Corner sofa in the kitchen with a berth. How to choose and properly position in the kitchen

Each person seeks to diversify his the kitchenmake her enjoyable. Furniture - the most important detail when arranging any room. Recently gained popularity kitchen corner sofas.

Corner sofa with a berth.

The corner sofa is not only laid out in a berth, but also allows you to store things in special lockers.

Features of corner sofas with a berth for the kitchen:

  1. Functionality - with with the help of a corner sofa, it is easy to organize a guest area, extra beds and storage.
  2. Ease of transformation - bA quick transition from a decomposed state to a folded state, and vice versa.
  3. L-shaped or U-shaped.
  4. Comfortable design.
Corner sofa with a berth in the kitchen.

With the help of easy transformation, the sofa turns into a comfortable sleeping place in a matter of minutes.

Pros and cons of corner sofas with a berth for the kitchen


  • Functionality - atmain sofas solve the problem of lack of space, thanks to them there are seats and an extra bed. Also crates inside the sofa can serve as a repository for kitchen accessories;
  • Compactness - aboutthey are not easily placed in any corner of the room without taking up a large amount of space;
  • Comfort - divans have a soft back and seat, so the back, neck and other parts of the body will not feel discomfort;
  • Attractiveness.
Compact corner sofa.

Thanks to its compact forms, the corner sofa can be placed in any kitchen.


  • The impossibility of placement in small rooms - atmain sofas hardly fit in little the kitchenoccupying all the free space, which is why staying on it will become uncomfortable;
  • Slowness - npayback couch implies placing it in a corner, which excludes the possibility of its multiple movement;
  • Difficulties in transportation - ppaying back corner sofaworth considering it the size and the size doorway. Often, due to its volume, it cannot pass where it easily passes straight sofa;
  • There may be inconvenience when using a bed - anddue to the different density of the fillers in the drawer unit and in the seating part, when using the berth, the joints between the elements are felt. However, this problem is easily solved by purchasing a comfortable mattress;
  • Expensive price - atmain sofas compared with direct have a higher cost.
  • Difficulty cleaning - in Due to the great severity, the cleaning process is complicated, since when collecting garbage it is much more difficult to move the sofa back.
Corner sofa with leather upholstery.

The biggest drawback of corner sofas for the kitchen is the difficulty of cleaning.

What are the corner sofas for the kitchen?

The main types are classic sofaangular sofabed and sofa with additional drawers. They are divided into three types depending on the structure:

  1. Modular.
  2. Whole.
  3. Bay window.
  4. Classic corner sofa
There are 4 types of corner sofas.

There are four types of corner sofas with a berth.

If the goal is to give the interior a luxurious look and solidity, then the classic corner sofa Is the best choice.

Features couch in classic style:

  1. Traditional form - nrectangular seat, rounded or curved backrest, armrests, legs.
  2. Discreet colors - bAzov white-gray and brown-beige palettes, colors of minerals: dark green, dark blue, burgundy.
  3. Retro-prints.
  4. It is possible to use decorative elements.
  5. Angular sofa-bed.
Classic corner sofa.

Corner sofa in a classic style with a berth.

These models are very popular. Corner the layout allows you to provide a large berth. They are usually divided into types in accordance with the type of folding mechanism:

  1. Sofa bed.
  2. Dolphin.
  3. Accordion.
  4. Eurobook.
  5. Roll-out.
  6. With additional drawers.
Folding sofa mechanism.

There are 5 types of folding mechanisms for corner sofas.

Such sofa allows you to store unnecessary, old things. Basically, the boxes are located under the seats (photo).

The main selection criteria:

  1. The size of furniture.
  2. Upholstery quality, fabric.
Faux leather corner sofa.

When choosing a sofa, attention should be paid to upholstery fabric and filler.

In the kitchen, there is a high probability of the formation of dirt and stains on the upholstery, so you should think about the type of fabric, how to care and clean it in advance.

Important! Shaggy items get dirty faster.

  1. Filler.
  2. Folding principle.
Faux leather sofa for the kitchen.

A practical version of kitchen sofas is faux leather upholstery.

Corner sofas have different layout. When choosing, you must consider the size of the kitchen.

  1. Color scheme. When choosing a color, it is worth considering that some colors fade with time. Light shades are dangerous with a high probability of damage. Experts advise to purchase either plain sofas, or with a small pattern that will be combined with shades of the kitchen.
  2. Availability of covers.
  3. Additional features. Some models have adjustable backrest or tabletops..
  4. Upholstery.
Folding yellow sofa.

For a small kitchen, a compact sofa with a berth and a storage box is suitable.

During selection couch Do not forget about the upholstery material. There are two main materials:

  1. Leather. Corner sofa for the kitchenupholstered in leather will look spectacular. It is considered the most practical material. The main advantage is ease of cleaning. Some inconvenience sitting in summer.
  2. The cloth. Ideal options - jacquard and shenill. However, fabric upholstery quickly fouls and absorbs odors. The advantages of such upholstery include a relatively small price.
Filler for the sofa.

Many people do not pay due attention to the filling, which is why they experience difficulties after the purchase.

Qualitative sofa must have a solid seat and back with a small amount of filler. Consider its main types.

  1. Parolon. The cheapest material, does not have strength and stability, therefore it is not durable
  2. Polyurethane foam. Its main advantages are strength and durability. It has fire resistance, which is important for the kitchen area.
  3. Hollofiber. The most expensive material. It is durable and resistant to any load. Also holofiber easily withstands weight of any severity without bending or changing shape

Holofiber is considered the most expensive and high-quality filling material.


Types of Frames.

  1. Wood frame.
  2. Metal carcass.
  3. Sandwich plywood.
Sofa with metal frame.

Corner sofas with a metal frame will last much longer.

The size

Standard the size for corner kitchen sofa - 2 meters

Width varies between three values:

  •        1 m 10 cm
  •        1 m 30 cm
  •        1 m 75 cm
The size of the corner sofa.

The standard size of the corner sofa is 2 meters.

Important! Always an opportunity to order sofa to order according to your personal preferences.


Pay attention to style and shades. the kitchenadapting to these characteristics. Better buy sofas in one color, but diluted with bright pillows and bedspreads.

Corner sofa in the design of the kitchen.

The color and design of the kitchen sofa should be combined with the interior of the room.

At the time of buying couch Light shades should be prepared for constant cleaning and washing of fabric.

It is worth paying attention to sofas with small print, which will look harmoniously on almost any the kitchen.

Sofa in dark colors.

The best color scheme for the kitchen space is the sofa of dark shades.

Additional functions

To additional functions corner sofas for the kitchen the berth discussed above and crates for storage. Also a useful addition would be a countertop or lamps attached to the base couch.

Compact corner sofa.

A distinctive feature of corner sofas with a berth is compactness and functionality.

The nuances of the location in the kitchen

It is necessary to check accurately sofa dimensions and the kitchento be sure that furniture fit into the room

Kitchen sleeping sofa.

Before buying a corner sofa, you need to carefully measure the kitchen area, so that later you do not face an unpleasant surprise.

Care Tips

Care corner sofasmade of leather is not difficult, as this material is strong, durable and cleaned with a normal wet cloth. Fabric upholstery requires better care. It should be regularly vacuumed, washed and monitored so that greasy stains do not appear on it. It is sometimes recommended to include such upholstery in dry cleaning.

Stylish looks corner sofas in the kitchen You can see in the selection of photos.

Sofa for a kitchen with a berth

50 photo ideas of corner sofas with a berth for the kitchen:

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