Design of a kitchen-dining room-living room. What to look for when applying?

Tea drinking is a traditional event in any home. Relatives and large groups of friends gather behind him. It settles, as a rule, in living room. To make visitors comfortable, you need to take care of the availability of the room big the table and enough places where everyone can accommodate.

large table for the living room dining room

A separate dining room is a luxury few can afford.

Square kitchens mostly small, so it’s quite difficult to organize a full-fledged recreation area. Great decision Problems - dining room lounge. It can be equipped as in private houseso apartment.

living room dining room kitchen design

Typically, the dining room is combined with a kitchen, living room, or both.

Registration design of the kitchen, dining room and living room has a number of features. First, you should study the layout premises at private house. To turn them into a whole, much will need to be changed. Before you begin these steps, you must determine the location of each zones. This will avoid errors and additional financial costs during the redevelopment. Destination zones miscellaneous, objects will help to emphasize it furniture area allocated to each part rooms.

dining room kitchen interior option

Before deciding on the design of the living-dining room, you need to make sure that it is feasible and possible to create it on the basis of your own living room.

In almost any living room there is a window. It is located on one or two sides. Next to it is appropriate to put a table and chairs. A little further is comfortable sofa. The result is a comfortable reception area. It is filled with light and a cozy atmosphere.

dining room interior

The dining area can be distinguished in a sufficiently large living room or studio apartment, where, in addition to the living room and dining room, other areas coexist.

Choosing design project of the living-dining room, it is worth considering the form premises. Working with a large area is quite simple. Here you can implement many design ideas. Interior will be comfortable and will place all the necessary items. To equip the room with a small area more difficult.

living room dining room in the apartment

It is necessary to think through everything to the smallest detail to make the interior functional, the furniture stood in its place and harmoniously “fit” into the overall picture.

If you adhere to the basic principles of design, then even a small room will turn into a stylish one with a beautiful view.

kitchen dining room

To create a dining area with a large table, for it you need to have as many square meters as the number of seats planned.

Design principle Feature Description
Free space Near the kitchen must It’s convenient not just for one, but for several people, as kitchen area at living room is a common place.
Furniture one style All items and items in the interior should blend harmoniously. They may have a similar color or theme. Single style arrangement is the key to successful living room design similar type.
Practicality Each room area should be as comfortable as possible. If it is about the kitchen, then the stove, refrigerator and sink are set according to the triangle rule. After that, a place for a worker is determined zones Set headsets and other items.
Small zone the dining room A great place for her will be the area between kitchen and living room which forms a smooth transition. Table for dinner, effectively complement interior.
Interior highlight She will do design individual, emphasize the delicate taste of the owners. Non-standard-shaped objects, arches and sculptures are well suited for these purposes.
Original geometry An interesting option for its implementation is the finish. A podium, a ceiling consisting of several levels, will make interior unusual.
living room with dining area

Combining the living room with the dining room is a popular design solution to save space in the apartment.

Association Features

Combine kitchen with dining room and living room in a private house simple, as this can be done even when planning the future construction is being developed. This takes into account the size and shape the roomsarchitectural features houses. The decisive role in determining design ideas of interior plays the last factor.

kitchen living room design

This redevelopment is associated with partial or complete demolition of the wall. The room with furniture smoothly passes into the kitchen with a table.

If a room rectangular then inNear one of the walls is a working headset. Then comes the area designated for lunch. The living room is located opposite the place where cooking is done. In this case, the conducted zoning has no restrictions. It can be pronounced or almost imperceptible. In the latter case, one color and style are used for decoration.

rectangular kitchen living room dining room

Thus, it becomes possible to have a full dinner in the spacious dining room, you do not have to huddle in a small kitchen.

For complex shapes design conducted differently. It’s important to consider this point in order to room It turned out functional. The headset is located in a corner, it is modest in size. Moreover, its modification can be any: linear, L-shaped.

the interior of the kitchen combined with the living room

The peaceful coexistence of the living room and dining room in one room does not require blank partitions.

On the most spacious plot in the room is living room. Canteen, usually compact. It’s enough for her to install a piece of furniture that has a wide horizontal board and high legs, four or more stools. An island module or bar counter also looks good. They will be a great place to eat.

loft style living room

There may be a low bar between the kitchen and the dining table

Small-sized apartment: design features

If the redevelopment is carried out in a high-rise building, then before it starts, the permission of the relevant services is necessary. The main requirement is not to disturb the load-bearing walls and important structures of the building.

kitchen dining room

You can make a small opening that perfectly copes with the task.

