Country style kitchen design in a city apartment

Lovers of nostalgia in the "stone jungle" for their village childhood are increasingly choosing country style kitchen design. This setting is characterized by an amazing hospitable atmosphere where you want to spend hours preparing home-cooked meals and taking welcome guests with a cup of tea or coffee. The room, designed according to all the canons of the chosen style, has its own unshakable rules. Even if it's a rustic flavor, it’s important interior make by the rules to make the present country - The very embodiment of home comfort and warmth.

country cuisine

"Natural", "rustic", warm and homely, many epithets can be chosen to the style of country in the interior.

Features of style in the interior of the kitchen

The country-style apartment is an amazing place where there is peace and tranquility, where you want to quickly return from a noisy metropolis. Although the city panorama and traffic noise may interfere with this, all this can be solved. Double-glazed windows have good sound insulation, and curtains made of colored fabrics that transmit light well hide the gray industrial area behind the glass.

country kitchen interior

Eco-materials, which form the basis of the concept of country style, look the best in rooms that are endowed with a semantic load and a utilitarian character.

Well thought out country style kitchen design will help to abandon the bustle of the city and quietly enjoy the time spent with family and pets.

country style kitchen

The kitchen area is the center of home ownership, its heart.

Country style kitchen interior design differs in laconicism and simplicity, this is the embodiment of rustic "exotic" and home comfort. Village style is embodied in different ways in different countries.


1. France Provence style or Provencal style.
2. Italy Tuscan style with notes of Mediterranean color.
3. Russia The styles “Russian tower” and “Russian hut” are distinguished.
4. Ukraine Slavic hut with embroidered towels.
5. America American country with mexican elements.
6. Switzerland The setting of a mountain house in the Alps or a chalet (shepherd's house).
7. Austria Tyrolean house is similar to a chalet with German elements.
8. Japan Typical Japanese minimalism or the hermit's house.
9. Norway Scandinavian minimalism with fish and deer motifs.

All these styles are colorful and recognizable, although very different, they are united by one common feature - rustic simplicity, without excesses and fanaticism. The word "country" itself is translated as "rustic" or provincial "(from" Provence "). Therefore, a little rough handmade furniture made of natural wood, forging and ceramic dishes are selected.

kitchen country photo

It is important to equip the kitchen with maximum comfort and ergonomics, creating an atmosphere that will inspire the preparation of culinary masterpieces, and serve as a gathering place for the whole family.

In modern interpretation kitchen country interiors often not only rarities are used, but all kinds of hand made products:

  • Quilted rugs and blankets in the style of patchwork;
  • Crocheted openwork tablecloths and napkins;
  • Wicker baskets and baskets;
  • Seat cushions with cross stitch;
  • Wood carving as molding on the cabinet doors;
  • Hand-sewn curtains with ruffles, pleats and garters;
  • Linen covers for old chairs;
  • Knitted seat covers for stools;
  • Dry bouquets of wildflowers and "immortals";
  • Garlic and onion knitters;
  • Countertops made of solid wood;
  • Hand-painted ceramic plates (on walls or open shelves);
  • Dried herbs in bunches hung from the ceiling, etc.
kitchen country photo

You can even organize a modern kitchen interior with country-style elements even to a novice designer or homeowner who wants to create a warm, cozy atmosphere of intimacy with nature.

Attention! The modern "country" accepts old and new things in one setting. But this refined and homely cozy style should not mix the colors of different countries, ethnic cultures or signs of different continents. It is necessary to adhere to any one recognizable line.

Designers and decorators sometimes add real antiques “from the grandmother’s chest” to the kitchen or even the chests themselves, which are upgraded to the kitchen cabinet. These and other elements create thatthe unique atmosphere, because of which it is claimed in a special way at home country style kitchen interior. In it, even modern kitchen appliances are lost against a colorful decor, although it is customary to hide it.

country kitchen interior

A country-style kitchen design allows you to add a rustic touch to your home, create an atmosphere of lightness, simplicity, restore peace and help you relax.

However, such design both functional and organic, based on natural materials, shades and textures. Perhaps this is exactly what your dream kitchen should be like in real a photo.

