Kitchen design in a wooden house with stylistic options

Interior design in modern houses made of timber - great opportunities for creative self-realization. A special place is the kitchen, where not only furniture and decor are important, but also a special atmosphere, where I would like to stay with guests in a confidential conversation until late at night. The design of the kitchen in a wooden house should not look archaic and heavy. Therefore, it is important to choose a style in which the properties of wood will be played out in the best way.

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the kitchen in a wooden house

The kitchen in a wooden house should be simple and cozy

version of a light kitchen design in a wooden house

A wooden house offers great opportunities for embodying interesting ideas

An example of a beautiful kitchen interior in a wooden house

Think over the design of the kitchen in advance and consider all the features of the room

Properties of wood in interior design

Natural wood is an excellent ecological material, distinguished by a special aesthetics. When it comes to choosing finishes for the kitchen, many find houses and city apartments with painting, tiling or washable wallpaper. Well-treated wood means:

  • construction material;
  • wall and ceiling decoration;
  • Wall decor in a wooden house.

Inexperienced it seems that the wood is monotonous, but each breed has its own shades and unique texture. For example, chocolate shades of wenge or black ebony contrast favorably with stripes or maroon birch. These combinations look better against the background of light walls - they build houses most often from pine. Wooden furniture, decor and textiles must be carefully selected for the design of the kitchen - in a wooden house made of timber.

Making adjoining rooms, you do not need to think about the conformity of the material. Visually, many wood species are in harmony even without interior doors. Cladding with clapboard or timber is an excellent solution for a stone house in the private sector. With a beautiful cladding, even an unsuccessful layout does not require special refinement.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of kitchen in a wooden house

Wooden walls give the room warmth and coziness

version of a light style kitchen in a wooden house

Natural wood is an excellent ecological material with a special aesthetics.

The texture of the tree creates a special impression, so the furniture should organically fit into your space. This material feels powerful energy. Each kitchen interior in a wooden house has a special aura. Any room seems warm and welcoming, as in the photo.

We must not forget about the shortcomings of wood.

  1. It is a living material that has some linear expansion with excess moisture.
  2. In a dry room, the wood dries.
  3. The new house shrinks for a long time, do not rush to finish with stone, metal and other stable materials.
  4. Without proper treatment, mushrooms can grow in the moist, unventilated corners or mold.
  5. Even with special impregnation, wood remains a dangerous material subject to burning.
  6. Heating appliances need to be enclosed with something so that there is no ignition.
  7. Wood, like cladding, takes up part of the usable area.
  8. The excellent texture has a rough pattern, it becomes smooth and practical after grinding and opening with varnish.
An example of an unusual kitchen interior in a wooden house

Furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior of a wooden house

variant of a bright kitchen design in a wooden house

The tree has many features, they need to be considered when decorating the house.

an example of a beautiful kitchen decor in a wooden house

The kitchen in a wooden house seems warm and welcoming

Plastic and chrome-plated facades of cabinets rarely succeed in organically fitting into the interior of a kitchen in a chopped house; it is better to take furniture with veneer in solid wood or veneer.

Tip. In order not to overdry the wood, put the stove, fireplace and electric heaters closer to the ventilation, heating radiators - 15-20 cm from the walls.

When arranging, do not forget that when shrinking a new wooden building, excessive tension may occur in the communications. Therefore, it is better to take flexible plastic with some sagging. These recommendations apply to ventilation and an electrical cable that is insulated in a special polymer corrugation. Pipes are conveniently hidden behind the skirting board or furniture.

idea of ​​a bright kitchen interior in a wooden house

Furniture is better to choose from a natural tree

variant of a light decor of a kitchen in a wooden house

Heaters are best placed away from walls

The tree absorbs light - it is recommended to equip the local lighting in the kitchen. A well-lit interior of a kitchen in a house made of timber with point diodes is practical, fashionable, stylish and economical.

You can choose a minimalist interior, retro, ethnic or environmental, but on the condition that communications and kitchen appliances fit perfectly organically. This is a difficult task even for professional designers, you need to disguise the refrigerator and other equipment when the design relied on archaic.

There should be no problems with the interior of a modern kitchen-living room in a wooden house if you choose the right furniture.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen design in a wooden house

There should be enough light in the kitchen

an example of an unusual style of kitchen in a wooden house

Use spotlights, it's fashionable and economical

version of a beautiful kitchen design in a wooden house

Furniture in the kitchen is better to choose from wood

Practical tips for choosing the design of kitchens in the log house

The issues of arrangement and design are of concern to many owners of wooden houses, including light prefabricated structures and a traditional log cabin. The interior design of a wooden kitchen is a great field for experimentation; you can make a kitchen of your “dream”. Experts say that not everything has been invented yet, but there is plenty to choose from.

