How to create a 3 by 3 meter kitchen design beautifully and correctly

A small kitchen is not a problem for a real hostess, but rather a big advantage. After all, even in a small indoors You can arrange all the necessary items, as well as arrange it in your favorite style.

3 by 3 black kitchen design

A 3 by 3 meter kitchen sounds like a sentence, but many modern housewives live in similar realities.

narrow kitchen 3 sq m

Professional designers will tell you how to achieve the perfect balance of practicality and aesthetics.

black matte kitchen 3 square meters

Even a small room can be turned into a comfortable kitchen - it would be a desire, and our tips will help you do everything right.

Location of appliances and furniture

Proper placement of the headset and household appliances is the key to a successful and comfortable the kitchen. Kitchen furniture It should be multifunctional, but do not litter the room. It is necessary to think over the project in advance kitchen design and decide how everything will be arranged so that the technique and furniture complemented each other, but did not interfere.

direct kitchen 3 meters

Visually expand the small size of the room with the help of the correct arrangement of furniture.

kitchen design 3 square meters

If the room has completely non-standard walls, you can create your own design project, similar to which no one has.

The most successful way to leave enough free of space in a small kitchen - set angular headset. Its size will depend on the number of family members and those who will take part in cooking.

3 by 3 meter kitchen

The arrangement of furniture in the form of the letter "G" optimizes the space, leaving enough space for comfortable movement in the kitchen.

kitchen 3 by 3 photos

There is also a parallel layout option, which is also suitable for small kitchens.

3 by 3 meter corner kitchen design

The most common layout option is the angle, which is made up of two perpendicular walls.

In a kitchen with a small area, household appliances should be correctly placed, since there should be free access to it. You should install household items so that there are sockets next to each, and there is no need to disconnect one device for the sake of use of of another.

Zoning the kitchen 3 by 3 meters

Division of a room into zones is a necessary measure for comfort and functionality. Zoning helps to separate the workplace from the recreation area (dining room). An integral part of this room is zone storage of dishes, kitchen utensils and much more, so you need to choose the appropriate separation method. There are several methods of zoning. the kitchenthat are suitable for both large and small rooms.

red-black kitchen

Significantly expand the visual space will help surface reflecting light.

white kitchen design 3 square meters

Kitchen design should be not only beautiful, but at the same time functional.

Way Description Advantage
Lighting systems Spot lighting in the workplace zone and a stylish little chandelier in the dining room. ·    Absolutely free space in room.

·    It neatly divides into zones and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Color separation Using shades of one or different colors. Minimal color contrast is also welcomed so as not to visually reduce the room. ·    Separation using colors works the same as the previous method - does not damage square meters premises.

·    Creates an attractive design and brings fresh notes to it.

Decoration Materials The use of several types of flooring and cladding materials for the walls.

In working zone tiles can be laid, and laminate flooring in the dining room. For an apron, you can use tiles or panels, places for rest - wallpaper or relief stucco.

·    Such zoning will not harm a small room and will be able to transform it beyond recognition.

·    Thanks to the right materials, the kitchen can be visually done more.

Furniture for rest and eating A suitable option would be a bar, installed in the middle of the room or shifted to a free the wall or window. ·    Installing a bar instead of a bulky dining table will solve the problem of a small of space.

·    The bar counter will serve as an additional place for cooking culinary masterpieces.

Corner kitchen: features and layout options

Layout the kitchen 3 by 3 meters implies a square room, so in this option they often have a corner kitchen. She is a working space L-shaped. This means that the same amount of free space remains on the opposite side. premises. Thanks to this choice, there is enough free space to move around the kitchen.

blue fridge in the kitchen

The most important elements of the corner structure are the refrigerator, stove and sink.

3 by 3 meter corner kitchen design

The sink is usually installed in the middle, i.e. between the hob and the cabinet with a refrigeration unit.

Advantages of the corner kitchen

This option has several advantages that help transform the kitchen and make it practical and versatile, regardless of the availability of square meters.

small kitchen 3 by 3 meters

Professional experts always strive to ensure that the vertices of the ABC of the conditional triangle are equilateral.