How to start equipping a country-style kitchen: expert advice

The birthplace of this style is America. In Europe, Provence, chalet and the style of the Russian hut remain the most colorful and consistent with rural life. They have been worked out many times by eminent designers to make it easier to build a concept kitchen interior under the present country.

kitchen country ideas

Country style is moral freedom, the absence of artificial restrictions and frameworks in which we are forced to spend most of the day.

This style is for those who love home gatherings and the cooking process. Basic elements country style kitchens - hearth and dining table.

If the family decided to have lunch and dinner in the kitchen for heart-to-heart talk, country is the best choice of style. When building a rustic interior, even in a small Khrushchev kitchen, it is important to equip a eating area.

country style kitchen interior

The interior of the country-style kitchen is the choice of those who want to relax, take a break from the bustle of the city.

Tip. Even if you have a kitchenette (instead of a traditional dining table with chairs), you can give this place a specific flavor. This place can be decorated with wall decor in the dining area, wrought iron lamps, “simple” dishes.

Natural materials in the decoration - a conceptual basis country style kitchen interior with echoes of a rustic lifestyle. Today no one makes plaster clay, does not whitewash walls with chalk, but the modern alternative - finished plaster and white acrylic paint - will successfully cope with this task.

country kitchen interior ideas

This style does not like anything bright, artsy, brilliant.

Against the background of walls imitating whitewashing, wood and stone look advantageous, even if it is a budget synthetic replacement. Once wood and stone in the countryside were the most affordable building materials, they were also used in decoration.

country kitchen finishes

Natural materials and country style are inseparable.

Contemporary kitchen decoration ideas

A hearth kitchen is the heart of any household. In earlier times, in different countries, rustic kitchen was decorated with a Russian stove, a large fireplace with tiled tiles or a hearth with a ceramic hood.Today everyone in the apartment has a gas stove with an extractor hood, a microwave oven or an electric stove.

imitation stove in a country kitchen

The use of wood and stone allows you to create a recognizable home interior rustic style.

It is advisable to stylize the place for heat treatment of food as a rustic stove or to build a false fireplace where household appliances can be placed. Facing with a suitable tile will help, for example, a tile in a flower, and the contour of the "furnace" under the "wild stone".

country kitchen decoration

Currently, stone finishing has become more affordable, economically, a variant of surface cladding.

Today, the task of moisture-proof flooring will be perfectly handled by linoleum or a protected laminate with a pattern for wood texture. The ceiling is also best designed as simple as possible, with an imitation of whitewash. More stylized country style kitchen design complement wooden beams or their hollow imitation.

beams in a country kitchen

Beams with voids inside can decorate communications, hold an electric cable and other wires.

Although the calling card of the style is echoes of rural life, “clumsy” work is inappropriate here. Rough rustic texture - as much as you like. Unprocessed wood of a natural form and weaving from a vine can be used on the high backs of chairs and any decor. Laconic beauty will add an openwork tablecloth (no oilcloths!) And a porcelain vase with a dry bouquet or wildflowers (according to season).

country kitchen design

When decorating a country-style kitchen, natural shades are usually used: earth, bark, sand, leaves, grass, wheat field, stones, sky and clouds.

If there is a desire and imagination, you can fill kitchen interier under modern countrygive it a specific French charm or recreate the atmosphere from your village childhood. Of course, this is done with real "retro-replicas" in the form of natural wood trim, antique furniture and textiles from the grandmother's chest.

Layout of urban cuisine under a rustic country

Rural houses in Europe and America were built on a grand scale, where there was a lot of free space. City apartments, in contrast to village houses, are deprived of footage, especially Khrushchev’s cuisines. But there is much in common between the layout of a private house and a studio apartment, where the kitchen area is combined with the living room.

country kitchen in the studio

A country-style kitchen studio is ideal, as in the photo.

If the kitchen is not distinguished by an abundance of light and free space in the aisles, do not abandon this idea. Carefully selected decor and means of visual expansion of space compensate for this drawback.

Important! The only things worth refusing are mirrors and glossy surfaces that are inappropriate in country style.

windows in country kitchen

There are no restrictions on the arrangement of furniture.

