Elite kitchen design: style features

Elite cuisine is a special place in any home. For women, it plays a particularly significant role, because the kitchen is the place where the wife, mother or grandmother creates a home hearth of warmth, comfort in the house, in the family. This is the place where culinary masterpieces are born. It is important to create the most comfortable and pleasant conditions for staying in such a room with the help of design and modern equipment.

dark style of elite art nouveau cuisine

Black floor in the interior of luxury kitchen

light design of luxury kitchen in classic style

Elite kitchen interior

beautiful decor of luxury art deco style

Bright kitchen design

What is meant by elite cuisine

Today, for many modern families, the most important is the elite design of the kitchen, technical equipment with the latest technological achievements, as well as material equipment with the most durable, long-lasting material. Any kitchen design should be created ergonomically and thoughtfully, which will allow even for small areas to find the ideal layout.

bright interior of elite kitchen in modern style

Bright kitchen design

light decor of luxury art deco style cuisine

Elite kitchen in light green color

Modern luxury kitchens

When creating a beautiful design, it is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  • the size of the room planned for the kitchen;
  • definition of preferred design and style;
  • the choice of a beautiful, convenient and practical design in daily use;
  • planning the most comfortable furnishing and design of the kitchen using the necessary equipment, furniture.
bright design of luxury kitchen in classic style

The interior of the luxury kitchen in white

beautiful style of elite cuisine in modern style

Big kitchen

dark interior of luxury art deco style

Design of a light luxury kitchen

Elite kitchens: style features

When choosing a style you need to rely on the budget. If it is limited, then the style is selected for the furniture that you already have available. In another case, there is an opportunity to independently think over the whole style of the room and already select the appropriate furniture for it.

Today, the choice of many people falls on the stylish design of the kitchen, the most popular is minimalism. Such styles as hi-tech, modern, loft do not stand aside, the ideas of many designers when using such styles do not leave anyone indifferent. If you are a lover of practicality, give preference to basic colors - the classic style is most suitable for you, which, with proper planning, can please you and your guests.

beautiful design of luxury kitchen in classic style

Beautiful elite kitchen

bright decor of luxury cuisine in classic style

Elite kitchen design with a flower on the wall

When planning the design of the kitchen-living room, it is important to consider that such a room should be a place for cooking and eating, relaxing and receiving guests. It is important to make this room colorful, spectacular, able to leave a pleasant impression on guests.

Therefore, it is important to think through the design of the kitchen to the smallest detail, the interior of the kitchen should combine modern trends in the design of apartments, which will allow rational use of every meter of the room.

light interior of luxury art deco style

Elite bright kitchen

beautiful style of luxury cuisine in classic style

Kitchen in an unusual design

bright decor of luxury art deco style cuisine

Bright kitchen design

Art Deco Kitchen

The style is characterized by brightness, expressiveness in execution, which indicates the difficulty in its creation. This style involves the use of large and unusual designs that are made to order. Style involves the use of opposing colors, the use of fur in the overall interior.

As a rule, it is suitable for sociable people who prefer large companies who will gather large parties in their unusual kitchen.

light design of an elite art nouveau kitchen

Interior design of elite kitchen

light interior of luxury kitchen in classic style

Elite large kitchen

Art Nouveau style

Style involves the compact placement of all high-end equipment and furniture, largely relying on their functionality, which as a result allows you to achieve spaciousness in the kitchen. This style is represented by restraint in the color scheme; plastic or metal is chosen for kitchen furniture.

Classic style

The style is characterized by the use of elite materials of natural origin, for example, marble, steel or wood. The color base is limited to the basic palette of colors harmoniously combined with each other, but, as a rule, furniture in this style should withstand one color.

To give a twist to such an interior, experts advise using more decor in the form of lamps, watches, as well as paintings.

bright design of luxury art nouveau style

Beautiful kitchen design

dark decor of luxury art deco cuisine

Elite kitchen interior

beautiful interior of luxury kitchen in classic style

Bright design of luxury kitchen

Interiors of luxury kitchens

The interior of an elite kitchen is an important component of the entire kitchen design, which depends directly on the shape and size of the room. There are several layout options.

  • Corner - a convenient and practical option for the kitchen, which will help to save a lot of space and free up space for the dining area.
  • U-shaped - characteristic of the square shape of the room, but with such a layout it is important to find the removal of parallel tables that is most comfortable for you.
bright style of elite cuisine in modern style

Bright elite cuisine

beautiful decor of luxury cuisine in classic style

Expensive kitchen design

The basis of luxury kitchens

The kitchen is the place where your family will be every day. Therefore, it is important to choose just such a color scheme that would not be able to get bored, but at the same time not annoy you with its contrast after a long stay in the kitchen. Based on this, you need to choose colors for the kitchen based on your own tastes. If the size of the kitchen you are equipping is small, then when choosing a color, you should pay attention to color combinations that would visually expand the space of the room.

If you are a supporter of dark or bright colors in the interior of the kitchen, then professionals advise diluting such a color scheme with light shades, as well as simpler furniture and appliances.

dark design of an elite modernist style kitchen

Elite kitchen in white

beautiful style of luxury art deco style

Bright design of luxury kitchen

light decor of luxury art nouveau style

Brown kitchen

Materials for luxury kitchens

In addition to the combination of colors, it is also important to pay attention to the texture of elite kitchen furniture, so the material for the countertop must be provided in advance, before drawing up the overall design of the kitchen, in the other case, furniture can be purchased already under the newly created interior.

The game with the texture of furniture for kitchen design can be different. For example, apply a picture to the surface or side of the countertop, which will give interesting notes to the interior of the room in general.

The most used elite materials include:

  • Chipboard - budget and practical to use;
  • MDF - guarantees durability;
  • acrylic plastic - a beautiful design.
dark style luxury kitchen in classic style

Elite Kitchen Design

light interior of luxury kitchen in modern style

Beautiful kitchen design

Appliances in the elite kitchen

Elite kitchens should be equipped with the latest household appliances. Such equipment can not only add a twist to the overall design, but also greatly facilitate the work in the kitchen.

Experts recommend first to equip a working triangle, which includes: a refrigerator, a gas stove and a sink.

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