Kitchen design using wenge: choice of color scheme, style, expert advice

A special place in the design of space the kitchen takes a choice colors kitchen headset. This is the place where all family members spend a sufficient amount of time, so here everyone should be cozy and comfortable. Increasingly, modern designers offer kitchen design using wenge color. Colour includes a fairly wide range of brown shades. The surface, as a rule, is not uniform, has a texture wood.

kitchen design wenge

The name "wenge" comes from the name of African wood - one of the most valuable and expensive materials in the world.

kitchen wenge

Elite furniture, doors, parquet coverings and small architectural and constructive forms are made from wenge wood.

Advantages and disadvantages of shades

Wood or color wenge highly regarded by experts in the field design worldwide. This is due to the fact that similar Colour fits easily into any interiorcombined with any style.

kitchen wenge photo

African wood is famous for its strength, durability, unusual texture.

The main advantages use wenge.

  1. High density of the material obtained due to the abundant combination of oily substances in the composition.
  2. Durability. Wenge tree it undergoes deformation with difficulty, does not deteriorate under the influence of external factors, does not change its structure over the years.
  3. Resistance to high humidity and temperature extremes, which is very important for the kitchen headset.
  4. Kitchen furniture of wenge It does not require special care.
  5. Outwardly, everything shades look stylish and luxurious.
rich wenge kitchen design

The original color of wenge has formed a trend in the use of color in interior design.

kitchen wenge ideas

Fashion for the color of wenge has long conquered the countries of Europe and America, now the famous shade is becoming incredibly popular in Russia.

The disadvantages are primarily the high cost of the material. Similar woodusually used to make very expensive of furniture. But many manufacturers offer a large selection of "substitutes" - chipboard or MDF, coated with a textured film, qualitatively simulating expensive tree.

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In modern interiors, the use of various shades of wenge color breaks all records as the basis for the production of cabinet and built-in appliances.

Choose such analogues should be extremely careful, trust only reliable manufacturers. With high-quality production, the bases are ready headset difficult to distinguish from the present tree wenge. The only thing is that it will not be as durable as the original.

kitchen wenge photo ideas

There are a lot of options for interesting kitchen projects using one of the shades of wenge.

Even when buying a budget headset at color wenge can create a decent Interior Design.

Color schemes

Color wenge can successfully combine with many shades. Moreover: it is necessary to combine, as using one brown shade at the interior It looks ridiculous. Consider the most winning color combinations, they are given in the table.

kitchen wenge shades

You need to find your tone and determine the amount of such a difficult color in the interior of the kitchen.

No. p / p Colour Description
1 Bleached oak One of the most common color combinations dark and light.Milk and brown always complement each other favorably. Light coloured tone emphasizes rigor wenge. In the manufacture of furniture such colors more often lower modules headset become dark, and the upper ones are light.
2 Vanilla Compared to bleached oak, this shade is uniform. Vanilla can apply as colors finishing material for floor, walls, ceiling.
3 Beige Another habitual for many color combination wenge - beige shade. Bright tones may be used for facade doors headset, finishes walls or another of furniture (for example, for a dining table).
4 White gloss Glossy finish is a stylish touch for kitchen design. And white is elegantly combined with all shades brown. This combination is suitable for the kitchen any area. This is because the glossy coating contributes to a visual increase in area. It looks modern combination matte and glossy coatings.
5 Green In addition to light shades of wenge goes well with all greens tones. Green always promotes relaxation, calm. Addinterior can color any degree of saturation: from pale pistachio to bright emerald
6 Burgundy This solution is suitable only for spacious kitchens, because wenge already dark woodthen combine with burgundy shades it should be neat. In this case, it is better to select surfaces reflecting glossy, add metal or bronze inserts, accessories.
7 Lime The Colour great for doors or top modules headset. Kitchen will look more stylish and modern. Usually such a choice is made by active people who are not used to sitting still

Style selection

WITH using wenge kitchen design can be any. The main thing is to think carefully style and design details. Designers highlight several of the most common and winning options.

stylish wenge kitchen design

People for whom the color of wenge becomes a priority for the design of their own homes, inherent in such qualities as rigor, conciseness, restraint, conservatism and perfectionism.

kitchen wenge design

The rooms, decorated with the color of wenge, give the impression of stability, constancy and rigor.

  1. Art Nouveau features minimalist features. It often uses matte coatings, simple lines of objects of furniture. Particular attention is paid not to accessories and decor, but to the texture of materials.

    kitchen wenge modern

    Excess items will only overload the situation, so it is recommended that even the equipment be hidden behind the facades.