  1. To make the room for cooking and eating in perfect harmony with the natural beauty of wood, it is better to choose a style where it remains basic. Ethnic varieties of European country, decor under the Russian tower (mansions, chambers), the simplicity of the hut - to choose from. The Russian stove can be replaced with imitation or a hearth in some other form.
  2. When building a house from natural timber, there are always a lot of scraps. Smooth cut, beam boards are recommended to be used as a decor in the design of a kitchen in a log house. In a special way, you can arrange a stylized bar, window sill or supports for the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Everything should emphasize the design concept.
  3. If you want more light - choose a light shade of textured wood. To get a juicy color, it is better to take a stain (other coloring impregnations). There are also compounds to brighten the logs or so to process with matte varnish without shine, preserving the natural texture of wood.
  4. You can choose the classics in a wooden house, where they decided to move away from ethnic and archaic canons. Experts recommend covering with smooth wooden shields or gypsum board as the basis for wallpaper for painting.
  5. Wooden beams look spectacular against the white ceiling. This technique is often used in the style of Provence and the East European dwelling, in a Swiss house made of chalet stone, as well as in some modern styles. Today, beams on the white ceiling is a trend in the interior of the kitchen-living room from a bar. They go well with a light countertop or white tablecloths, as is customary in country style.
    idea of ​​a bright style kitchen in a wooden house

    Interior design of a wooden kitchen - a great field for experimentation

    an example of a light style kitchen in a wooden house

    The tree looks very harmonious in modern style

  6. Natural wood and stone are an excellent duo for cladding. From metal, designers suggest choosing accessories and lamps made of bronze or copper (not silver and chrome fittings).Sets of furniture with such a finish favorably emphasize the originality of the log house.
  7. Wood can be painted in any color, but not everyone will look good in the interior of the kitchen - in the country or in a large wooden house. It is better to choose muted natural tones that emphasize the eco-friendly material of the building.
  8. When choosing a shade of wood, it is important to maintain a balance in the ratio “floor - wall - ceiling”. Traditionally, a dark bottom and a light top create a feeling of reliability, solidity and solidity. Any extravagant decision should be conceptually justified. For example, a black insert on the ceiling, imitating an open starry sky, or a mirror design for the visual expansion of space, and not just a dark top.
  9. The small kitchen of a wooden house is visually more difficult to expand than a room in a panel house, but the same design “finds” work. A little functional compact furniture (preferably built-in, custom-made) and kitchen utensils hidden behind the facades. There should be a wide passage between pieces of furniture at any footage of the kitchen.

Indoor plants and handmade décor look good in the ethnic interior or retro kitchen. In most styles that play around the design of a wooden house, hand-made things look great. These are knitted tablecloths and embroidered napkins, lace curtains, pillows and handmade covers on soft seats in the patchwork style, as in the photo.

An example of an unusual kitchen decor in a wooden house

Retro style would be a great solution for such a house.

An example of a bright kitchen style in a wooden house

Use small and functional furniture in small rooms.

variant of the unusual design of the kitchen in a wooden house

In extreme cases, the tree can be painted

Features of planning and zoning

Facing from "living material" has its own characteristics. On the walls for several years, resin may appear, the wood may be slightly curved at the final stage of drying or even crack. It is advisable to beat the natural properties of pine, as a building and finishing material, without trying to veil.

Tip. If in a visible place a specific “defect” has formed, leave it as it is, this has its own highlight. Better deal with functional areas.



Stove, oven, hearth

Consider thermal insulation so that the walls do not ignite from heating, an exhaust hood is important, if the Russian stove is a heat source, it must be laid out in accordance with all rules, in order to avoid smoke


Food Cutting Point

Place between the stove and the sink, the wall (kitchen apron) under the lining with washable materials, next to the closed door for cleaning



The most convenient (wide, shallow, does not disperse splashes from the water, does not make noise), near the work plane and a place for drying dishes


Food Storage

Refrigerator, cabinets for cereals and bulk products, places for a minimum supply of vegetables, everything in the working area


Dining and guest area

Dining room set or comfortable tabletop with chairs, couch with table seats, placement away from the hearth and sink

The table shows how to position key points. The design of the kitchen in a wooden house may vary, depending on how the sets are displayed - cabinet furniture, a dining table and equipment.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen decor in a wooden house

The tree has its own characteristics, so they must be taken into account when planning the kitchen

An example of a bright kitchen interior in a wooden house

If you adhere to the general rules, then in the end everything will turn out beautifully and conveniently

Built-in furniture is considered the most convenient, but this is possible after years of shrinkage. Ready-made kits can be arranged in different ways, depending on the number of stationary units:

  • linear arrangement;
  • angular;
  • U-shaped;
  • parallel;
  • island.