  • For a small room angular layout - the most acceptable option, it will make the kitchen more ergonomic.
  • Involving the main angle for the working area.
  • Placing all the necessary items and equipment using deep corner modules.

Varieties of layout of the corner kitchen

Designing a workplace in a small kitchen can be of several types:

  • Perpendicularly located workplace (the most common option that suits everyone);
  • Corner kitchen with a breakfast bar (suitable for a small room, if there is no space for a dining area).
3x3 kitchen design

Modern manufacturers produce very convenient angular-type facades that completely repeat the shape of a right angle.

The internal corner of the L-shaped workplace is of two types.

  1. A beveled corner is a common and convenient option. Allows you to freely approach any surface.
  2. Right angle - in the kitchen 3 by 3 meters is used most often, as there is additional space for dining zones.
3 on 3 kitchen

This provides much more free and usable area.

Color features in the design of the kitchen

Paints, various colors can have a psychological effect on people, that is, make them think that the room has become larger or smaller. Also, each color in its own way affects the mood of the inhabitants of the apartment. Therefore, the shades in which the room will be executed should be selected taking into account the nature of each person living in the apartment.

3 by 3 black kitchen design

You should always remember that color strongly affects a person’s consciousness and his psychological state while in the room.

bright red kitchen

The choice must be approached thoroughly, and even better, focus on the photo of the 3 by 3 kitchen designs.

There are certain standard colors in which most people make out kitchen Design: white, beige, light brown, cream or light yellow. However, daredevils can to this the premises apply bright colors (only correctly selected).

classic color scheme of the kitchen

Do not forget that the shades of light have good reflective properties, which can not be said about dark colors.

red kitchen

The main thing is colors that are comfortable for the eye and a combination with the general style of the room.

Color Tips for the kitchen 3 by 3 meters.

  • If the headsets and equipment take up a lot of space and there is simply no free space, you need to abandon the contrasting colors and design in light pastel colors. Contrast wall - This is an outlet for a small room and a joy for those who want to make the kitchen bright.
  • Light tones of walls can expand space. This will make the room feel calm and narrow. walls Do not harm the appetite of the household.
  • Another option to visually expand the room is painting the walls (trees, branches, mountains). Suitable photo wallpaper, the figure of which is also able to increase premise.
painted kitchen

Today's fashionable detail is the accent wall. It can be simply painted in a different brighter color, or covered with photo - wallpaper.

loft style kitchen

Eating in a “comfortable” color environment is much nicer.

Interesting ways to diversify the standard layout

The ways to improve the standard layout are the previously described options for perpendicular and layout with using bar counter. You can also play with the placement of the equipment itself. To leave free space, it is necessary to place a refrigerator or stove with an oven at the window, after which there is a work surface and a sink in the corner or at the door. The location of the headset and equipment can be interchanged - put the other way around.

unusual kitchen design

A multifunctional bar counter replaces the dining table.

non-standard solution for the kitchen

You can use the angular peninsula when only one side is set up.

Secrets of designers for a small kitchen

From a few square meters you can easily create a masterpiece, so these recommendations and secrets will be useful for anyone who wants to change the design or layout of a small the kitchen.

  1. Mirrors Installing mirrors on a free the wall will be able to visually increase premise and let in more light.
  2. The headset is a transformer. It will help to significantly increase storage space and make the kitchen more ergonomic.
  3. Lightweight textile. It will give the room lightness and uniqueness.
  4. Window. Using blinds instead of curtains will be a competent decision.
  5. Doors The design of the doorway in the form of an arch without a door or doors is suitable - a compartment. If possible, the kitchen can be connected to a balcony or living room.
small kitchen 3 meters

3 by 3 meter kitchens need good lighting and a light design, as this will visually expand the space.

bright kitchen 3 by 3

Use the advice of professionals and show a bit of imagination, and then the result will be amazing!

VIDEO: Interior design kitchen 9 square. meters.

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