Kitchen design 14 sq. m: choose the interior and layout

In the life of every Russian family, cuisine occupies an important place. They cook, dine, get together, watch TV, talk and solve issues. Mistresses spend most of their time creating culinary masterpieces.

A kitchen of 14 square meters is found mainly in houses of the old and new type. Its owners are real lucky. They can realize the most interesting and bold ideas. As a result, they will get a beautiful and comfortable kitchen design of 14 square meters.

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen 14 sq.m

Small kitchens often found in old and new homes

An example of a bright kitchen design 14 sq.m

In such a room you can make a comfortable and beautiful design.

variant of the unusual interior of the kitchen 14 sq.m

If you plan correctly, the result will be amazing

When choosing the layout and interior design of kitchen 14, several factors must be taken into account. The main one is the shape of the room. For a rectangular and elongated dining room, a uniform arrangement is well suited. A kitchen set is installed along one wall. It has a worktop that acts as a work area. It will be functional and comfortable. On the other side is a small table, sofa or stools, as shown in the photo.

An example of a beautiful kitchen decor 14 sq.m

In such a kitchen you can put a sofa

the idea of ​​an unusual design of the kitchen is 14 sq.m

Usually in such rooms opposite the headset they put a sofa

Kitchen design 14 sq. m will have a beautiful view if the equipment and the working area are located on both sides, and the dining table is set near the end wall. It will be a huge plus if the latter is next to the window. The place will have good natural light.

The design is very popular, in which furniture is installed along two walls. Moreover, they should be at right angles, and be of different sizes. If you use a folding sofa, you can get an extra bed for sleeping, as shown in the photo. Such a decision will be very helpful if guests arrive.

To increase the area of ​​the room, different methods are used. The most effective is the combination of a kitchen with an adjacent room. Mostly close to a living room or balcony. By removing the door, the space will increase significantly. You can design an opening in the form of an elegant arch.

a variant of a beautiful kitchen interior of 14 sq.m

Sometimes the kitchen is combined with an adjacent room

bright style kitchen 14 sq.m

There are a lot of planning options, choosing the right one is easy

An example of a light kitchen decor of 14 sq.m

Think over the design of the kitchen in advance

What does the mod say?

Fashion trends offer a great variety for the arrangement of the kitchen. Here you can show creativity, realize a dream. The main thing is to think through everything to the smallest detail. This will allow you to correctly implement your ideas.

The kitchen should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. This applies to the situation, arrangement of zones and the availability of free space. The latter may be a little, but nothing should interfere with any movement in the room.

the idea of ​​a bright interior kitchen 14 sq.m

The modern style in the kitchen looks very good and attractive

an example of an unusual design of a kitchen of 14 sq.m

The kitchen should be beautiful and comfortable.

Contemporary style in the kitchen

The most common trend of this year is modern style. It is used in the arrangement of different rooms. The kitchen was no exception. The direction offers the use of new equipment and ergonomic furniture. It greatly simplifies the work, compactly places everything you need and leaves free space. As a result, the kitchen design is convenient, comfortable and not cluttered with unnecessary things, which is inherent in many outdated styles.

bright kitchen decor 14 sq.m

Modern style in the kitchen involves the use of new furniture

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of kitchen 14 sq.m

Only the most necessary furniture is placed in the kitchen

the idea of ​​an unusual kitchen decor 14 sq.m

The kitchen in a modern style looks very beautiful and fashionable.

There are several modern styles




Combines light and rich colors. Allows you to use different finishing materials, carry out zoning. Must have bright accents. Furniture of an interesting and non-standard form.


The furniture is simple, succinctly fits into the interior. The technique is mainly built-in. The use of large items is not appropriate.


Prefers only new equipment. Decor items have elements of abstraction. The interior uses glass, plastic, metal.


This style combined two directions. We are talking about classics and minimalism. In the interior should be present not only antiques, but also comfortable furniture, appliances with various functions. The overall picture is complemented by bright elements.

The modern design of the kitchen allows you to experiment with the layout. It may be a non-standard option. Furniture of various shapes is installed: linear, corner, island, bar, U-shaped.

an example of a beautiful style of kitchen 14 sq.m

The modern design of the kitchen allows you to experiment with the layout

variant of a light kitchen design of 14 sq.m

Layout in a modern style using a U-shaped

How to design in country style, Provence?

Ancient directions are not forgotten by the population. A little less than modern ones, but still they are practiced. There are still many connoisseurs of luxurious and elegant kitchen amenities. To bring this to life will allow country and provence. They make it possible to competently combine elements in the interior. As a result, its homeliness, warm and bright atmosphere is emphasized. Such directions look advantageous in the kitchen.

To give the style an old look, use carpets, tablecloths, thematic lamps. If you choose furniture in bright colors, but they will all look harmonious. In such a kitchen calm and tranquility reigns. Another important point is the color scheme of the room. It is better to give preference to light tones. Light furniture can be diluted with green wallpaper. Such a kitchen looks natural and harmonious.

an example of a bright kitchen interior of 14 sq.m

Making a small kitchen in old styles is very rare

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design of 14 sq.m

For modern kitchens choose the appropriate style

an example of a beautiful kitchen interior of 14 sq.m

Using the bar you can make zoning

What styles are still in demand?

There are a number of styles that are in fashion at all times. Of course, we are talking about the classics. And this is not surprising. It is characterized by cosiness and functionality, which is so important in the kitchen. In addition, the classic acquires the features of modernity. At the same time, it retains gloss and luxury.

bright design variant of the kitchen 14 sq.m

You can decorate the kitchen in any style

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the kitchen is 14 sq.m

In modern kitchens, they often use the styles of minimalism, modern

In this interior, furniture made of massive tree species is installed. Its color is dark, sometimes decorated with embossed notch. Headsets may include wood inserts. Wallpaper in the room is light.

A large chandelier is used for lighting. The presence of stones on it will emphasize the style. It is possible to equip a two-level ceiling. Despite the fact that this element is inherent in modernity, it does not look contradictory in the interior, as shown in the photo.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior of the kitchen is 14 sq.m

There should be enough light in the kitchen

variant of unusual kitchen decor 14 sq.m

The kitchen can be equipped with a stretch ceiling with lighting

variant of the unusual design of the kitchen 14 sq.m

Curtains in the kitchen are better not to use

What furniture to choose?

The issue of choosing furniture is no less relevant than design or layout. Only comfortable and attractive will make the image of the kitchen perfect. Despite the fact that the couch requires a lot of space, it is often installed in kitchens of 14 square meters. It allows you to fill the dining room with an atmosphere of comfort.

Furniture color is best chosen for the overall tone of the room. She will fit well into the overall picture, will not get out, and attract special attention. For the kitchen 14 square meters. m. A modular headset is perfect. It is small in size and will make it possible to rationally use the area as shown in the photo ..

an example of a bright style kitchen 14 sq.m

Furniture in the kitchen should be compact and functional.

an example of a bright kitchen design of 14 sq.m

Usually in kitchens use an L-shaped layout

Transparent furniture made of glass looks interesting. It can be a countertop, table, bar. It visually increases the space. For this purpose, use another trick. It consists of installing furniture at different heights. In this way, attention will be drawn to the top of the room.

Making a kitchen comfortable and beautiful is simple. It is enough to use modern methods of arrangement. A competent layout, properly selected design and furniture will make it possible to get a cozy place in the house. It will be nice to relax here, get together with family and friends.

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