  2. Hi-tech - one of the most modern styles. AT design glass and metal inserts are used, which combine perfectly with wenge tree.

    kitchen wenge high-tech

    Such an interior creates a feeling of aristocratic brutality, emphasized character.

  3. Ethnic style most often it is built on the basis of such shade as wenge. This is because wenge - African tree. It is better to focus on the rough texture of the surface, contrasting bold combinations. Can be used Leopard print textiles, expressive decor items. In this style the walls of orange and yellow will look good shades.

    cuisine wenge ethnic style

    It is often chosen by bold creative people who draw inspiration from their surroundings.

  4. Designers claim to be trending right now stylesemphasizing natural beauty. And, of course, first of all, it’s eco-friendlystyle. People want to surround themselves with natural shades and natural materials.

    cuisine wenge eco style

    Wenge, in turn, is organically combined with all green shades, sand, beige, gray.

  5. Classic can also be based on using wenge. Saturated Colour always looks somewhat aristocratic. The main thing is to choose the right decor items.

    wenge classic kitchen

    You can use elements with a bronze or gold coating, but they should be entered carefully so as not to overload the interior.

Secrets of proper design

Wenge - saturated color. Headset like that shade It always looks massive and durable, even if facades executed in another color. This material is many manufacturers actively use for kitchen of furniture. This choice is primarily due to the large set of positive qualities of the material that were mentioned above.

kitchen wenge set

The color of wenge is very ambiguous, has a complex structure.

Most profitable wenge looks spacious the premisessince dark shades still able to visually reduce the area of ​​space. If purchased headset dark brown colors, then the walls must be light contrast shade. This emphasizes quality. of furniture and will do the kitchen more spacious.

kitchen wenge interior

Some compare its shades with dark chocolate. Others refer to a blacker spectrum, but with a slight haze.

kitchen design wenge set

If you look at the surface of African wood under a magnifying glass, you can see subtle golden streaks that give the material a light, barely perceptible glow.

Wenge tree loves contrast. And it’s not always about bright saturated flowerssuch as green or red. The fact is that a similar shade must be emphasized in the interior. That is, if wenge selected as headset colors and of furniture in the dining area, then he should not be present anywhere else. Moreover, no dark chocolate tones can no longer be used at kitchen design. The general appearance can become blurry and dull, eyes in such indoors will get tired quickly.

wenge in the interior of the kitchen

It’s quite difficult to completely arrange the interior in wenge tones and not immerse the room in the dark.

Choosing dark tones for kitchen design, it is recommended that you carefully consider the choice of lighting. It must be multilevel, divided into zones. That is, in addition to the central chandelier, the illumination of the working and dining areas should be thought out, can run the LED strip around the perimeter headset. So room design will look complete and holistic.

kitchen wenge design ideas

The color of wenge is recommended to be applied dosed and in combination with light tones from the white-beige group.

When choosing headset wenge better not to overload the kitchen textiles not use heavy curtains. To decorate the window, roller blinds or light, airy fabrics are perfect.

kitchen wenge curtains

If you want to get a warm, cozy atmosphere of the kitchen, then use such colors as light beige, peach, milk as a campaign for wenge.

To kitchen didn't look gloomy headset designers are advised to install on a more lighted side. Natural sunlight will create a cozy atmosphere in indoors. With proper organization of space, dark furniture won't seem too bulky and heavy.

kitchen wenge interior ideas

To create a contrasting interior, a combination of wenge and snow-white tone will be an ideal option.

Color wenge does not tolerate pretentiousness and congestion colors and items. Whatever style has not been selected, it is recommended to adhere to minimalism and lightness. The simpler the forms and options finishes, the more profitable the main design color.

kitchen wenge design photo

Real African wenge wood is not cheap, furniture for it is currently not everyone can afford.

Looks original combination textured brown colors and frosted glass, which can be complemented by discreet ornament. Can also combine wenge with natural stone, metals and high-quality fittings.

kitchen wenge stone countertop

The stone can be used for flooring or a worktop can be made from it in the working area.

Whatever style or a color scheme has not been selected for design with using wood at kitchen wenge room will always look cozy and modern. Also dark shades always considered very practical. The main thing: carefully consider each element the kitchen, Decoration Materials.

kitchen wenge beautiful design

Everything should be holistic and harmonious.

VIDEO: Wenge kitchen - 46 design options.

Wenge kitchen design - 50 stylish interior ideas:

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