Design project kitchen. What is important to consider when designing?

Any room needs repair after some time, especially when it’s a kitchen. Here, surfaces are most susceptible to fouling from vapors, burns and grease suspensions after cooking. You can order a specialist design project of the kitchen or do it yourself. It is possible to make the most visited place in a private house or city apartment more modern, comfortable and functional, taking into account all the components of a stylish kitchen interior.

Each housewife is more pleased to cook in the kitchen, which is not only equipped with everything necessary, the general design concept is important. So, where do we start developing kitchen design? How to miss nothing in the interior, given all the important components.

variant of a light dining room design project

Thinking over the design of the kitchen, consider the features of the room

An example of a beautiful kitchen style project

Surfaces must not be contaminated by cooking

variant of a bright dining room interior design

The kitchen must be modern and functional.



Design idea.

It should reflect the lifestyle of the owners, tastes and preferences, dreams and desires.


The layout of the kitchen.

We take into account the filling with furniture and kitchen equipment, communications and accessories.


Dimensions of the room.

With any footage - free passage for movement and access to all points.


The style of the interior.

The choice is focused on the entire solution of the apartment - country, high-tech, classic, fusion, ethno, eco.



Depends on the load - how often, on what and what they cook, the traditions of home cooking.


Color spectrum.

It is determined by the degree of illumination, practicality and personal preferences.



Natural and artificial in the complex, common to highlight local areas.


The texture of the finish color.

In the first place - practicality, washable wallpaper, decorative plaster under a colorless varnish, moisture-resistant laminate, tile.


Kitchen furniture configuration.

Built-in or purchased, with budget repairs, it is enough to update the facades, add a few modern elements.

An example of an unusual kitchen interior design

In the design of the kitchen, every little thing plays an important role

variant of a beautiful kitchen style project

For a small room, it is better to choose multifunctional furniture

To make the kitchen design project yourself, you need to understand, at least in general terms, in the styles of interiors and the possibilities of new finishing materials. Only in this case, the cooking room will be nice to show guests. And the kitchen itself will meet all the needs of the residents of the apartment, even if it is a small “Khrushchev”.

Many families refuse to modernize this premises due to estimated costs. But, you see, it’s easy to separate at least six months in a row from each income a fixed percentage for new finishing materials. And the design project of the kitchen should be decided to execute independently - it will come out beautifully and inexpensively. The advice of experienced designers will help realize your wildest dreams to make your dream home, as in the photo.

example of a vibrant dining room design project

Design a kitchen project you can do it yourself with a little experience

An example of an unusual kitchen style project

All parts must complement each other.

An example of a beautiful dining room interior design

If you can’t do the project yourself, entrust this matter to a professional

The technical component of the project

Start the repair by removing old trash, dismantling old equipment and accurate measurements of the kitchen:

  • ceiling height (distance from the floor to the upper horizontal plane);
  • kitchen area (floor area plus or minus baseboard);
  • ceiling area (in fact, it is equal to the floor area);
  • the height of each wall (measurements may vary).

All this will be needed when buying or installing built-in furniture and kitchen equipment. Cladding materials must be bought with a margin, even after accurate calculation of the meter of rolls or paint consumption. Under that part of the walls that will be closed by built-in furniture and appliances, expensive finishes are not needed.

variant of a bright kitchen style project

For starters, make accurate kitchen measurements

An example of a bright kitchen interior design

Consumables are best taken with a margin

Old wallpapers or other cover is better to update, so that there are no old odors. Removing a decrepit layer often entails small additional costs. It is recommended to strengthen the walls with plaster and paint them with practical interior enamel. At the junction of the walls and the floor, renew the waterproofing.

After constructing the main drawing with the exact dimensions, it is noted where the communications are laid - water and sewer pipes, electrical wiring and sockets. It is important to consider how to hide them after replacement or decorate during repair.

Tip. The corrugation from the hood and the gas meter can be easily hidden behind the door of the furniture box, simulating a hanging cabinet. One module of a ready-made furniture set can be adapted for this. The easiest way is to hide communications behind the objects of built-in furniture.

Important! When designing a kitchen interior design, it is impossible to cover the ventilation window with facing materials, it is better to look at the aesthetic grille. If cockroaches periodically appear in the house, treat the shaft opening and the back of the lid with an antiseptic. You can’t put a small net, which quickly clogs with cobwebs and sedimentary suspension, making it difficult to naturally ventilate the kitchen.

version of an unusual dining room design project

When planning, consider the location of communications

variant of a beautiful dining room design project

If the kitchen is small, it is better to choose a light range

An example of a bright kitchen style project

There should be enough light in the kitchen

It is not recommended to move the gas stove and sink to another wall. This is contrary to the regulations - it is possible to provoke a pipe rupture or leakage, which will be difficult to eliminate. But it is allowed to move them a few centimeters to the side using a flexible hose.

Attention! Only gas service specialists have the right to deal with the replacement of a gas stove, column, hose and valves.

All technical adjustments should be reflected in the drawing or plan for the transformation of the kitchen design, made independently. Only after that can you plan the arrangement of furniture and minor interior elements. In kitchens with a ventilation duct, which occupies part of the kitchen space. Consider how to decorate the ledge, beat the corners profitably, or build the niches for dishes and kitchen utensils.

variant of a bright dining room design project

The stove and gas sink should be left in the old place.

variant of an unusual kitchen style project

Design must be thought out in advance and thoroughly.

Kitchen functionality

It seems to many that this is just a place to cook. Modern design trends offer to give this room additional functionality. This should be reflected in the design project of the kitchen, developed independently.