Equipment and decor should emphasize the functionality of each zone and the room itself. An isolated kitchen combined with a dining room, living room or a glazed veranda should be equipped in its own way. Sometimes limited to a small window in the wall to transmit cooked food, or fenced off by a bar.

For visual zoning, gradation of levels is often used - a favorite technique of many designers. Small podium, steps, flooring or approach - all this delimits the place for cooking and relaxation.

In modern projects, the kitchen with dining room and living room occupy a common room on the ground floor of the house. From here, a wooden staircase leads upstairs, where bedrooms are usually furnished.

variant of the unusual style of the kitchen in a wooden house

Equipment and decor should emphasize the functionality of each zone and the room itself

example of a light kitchen design in a wooden house

The kitchen combined with the dining room is equipped in its own way.

idea of ​​a light decor of a kitchen in a wooden house

Zoning in the kitchen plays an important role

Examples of stylistic decisions

Not every style is appropriate in the log house, but every nation has the secrets of a well-maintained wooden house. The most suitable for modern stylization are many varieties of country (rural style in different countries).

  1. French Provence is considered the most sophisticated for the cuisine, it combines rustic simplicity, aristocratic chic and romance of the Mediterranean coast. In the Russian version, it is not necessary to add decor with lavender sprigs, olives and a Gallic rooster. Ready-made furniture sets in Provence style are easy to find in different catalogs.
  2. Minimalism has already become a “classic” of the twentieth century, where convenience, asceticism and the rejection of many small things are praised. In such a house there should be a lot of light and free space, all kitchen utensils are hidden behind the sliding doors of the cabinets with almost no decoration. The most expressive are Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. Eastern philosophy and the concept of home improvement is not suitable for everyone. The Scandinavian version is becoming increasingly popular in the interior of the kitchen-living room in a wooden house of our latitudes.
  3. The sweet good retro, with its nostalgia for village childhood and the general socialization of the Soviet era, has its followers. The design of a new house is not so easy to sustain in the spirit of the past century, but it will be comfortable for representatives of three generations. The main thing is not to spoil the impression with decor in the spirit of pop art or social art, but to introduce the trends of the new millennium.
  4. Art Nouveau has the right to exist in a wooden building, but do not forget that there is an established canon of the beginning of the twentieth century and modern postmodernism. Each of them is apparently quite recognizable, but the names of these directions are often confused. Such a design is best entrusted to specialists.
  5. Today, many architects and designers choose a chalet or a Swiss house in the Alps as a ready-made model. Everything is thought out here, much of the decor and decoration echoes the traditional Russian log house. The chalet is a typical representative of the European country; a house made of timber and stone is most often built in 2-3 floors. Upstairs, instead of the attic, they often equip a guest area with a fireplace and upholstered furniture. It is typical for decor to leave massive beams under the ceiling. Armchairs and sofa are decorated with armchairs and dressed sheepskins; they also replace rugs underfoot. In construction and decoration, stone, which is always abundant in the Alps, is welcomed.
  6. This style has much in common with the English house. Foggy Albion is often damp and cold, so a fireplace and warm rugs made of natural wool have always been in preference. This style combines purely English conservatism, classical canons, Victorian aristocracy and European country. There is an excellent opportunity to experiment with the interior of a British-style log cabin kitchen.
  7. The style of the American ranch is another kind of rustic chic. This style has its centuries-old foundations, but the emphasis is on comfort. Americans anywhere in the country do not live in isolation from the benefits of civilization. They have prefabricated plywood-panel houses, but even in the desert there is water from the well, power from a generator and solar panels, there is Internet and satellite TV.Typically cowboy decor completes the overall impression of American comfort and comfort.
  8. In the southern latitudes, our designers also practice other types of country for wooden buildings. This style of bungalow, Mediterranean and Greek (with echoes of antiquity), each has its own characteristic features. In our Black Sea region and the warm Mediterranean, it is not customary to leave the walls like in a log house; from time immemorial they have been stuccoed with clay and lime and chalk.
variant of a beautiful style of kitchen in a wooden house

Choose the style of the kitchen is not a problem

idea of ​​unusual design of a kitchen in a wooden house

French Provence is considered the most refined for cuisine

If you wish, you can borrow any ethno-idea or a characteristic country decor. Walls are easier to plaster with plasterboard for painting, whitewashing or wallpaper. The last habit - to object to the style of "Russian tower", which previously served as a decorative stylization. There are other ideas for designing a kitchen in a wooden house - our photo gallery will help!

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