What design is suitable for a kitchen of 12 square meters. m.?

The spacious room is easy to fit the necessary furniture and appliances. The interior of the kitchen is 12 square meters. They make it special by picking up functional items and using designer tricks. The room is zoned, dividing into specific parts. Interesting options in the photo of design projects will give new ideas, with their help it is easy to find your type.

Choosing the layout of the kitchen, take into account the number of residents of the apartment, the frequency of use of the dining area, places for cooking tasty and healthy dishes. A large area makes it possible to set the maximum number of items and household appliances. To equip a comfortable room, you need to take into account many nuances.

the idea of ​​a bright kitchen design of 12 sq.m

In a small kitchen it’s hard to fit everything you need

an example of an unusual interior of a kitchen of 12 sq.m

When planning a kitchen, it is worth considering the features of the room

option of a bright style kitchen 12 sq.m

To equip a comfortable room, you need to consider many nuances

Choose a style direction

Classics always remain at the top of popularity; it does not go out of fashion. For decoration, natural wood furniture, plain textiles, or decorated with plant images are used. The classic design of the kitchen of 12 square meters will complement the original fixtures.

Specialists prefer modern trends. Eclectic style is especially popular. It combines elements of different directions, which will make the unique design of the kitchen 12 square meters. m. This interesting solution attracts the eye, allows you to combine similar and conflicting styles.

An excellent option would be minimalism, for which products of the correct form are selected. Inserts from other materials act as accents. The built-in backlight is suitable for a multifunctional room.

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen decor 12 sq.m

Use modern styles in the design of the kitchen

option of a bright decor of the kitchen 12 sq.m

Also, for a small kitchen, a classic style

High-tech is characterized by the presence of straight lines, concise forms. For decoration take metal, plastic, tile. In the interior there are chrome surfaces, glass, spotlights are suitable for lighting.

Retro style is often used for interior design of 12 square meters. m. It is not difficult to purchase the necessary furniture by placing an order at a specialized outlet. Manufacturers offer many interesting varieties.

If a country style is chosen, it should be seen in every detail of the decor. The chosen direction will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Facades are better to prefer simple, pick up dim colors. The village motif will create a wonderful atmosphere for cooking culinary masterpieces, gathering the whole family.

An example of a beautiful kitchen interior 12 sq.m

Modern style is more preferable for a small kitchen

variant of the unusual style of the kitchen 12 sq.m

For lighting, you can use spotlights

an example of an unusual style of kitchen 12 sq.m

When choosing a style for the kitchen, rely on your own preferences

Types of kitchen layout

Furniture arrangement is possible in any way, if there is a large area. When developing a design project, architectural features are taken into account.

Types of layout.

  1. The linear version will allow you to set the required minimum of devices.

  2. The parallel type will become a universal solution.

  3. The corner headset is roomy, it contains convenient cabinets, drawers.

  4. U-shaped type is suitable for large areas.

  5. The island will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere.

  6. C-shaped view is complemented by a bar.

Single or linear variation is suitable for studio apartments. A set of furniture is located along the wall, it will complement the design of a rectangular kitchen 12 square meters. m. Roomy hanging cabinets will be excellent storage systems. A copy with a rectangular surface is selected for the dining room. This option is suitable for those who rarely cook. It takes up little space, is inexpensive.

A two-row kitchen is convenient in terms of ergonomics. Capacious cabinets are located along two parallel walls with a wide aisle. One part is made shorter so that there is a place for a dining group.

L-shaped option is a popular solution. It is simple and convenient, allows you to clearly zone the territory. Design corner kitchen 12 sq. m. provides for the division into working and dining areas. Functional type offers several options for placement of equipment. The kitchen set at two walls.

option of a bright interior of the kitchen 12 sq.m

U-shaped and L-shaped layouts are suitable for small kitchens

An example of a beautiful kitchen decor 12 sq.m

When planning the kitchen, consider the features of the room

U-shaped type will complement the design of the kitchen 12 squares. Such a scheme creates a continuous row, allows you to economically spend the available squares. It looks amazing if there is a window in the central part. The necessary items are always at hand. This is a good alternative for arranging a kitchen-living room.

