Design of a studio apartment series P44T

The project of designing an apartment from the p44t series can hardly be called a designer's dream, because the flight of his imagination is strictly limited here. All walls with such a layout of the house are load-bearing, and it is not possible to demolish them, as well as make openings between rooms.

Interior of a modern room in odnushka of a panel house of the p44t series

The modern design of a one-room apartment is quite comfortable housing with a fairly large space

However, in the reserve of professionals there are other options that can turn the design project of a typical one-room apartment into stylish and comfortable apartments, where even one room will be enough.

Bed on the podium in the design of a studio apartment

For cramped spaces, the use of combination furniture is appropriate, for example, a podium bed with drawers for storage

Redesign for any occasion

Families are completely different, and the one-room apartment of the p44t series can easily adapt to any of its residents thanks to the fairly simple zoning techniques used by the designers of their projects.

Family Zoning option Project
1 person Bedroom, living room, workplace
  • We connect the loggia to the room with the help of a wide aperture, put several armchairs in it.
  • As a partition between the bedroom and the living room, we use a through rack.
  • Move the partition between the kitchen and the bathroom, creating a niche for washing and a refrigerator.
  • We mow down the corner of the bathroom to expand both its area and the area of ​​the hallway.
  • We will install a built-in wardrobe in the corridor.
A young couple Large living room, small bedroom, dressing room
  • We attach the loggia to the living room.
  • We install the bed at the far wall of the room, in front of it we place a light partition that visually separates it from the main room.
  • In the corner of the bedroom we install a computer table and a bookcase.
  • Due to the passage between the kitchen and the corridor, we extend the bathroom.
  • In the corridor we organize a dressing room, where we install racks and a washing machine.
Family with two children Nursery, study place, adult bedroom
  • We buy furniture for children, either two-tier, or transforming models.
  • We arrange a study area on the site of the former balcony. In this case, the window sill can be converted into a convenient bookcase, additionally zoning the room.
  • The adult bedroom is separated by a sliding partition.
  • We put a sofa in the kitchen.
  • We join the tiles and parquet diagonally to give the space of the apartment dynamics.
Mom with two children Nursery, study place, living room
  • The living room in combination will be the mother’s bedroom, so we put a folding sofa in this room.
  • For children we buy a bunk bed.
  • Separate the children's bedroom from the living room with an open shelf.
  • In the living room we are equipping a dressing room hidden behind a partition.
  • Expanding the kitchen. Due to the bathroom, we put a sofa in it.
  • We have places for cooking along the opposite wall of the kitchen.
Family with one adult child Adult bedroom, children's room, study room, living room
  • We separate the adult bedroom with a sliding transformer partition, capable of changing its position.
  • The rest of the room and the balcony are allocated for the child.
  • We arrange a living room in the kitchen. We expand it due to the space of the bathroom, put a sofa and a TV.
Scheme of redevelopment of a studio apartment for one person

Layout for one person: the room is divided by a television stand into the dressing room and sofa area.Capacious storage system and visually open space appear

Redevelopment of a room of a one-room apartment with allocation of a sleeping area

In this version there is a private sleeping area with a spacious double bed.

Layout of a one-room apartment in for two people

Layout for two: the apartment receives a bedroom, a living room, and a large wardrobe

Redevelopment of a studio apartment series for a young family with a child

Layout for a family with a child: the room is divided into three miniature but separate areas - a nursery, a bedroom and a living room

Layout of furniture in a one-room apartment of a panel house

The room has a bedroom and a living room: you can quite comfortably accommodate both guests and yourself

Loft Design

The main idea of ​​house design, which we will be guided by in this project, is the creation of a loft interior, divided into a bedroom and a living room, in a one-room apartment.

Typical design of a studio apartment with a glass partition

Layout "odnushki" in the style of a loft

As a border, we use a glass translucent partition. This option will visually separate one part of the room from another, but it will not take up much space and will not burden the design of an already small space. In addition, this approach to redevelopment of the house greatly simplifies life, because the installation of a glass partition does not require special permissions for the design of an apartment in the p44t series.

Glass partition in a studio apartment in a panel house of the p44t series

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a light translucent glass partition


For wall decoration, it is worth choosing light colors and rough textures: gray plaster and simple white wallpapers are ideal here. In this case, one or more walls can be distinguished by brick or its imitation. This decoration option will emphasize the style of the loft in your apartment.

Brick wall in the design of a studio apartment in the loft style

For the loft style, the perfect combination of aged brick with plastered walls in light shades

White brick wall in the design of a studio apartment

If the room seems too dark for you, just change the color of the brick to light

For the floor, it is better to stay in gray tones. This option is quite light, but not as easily soiled as white. In the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the corridor, tiles will be quite appropriate, and the laminate will fit well into the living room.

Design of a living room in a one-room apartment of a panel house

Gray laminate on the floor to match the overall design of the living room

There is no need to worry about the decoration of the ceiling of the house in this project, because it is enough just to restore it a bit. Stucco molding and complex tension structures - this is definitely not about an apartment in the loft style.

Loft style corridor design in a studio apartment

The corridor is small, but it contains all the necessary furniture


Simple and ergonomic furniture designs are what distinguish this style and slightly bring it closer to minimalism. And for the project of a small apartment of the p44t series, this is especially true.

Brick wall in the interior of a studio apartment in the loft style

A coffee table and a TV in front of the sofa, and on the left is a place for work or study

Bookcase in the design of a studio apartment in a panel house of the p44t series

Large enough closet

The bedroom area in a studio apartment after redevelopment

Behind the glass partition is a comfortable double bed.

The kitchen set should be as functional as possible: nothing more, and everything you need. The game of contrasts of the dark bottom and the light top will look interesting. Such a design will make the interior of the kitchen project airy and light, visually expand and “raise” the room.

DIY kitchen interior in a studio apartment

A small kitchen should be functional and beautiful above all.

Kitchen design in apartment P44T after redevelopment

Dining table in front of the window

The bathroom is also that part of the house where experiments with color combinations are possible. A combination of two contrasting tiles or bright furniture against a gray tile will look very stylish.

Bathroom design in a one-room apartment of a panel house

The interior of the bathroom is made in tiles of two colors - white and gray

Shower and washing machine in the bathroom of a studio apartment

Wood furniture serves as an accent in the design of the bathroom

The small one-room apartment of the p44t series is not a reason to deny yourself the comfort and stylish interior of the house. Simple methods of zoning and options for easy redevelopment, even in such conditions, can work real miracles. A fashionable loft style will ideally fit into the design of a small but comfortable house or apartment.

Combined bathroom of a studio apartment in a panel house

The design option of the bathroom in an ecological style

Fireplace under the TV in the living room of a studio apartment

Instead of the usual furniture under the TV, you can place an electric fireplace

The interior of the kitchen of a studio apartment in the loft style

Urban style in the design of the kitchen

Design an entrance hall with a slate board in a one-room apartment

Slate board on the wall in the hallway

Balcony design in a studio apartment after redevelopment

Balcony decoration

Video: recommendations for the repair of a kitchen in an apartment of the P44 series

Photos of the interiors of one-room apartments series P44T

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