Kitchen design 10 sq.m: concept, functionality and ergonomics

The kitchen in any apartment is a special place. It should be attractive not only in terms of eating delicious homemade food. The kitchen is a nook for a confidential conversation over a cup of coffee or tea. And it doesn’t matter who is sitting next to or opposite - family, friends or casual visitors. Today, real luxury is not indicated by the high cost of finishing materials, but by the kitchen equipment and the thoughtful design of the kitchen of 10 sq.m. This room is the very personification of the hearth, the eternal symbol of comfort, stability and security.

The interior of the kitchen is 10 square meters

The kitchen should be as comfortable, stylish and comfortable as possible.

What should be the design concept of the kitchen?

Before undertaking a major overhaul or radical modernization, it is important to clearly understand what the room should look like. You must admit that in rare houses where everything is done by one's own hands, each room is equivalent in terms of investment, repairs and stylistic solutions. In the cooking unit, the main emphasis is on functionality, even if it is a kitchen interior of 10 sq.m. without much decor. But he must reflect the idea of ​​the owners and family well-being, as in the photo.

Motley ceramic tiles in the interior of the kitchen

It is necessary to rationally use every meter of free space, including the windowsill

Agree, the situation in the apartment of a single man and woman should be different. It’s not even in the "flower" curtains or the mean blinds on the windows. The design of a modern kitchen of 10 sq.m, like any other room, should embody the owner's lifestyle and worldview. Here, too, there is a place for stylistic experiments, where talents and preferences of the individual can be reflected.

A kitchen of 10 "squares" is not considered large, but it is not the smallest format of auxiliary premises of a city apartment. This footage is considered a certain middle ground - there is an opportunity to place everything you need for the convenience of cooking.

Yellow kitchen unit with an area of ​​10 square meters

Compact and convenient layout of the kitchen

Although there will not be much free space after furniture and functional equipment, but everything fits:

  • fridge;
  • sink with a curbstone;
  • cooker with hood;
  • dining table with chairs or stools (folding tabletop);
  • cabinet furniture (built-in or modular).
Eclectic-style kitchen design with hinged shelf on the wall

Eclectic open kitchen shelf

After redevelopment, radical modernization or reorganization of the space, the interior of the kitchen is 10 square meters. meters can be enriched with additional area, due to the increment of "squares" from the loggia, hallway or living room.

Tips for allocating 10 meter kitchen space

Before starting the repair, it is worth removing all the old equipment and cabinet furniture in order to re-approach the arrangement and design of the kitchen of 10 sq.m.

If this corresponds to the stylistic decision and the design concept, the room can be equipped with a bar counter, a small folding sofa and a plasma panel.

Kitchen unit with blue glossy facades

When developing a project, you need to start from the geometric shape of the kitchen

You may have to abandon some items of the classic setting. But it is at the initial stage, when there is a planning of the kitchen space, it is important to consider all these points.For example, you can replace a traditional cupboard for dishes and kitchen utensils with a double-sided rack, which at the same time will serve for zoning spaces.

The interior of the kitchen is 10 sq.m. with access to the balcony in the apartment of a lonely person who rarely cooks and eats at the TV (in another room), a large stove is not needed. A compact stove or 2-tile stove without an oven is enough. It will be supplemented by an electric kettle and a microwave oven, which will fit in one corner of the kitchen.

Bar counter combined with countertop

For a family of 2-3 people, the dining table can be replaced by a bar

Compact breakfast area for two family members

Small table overlooking the street

Fans of all kinds of kitchen appliances will have to think in advance of a place for each unit, plus sockets for them and a place for active use:

  • electric grill;
  • bread machine;
  • food processor;
  • electric samovar (kettle);
  • coffee machine;
  • mixer or blender;
  • electric meat grinder, etc.

Each of these devices is compact, but all together they assume a whole pencil case or compartment with a wall cabinet in kitchen furniture.

If you plan an ergonomic design kitchen 10 square meters. meters in a square room, then teach that the walls here are short. After installing the stove, refrigerator and sink, there will not be much room for traditional kitchen furniture (corner or linear).

Modern kitchen interior in modern style.

