Studio kitchen design: what to look for?

Union kitchens dining room and living room - great decision for small apartments. Therefore, it is often used in modern interiors. Studio Kitchen Design visually increases the modest size of housing. Open layout makes the space more functional, comfortable, fills with home comfort. It is necessary to think over it, starting from the stage layout. This is the only way to get one-piece and harmonious interior.

kitchen studio

Modern interiors simply have to be comfortable, so the design of the kitchen studio is becoming a priority more and more.

Well thought out layout is the key to rational organization of space and attractive the interior. Features are considered premises and the requirements of the owners.

It is necessary to determine:

  • Studio features space
  • The frequency and volume of cooked food;
  • The number of people who sit behind table for eating and so on.
kitchen studio in scandinavian style

Often the unification of space is the only way to create a truly beautiful and functional home.

It is also important to know whether to be used. kitchen studio for receiving guests, spending free time, performing lessons for children and more. It affects the look. premises in the future, the choice of ways zoninglocation of furniture and household appliances, decorating and lighting.

studio kitchen design

Cozy studio kitchen in a small apartment.

All places should be as useful as possible. It is better to refuse what will not be used. For example, furniture, objects, zones. If family dinner is not a tradition, then you can abandon the bulky table. An excellent replacement would be bar counter. It is comfortable, takes a minimum of space, pretends the rooms stylish.

eclectic kitchen design

Bold and bright red accents on the elements of the kitchen set look very organic in the overall interior.

To meet friends, choose a cafe, do not arrange home gatherings? In this case, there is no need for a living room, all space may occupy a bedroom with a working area. For fans of cooking, large sizes and a multifunctional kitchen set are suitable. Otherwise, it is enough to install a hob and a small countertop, the dimensions of which can be no more than 70 cm. It is convenient to cook on it, and it takes up a minimum of space.

set in the studio kitchen

A kitchen studio is an opportunity, having broken only one partition, to get a spacious room in which you don’t have to cram, preparing food, inviting friends for dinner or just gathering for a family dinner.

Design project of the studio kitchen must take into account all the details. Particular attention should be paid to communications. Changing the location of the sink must be carried out correctly. Since near the kitchen There is a bathroom, where is the point of water connection. A new location may require additional systems for communication to work stably and without problems.

studio kitchen layout

Thus, cooking does not turn out to be cut off from the family in a cramped kitchen.

If in the room there is a gas stove and water heater, partition or doors of a sliding design, then manipulations can only be carried out if there are regulatory requirements. Otherwise, problems will arise with the regulatory authority. Obtaining approval for redevelopment will be difficult. This situation is typical of old buildings. New homes mainly include the installation of an electric stove.

studio kitchen design

The partition is used to isolate the kitchen from the recreation area.

Space Organization Ideas

Good condition of interior for like layout is a smooth flow zones. At the same time, their functional significance is preserved, the boundaries are clearly traced. The latter are represented by two options: real and conditional. Their choice depends directly on the characteristics of the living space. When it comes to small-sized apartment then for her one option is enough.

studio kitchen zoning

Spacious rooms combine several zoning methods well.

Organize space possible using different tricks.

Ways to organize space Characteristic
Furniture This method is practiced in many styles. It is combined with color zoning the room. The bar counter copes with a similar task. She highlights the working partzone recreation structures. The color scheme will suit any: bright or calm. If toomnata small, then saturated tone should be on one the wall. Will complement interior correctly selected furniture color and textiles.
Colour decoration materials Mainly for flooring. Light shades will visually expand the workplace, and dark ones will give zone relaxation cosiness. As for the material, in the first case it is appropriate to use the tile. It is reliable, comfortable and does not require special care. In the second, the best option is a laminate or parquet.
Different gender levels It is used in rooms with high ceilings. Changing the level of space in them looks harmonious and safe. The method consists in raising the floor of the production part the rooms. Ergonomics explains it. zonesIt’s easier to go down with cooked food. Loss of height is sometimes hidden. This will help vertical cabinets, the surface of which is glossy.
Lighting Do not install one chandelier on the ceiling. Each zone must have its own lighting, which is regulated if necessary. Some bulbs look good. Suitable floor and wall lights. They are placed in zone relaxing, giving it a cozy atmosphere.
kitchen design zoning

Comfortable kitchen studio in a small apartment.

Kitchen: what should it be?

The modern market offers a large selection furniture. The kitchen set was no exception. It is presented in a large assortment. They differ in color, size, design features and other characteristics. Despite this, choose the right option for kitchen studios quite difficult. Great decision problems will become - a headset made to order. This will allow you to take into account individual characteristics. premises and customer requirements. It will be convenient to operate and stand more expensive than a standard set of cabinets.

studio kitchen design with a set

Spacious studio kitchen with white brickwork on the walls.

Built-in type is great the kitchen. It looks beautiful, compact, imperceptibly merges into interior. For its separation, plasterboard piers are used.

Mess on the kitchen - a frequent occurrence. Hide it with this method layout not so easy. Roomy headset cabinets will help in this. There should be many, and the size is large.

photo studio kitchen design

This will allow you to store every thing in its place, not litter the space.

You can create a harmonious and holistic picture of the headset using facades that are crushed to a minimum. It is better to install 2 long cabinets than standard 4. Kitchen modules should be wide.