The peninsula applies when all space is used. Suitable for kitchen combined with living room. It should be remembered that this type takes up a lot of space.

Kitchen design 12 sq. m. will be harmonious if you order an island. It is a component that is installed separately from the main headset. It is easy to turn it into a dining table, use it as an additional device for storing kitchen utensils. If you plan to make the island a working area, then it is worth considering the water supply and the installation of the hood.

A sufficient number of square meters does not limit the hostess. The choice of layout depends on how many storage systems and appliances should be built. The decision is influenced by the shape of the room and the number of window and door openings.

The refrigerator, sink and stove should be at the tops of an imaginary triangle. This solution provides a convenient arrangement of objects. But today there are more household appliances. Mistresses pick up different storage systems, cook on the stove, use food processors, a microwave to create delicious dishes. Therefore, when planning, the demand for objects is necessarily taken into account.

the idea of ​​a bright decor of the kitchen is 12 sq.m

Kitchen design 12 sq. m. will be harmonious if you order an island

the idea of ​​a beautiful kitchen design 12 sq.m

Create a cozy and comfortable kitchen on 12 sq.m. is quite real

An example of a bright interior of a kitchen of 12 sq.m

If you can’t create a kitchen design yourself, contact a specialist

Kitchen Interior: Zoning

A large area is divided into functional components. The area where they like to cook is fenced off from the living area with a glass door. The working part is separated from the place of eating.

There are different ways to do this:

  • shine;

  • multi-level ceilings;

  • furniture;

  • the creation of the podium;

  • arch or through niche;

  • screens, low partitions.

In the working part, the light is made more intense. Where people dine, they mount other types of lights. With the proper placement of such elements, it is easy to strengthen the delimiting effect from partitions. Directional suspended models are used for multifunctional options. Lamps and lights can be seen above the table, stove, sofa.

Ceilings of different levels are used to divide the territory. They perform in the form of geometric shapes, combined with curved lines. A certain part is distinguished using a circle that repeats the outline of the dining table.

You can place components in a specific way or order a custom kit. A popular technique is the installation of a bar. She is preferred by young people who lead an active lifestyle. The approach to it should be from two sides.A sofa or sofa will protect one area from another. Racks and consoles are also used for this purpose.

The podium allows you to adjust the geometry of space, highlight a separate section. If it is planned to place heavy objects on it, then a monolithic design is needed. The dominant will be one part, located on a hill.

an example of a beautiful style of kitchen 12 sq.m

If the room is large, it is divided into functional zones

the idea of ​​an unusual design of the kitchen is 12 sq.m

Work areas need to be highlighted

The arch performs not only the zoning mission, but also acts as a decorative component. She will give personality to the interior. The arch will divide the territory into independent parts, while creating a single architectural solution.

Partitions and screens look original, acquire products from a variety of materials. Such designs are selected depending on the design, functional tasks. They will make the territory for cooking practical, ennoble it.

Color palette

All interior details should harmoniously complement each other. Colors are selected in accordance with the chosen style. Light tones of the walls expand the surrounding space, and dark colors visually reduce it.

The impeccable design of a 12 meter kitchen is obtained by achieving harmony of all components with the decoration of walls and floors. They should match the color scheme.

The design of the kitchen of 12 square meters should be carefully thought out, as it affects the relationship between households. Housing items have an effect on humans. It is better to choose a color in accordance with the orientation of the room in relation to the cardinal points. Depending on which sector the room falls in relation to the center of the dwelling, the corresponding gamma is selected.

variant of the unusual decor of the kitchen 12 sq.m

In a small kitchen, give preference to light shades.

variant of a beautiful design of a kitchen of 12 sq.m

All interior details should harmoniously complement each other.

an example of a bright kitchen interior of 12 sq.m

Kitchen design needs to be thought through to the smallest detail

Kitchen design table

Elements, sectors

Color spectrum


Decorative elements



Shades of blue and cyan, the color of metals.

With smooth, wave-like bends

Wavy lines, patterns.