  1. If the owners are faced with the task of redeveloping the apartment, then most often the partition with the hall is removed to make the kitchen combined with the living room. With this option, it turns into a small catering unit, separated by a bar, side, backside of upholstered furniture. The main focus is the guest area.
  2. The combined kitchen-dining room, in fact, is the same living room, but the main element in it is a large dining table with solid chairs and a display cabinet (open shelving for dishes).
  3. The kitchen combined with a balcony or a loggia does not differ in functionality from the usual place at the stove, but its area is not significantly expanded. The main attention is paid to the insulation of the joined space and its design.Consider where the table will stand, and whether it is needed at all, if it can be replaced by extended window sills and console-type tables along panoramic windows.
  4. In the studio apartment, the kitchen area is part of the open space, so it should organically fit into the design of the entire living room.
An example of a light dining room interior design

The kitchen should be as functional as possible.

An example of a beautiful kitchen design project

The kitchen should fit seamlessly into the interior of the apartment

variant of a bright dining room style project

The kitchen can be combined with the living room

How to correctly arrange furniture?

Modern apartments are not made to clutter with cabinet furniture, regardless of footage. Bulky kitchen sets are a thing of the past, but this does not exclude the presence of convenient cabinets and work planes. You can’t do without a sink and a few pedestals, but today it is in trend:

  • drawers;
  • multilevel cargo on casters;
  • hanging rails;
  • jumper shelves;
  • bar counters;
  • multi-storey shelf corners;
  • folding tabletops on a support.

Pay attention to the photo, how to design a modern kitchen using cabinet furniture to a minimum. The second level is often replaced by open or glass shelves. Even existing cabinets and wall cabinets make it shallow, but the internal space is used with maximum filling.

If the family is small, everyone has their own schedule, everyone comes home and eat at different times, then you do not need a full dining table. You can sit down with a cup of tea on the wide windowsill, which serves as a table. With the same success, it will be replaced by a bar counter with high seats. The modern kitchen can be decorated in the style of a European cafe using transparent chairs or stackable seats made of colored plastic in an original form. This furniture will save a lot of free space, so it takes into account such "chips" when you make a design project for the interior of your kitchen.

Zoning is a popular technique used in all modern interiors. It is functional and convenient - literally everything is at hand, which is important at the moment. It is impossible not to take into account when work is underway on designing that there should be a minimum distance between the main points of the kitchen - a sink, stove, refrigerator. Ideally, in the design project of the interior of the kitchen, this “working triangle” should be drawn.

An example of a bright dining room interior design

Furniture arrangement plays a very important role

variant of a beautiful kitchen interior design

Compact multifunctional furniture is suitable for a small square

All other elements and kitchen equipment are distributed as needed. What is rarely used, you can put away and higher. When buying a kitchen set, choose compact models, really appreciating the free space of the room. Regardless of the design of the facades, they all have much in common in configuration:

  1. Corner or L-shaped "kitchens";
  2. U- and U-shaped;
  3. Parallel;
  4. Single row (to 1 wall);
  5. Peninsula (with a bar counter, countertop or other element protruding to the center of the room);
  6. A square with an “island” (a separate element is placed in the center of a spacious kitchen).

Tip. It is not necessary to fill up bulky kitchen furniture with bulky cabinet furniture. Practice shows that their internal space is only partially used. Over time, all trash accumulates there. The fewer closed cabinets, the more often in the kitchen they do an audit, getting rid of everything unnecessary.

Keep in mind that there are "kitchens":

  • single-level (without hanging cabinets), complemented by open shelves and rails;
  • classic - a row of cabinets plus wall cabinets;
  • built-in (planning furniture for preliminary measurements at the customer’s house with manufacturing and assembly on an individual order).

Even the most comfortable built-in wardrobes are morally obsolete. If you do not want to change something in terms of functionality, it is worth updating the facade of kitchen furniture. Before you make the kitchen design on your computer yourself, choose which interior style is closer to you in order to order a specialized “new” built-in kitchen with the usual “filling” in a specialized company.

Do not forget that you will have to change all the fittings, at the same time it is recommended to equip all cabinets with closers so that the doors do not slam and smoothly close themselves.

variant of an unusual dining room interior design

Choose the style of cuisine based on your own preferences

An example of a bright kitchen style project

Single row kitchen saves a lot of space

variant of a light dining room interior design

U-shaped kitchen gives you plenty of space

Style selection

A functional kitchen filled to the brim with kitchen equipment is good, but not this determines its atmosphere and aesthetics. The room must be brought to a “common denominator” so that there is no absurd and tasteless eclecticism. Of course, eclecticism is also one of the styles of the interior, but the “worst kitsch” in the kitchen can only be afforded by professional designers, as well as people with excellent taste and sense of proportion.

The most suitable styles for kitchen design projects:

  • Provence and country (rural chic);
  • retro (using antique and artificially aged furniture);
  • classic;
  • ecological;
  • Eastern theme;
  • modern postmodernism;
  • fusion and other modern styles (hi-tech, loft);
  • minimalism (modern, Scandinavian or Japanese).
An example of a bright kitchen interior design

A kitchen in a modern style with a backlight will look very nice

variant of an unusual dining room style project

Bright shades can visually expand the boundaries of the room

Classics and “historical” are suitable only for spacious and combined rooms. If this is the catering department of a studio apartment, then it cannot be done in a stylist that differs from the general design. Some design techniques look good both in the classic kitchen and in modern design, as in the photo.

Looking through the design projects of the kitchen (our photo gallery), also pay attention to the choice of color and finishing materials. Illustrative examples show how organically the design concept is complemented by lighting, window decoration, decor and hand-made products.

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50 photos of ideas for a kitchen design project:

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