Small dining table in the modern style kitchen

Tip. It is better to abandon the finished "kitchen" and invite a specialist in built-in technology, who will plan everything down to a centimeter.

Kitchen design with white set and door to the balcony

Stylish solution - a black apron on a background of white facades

Convenient cargo on casters will fill the free space between the individual modules and kitchen appliances, even if it is a niche of 15-25 cm. Multilevel drawer shelves will accept a lot of cans for bulk products, household chemical goods, dry animal feed and other small things.

Modern kitchen design options of 10 sq.m. - It’s not enough cabinet furniture, but all of it is compact, functional and roomy. Before repair it is better to get rid of the old "kitchen wall". In free space it is better to put a soft corner with lockers (folding seats over roomy drawers). If a large table is not needed, it will be successfully replaced by a window sill, expanded to the size of a tabletop.

Some people like to keep large stocks of cooked food and semi-finished products, fruits and sweets, beer and other drinks at home, even if it is a lonely person. An impressive two-section refrigerator will fit perfectly into the modern design of a 10-meter kitchen, if you do not clutter up the room with unnecessary cabinet furniture.

Two-compartment refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen

The main principle of arranging the working area - everything should be at hand

Given all the points described, it becomes clear how variably a modern cooking room. Convenience and functionality prevail, it is they who determine the design of the kitchen of 10 square meters.

When drawing up a design project, do not forget about the “working triangle”. This conditionally outlined movement from the refrigerator to the sink and stove (in random order). The closer they are located, the less load on the legs, the faster the cooking process.

Scheme of the working triangle in the kitchen space

The “working triangle” rule

The passage from the door to the window or balcony should be free and wide enough. The floor is made of washable, but not slippery, practical materials.

Furniture Arrangements

In urban apartments, a square, less often a rectangular kitchen of 10 square meters is less common, the design and layout of the furniture should comply with these standards.

Layout of the kitchen space on an area of ​​10 square meters

Kitchen layout options

In a square kitchen, everything is fine, except for the small length of the walls, so standard kitchen furniture does not fit well. U-shaped or U-shaped built-in cabinet furniture is best suited. A small dining table can be placed in the center or replaced with a folding tabletop attached to the peninsula to one of the modules.

White facades U-shaped kitchen unit

U-shaped layout ideal for a square kitchen

Dining table opposite corner kitchen set

Corner layout optimally suited for an extended kitchen

L-shaped or corner layout suitable for interior design of a narrow kitchen of 10 squares. An unoccupied wall can be decorated with decorative panels or mosaics. Standard kitchen furniture for this option is offered in all catalogs, but it’s important not to miss the purchase with the dimensions of the kit and the size of the allocated space. If there is more than enough space, you can fill it with retractable cargo or leave a small free corner for vegetables brought from the market or supermarket.

Island arrangement - when in the center of the square kitchen there is a work surface with pedestals or a large stove with a hood under the ceiling. The only negative is that there is little space for free access to the balcony or window. It is recommended that built-in furniture be made at the opposite walls or limited to cabinets flush with a stove and sink.

Hob in a kitchen island in a small kitchen

The kitchen island can be combined with a bar

Tip. There may be few hanging cabinets, but it is better to give preference to open shelves or rungs. This is a favorite technique in the design of the kitchen with a corner sofa on 10 sq.m. or in any other way.

Combined curtains on the kitchen window in a city apartment

With a single-row layout, the dining area is usually located opposite the kitchen set

The single-row arrangement of kitchen furniture is a classic, but it is not always possible to fit a sink and tile into the set. Ideally, they order built-in furniture, and put a refrigerator on the opposite wall. In the corner by the window there is a dining area with a soft corner made of washable materials.

Two-row or parallel arrangement of kitchen furniture is the best option for a square or near-square layout. Specialists love creative experiments in the design of a kitchen of 10 sq.m. with access to the balcony, considering it the most advantageous.

Parallel layout of the kitchen space

Two-row layout with a cozy sofa instead of a window sill

Peninsular arrangement - when a part of the furniture protrudes into the center of the kitchen, joining one of the planes. As already noted, this can be a dining table or a folding tabletop, but in a modern kitchen interior a bar counter is often chosen.

