What should be the design of the kitchen in modern style

Registration kitchen interior, like any other room, can be done in a modern or classic design. Each individual design has its own distinctive features and nuances. Optimally, when the repair is made in a single concept, and decor items are succinctly combined in a color palette.

Art Nouveau kitchen

Art Nouveau kitchens are a win-win for the interior.

Modern in the kitchen the interior - An ideal solution for lovers of restraint, conciseness and relevant ideas. It harmoniously combines romantic classicism, strict and restrained minimalism, multi-functional high-tech.

white kitchen modern

In this style of interior, every detail is carefully thought out, there is no place for decorative trinkets and extra items, massive furniture or elaborate elements.

Features stylistics in kitchen design

Stylistics originated at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, replacing the rich Baroque and Empire. This does not mean the budget for this design. The difference is in ridding the room of fanciful details, leaving the necessary and functional items that do not oversaturate the room. Its main task is to achieve maximum functionality and simplicity using modern materials and technologies for this. In this case, the maximum free space is not unimportant.

kitchen modern photo

Maximum comfort and functionality - this is the motto of this style.

The table below summarizes the principles and fundamental principles. of interior at Art Nouveau style.

Feature Description Where to apply
Stained Glass Inserts At the initial stage of stylistics, stained-glass windows were used to decorate window openings. Today it is used for arranging the necessary color accents and additional zoning. stained glass shade;

stained glass partition;

stained glass inserts in the headset;



A lot of wood This part gives additional elegance. Preference is given to natural shades, as well as darker tones. furniture;



caissons on the ceiling;

the design of the stairs;

decor elements.

Ornate, flowing lines. Clear lines and symmetry are not welcome here. The basis is smooth transitions and the absence of many acute angles. imitation of vines on the wallpaper;

arched openings;

wall bas-reliefs;

two-level ceilings with an asymmetric, smooth pattern;

decoration of furniture.

Forged parts More suited to large kitchens at modern style and not often applied in today's interpretation. decoration of a door or cabinet;

decor elements with forged inserts (candlesticks, chandeliers);

Floral patterns This style gravitates to nature, which is confirmed by the richness of the variety of prints of this topic. The most popular here are elements of the plant and animal world.

The nuance is the observance of the concept of love of nature in the general mood.

decor of lighting devices;

patterns on textiles;

furniture upholstery;

drawing on the floor (parquet or tile).

This table is the foundation of minimalism. However, over time, it has changed, adapting to modern interests. Kitchen interier expanded with new materials for facing furniture surfaces, decoration and lighting elements.

modern wood kitchen

Rational use of space will visually expand the area of ​​the room.

In today's understanding, it includes the following elements.

  1. A lot of free space.
  2. Smooth and glossy surfaces visually expand the apartment.
  3. Smooth bends and asymmetry. When creating a project, you should not look for a central point.
  4. Metal and glass in the manufacture of surfaces and headsets (the most popular are the steel legs of tables and chairs, a glass dining table).
  5. The combination of bright color accents with more muted tones (the basic principle is the lack of multicolor, experts advise using up to 3 colors).
  6. Lack of decorative elements (while the entire decor carries certain functionality).
  7. The abundance of built-in appliances and modern gadgets.
  8. The minimum amount of textile.
white kitchen modern

Photos of such projects are simply mesmerized by the purity of lines, where a white and shiny surface and light shades prevail.

Room layout: features and nuances

Art Nouveau kitchen interior universal, it can easily be adapted to the room of any quadrature. In small rooms, most often, the arrangement of the working area in the L-shaped form is used, which allows you to expand the usable and free area.

table window sill in the modern kitchen

Popular today is the equipment of the windowsill as a working area.

The angular layout allows you to optimally exploit the space and is ergonomic. It looks compact, combining practicality and functionality. This arrangement can be applied to the kitchen any quadrature. An example of such an arrangement of furniture at the kitchen in the photo below.

modern corner kitchen

In this style, not only compact or large rooms are designed, but also the traditional corner kitchen in small apartments.

In more spacious kitchens at modern style it is free, you can apply the u-shaped arrangement. Smooth transitions, sharp and semi-sharp constructions may be present here. Choosing such a layout, you should carefully approach the general quadrature, given that furniture will occupy three walls at once. In order to correctly assess the possibilities, you should create a template kitchensstudios with a complete repair and calculate the free space between parallel rows. For a comfortable pastime, at least 1.5 meters will become optimal.

modern style kitchen layout

An example of the layout of a large kitchen in the photo.

AT kitchens-studios, as well as on large areas, island planning can be used, where the cooking and working surfaces are carried out to the center of the studio room. Other items of furniture can be installed near the wall, regardless of the principle of their arrangement. To expand the functionality of the island, it is used as a dividing border between the working area and the dining room. An example of such a repair the kitchen shown in the photo below.

modern kitchen island layout

The main criterion is ease of use.

Modern kitchen furniture solution

The basic principle when creating a kitchen unit in modern style is functionality, spaciousness and ergonomics. This will keep everything you need at your fingertips, providing comfort during cleaning and cooking.

modern kitchen design

Design with colored plastic, stone, wood can be really luxurious.

Materials for him:

  • Glass;
  • Plastic;
  • Metal.