The facade headset without handles is the best option for small housing. Opening lockers can be performed on a push-open basis. If it does not suit, then it is appropriate to use milled or profile handles on the facade.

white suite in the studio kitchen

Please note that a large glass table will also help visually increase the space, giving it lightness and airiness.

Tall cabinets are quite roomy, so they will be an excellent element in a small headset. In the second tier, you can put utensils, which are rarely used. The main advantages of this of furniture include functionality, neat appearance, lack of dust at the top, the original joint with the ceiling. Room visually, it seems much higher. To achieve a similar effect when installing a traditional headset, the ceiling level is lowered. This will allow him to harmoniously fit into the big picture. the interior.

bright kitchen studio

Pleasant colors in a small kitchen studio with natural decoration materials.

You can hide household appliances with tall cabinets-columns. In big indoors appropriate section, consisting of two pencil cases. She will put a fridge, a washing machine and kitchen utensils.

Furniture: table and stools

Choosing furniture for studios, it is worth giving preference to compact. Extendable table and folding sofa occupy a minimum of space, convenient to use. Possess the ability to increase in size. Transformable and mobile items of furniture - welle solution for this case.

studio kitchen furniture

The studio is actively remodeling one-room Khrushchevs and other unsuccessful apartments of the Soviet period with an uncomfortable layout, removing the partition that separates the hall from the kitchen.

A dinner table is best placed near the window. In the middle of the room you do not need to put it, so it will interfere. It should not block the passage between the zones of the room.

kitchen studio modern

The interior design of such apartments provides more opportunities for the implementation of ideas.

Advantages and disadvantages of planning

Like any other layout, Studio has advantages and disadvantages. The first include the presence of free space. In the room it is enough for easy movement. Kitchen studio won't let you get bored alone while cooking. This is a great opportunity to imagine yourself as a participant in a reality show and spend it with your relatives and friends right at home.

studio kitchen decoration

Such an atmosphere will not let you get bored in the evenings.

Besides the pros, kitchen studio has obvious cons. They must be considered when choosing layout. The main one is the spread of odors that accompany the cooking process. It turns out that cutlets are nicer to sniff in a plate than in a pan. The smell of fried oil soaks textiles, upholstery of furnitureclothes.

studio kitchen interior

The combined studio rooms with the kitchen become more spacious, and thanks to the arrangement of the functional areas it is also more convenient.

Another important drawback is the good visibility of the working zones. It is necessary to ensure that the dishes are always washed and stood in their place. Otherwise, not only on the kitchen but also living room there will be a mess.

studio kitchen design

Even a tiny space can be made convenient if you follow the basic principles of design of such premises.

Lots of space and few partitions

Kitchen studio assumes free space in indoors. Walls basically only the carriers, the rest are cleaned. Realizing this idea in new buildings is simple.

studio kitchen interior

Old houses have a limited area, which complicates the repair process.

It is necessary to remember the following points.

  • Redevelopment should be carried out with the permission of the relevant organizations.
  • Compilation design project best left to professionals. They know the features and subtleties of this document, which will avoid problems in the future.
  • Square kitchen studios big one. It is appropriate to attach part of the corridor and the living room.
  • Be sure to install a powerful hood. It should effectively eliminate various odors generated during cooking.
  • Trivia is an important component the interior. They will help to get beautiful design, harmoniously combine it with the overall picture of the apartment.
studio kitchen

Kitchen with living room should be a continuation of each other. Too sharp a transition between different zones should not be done.

Basically, to do this layoutconnect kitchen and living room. This is a great opportunity to expand their area. The main thing is to get permission to carry out such work.

kitchen and living room in a studio apartment

Do not clutter up the space, there should be a feeling of spaciousness, freedom, volume of air, light.

Main elements

This option layout has a number of characteristic features. There are elements that complement interior, his personality is emphasized. The main one is bar counter. It is used not only for the purpose of zoning premises but also decorations the interior. 

bar counter in the studio kitchen

The bar counter successfully complements the kitchen area, making it stylish.

To create a cozy atmosphere in the house will help the fireplace. Harmoniously, he looks in indoors with a large area. It is presented by different models. This makes it possible to choose the option that will meet the requirements of the owners and is well suited to to the interior.To highlight zones in the room equip the podium. Given decision modern, it brings a touch of originality to design. In small rooms it can be used to store kitchen utensils.

studio kitchen design ideas

Installing built-in appliances in the kitchen-studio will save space, make the interior seamless, neat.

Reduces odor spread by apartment established partition. It is made from drywall or glass. It is used to separate from the general zone spaces sleep Plasterboard niches serve as a decorative element.At arrangement of interior Do not forget about the ceiling. He plays an important role in room design. It can be made more interesting due to multi-level constructions.

ceiling in the studio kitchen

They will revive the interior, and he will sparkle with new colors.

Make beautiful and functional studio kitchen design not difficult. Thinking over the project, it is necessary to remember the main points that are important for such layout. These include spaciousness, convenience, beautiful views and a cozy atmosphere.

modern studio kitchen design

If you wish, you can combine several different directions at once, creating a unique design, but, most importantly, do not forget about comfort and functionality.

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