Actual design ideas for a modern kitchen

Kitchen is an important part of any home. The modern housewife cares not only how to make the kitchen cozy and convenient for cooking, but also beautiful. Design is gaining popularity, and a beautiful refectory is already a matter of principle. We offer kitchen design ideas that will help you make it modern and worthy of attention.

Open door to a white linear kitchen

To create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, it is necessary to think over two components of the interior - decorative and practical

Basic design rules

Before you begin to consider ideas, you need to study the principles of building a kitchen design. Here you need to consider many factors that affect the choice of layout, colors, furniture, appliances and other components.

Gray corner set

The best kitchen interior will be one in which there is enough space for free movement

The main postulates of design are the following: comfort and beauty. Moreover, no factor should suffer, yielding to another.

Stainless steel cooker hood

To make the kitchen comfortable, you should consider the location of the functional areas

To make the kitchen comfortable, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Layout. Depending on the quadrature and configuration of the kitchen, its layout is calculated. This must be done on paper before starting repairs. Take a plan on which all the parameters are indicated, communications are shown, and distribute how to arrange the components of the kitchen.
  2. Furniture. Decide what furniture is needed for your kitchen. Someone can not do without a kitchen corner, and someone needs only two chairs. What furniture will help make the kitchen modern and comfortable, read below.
  3. Equipment. Modern kitchen can not do without a set of necessary equipment. Choose what is necessary for your kitchen, what technologies you would like to introduce, and what seems superfluous.
  4. Materials A quality foundation is the key to a good repair. Do not spare money for quality materials, they will justify their price in action. This item is agreed in advance and entered into the estimate.
    To make the kitchen beautiful, pay attention to the following details.
  5. Color spectrum. The kitchen can be made both in bright colors and in dark. In modern interiors, there are fashionable ideas for both options, consider them below.
  6. Style decision. Eclecticism or the lack of an exact direction cannot succeed. Choose a modern style and follow its laws to organize a truly beautiful kitchen.
Corner kitchen with sink under the window

Proper space planning is especially important for a small kitchen

In terms of beauty, repair materials are also important. Some will make the kitchen fashionable and modern, while others will age and give a wretched look. We will help you deal with all the nuances, and show you how to make the kitchen beautiful and comfortable.

How to make a kitchen modern

All ideas of kitchen design are based on modern trends. In order for this zone to be really beautiful and comfortable, you need to use new technologies both in the technical arrangement and in the design. The components of the kitchen space remained the same: walls, floor, ceiling. However, their design methods have changed significantly.

Black spotlights on a white kitchen ceiling

Try not to fill the interior with excess items

In order not to get confused, we systematize knowledge and highlight the main:

Main aspects Modernimplementation options
Color spectrum We try to give preference to a monophonic coating, we combine the colors correctly
Style Directions We draw attention to new trends: minimalism, hi-tech, art deco, industrialism, loft. For lovers of a gentle warm atmosphere, Provence, country is suitable.
Finishing materials We try to forget the wallpaper, we select a beautiful tile, paint, brickwork
Furniture Throw away the old kitchencorners, we prefer a table with a glass lid, modern chairs.

These aspects are basic, 98% of success depends on them. Now we will learn how to deal with them.

Kitchen lighting with brown facades

Kitchen lighting should be as close to natural as possible

Color spectrum

To create a modern kitchen, you need to learn how to properly use the existing color palette, and correctly combine its components. You can take as a basis both light and dark tones. Let's start with the first option.

To create a bright kitchen, beige is perfect. This color has gained popularity and is firmly rooted in modern design. It can well exist by itself, without any impurities. In this case, pick up a beige kitchen set, tiles, appropriate furniture. Do not be afraid to make the space fresh, with a beige color this will not happen. But for the best effect, pick up a tile with a faint dark pattern, add to the little things a darker color.

Beige facades of a corner kitchen set

The beige color is perfect for the classic style, provence or for a minimalist interior decoration of the kitchen

White remains the same classic, but in our case it helps to make a fashionable design. Now it is combined with olive, mint, eucalyptus, purple. An excellent option is a black and white kitchen. Such a concise and simple option will give the kitchen austerity and special chic.

U-shaped kitchen in white

White kitchen - a great choice for a small room

Other light colors are also used, but mainly as additional notes. If you want a bright kitchen, give preference to beige or white.

Of the dark colors, the leader is brown. The color of natural wood will make the kitchen noble and easier to care for. It is mainly used for kitchen units, but tiles and furniture in this design can also be found in stores.

Spacious kitchen with wooden furniture

Most of the real wooden kitchen furniture is made in brown tones.

Black and white kitchen with red chairs.

Black and white combination is loved by modern stylistic trends, red accents are often added in the third color

Recently, black has become very popular in kitchen design. He finds implementation in furniture, appliances, and even in the design of the walls. Floors and ceilings are usually not affected. Combining it with light or bright colors, you get a truly luxurious modern kitchen.

Fashion styles

Current trends do not accept the lack of a specific style in design. To create a fashionable kitchen, it is worth learning several trends in style.