For facades, special films or enamels, glossy or matte, are used. An important nuance is the availability of places for built-in appliances. When decorating a furniture facade in modern style light milling can be used.

Art Nouveau kitchen interior

Wooden elements always look fresh and modern, and can also complement the interior in any style.

Kitchen Features of furniture:

  • The absence of the usual handles on the doors of drawers and cabinets (for their manufacture using a special mechanism that allows you to open the drawers with a light touch);
  • A lot of drawers and shelves for the location of all necessary items;
  • Special cargo box for bottles;
  • The presence of an aluminum profile in the structures.
modern kitchen furniture

Sparkling surfaces are a characteristic feature of the Art Nouveau style in the interior of the kitchen.

Materials used

To make a headset in modern style You can use natural wood or plastic, MDF panels. However, it should be understood that furniture from a natural tree is quite financially expensive. Therefore, you can restrict yourself to modern synthetic materials that visually mimic natural wood, but much cheaper.

a set of wood in the modern kitchen

Innovative materials, everything modern and practical - a visiting card of the modern direction.

For little the kitchen often use glossy facades made of durable plastic, or coated with a special film.

Art Nouveau interior colors

Monochrome is a key aspect in creating of interior at modern style. Designers do not recommend introducing more than 3 contrasting colors. Optimal use of one bright accent in combination with its more muted shades.

red modern kitchen

In combination with white and metallic, glossy red color will give the interior of the kitchen a cheerful brightness.

Most popular solutions include.

  1. Gray colors with blue and ashy shades. As a bright accent - a sofa and chairs with bright upholstery, for example in yellow or red, an apron with contrasting tiles, a multi-colored lampshade of the ceiling chandelier.
  2. Light brown shades.
  3. Shades of pink and purple.

You can combine absolutely any color options. The basic rule is a harmonious combination and lack of oversaturation.

combining shades in the modern kitchen

The color of spring foliage is the best choice if you want to make the kitchen bright and at the same time calm.

Kitchen flooring

As a flooring, you can apply a parquet board, a laminate. Many housewives when choosing a flooring prefer linoleum, due to its financial availability and ease of care. It can also be used in studio kitchen interior at modern style

laminate in the kitchen modern

An important nuance here is the selection of a picture with imitation of a wooden massif and its harmonious combination with the general concept of repair.

Bulk 3-D floors are gaining wide popularity today. Thanks to the wide possibilities of such a coating, you can choose a pattern that suits any interior style.

bulk floor in a modernist kitchen

The bulk floor is absolutely unpretentious in operation, resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, easy to clean.

Also for rooms with sufficient quadrature in modern style you can build a podium that will allow you to separate the working area from the dining room.

work area podium

Art Nouveau has long been registered in modern kitchens and is not going to take leadership positions.

Kitchen lighting

Art Nouveau kitchen design suggests a lot natural light. This is achieved by creating large windows (for example, a large panoramic window). In case of lack of natural light, it is compensated by artificial sources.

modern kitchen with a large window

The atmosphere of any room largely depends on the lighting.

It is not limited to one ceiling chandelier. Additionally, fixtures are built in over the work surface, in the walls or even in the floor. Often lighting devices perform the function of zoning the room.

modern kitchen lighting

The best complement to the Art Nouveau kitchen is a neutral white or natural yellowish shade of lamps.

The presence of a multi-level ceiling suggests the location of additional light sources. You can arrange them in random order. At the same time, it is possible to combine lamps with different brightness of light and shape. The only limitation in the choice of lighting items is the lack of too bright, evocative colors.

Art Nouveau kitchen ceiling

Diode spotlights can be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling, mounted in a headset above the countertop.

Given the relationship with nature, you can use lights that mimic the branches of trees, leaves or flowers. Size and quantity depends on area the kitchen.

Curtains for the kitchen

Given the need for a large amount of natural light, curtains for this situation should not have pretentiousness. In a classic design, window textiles are characterized by the presence of natural fabrics, which cannot be said about modern style.

curtains in the kitchen modern

If modern fabrics are used, then to a minimum.

Optimal implementation is considered kitchen interier:

  • Roman roller blinds;
  • Jalousie;
  • Pleated curtains;
  • Panels.
windows in the kitchen modern

Textiles are better to choose synthetic, with water-repellent properties.

As a basis for their manufacture, it is necessary to use synthetic fabrics that are easy to clean and wash.


Modern the kitchendecorated in modern styleare a great solution for lovers of innovation, combined with classic restraint. It is suitable for rooms of any size, combining multifunctionality, convenience and a large amount of free space. This is facilitated by a concise furniture, a minimum of massive elements, replacing the overall dining table with a bar counter.

table bar counter in the modern kitchen

Adhering to the basics of style and introducing fashionable details into it, you can easily achieve an amazing result.

AT kitchen interior light, monochrome palette of colors prevails. The chrome and glossy facades of the kitchen set give the room extra chic.

modern kitchen ideas

By being observant, you can better plan your upcoming repairs and avoid many mistakes!

Variety of kitchen design options Art Nouveau can be seen in our photo gallery.

VIDEO: Art Nouveau style kitchen - 48 options.

Art Nouveau kitchen design - 50 ideas:

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