compact in size. Instead of a bulky stove, place a small hob. Remove the standard refrigerator by installing the built-in model in its place.
kitchen design in the country

So you can save on the depths of the kitchen.

  • With a limited, small area, corner-type sinks take up extra space. Replace it with a rectangular, elongated model. In the free space under the sink, organize special shelves for storing things.
country kitchen

Its advantage is not only in saving surface depth, but also in the fact that the dishes placed in the sink will not be able to block the drain of water.

  • A tabletop with the ability to recline, extend, allows you to save the necessary meters without reducing the convenience of eating.
small country kitchen

This technique will save not only the space of the kitchen, but also the space of the dining room.

  • The best placement of items will be a direct model or in the form of the letter G.
placement of a headset in a country kitchen

This rule, by the way, allows you to rotate less in the kitchen.

If you think over everything in advance, you can realize all your plans, even in a limited space. Immediately make a preliminary design project. This will help in practice to analyze the selected ideas, take into account possible problems and nuances.

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