Kitchen design 11 sq.m. with options for choosing furniture with different layouts

The limited space of the kitchen encourages many families to make repairs for the competent organization of space. The cozy interior design of the kitchen of 11 sq. M is the dream of families in which it is customary to gather at the dining table in the morning and evening and enjoy home-made food. An area of ​​up to 11 "squares" is found in some urban and country houses, in modern apartments and in a series of improved layouts. The best way is to dismantle all old furniture, free up space from trash, and upgrade based on a modern design approach.

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior of 11 sq.m

For a small area, modern style

an example of an unusual design of a kitchen of 11 sq.m

Use light shades, they are able to make the room visually larger

option of a bright style kitchen 11 sq.m

Even in the smallest square you can make a cozy and comfortable design

A new approach to the development of the re-equipment of the eleven-meter kitchen

Old kitchen furnishing methods are a thing of the past. Today it is proposed to equip the multifunctional part of the city apartment or private house in a new way, free up as much free space as possible, visually expanding the room. An important role is assigned to zoning, so as not to waste time and effort on “running” from one working plane to another.

An example of a beautiful kitchen decor 11 sq.m

Use multifunctional furniture

variant of a beautiful style of kitchen 11 sq.m

Particular attention is paid to zoning.

The distribution of individual zones with their re-equipment is important to do in advance, before repair. Especially when it is planned to do everything under the built-in furniture and kitchen appliances. Do not do without the main attributes in the design of the 11-meter kitchen:

  • work surface for cutting products - countertop of kitchen tables;
  • sink for washing dishes and ingredients of cooked dishes;
  • stove (gas, electric, convection) and other equipment for heat treatment of food;
  • refrigerator (compact or large 3-chamber);
  • cabinets and pencil cases for storing dishes and kitchen utensils;
  • niches for household appliances and devices for quick cooking;
  • places for storage of stocks (cereals, vegetables, spices);
  • dining area (table or folding tabletop, kitchenette with table, bar counter or tabletop-windowsill);
  • Niche for storing waste from cooking (trash bin).
the idea of ​​a light decor of the kitchen is 11 sq.m

The layout of the kitchen must be considered in advance

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design of 11 sq.m

Use the essentials in the kitchen

an example of an unusual interior of a kitchen of 11 sq.m

Light colors can visually expand the boundaries of the room

It is very important to make sure that everything is at hand, but not to clutter up the small kitchen with bulky furniture.

  1. If a family doesn’t decide to “have a meal” in the kitchen for a long time together, everyone has their own life schedule and place for food, then the dining area is not needed.
  2. Do not clutter the kitchen with a wide table and chairs in a 1-room apartment of a lonely person who rarely cooks and eats mainly at a computer table.
  3. A young couple also does not need a large dining table if they are used to having breakfast and lunch on upholstered furniture. They are suitable for youth design kitchen 11 meters with a sofa and a small table opposite the TV panel.
  4. In some families, they all come together only in the evening and eat in the living room by the TV, discussing the news and events of the day. A kitchen with a breakfast bar or an extended windowsill with a worktop where they can have a quick bite is suitable for them. They will have dinner at the full dining set in the living room.Then this should be reflected in the design of a large guest room with dining function.
a variant of a beautiful kitchen interior of 11 sq.m

Everything must be at hand in the kitchen

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen 11 sq.m

A small dining table is perfect for such a kitchen.

As you can see, even regarding the place of eating, there are many interesting options in the design of the kitchen with an area of ​​11 "squares". In the same way, everything else must be thought out in advance, preferring compact furniture options. Cabinet furniture (cabinets, pencil cases, sliding narrow cargo and wall cabinets) can:

  • buy ready-made;
  • order a collapsible kit with DIY assembly;
  • apply with an individual order to the profile company.

Tip. If the built-in kitchen furniture of the old model suited for functionality and practical placement, only facades can be updated. This will save a lot of money on reconstruction. After the repair, you will not need to adapt to the new placement of all utensils in the design of the kitchen on 11 sq.m.

variant of the unusual decor of the kitchen 11 sq.m

Kitchen furniture can be made to order

An example of a light kitchen design of 11 sq.m

Furniture must be functional and compact

An example of a bright style kitchen 11 sq. m.

Light shades can visually increase the size of a room.

