Design of a kitchen with a window: original techniques and rational solutions

Any designer will agree that there should be a window in any room. Through it, additional light enters the room. If it is in the kitchen, the light rays, scattering, make it lighter and more comfortable.

kitchen design with window

The interior of the kitchen with a window can add a lot to the decor of the kitchen itself.

The interior of the kitchen with a window is possible varied. Need to "look" at the size window openingpremises. The best option is to place the kitchen along the window. Ideal for small areas, in this case, the window sill becomes a working area, for example, a table for cooking, eating.

kitchen 9 sq m with window

In the vast majority of cases, the interior of the kitchen comes down to either installing a sink by the window or a table.

If the kitchen is narrow, you can position the sink by the window. Plus, an ugly battery will be hidden.

Fashion trends

Before deciding exactly which one kitchen Design will need to get acquainted in detail with fashion trends. Currently, eco-style is becoming very popular. Mistresses arrange around the perimeter several house plants in pots. If the footage and financial situation allow, you can embed a flowerbed and a decorative pond in furniture.

eco style kitchen

When designing facades, wood, stone, veneer are used.

Increasingly, owners connect the kitchen to the dining room. It is fashionable, visually the space is becoming wider. You can connect the kitchen and the balcony, but the window sill remains and "plays" the role of a bar or a small dining table.

bright spring kitchen interior

The design of the kitchen under the window depends on many things, but it may be rational to connect the surface of the window sill, for example, with a table or cabinet.

Modern design involves a large amount of light and, accordingly, window openings. They are trying in every way to remodel, expand. Window panes, stained-glass windows are no longer relevant, as are heavy, voluminous curtains, fairly light, shortened curtains. An empty opening is filled with practical shelves or flat decor.

kitchen living room with large windows

Large windows in the kitchen are a great way to add elegance to your space.

How to beat two windows in the kitchen?

Kitchen design with two windows You can beat interesting and unusual. Nowadays, “unfinished” repair is considered to be popular, all the space around the opening remains without decorative decoration. The main focus is the frame, painted in bright colors. If there are no curtains, Roman would be a good option. If the room is spacious, windows 2 or 3, you can introduce decorative curtains into the design.

bright kitchen with window

So that all the details are in harmony with each other, you need to choose them correctly.

When planning, you need to remember that windows will occupy most of the wall space, therefore, kitchen design with two windows must be made unusual and practical.

Corner windows in the interior of the kitchen

Corner kitchen design with window. with a competent distribution of accents is able to visually increase the space of the room. It will be ideal if the working area is non-standard forms, for example, the length will exceed the width or vice versa. Sink, traditionally, will be at the window.

kitchen design with corner window

This technique will help disguise the battery.

If issued kitchen interior with two windowslocated on different walls, you can make the furniture more functional by placing a cabinet or a shelf with open shelves in the formed corner.

kitchen design with two windows

The layout of the kitchen with two windows can be found not so often. However, if you have just such a layout, you can say that you are lucky.

The design of the kitchen with an angle is suitable for small rooms, for example, Khrushchev. Having correctly installed all the necessary elements of furniture, the owner receives a “working” triangle, which contains all the essentials for cooking: a sink, hob, refrigerator.

corner kitchen set

For such rooms, it is better to make furniture according to individual sizes, it will fit perfectly into the desired space, each centimeter will be correctly used.

Practical ideas

Interior of a bright kitchen with one window. If the kitchen furniture is in bright colors, for example, white, milk, beige, light blue, the space will visually be expanded, plus it will look warmer and more homely. A sink is located in the center of the window, and cutting tables on the sides. Everything should be divided into functional zones. On the left - open or closed cabinets, you can arrange the oven, refrigerator, microwave. To the right is a hob, TV, cabinets for storing small items and products.

ideas for the interior of the kitchen

A properly designed window with the design of the kitchen will give the room a cosiness, will not block the sun, and emphasize the chosen style.

A kitchen in which the floor and walls are faced with wood. Currently, everyone wants to live among high-quality and natural material. Therefore, interiors in which there is a lot of wood are very popular.

eco kitchen interior

The window and the space around it are often a hidden reserve, due to which you can transform the kitchen.

In addition to countertops, you can decorate the floor and walls with wood. Their natural color will give the room a noble appearance. In order for the materials to serve for a long time, you need to prepare them, cover them with special compounds.