Orange bar stools in a modern kitchen

To make the interior look thoughtful and harmonious, you need to adhere to a certain design direction

The best options are the following:

  • Minimalism is the scourge of modern design. He gets along well in both a small and spacious room. Its main slogan is nothing more. This applies to every aspect of design: color policies, furniture, appliances. Here you will find only a plain coating of walls, ceiling and floor, a minimum of furniture (which will also be made in a plain design) and decorations. Despite its simplicity and conciseness, minimalism does not create a feeling of emptiness. This is achieved through proper space planning and skillful color matching.

    Minimalist style kitchen design

    Minimalism can be entered both in Khrushchev and in modern apartments

  • Loft is increasingly seen in modern homes, especially in the kitchen.This simple and rather rude style fell in love with most of the young housewives. He adopts the basic slogan of minimalism, taking it as a basis, but allows you to show more creativity. Dark colors and unusual design options (brickwork, chalk-painted walls) are common here. Loft is an urban style, but despite this, it gives the kitchen a special warmth and coziness.

    Linear loft style kitchen

    Loft will appeal to lovers of bold design decisions

  • Hi-tech and techno. Modern technology has reached heights. This, in turn, was reflected in the arrangement of the kitchen, both in the technical aspect and in the design. Cold colors, artificially exposed wires and pipes - not everyone likes techno, but it gives a twist. High-tech is not so extreme, but their common feature is that they make the most of modern technologies for the arrangement of space.

    High tech modern kitchen design

    The key principle of style is hidden in the name itself: high-tech is high technology

  • Provence and country. This category is different from previous options. These styles do not tend to be at the peak of popularity, but somewhat gravitate to antiquity. But to the noble and refined antiquity. Here you will not find the gloss and gloss inherent in many modern styles. Provence and country are quiet destinations that will make the kitchen cozy and at the same time luxurious, giving it the appearance of a royal refectory.

    Provence style kitchen with breakfast bar

    In modern apartments, rustic styles are rarely found in their pure form, usually they are successfully combined with classics

Important. Do not forget that, choosing a certain direction, you must follow all its rules.

Classic kitchen interior

Despite the development of technology, the classic style still does not lose its relevance


This aspect has undergone some changes. New models of furniture and appliances are entering the arena that will help make your kitchen modern and fashionable.

First rule: off the kitchen corners. Until recently, they were in every home, and were considered very comfortable. But at the moment, they have already faded into the background, and your kitchen is only aging. If you still have such a piece of furniture, replace it with beautiful and comfortable high-backed chairs. In furniture stores you will find many design options for every taste, and you will definitely find what you like and will be in harmony with the overall design.

Contemporary-style dining area

Beautiful chairs with back and upholstered seat

Bar counters or kitchen islands are gaining popularity. For such an innovation, appropriate bar stools are needed. There are also a huge number of them, in addition, you can easily make such furniture with your own hands.

Multifunctional kitchen island with a breakfast bar

A kitchen island can combine several features

A modern kitchen will help make a transparent dining table. But here you need to be most careful when choosing: buying a poor-quality cover, you risk breaking it quickly or getting a crack.

The best materials for decoration

Usual wallpaper is already fading into the background. In modern styles, painted walls, brickwork, natural stone are gaining popularity. These ideas will make the kitchen easier to maintain and modern. Despite this, wallpapers still apply. And if you remain a supporter of this type of design - use the latest types.

Kitchen apron patchwork tile

The best solution for finishing an apron is ceramic tile

The ceiling also does not take on a new shape. In this area, the stretch ceiling (PVC film) and multi-level (drywall constructions) are popular.

Smooth white ceiling in the interior of the kitchen

The choice of ceiling coverage depends on the style and height of the room

Ceramic floor in the interior of a modern kitchen

Kitchen flooring should not be afraid of grease and water

For the floor, select new types of tiles (preferably large sizes, to give a more luxurious look to the kitchen space), modern linoleum, laminate and natural wood.

Interesting design ideas

What exactly makes the kitchen fashionable is interesting ideas.Unusual ways to use ordinary things always arouse interest and bring something new.

Kitchen without hanging cupboards

We are used to seeing the complete kitchen. But try to introduce new trends, and get rid of hanging lockers. In minimalistic ways, hidden storage systems and shelves are welcome. Distribute storage locations correctly, and try a new design method. The “smart kitchen” system will also come to the rescue, which saves space as much as possible.

Kitchen interior of a private house without hanging cupboards

The absence of upper cabinets makes the kitchen visually wider and raises the ceiling

Kitchen interior without upper cupboards

Kitchen with open shelves on a brick wall.

The refrigerator as an art

We return to the 50s of America, when bright refrigerators were popular, and we make them modern. Colorful refrigerators in bright colors are gaining popularity in many new styles. We forget about the boring white unit, and get an unusual red, blue, green or black refrigerator.

Orange refrigerator in the kitchen with a white set

Orange refrigerator will become a bright accent in the interior of the white kitchen

Also an interesting idea would be painting. In addition, this option will allow you to show your artistic talents. If these are not observed, you can paste the refrigerator with a color film, plain or with photo printing.

DIY fridge decoration

The refrigerator can be decorated using decoupage or art painting

Paying attention to the mentioned factors, and using the proposed ideas, you can make your kitchen modern, cozy and comfortable.

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