Brown, blue, green.

Free form.

Patterns in the form of plants. The rectangular type is selected.

the fire


Red, green, orange.

Bright catchy furniture with backlight.

Patterns in the form of the sun, fire. Rectangular elements fit.



Yellow orange.

Massive objects.

Elements of stone. Suitable patterns that mimic the outlines of mountain ranges.



White, yellow, colors of metals.

Strict classic pieces.

Square or round pattern.

The room is decorated using different shades. But do not use more than three colors. If the walls and headsets match in tone, then the rest of the furniture is chosen a little darker so as not to get lost on the general background.

The decor in light shades is complemented by bright components. You need to correctly place color accents. Cold tones visually push the boundaries of the kitchen, and light colors make it more voluminous.

the idea of ​​a bright style kitchen 12 sq.m

In the kitchen, it is not recommended to use more than 2 colors

option of light design of the kitchen 12 sq.m

Light-colored furnishings complemented by vibrant components

Upholstered furniture in the design of the kitchen 12 m

Oversized items will make the spacious room functional and cozy. A great complement would be a sofa. The stores offer a huge assortment of goods, there are corner folding and stationary modifications. They are designed for relaxation, comfortable pastime.

Direct view is used as part of the dining group. A semicircular type is chosen to beautifully beat the place of rest. Today, consumers prefer compact models. Folding structures will help out if the guest decides to spend the night in your house.

If a large family uses the kitchen, then it is better to purchase a sofa. It will become an indispensable element of the zone where households gather for dinner. Install it against the wall, in the center of the room. Kitchen design 12 sq. m. with a sofa and a TV can be seen in the photo of many design projects.This combination is typical for the space in which the living room and the cooking area are connected.

An example of a bright style kitchen 12 sq.m

A sofa in the kitchen will be a great addition

a variant of a beautiful kitchen decor 12 sq.m

Everything must be at hand in the kitchen

idea of ​​a bright interior of a kitchen of 12 sq.m

Furniture selection must be approached with seriousness.

Kitchen design 12 sq. m. with access to the balcony

Any housewife will appreciate the additional area. The balcony is used as a continuation of the kitchen. It has a dining table. If you can’t translate the idea into reality, you need to take care of the design of the exit with the help of draperies, glass doors.

Kitchen design 12 sq. m. with a balcony choose, having studied a photo of projects. If you expand the usable space, then it will be more sunlight. To develop the original version, the partition is removed. This is not always feasible for technical reasons, so property owners require official permission for such a redevelopment.

Lighting and decor

Modern models of fixtures amaze with the beauty and brilliance that emit multi-tube sources. Among the variety of lighting fixtures are products with strict forms and luxurious options. Designers suggest grouping fixtures, combining several types.

In the working area, bright lighting is required, and for the dining group, the usual option is suitable. A chandelier is hung in the center of the ceiling, a group of spotlights is used or preference is given to built-in models. The choice of lighting devices and their placement depends on the type of ceiling and design features of the kitchen 12 square meters.

The classic wall decor will be food paintings. The mirror will bring exclusivity to the design, visually push the boundaries. Reflective surfaces fit into any design project. They look amazing in the dining area.

Shelves on which photos, porcelain and other things are placed become original decorations. Decorative dishes will decorate the situation, you just need to choose the right size and color of the plates. Radically change the design of the kitchen 12 square meters. m. modern murals will help. Black and white photographs of cities and bridges look interesting. Compositions with floral motifs are also acquired.

an example of an unusual design of a kitchen of 12 sq.m

Lighting the kitchen is an important step in design

option of a beautiful kitchen interior 12 sq.m

In the working area, bright lighting is required, and for the dining group, the usual option is suitable


Design depends on the number of residents of the apartment or house, features of the layout. Choosing a style, color scheme, furniture is better to rely on your own tastes. To create a comfortable atmosphere, it is necessary that all components harmoniously fit into the atmosphere.

Design of kitchen projects 12 sq. m in the photo inspire. A non-standard approach will ensure the creation of a unique design option. The room will become cozy for friendly gatherings and warm family evenings.

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