The interior of a small living room-kitchen: stylistic design decisions

The living room-kitchen is a great option to save space. Zones are separated by a partition, or remain combined.

Kitchen-living room.

Design of a small kitchen-living room.

Design features of the combined kitchen and living room of small sizes

Features are that the zone visually becomes larger. Many people think how to combine a small kitchen with a living room in a small square so that it looks harmonious. To do this, you do not have to do a redevelopment and come up with something complicated. Just combine the design.

The interior of the kitchen-living room.

The combined kitchen with living room shows the space more than it really is.

Disadvantages and advantages of combining rooms

The disadvantages include the fact that the smell of food is constantly spreading throughout the living room. And the noise from cooking will interfere with those who relax nearby. In this case, it is important to keep the kitchen in perfect cleanliness so as not to spoil the overall impression of the room.

The pluses include the fact that you save space due to the lack of a wall. It is also convenient for communicating with loved ones, or watching young children.

Design of a connected kitchen.

The advantages of this layout include the increase in space due to the lack of a wall.

Kitchen-living room zoning options

You can separate the kitchen from the living room with a dining table. If you put it between the rooms. Another option is to put a sofa. If you create a cooking rack in the house between the rooms, it will not only separate the parts, but will also be a useful addition in the kitchen. If the house is small and there is no way to put furniture, you can experiment with flooring or make a podium. There are a lot of ideas.

Connected kitchen-living room.

Zoning the space of the kitchen-living room with a sofa.


You can decorate the living room with kitchen in one or in different styles. Basically, tiles are laid in the kitchen, but in the case of combining, you can simply paint the walls with a neutral shade. If you stop on the tile, it is better to choose large patterns. They will be better in harmony with the audience. In the decoration, it is recommended to put a slight emphasis on the fact that the premises are combined.

Zoning of the kitchen-living room.

Zoning of the room can be done with the help of flooring.


The design of the combined kitchen and living room of a small size requires a partition, since sometimes you want to close what is happening in the kitchen from prying eyes. Also, if the children in the room jump on the sofa, or gather dust, the partition will not allow dust to enter the food.

Kitchen-living room partition.

Design of a kitchen-living room with a plasterboard partition.


The podium is used to divide the space into several parts. In a modern apartment, it will look very unusual and interesting.

Pros of the catwalks:

  • They enlarge the room. The transition will divide the room into several zones. Zoning will be even more noticeable if you select various materials for decoration;
  • They adjust the shape of the room;
  • Also, if the floors in the apartment are uneven, so as not to change them completely, you can simply add an elevation.
Podium in the interior.

Zoning space using the podium.

You can also install bulbs or lights along the podium so as not to trip over it in the dark.


Design of combined rooms requires a separate organization of space. The most basic problem is to place all the necessary details so that they do not look like a bunch, and the living room remains the living room. For a more harmonious use of the area, the location of the kitchen should be angular.

Bar counter in the design of the kitchen.

Small kitchen connected to the living room with a bar.

The style of the headset should be close to the furniture. To make a separation, you can put a table or bar. If you use contrasting colors, you can achieve an increase in space. A small kitchen will take on a completely different look.

Interesting interior solutions

You can do design in 2 directions. The first direction is a complete combination of zones, when all the elements of decor and furniture are in the same style. In this case, in the kitchen and in the living room they take one textile, one main color and style. It is necessary to emphasize the unity of the color scheme with the help of curtains, chairs and a sofa. The second direction is the division of the two zones, despite the combined project. In this case, you can separate the zones by color or style. Creating completely different designs is not worth it, as it will look ridiculous.

The style of the kitchen-living room.

To emphasize the unity of the kitchen-living room space, you need to design the interior for a single style.

Neoclassical style

Neoclassic refers to antiquity and straight lines. Furniture in delicate shades, without bright patterns. The layout should be minimal. Space flows into one another, which means separation should be avoided. It is not necessary to use bright colors and ornament in a large size. The style looks very luxurious and rich.

Neoclassic in the interior.

Neoclassic in the interior of the kitchen-living room.

Scandinavian style

This style loves naturalness, natural motifs, the use of wood. The premises should emit light, cleanliness and freshness. Style can be called eclecticism, because it does not contain clear rules. Scandinavia does not like antique furniture, but prefers white laconic cabinets. White color will visually increase the space and make it fresher and brighter. The style involves a single floor covering, white walls and ceiling, vintage and natural elements and textiles for comfort.

The kitchen-living room is Scandinavian.

The design of the kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style.

Sea style

Marine style is suitable for those who like white, blue and blue. Design always combines blue and white stripes. All furniture should be made of wood. Marine style is complemented by retro things that are associated with the sea. The interior should contain bright blue elements, curved lines that resemble sailboats or waves.

Marine style in the interior.

Kitchen-living room in a marine style.

Black and white contrast

Contrasting color combinations can dramatically change the space due to visual illusion. White expands the room, black narrows. Style can always be diluted with delicate beige to create coziness, or bright red for a passionate atmosphere.

Black and white interior.

Kitchen-living room in black and white.

Symphony color style

The symphony of color is a combination of various shades. A single harmony of colors is a good choice for design. He is very reassuring.

Color schemes

You can choose any color scheme. And bright and delicate nuance shades. It depends on your taste and individual preferences. Delicate shades will make the living room very cute, bright juicy colors in the kitchen will evoke an appetite.

Helpful hints:

  1. The kitchen should be combined with the interior of the living room.
  2. To make everything look harmonious and cozy, it is better to choose the equipment built into the cabinets.
  3. Appliances in the kitchen should choose small-sized with a minimum amount of noise, so as not to interfere with people relaxing.
  4. If you want to combine the room, then do not forget about the hood.
  5. All products are best removed from prominent places so that they do not attract attention. This means that you need to make more cabinets with shelves.
  6. It is better to choose a single floor covering to make the space look whole.
  7. To delimit space, it is not necessary to make partitions, you can install a ceiling at different levels, put a bar or different lighting.
The interior of the kitchen-living room.

The design of the kitchen-living room in yellow and white colors.


Noise is one of the main disadvantages in the decision to combine the dining room and living room. But people who decide to combine rooms must understand this in advance. To reduce noise, you need to spend money on silent technology. Also, as an option, you can put a partition, which at any time can be removed.


The layout of a small kitchen with a dark living room will require special lighting. In the kitchen, most often there are windows through which daylight penetrates. He does not reach the hall, so you should put bright lights there. Spot lighting for the kitchen-living room is the best option.

Kitchen-living room.

Design project of the kitchen combined with the living room.


Only a range hood and an open window can save us from odors. If you make the ceiling in the kitchen higher than in the living room, this can save a little from the smell. During cooking, it is better to use a portable partition. She, though a little, but protects against noise and smell.

Features of the design of the kitchen-living room.

To prevent food smells from breaking into the living room, you need to install a high-quality range hood above the stove.

Practical nuances and tips

To mask the kitchen, you can use niches. They can be used to integrate a wardrobe, household appliances, and anything else you want. To make the kitchen look harmonious with the living room, you need to purchase the unifying elements in the same style. It can be a carpet, candles, or books.

Kitchen living room pluses.

Design of small-sized kitchen-living room in bright colors.

Interesting examples

An unusual solution is the so-called invisible elements. You can integrate a kitchen set or household appliances in the closet, thereby the whole room will look like a living room, and by functionality it will be a kitchen. You can disguise cabinets if you select them to match the color of the walls. To visually increase the space, you need to hang several mirrors. The bar counter can also make the kitchen invisible.

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