Wall mural in the interior of a modern kitchen: photos, ideas

No other design or decorative technique is capable of transforming the environment and expanding the space visually like photo wallpaper in the interior of a kitchen. A well-chosen drawing with a realistic plot literally opens the wall and leads to the beach on the ocean, in the thicket of the forest or on the narrow streets of old European quarters. But the cooking area and dining area is a specific place where pollution quickly appears. Observance of certain conditions will help not only to decorate the room, but also to make the surface of the picture completely hygienic.

wooden wallpaper in the room

Wall mural with a picture of the Eiffel Tower

plastic wallpaper with a picture in the hallway

Wall mural with street pattern

Where to place photo wallpaper?

The kitchen can be decorated with different methods and elements.

  1. Large painting on the wall.
  2. False windows or imitation of the lack of part of the wall.
  3. Filling the arch with painting.
  4. Imitation of a partially disassembled wall or masonry.
  5. Image on a sliding or hinged door.
  6. Wall mural with landscape on a solid wall.
  7. Drawing on a piers or between windows.
  8. Picturesque apron (part of the wall between the working surface of the kitchen and the wall cabinets).
  9. Print on the facade of kitchen furniture or the refrigerator.

As can be seen from the illustrations, not all images can be fully attributed to the photo wallpaper in the kitchen decor. But all these methods have one goal - to decorate the design of the room. The drawing may overlap in other rooms. For example, for orchid lovers who are not able to breed these amazing flowers, it is proposed to duplicate the plot of floral photo wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen in the bedroom and bathroom.

laminated photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Wall mural with a drawing of a city street

paper wallpaper in the corridor

Photowall-paper with the drawing of nature

Today, photographic images are applied to different materials:

  • thick paper;
  • cardboard and plywood;
  • plastic;
  • vinyl;
  • wood;
  • furniture panels and facades;
  • laminated surfaces.
vinyl wall mural in the corridor

Wall mural with a picture of the morning forest

cardboard wallpaper with a pattern in the bedroom

Wall mural with leaf pattern

Therefore, when it comes to the design of the kitchen with photowall-paper, it is not necessary that these are sheets of paper composed with a drawing. Exact imitation of the texture of finishing materials on simple wallpaper will help to avoid expensive repairs. One or several adjacent walls can be decorated with a texture:

  • natural wood;
  • cork slices;
  • bamboo panels;
  • masonry;
  • stone cladding.

It is not necessary to use texture wallpapers for decorative purposes. This is a great way to hide a wall defect that is stained with oil stains or scratched by a cat. The image can be full or partial, combined in the design of the kitchen with photo wallpaper on the wall.

If there is no other place in a small-sized apartment, then the picturesque decor is applicable only on the wall near the dining table or in the dining area of ​​the studio apartment. This is the most economical method of transforming a room that is polluted faster than others. It will not be difficult to update the dining area by the arrival of guests or a holiday where everyone will take selfies and general photos.

hallway wallpaper

Wall mural with a picture of the sea

vinyl wallpaper in the room

Wall mural sunset

How to choose a plot for the style of the kitchen

The secret to the success of independent decor without the help of specialists is to choose an image that fully reflects the style of the design.

  • Lavender plantations - for the Provencal style kitchen.
  • Rural sketches - country, retro and vintage.
  • Picturesque canvases and frescoes on the wall are suitable for a classic kitchen or dining room in a historical style. Still life on the walls is appropriate.
  • Optical illusions - avant-garde, high-tech, futurism.
  • Machines, technical innovations and mechanisms - urbanism, techno.
  • Imitation of rough surfaces, masonry or brickwork - loft, brutalism.
  • Corners of untouched nature, landscapes - eco-style and neutral design without stylistic reference.
  • Large prints of fruits, citruses, food, dishes - a modern dining area, eclecticism or fusion.
  • Winter nature, pines, harsh fjords - Scandinavian minimalism.
  • Rock garden, blooming sakura, streets of Tokyo, geisha in national costumes with umbrellas and fans - Japanese style.
  • Pagoda or red dragon - chinese style.
  • Coral gardens and the underwater world - marine and Mediterranean style.
  • Images of strange creatures or frames from fantasy-style films will decorate the Gothic dining room.
  • Girls in national costumes or photos of representatives of different nationalities - ethnic style.
  • Mecca, mosque or oriental city with a minaret at sunset - Arabic and Moroccan style.

Tip. If the kitchen does not have a pronounced style or is eclectic, a well-chosen plot of photo wallpaper or flowers in the interior of the kitchen will emphasize its link to a certain design idea. If there is no such goal, but you need an original decor to somehow revive it, choose delicious fruits or beautiful flowers.

When choosing an image, it is important to consult with all family members so that the picture on the wall suits everyone. Sometimes it is difficult to come to a common opinion, then they choose something neutral - the sea coast or a waterfall, flowers or slices of citrus fruits, a photo of a tiger or a snow leopard.

cardboard wallpaper in the corridor

Wall mural nature island pattern

plastic wallpaper in the hallway

Photowall-paper with a landscape

Principle of seasonality

The subject of printed drawings is the most diverse, and most of them depict nature. But a violation of the principle of seasonality can cause some disharmony. For example, a calm winter landscape in gray-white and light blue shades brings freshness and purity, perfectly complementing the dining area in a minimalistic setting. In the summer, a snowy forest looks unnatural.

wooden photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Wall mural with a pattern of lake and nature

laminated wallpaper with a pattern in the room

Wall mural with a picture of a lake

For lovers of frequent changes of decor, there is a reason to change the old photo wallpaper to new with a different nature.