Correct lighting of the kitchen space with spotlights

It is important to properly organize general lighting and local illumination of work areas

To save space, regardless of layout and layout, experts recommend using modern solutions for compact furniture:

1. Shallow cabinets and wall lockers A slight shortening of the depth of cabinet furniture in parallel arrangement will give more space in the aisle
2. Folding tables A great option, if the kitchen is rarely used for joint meals, when folded, you need little space
3. Folding worktops and seats Convenient in all respects, they are brought into working position as necessary
4. Stackable chairs Plastic or chrome-plated legs with specially shaped soft seats so that they can be easily removed
5. Stackable Stools Option for stackable seats (without back), you can always find a place for a stack of stools folded after eating
6. Open shelves, shelves and shelving They create the illusion of permeability and free space; the disadvantage is more cleaning effort than closed ones
7. Glass shelves, corners and countertops Outwardly go well with the base, brackets and chrome fasteners, the illusion of absence, more light and air
8. Collapsible, modular and convertible shelves Convenient due to the possibility of rearrangement for specific objects, dishes or kitchen appliances
Open-plan corner kitchen set

The kitchen should be roomy

Modernization of the kitchen with the attached area of ​​the balcony or loggia

Often access to the loggia or balcony is planned from the kitchen. During the reconstruction of the apartment or redevelopment, this area is attached to this room, equipping a guest or dining area at extra meters, as in the photo.

Kitchen design after combining with a balcony

Bar counter with storage system instead of window sill

Bar counter on the loggia after joining the kitchen

A cozy place for family breakfast

Regardless of the functionality of the connected area, it is important that the balcony area is suitable for this purpose. It is important to qualitatively do:

  • insulation (external, internal, floor);
  • lighting;
  • sealing;
  • sound insulation (double glazing, porous cladding materials).

When furnishing the loggia, standard kitchen furniture or a dining set, as well as light garden sets and models for summer cafes, are suitable. Wicker furniture made of natural and artificial rattan, vines, as well as inserts from various imitations of wicker will be an excellent decoration.

Table for family dinners on the balcony combined with the kitchen

The arrangement of the dining area on the attached area of ​​the balcony

Where there is a lot of light, landscaping is appropriate, up to the balcony greenhouse, greenhouse or conservatory. But do not forget that tropical exotics require additional lighting with special phytolamps.

It is recommended to place shallow cabinets on the side walls of the joined balcony area. Behind the decorative doors it is easy to hide the working tool for the "jack of all trades", as well as preservation and preparation. The same folding seats and tabletop windowsill will help save space.

All these methods will help to equip your room for cooking. Then, with a minimum of space for furniture, it will be aesthetic, modern and functional.

Choose the style of the kitchen

It remains to determine the style and overall interior design of the kitchen 10 sq.m. Each mistress herself must decide which environment is comfortable for her. It could be:

  • classic (traditional or English);
  • modern (style of the beginning of the twentieth century or modern postmodernism);
  • Art Deco (other areas using modern art);
  • retro (vintage, grunge, shabby chic);
  • historical echoes (renaissance, baroque, rococo, empire, palace style);
  • minimalism (classical asceticism or ethnic varieties);
  • Oriental ethnic (Indian, Japanese, Arabic or Chinese style);
  • modern style (hi-tech, loft, fusion, contemporary) or something original;
  • country (Provence, chalet, ranch, Russian hut style);
  • futurism or avant-garde.
Suite for the kitchen with an area of ​​10 square meters with black countertops

Set in a restrained classic style

Loft style kitchen design with sink instead of window sill

Industrial style kitchen interior

Country style kitchen design with large windows

Stylish country kitchen with panoramic windows

Any direction has the right to life in the design of the kitchen. Design bureau most often order projects for high-tech, Provence or classics. Many prefer finishing from eco-materials, mainly natural wood and stone (or imitation). Not the last role is played by the choice of a color palette, taking into account natural light.

Window decor, wall, ceiling and floor finishes are selected based on practicality, but “to be beautiful” and within the framework of style. See interesting examples in our photo gallery.

Video: modern kitchen in classic style

Photo: 50 real examples of arranging a kitchen of 10 sq.m.

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