Kitchen design 13 sq. m. - great in the small

The kitchen of this area is very spacious. It is necessary to consider various design options and think over the design in advance. It should be based on personal preferences and remember that the room should be practical. It is recommended to draw up a design project of a 13 sq. Kitchen in advance and be able to do many nuances.

option of a bright kitchen interior 13 sq.m

On such an area you can already accommodate everything you need and add decor elements

the idea of ​​an unusual style of kitchen 13 sq.m

The kitchen should be practical and comfortable.

An example of a bright kitchen decor 13 sq.m

Choose a kitchen design based on personal preferences

Choose a design style

One of the important decisions is the choice of style that you will embody indoors. For the indicated area, the most suitable designs are indicated in the table.




The view of the French village is embodied. Use bright colors, many patterns, floral prints. Provide a lot of light. Painted paintings should be hung on the walls.


It is recommended to use elements of village life. Wood furniture, decor in the form of dried grass. A light palette is suitable, you can add a floral print.

High tech

All items must be functional. A feature is practicality and convenience. A minimum of decor, the palette is bright.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen design 13 sq.m

An important step is the choice of style of cuisine

An example of a beautiful kitchen decor 13 sq.m

Modern style perfect for a small kitchen

How to arrange furniture

It is not worth piling up a room, even if there is a place. It is recommended to carefully approach the arrangement of furniture.

  1. Large appliances like a refrigerator should be hidden behind the front of the kitchen.
  2. To ensure good ventilation, the hood is installed at a height of at least 65 cm.
  3. Cabinets should not be mounted close to walls. Leave some space to use these items.
  4. To move freely between the work and dining areas, leave a space of 90 cm.
variant of the unusual design of the kitchen 13 sq.m

The kitchen should have easy access

An example of a bright kitchen interior of 13 sq.m

It’s not worth piling the room, even if there is a place

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen 13 sq.m

It is advisable to hide the refrigerator behind the facade of the kitchen

What color scheme to choose?

A room of such an area allows the use of light and dark colors. It is important that the selected tones do not act annoyingly. Each color creates a specific atmosphere.

  1. Red helps increase appetite.
  2. Pink tones give a boost of vivacity, create a romantic atmosphere.
  3. For a good mood and positive emotions, use yellow.
  4. Green has a calming effect. Psychologists believe that in a room with green tones, recovery from stress is faster.

White color is universal and creates a sense of harmony and purity. The black palette adds luxury and elegance. But you need to use it carefully. You will need to increase the illumination of the room.

variant of a beautiful kitchen decor 13 sq.m

White color can visually expand the space

variant of the unusual interior of the kitchen 13 sq.m

Beige color combined with black will add luxury and elegance.

Advantages of different types of layout

There are various layout options, each of which has a number of its advantages and features.

  1. Corner For a rectangular or square room, this option is universal. The working area is along a long wall.The dining area is located near the window. Allows you to conveniently organize the space.
  2. L-shaped. Allows you to combine the dining area and the relaxation area. By installing a comfortable corner-shaped sofa, you can create a cozy atmosphere.
  3. Single row. Suitable for creating a modern interior. Install a console rack where you can eat and cook.
  4. Peninsular. A plus is the ability to divide the space into several zones. On the one hand, the workspace, on the other make the dining part.
An example of a bright style kitchen 13 sq.m

Layout is an important step in the arrangement of the kitchen

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design of 13 sq.m

Single-layered layout suitable for modern kitchen design

the idea of ​​an unusual design of the kitchen is 13 sq.m

The peninsular layout can be divided into several functional areas

Ideas for equipping kitchens of 13 square meters

You can equip a kitchen of such an area by embodying a high-tech, Provence or country style. It all depends on the result you want to get as a result.

Hi-tech is based on the use of only functional items. Minimum decor, maximum convenience. The kitchen is only innovative utensils. A lot of metal, glass parts.

Country style is in flower design. A rich light palette, natural materials and a maximum of rustic decor. Provence has the opportunity to embody the French atmosphere in the kitchen. Use a lot of floral patterns and light colors.

An example of a beautiful kitchen design 13 sq.m

Choose the style for the kitchen based on your preferences

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of the kitchen is 13 sq.m

A modern kitchen is a great option.

A few words about the choice of kitchen appliances

Modern utensils make cooking easier. To be able to fit everything you need, it is recommended to use the built-in furniture. It is worthwhile to carefully consider the layout. Make a design project for a kitchen of 13 square meters. m. Convenience and functionality should be paramount.

To increase the free space, it is worth installing a corner headset. The option is practical. Choose kitchen appliances that combine many functions, this will not clutter up the area with several different objects.

An example of a bright style kitchen 13 sq.m

Use built-in furniture

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen decor 13 sq.m

To save space, use a corner headset

bright kitchen style option 13 sq.m

Modern utensils make cooking easier

We plan a living room kitchen of 13 sq m: the best design ideas

The spacious kitchen allows you to combine several zones in one room. You can connect the living room with her, which will only increase the area. But 13 square meters. m. enough to embody a beautiful and functional design.

When do you need to combine the living room with the kitchen? To understand when it is required to connect two rooms into one, it is necessary to note the pros and cons of such a transformation.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen decor 13 sq.m

Spacious kitchen allows you to combine several zones in one room

an example of a bright design of a kitchen of 13 sq.m

On 13 square meters. meters it is quite possible to realize a beautiful and practical design


  1. You can prepare meals and communicate conveniently with guests or family.
  2. When using zoning, you can divide the design of each room without shifting them. Several zones located in one space will have a different style.
  3. You can embody the cosiness that unites the whole family.


  1. It is difficult to correctly place furniture, despite a lot of free space.
  2. Smells from the kitchen will be felt in other areas, which not everyone likes.
  3. Despite the separation of zones in style, nothing should contrast. It can be difficult to achieve this on your own.

If the listed cons do not bother, you can combine the premises into one.

variant of light decor of the kitchen 13 sq.m

Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Decide what you need

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen interior of 13 sq.m

It is not recommended to use more than 3 colors in the kitchen

an example of an unusual style of kitchen 13 sq.m

The sofa will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen

What to do with a sofa?

The sofa can become an element for zoning space. He is facing the entrance. The back of the product will indicate where the work area begins. For convenience and simplicity, you can place a sofa next to the bar that separates several zones. So there is definitely enough room for all guests and family members.The sofa can become the center of the room, attracting the attention of everyone.

Space zoning methods

There are several methods for dividing space into zones.

  1. Lighting. Spot light, diode strips and small lamps are suitable. The first light source is convenient due to the ability to position it anywhere. For spotlights, ceiling, walls, cabinets are suitable. A large amount of lighting will allow you to adjust the level of light.
  2. Color spectrum. It has already been noted that different styles on the same square will make it possible to delimit space. In one room you can use different shades. It is only important that the colors are combined with each other.
  3. Partitions. The most obvious separation method. You can install air walls, glass partitions, sliding systems. The space will remain intact, but the clear boundaries of the various zones will appear.
the idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior of 13 sq.m

For lighting, you can use spotlights

bright kitchen design option 13 sq.m

Zoning is an important step in planning a kitchen

Kitchen design 13 sq m: tips and tricks

Such an area is hardly ideal. But it gives room for the embodiment of various ideas. The proper organization of space, the use of the entire area will create a beautiful and comfortable interior. It is important to first draw up a design project, alone or with the help of professionals. This will allow you to take into account important nuances and turn features of a particular kitchen into advantages.

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