You can select an image where the season is not expressed:

  • urban areas without green spaces;
  • sunset sky over mountains or a plain with a low horizon;
  • landscape with conifers and evergreens,
  • sea ​​shore with ships;
  • exotic island where summer is all year round.

The sloppy design of the kitchen with murals depicting paradise islands with palm trees is a great story for fans of nostalgic for their summer vacation. You can choose a picture with those places where you plan to visit the coming summer or have already managed to relax. Having lunch with a family at such an image, recalling past experiences, will be very pleasant.

paper wallpaper in the hallway

Wall mural with a picture of the morning forest

laminated wallpaper with a pattern in the corridor

Wall mural with beach and sea pattern

There is a design technique when it is easy to change seasonal images without making a general kitchen repair. A large image is applied to a large double-sided shield, which can be changed, like a flip calendar. For example, on one - winter and spring from the back, the other - with landscapes of summer and autumn. This method is used on a blank wall in the form of a false window, complemented by a template in the form of an open window, under which a diode backlight is hidden. This creates the reality of changing seasons.

Changing the decor on the same principle can be done on a solid door in the kitchen or in the arch. It is better if the plot of the false windows and the simulation of open doors coincides in all respects:

  • lighting;
  • Colour;
  • season;
  • a corner of nature;
  • geographical area.
wooden photo wallpaper in the room

Photowall-paper with the drawing of nature

cardboard wallpaper in the bedroom

Wall mural with a picture of the night city

Textured photo wallpaper, 3D effect and optical illusions

Do not confuse textured wallpapers that convey the pattern of wood and other natural materials, and textured ones with a relief surface. Both look good in any room, complementing the illusion of volume, but it’s more difficult to care for a rough wall.

Attention! Soot burns, oil spray and a small fat suspension settles on rough kitchen wallpaper, especially without a powerful hood. Washable and smooth wallpaper coated with colorless varnish is preferred. Or you will often have to change the decor of the kitchen interior with photo wallpaper.

Some printed images are stunning with their realism. It seems to be another step - and from the dining room you will enter the sea foam or pine forest, followed by a guide or companion.

Kitchen design with photo wallpaper is a method of visual expansion of a narrow space. It seems that the wall is missing, right from the room you can go into the field or get on the beach of a tropical island.

plastic wallpaper with a pattern in the corridor

Photowall-paper with the drawing of nature

vinyl wall mural in the hallway

Wall mural with tigers

Some images “require” a continuation of the plot and the addition of suitable chairs or lamps in the form of street lamps. Wallpaper can be so attractive that for them you want to not only change furniture, but also complete repairs in this style. If it’s worth it, it’s best to buy 2 sets at once - when the background gets dirty, replace it with a new one.

Optical illusions on the wallpaper lengthen the room, distort space or change the temporal and spatial sensation. It is unlikely that they help improve appetite, but it is interesting to consider. It is easy to surprise your guests with the unusual design of a new kitchen.

Where to buy suitable murals?

Although the selection of wall murals for the kitchen interior is huge, they are difficult to find in the nearest hardware store or in the building materials market in your city. Sometimes in construction supermarkets offer to place an order according to the catalog. Immediately check the price, material, picture format, whether the surface is washable. Sometimes a large image breaks off and is complemented by plain-tone wallpapers to fill the entire wall.

vinyl wallpaper in the bedroom

Wall mural with a drawing of an airplane

paper murals in the room

Photowall-paper with various patterns

You can select an image from the online catalogs in specialized stores with delivery. The pre-paid murals are as good as on the sample, but the color saturation is different - in reality they will be paler.

There are companies that print any kind of image on an industrial printer. You can order any photo from what is already available, or pick up something according to the samples that they have. This is a guarantee that there will be a high-resolution photo, with clear contours, and not blurry squares, which are better not to be considered close. Often, printouts are made not only on paper, but also on plastic furniture facades.

wooden wallpaper with a pattern in the bedroom

Wall mural with a picture of a lake

plastic wallpaper with a pattern in the room

Wall mural with a picture of a river

The easiest way is to print your favorite photo on paper in the nearest printing house. It will be broken into fragments of A4 format or large posters. Gluing on the walls will have to be butt-on without allowances, laying a special tape. When dry, cover with a colorless varnish to make it easier to wash.

Tip. If the seams of the photo wallpaper cannot be hidden, make an imitation of a sliding door with a wooden lattice from battens.

laminated photo wallpaper in the hallway

Wall mural with a picture of the sea

paper wallpaper in the room

Photowall-paper with the drawing of nature

plastic wallpaper in the corridor

Wall mural with a drawing of the city

It is not always possible to select a picture of the required format. For greater decorativeness, you can lay out an arch of wild stone on the wall around the photo wallpaper.

Small steps will complement the illusion of open space if the photo also has steps. Free space can also be decorated with a curtain or blinds.

What photowall-paper in a kitchen interior will harmoniously look, and also ideas and sources of inspiration you will find in our photo gallery.

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