It is better to turn to professionals involved in built-in kitchen furniture, describing all the features of a family lifestyle. They will help to develop a project that will begin to be implemented after discussing all the details.

Pay attention to fittings, closers (so that the doors do not slam), drawers for drawers - this will make the cooking process more enjoyable and reduce time. Remember that upon completion of repairs, the room must meet all the requirements:

  • spectacular kitchen design 11 meters;
  • multifunctionality;
  • maximum convenience for cooking;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • general and fire safety;
  • practicality of surfaces on which cleanliness depends.

All this should be reflected in the design project, especially when it is a kitchen design of 11 sq.m. with attached balcony or loggia after redevelopment or partial reconstruction.

The idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen design 11 sq.m

For the selection of furniture it is better to turn to professionals

An example of a bright decor of a kitchen of 11 sq.m

As a result, the kitchen should be convenient and comfortable

Features of the layout of the kitchens

The interior of the kitchen of 11 meters is largely tied to the layout, which varies slightly.

  1. The room is square in shape, where there is enough space for passage, but there are few planes to furnish the equipment. Often there are difficulties with installing a refrigerator and a washing machine. Here it is recommended to use compact equipment, over which a countertop or a hanging cabinet can be located.
  2. A narrow long kitchen, in which an uncomfortable passage, there is nowhere to put a dining table. Designers advise expanding the window sill to the size of the countertop, buying stackable stools for them, which are stacked in a niche formed. Cabinets are better built-in, shallow, along one working wall, flush with a gas stove and sink. The refrigerator will separate the eating area from the rest of the space in the interior of an elongated kitchen of 11 sq.m.
    variant of a bright interior of the kitchen 11 sq.m

    Use compact and functional furniture

    the idea of ​​a beautiful style of kitchen 11 sq.m

    The kitchen will have enough small dining table

    an example of an unusual style of kitchen 11 sq.m

    For small kitchens, a L-shaped set is often used.

  3. Some apartments are equipped with a protruding ventilation duct, which complicates the modernization of the kitchen space. But here there are their own design approaches. For example, you can hide it behind the facades of kitchen furniture and organize a cascade of corner open shelves for kitchen utensils.
  4. After redevelopment, the footage of an insulated loggia is often attached to the kitchen area of ​​the kitchen. The modern design of the kitchen of 11 meters with a balcony is an extraordinary expanse of imagination, since you can have lunch and dinner in the attached space, enjoying the panorama outside the windows.
the idea of ​​an unusual design of the kitchen is 11 sq.m

Use light colors, they will visually expand the borders of the room

variant of the bright interior of the kitchen 11 sq.m

Sometimes the kitchen is connected to the loggia

For an ideal project, it remains to think over the color scheme, the stylistics of the design and the texture of the surfaces. Keep in mind that glossy and mirrored surfaces visually expand the kitchen and give more reflected light.Smooth surfaces should be washed and cleaned well, but slippery floors are dangerous when wet. The decor corresponding to the theme will make the room more effective and more comfortable, as in the photo.

An example of a light kitchen decor of 11 sq.m

The design of a small kitchen needs to be thought out in advance

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of the kitchen is 11 sq.m

Use L-shaped furniture to save space

variant of a beautiful decor of the kitchen 11 sq.m

White color is able to visually expand the boundaries of the room

The choice of type of furniture for any project of 11 squares of kitchen



Linear cabinet furniture

Located along one wall or in parallel (in a square kitchen)


L-shaped kit

It is used as corner furniture or a shortened version with a toe extension


U-shaped and C-shaped furniture

Closes along three walls, a window or interior door - in the opening inside a niche, a refrigerator is built-in


Island or O-shaped arrangement

A work surface in the center of the square kitchen, you can put a stove with a hood above it in the center of the kitchen (private sector)


Bar counter option

Used as a zoning when demolishing a partition from the living room and hallway

an example of a bright design of a kitchen of 11 sq.m

It is necessary to select a kitchen design for each individually

variant of a bright decor of the kitchen 11 sq.m

For the kitchen 11 sq.m. you need to think through everything to the smallest detail

Any choice of furniture should be justified stylistically and functionally. Lighting, textiles, colors - everything is subject to a well-thought-out design of the kitchen, as in our photo gallery of the interior of 11 sq.m.

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