The kitchen should have small windows, but without plastic frames and bright lighting. Better wooden frames, and if plastic, then laminated for wood.

Soft diffused light, stylish antique lamps with frosted bulbs will be the best solution, regardless of the size of the kitchen. For the country style, they also select large lampshades to imitate hand made - from wooden sticks and a wicker made of twigs that hang over the dining table.

country kitchen decor

The basis of the style is finishing materials. They should be only natural, in extreme cases - imitate natural ones.

In the spacious kitchen, you can offer the layout of the island, when in the center of the room there is a work desk with a stove and hood. A large dining table with chairs can also be placed in the center, especially when a large family often gathers in this place.

Country-style kitchen furniture

Let us recall the situation in the village houses of our grandmothers. There were benches and chests, shelves and a sideboard instead of cabinets or sideboards, but today you need to place household appliances and supplies somewhere. The appearance of the refrigerator, stove and sink should look simple and neat, without chrome and glossy surfaces. There shouldn’t be many traditional kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets.

set in the country kitchen

Modern household appliances with chrome surfaces and elements look great on a wood background.

Open modern furniture in the form of whatnots or shelving is more preferable. Niches and compartments can be filled with stylized items:

  • Wicker baskets and baskets;
  • Antique kitchen utensils;
  • Ceramic dishes;
  • Souvenirs and handmade decor.

You can buy ready-made furniture in the country style, which is offered in an assortment of catalogs. But it should not occupy the main space - a linear kitchen set along the walls or 1 equipped corner. Behind the wooden facades (or imitation) are hidden modern appliances for quick cooking, with their buttons, displays and chrome handles.

country style headset

A country-style kitchen design involves an apron made of stone, brick or tile.

Tip. It is better to abandon two-row models, preferring open top shelves instead of bulky cabinets. Choose "cuisine "in country style with open shelves and cabinets to fill them with colorful rustic dishes.

Palette for rustic cuisine

The choice of basic shades to create an interior country style kitchens Depends on the main stylistic direction. The open fields of Provence are characterized by lavender fields, olive groves and Mediterranean shores.

color headset country

The color scheme in this case should include these shades in the decoration.

If the decoration of the kitchen is averaged, without territorial reference, it is better to choose the shades that are associated with rural childhood:

  • White;
  • Lactic;
  • Yellow;
  • Beige;
  • Sand;
  • Terracotta;
  • Brown;
  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Gray;
  • Crimson.
country kitchen interior

Kitchens with walls covered with stucco or painted in bright colors look very attractive.

The basis of the country palette is calm, muted shades of natural tones. It is better to stick to a combination of 3-4 colors from cold or warm colors with 1-2 bright accents in the decor. Variegated chintz on curtains and a fabric tablecloth may be the only way to “dilute” a calm palette. Country style curtains are a cage, peas, a thin strip, floral motifs and other classic color patterns.

country kitchen design

All shades should be in harmony with the primary color of the wood.

The main background is white walls or washable wallpaper with a small floral pattern. Dark wood flooring or stone tiles give the impression of solidity and stability. A light ceiling will "open" the limited space of a city apartment.

country kitchen in the apartment

The shape of the furniture should be as simple as possible, even somewhat rude.

Textiles and accessories in the country-style of the kitchen interior

Country is a style for those who love needlework but don’t know where to put their masterpieces. If you look at the best examples of real rural life, there were some curtains, tablecloths and handmade napkins there.

country kitchen decor

The design of a country-style kitchen involves the use of a large number of small decorative items that are very useful and appropriate at hand.

Today, the fashion for fillet crochet is returning - the pattern is formed from filling empty square windows. Cellular knitted curtains will become an exclusive decoration of your country style kitchens.

On open shelves, it is advisable to lay napkins with a crocheted lace border. Kitchen corner will be decorated with sofa pillows with cross-stitch; roses were in fashion 50 years ago.

country kitchen decor examples

Tapestries and handmade framed embroidery and other home-made paintings on textiles are a great addition to your stylish kitchen.

We carefully selected photo examples of interiors that reflect the inimitable atmosphere in this colorful style to inspire visitors to the site.

VIDEO: Examples of the design of a country-style kitchen.

50 options for the original design of a country-style kitchen:

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