The sink is traditionally installed at the window, hob on the right side.

eco style kitchen

The window frame can be decorated with roller blinds with a restrained pattern.

Design of a white kitchen with two windows

A bright kitchen with two window openings has long become a classic design option. Furniture can be placed both along one wall, and along two. It all depends on the size and shape of the room.

pastel colors in the kitchen

Ideal if the corners of the room are involved.

Furniture elements can be placed under the window itself. Wall cabinets can be open, closed.

It must be remembered that the design of the kitchen with an angle needs additional lighting. Therefore, in addition to the main chandelier, you can install several spotlights.

kitchen 12 sq m with window

Use the space near the window correctly.

Loft kitchen with a window in the middle

The loft style is quite “capricious”, so the designers working with it think it over to the centimeter. On the one hand, everything is quite restrained and minimalistic, on the other hand, the kitchen should attract its cosiness and warmth.

loft style kitchen

Today, the loft is one of the most popular contemporary styles of interior design.

The classic design of a loft style is an apron made of large bricks. It does not matter what material it will be, for example, artificial, natural. The same pattern may be along the window frame. The walls are covered with a white, milky or gray water-based emulsion.

kitchen with loft style window

For a loft, unprocessed textures, industrial features, and a combination of objects from different eras are so characteristic.

In addition to the common chandelier, on the walls you can hang lamps made or decorated with copper or brass.

Provence classic kitchen design with large window.

The Provence style is cozy and soft, ideal for decorating the kitchen. There are no bright and catchy elements, everything is kept in white, milky tones. Contrast spots can be, for example, black and brown, for example, a chandelier, a water tap.

Provence style kitchen

Muted shades, natural materials, furniture with a touch of rags, simplicity and comfort, elegant knick-knacks - this is the essence of Provence.

If the window is one, a large should be involved all 3 remaining free walls.If the footage of the room allows, you can build an island.

Traditionally, the sink is installed at the window, the workplace is preferable to the largest possible. You can place a cutting table on one side of the sink, and equipment on the other.

kitchen with provence window

Traditionally, “Provencal” shades are considered white, sky blue and lavender.

The window should become the main attraction of the kitchen. You can round the frame a little, hang cute curtains or leave without them.

bright kitchen in provence style

Chandelier is optional, preferably spotlights.

Pros and cons of two windows in one room

The location of the windows and openings themselves are important for design work. You do not often see two windows in the kitchen, so you need to think carefully about their design.

two-window olive kitchen

For the design of a kitchen with a working area, the size and shape of the room must be taken into account.

pros Minuses
The abundance of natural light. If the window sill is lengthened, it can be used as a full-fledged workplace: table, countertop. Shelves are placed under it. Two windows take up a lot of space, so they should be well insulated. Otherwise, there will be large heat loss.
Having set the dining table by the window, tea drinking or eating will be more "lively", diluting it with a street landscape. Large windows require a lot of “attention” in terms of cleanliness.
If the windowsills are low, it will not work to place the working area there. But, you can build a recreation area with sofas and a table for tea parties.
kitchen design with two windows

If the sink is located by the window, using any decor other than indoor flowers and short curtains or blinds is hardly possible.

Design a small kitchen

The best option for placing kitchen items is along the window opening. In such cases, every centimeter of the room is used at 100%. This is especially true for small kitchens.

kitchen in 3 room apartment

For "small" kitchens, design options are often found with a window in the middle, as a central object.

If everything is properly thought out, the window opening will become the main decoration and advantage of the room. Due to the windowsill, you can expand the working area. Cooking can be combined with watching "life" on the street.

window decoration in the kitchen

It is important to proceed from the style of the design of the kitchen.

The shape of the kitchens of most modern buildings resembles a carriage. In such cases, the headset is best placed along the window opening. At the window you can place not only the working area, but also the sink. Make shelves below. Plus, the battery is masked.

blinds on kitchen windows

Curtains or blinds are chosen the same or complementary.

Do not overload the small kitchen in terms of decor. These are blinds, flower pots, shortened curtains.

how to equip a kitchen with a window

To create an interior of a stylish and beautiful kitchen, it is not necessary to invite a designer, you can do everything yourself.

Currently, on the Internet and fashion magazines you can find a lot of interesting ideas with a detailed description. It is enough to strictly follow the instructions.

VIDEO: Interior of a kitchen with a window.

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