In like the interior Be sure to equip a bar on the remaining wall. To do this, you need to strengthen the base, put the countertop in the required size. A wide arch consisting of columns looks no less original.

classic style kitchen living room

This will give the interior a luxurious look that "fits" into the classic style.

Modern design involves the presence of partitions. They are mobile type, easily and simply change the interior.

In small apartments the issue of expansion is relevant space. You can save space by using the windowsill located at the bottom of the window, if it is provided in room. On it is a countertop, which is the workplace on the kitchen. The only minus in this is that there is no way to install hanging cabinets. Therefore, you have to use functionally space which remains below.

design features of the living room kitchen

The dining area should be consistent in the style of decoration with the living room, but it can be brighter than it - juicy saturated colors stimulate the appetite.

You can visually expand the area by installing glass objects furniture. Transparent table and stools create an atmosphere of lightness. They are almost invisible, you may not even notice them. This idea is great for interior decoration decorated in the style of hi-tech, loft and others. Good decision will be any finish zones. If their color is different, then the texture and quality are the same.

living room and dining room in one room

Each area can be highlighted with a podium or multi-level ceiling.

The combination of style and comfort in the interior

Design decisions which are suitable for this case, a large number. All of them are interesting and diverse, will make a dream home. To determine which stop you should consider the size premises and taste preferences of the owners. Some styles are best used in spacious rooms others are suitable for small-sized design.

kitchen combined with living room

There are a number of areas that “fit in”, both in a modest kitchen and a large bright room.

Make dining room attractive will allow classic style. AT at home designed in this way, a luxurious atmosphere reigns. She mentally transfers to aristocratic times and you become the hero of the era. Carved furniture, jewelry and gold in the interior complement the direction.

palace style in the interior of the living room dining room

They become his main decoration.

Be sure to in the dining room:

  • Big round set table, covered with a tablecloth;
  • On the table flaunts a beautiful vase of flowers;
  • The chairs are upholstered in soft fabric;
  • AT the room good lighting, there are mirrors.
classic interior living room dining room and kitchen

Lighting will also help to highlight the dining area.


The main requirement for design similar layout, is unity. Finishing work is carried out using similar materials. For the floor is appropriate parquet board, laminate. A tree has many advantages. The main ones are associated with a beautiful appearance. The service life of the material is long.

separation of functional areas of the interior

The floor of two zones can be finished with excellent materials or one material of different colors.

Emphasize the cozy atmosphere in the room the mat will help. But it should not be integral for everything space. Therefore, it is better to abandon the carpet. Small mats are good for everyone. zones. Choosing them, you must be guided style upholstered furniture.

french living room dining room interior

Thinking over the interior of the dining room living room, proceed from the total area of ​​the combined rooms.

For decoration the walls paint, wood or plastic panels will do. Look original materials imitating stone, skin. It is appropriate to apply their different types: abstract, geometric or plant landscapes. If you use plain materialswill stand out furniture. She will be a great accent in the interior.

dividing a room into a living room and kitchen

To maintain harmony and unity, use all items in one style.

The choice of furniture huge. Most of it is well suited for such a layout. There are no limits to ideas. There are several items that must be mandatory. These include kitchen units and appliances, lunch furniture or a bar counter.

the interior of the living room of the dining room kitchen

The style of design of the dining room and living room areas may be different, but should overlap, be close.

Equipping the living room It is worth giving preference to a sofa and armchairs. They will provide a comfortable stay. In addition, a TV is installed, a wardrobe where things are stored. To decorate interior accessories will help: paintings, pillows, dishes and more. All this will create an atmosphere of comfort in the house.

Fireplace: how to use in the interior?

A fireplace is a great item the interior. With proper use, the fireplace is perfect for living room kitchen design. And it will be a common element for several zones.

fireplace in the interior of the living room dining room

A fireplace decorates the room and makes the atmosphere cozy, fills the house with warmth.

The fireplace looks good in a classic design premises. It takes up little space, has a magnificent view, creates an interesting effect. Setting it to apartment it is always original.

fireplace in the classic lounge dining room

Such an interior becomes unique.

Combination kitchen with dining room and living room not always provides for redevelopment. Many modern developers initially offer an area for the implementation of such ideas. The housing project already has the correct geometry and allows zoning. In this case, problems with the choice design will not arise.

living room interior with kitchen and fireplace

The options that can be implemented are many.

Making out living room dining room kitchen design, it is necessary not only to be guided by the general principles of arrangement, but also personal taste. This will allow you to make a beautiful, cozy place in apartment or private house.

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