Beautiful decor and do-it-yourself kitchen

In order to make the kitchen seem cozy, comfortable and warm at home, the area of ​​the room, the number of windows and the arrangement of furniture do not matter - the decor gives the atmosphere to the space. Textiles, figurines, rugs and even lighting fixtures are all part of the decor. If we are talking about the kitchen, then in this case the number of decorating items doubles (compared to the living room, bedroom or bathroom), useful items are added to the curtains and lamps: cans for bulk products, towels and pot holders, cutting boards and jugs for drinks.

Do-it-yourself kitchen space

Almost anything is suitable for decorating a kitchen, from table plates to abstract compositions

Today, shops, online sites selling furniture and repair products are filled with thousands of useful or simply beautiful little things that can fundamentally change a room. But, decor - these are parts that should cause extremely positive emotions, which means that it is best to make them yourself from inexpensive, affordable materials. For these purposes, fit:

  • paints;
  • textile;
  • wooden parts, rattan;
  • mirrors.
Large mirror in the design of the kitchen space

For feng shui, the dining table or cooking process should be reflected in the mirror

Since 2017, the fashion for living plantings in the kitchen has not passed. As an option, you can create a living corner, while not stooping to the commonplace - familiar senpolia, pelargonium and cacti, but creating a unique composition of fragrant spices. Another good idea is to create a unique fabric carpet with your own hands. For this, it is better to use knitwear.

Typical work scheme:

  1. Knitted fabric should be cut in strips 2-3 cm wide, the length of each segment should be the same.
  2. Group pieces into 3 pieces, weave pigtails.
  3. Stitch blanks in the shape of a circle, square or oval.
DIY patchwork carpet

Such a rug can be hung on the wall or put under your feet

To create a very original rug, it is worth using several colors of fabric. A track tied from threads or made from pompons will also look good. For those who do not have the imagination to create a kitchen decor with their own hands, there are hundreds of workshops on the Internet, thematic books and magazines.

Cozy do-it-yourself textile

To spend a minimum of time and money, you can partially or completely replace kitchen textiles - from curtains to napkins. Kitchen textiles are curtains on windows, bedspreads on upholstered furniture, towels, potholders, tablecloths and even table napkins.

DIY curtains for decorating the kitchen window

Any woman can sew simple curtains and decorative napkins

To create a cozy kitchen textile, it is worth starting from the style of the interior.

  • The Provencal charm of the atmosphere will give a floral print on curtains and decorative pillows. You can combine several variations (size of the picture).
  • Transparent tulle and massive, dense curtains in bright colors will give the classic interior rigor and elegance. So that the kitchen does not seem too gloomy and gloomy, window textiles can be shortened (for example, so that it falls 15-20 cm below the window sill).To match the curtains, it is worthwhile to pick up wraps on furniture, towels and even an apron for the hostess of the house. if desired and the availability of creative skills, all details of the textile can be decorated with embroidery.
  • Country is the easiest solution for those who decide to create kitchen textiles with their own hands. This style is special in that curtains, curtains, napkins and even potholders create an ideal harmonious composition only when all of the listed parts are sewn using one fabric.
  • It is possible to emphasize the modesty of minimalism or the restraint of hi-tech with thin curtains made of translucent fabric, and it is best to abandon the curtains in favor of the blinds. In these styles, plain kitchen towels and potholders will harmoniously fit into the interior, and a tablecloth will be superfluous.
  • Multilevel textiles are inherent in the oriental style - you can use 3-4 types of fabrics with different textures, densities and contrasting colors. And the main thing is not to forget that the East is the birthplace of decorative tassels and fringes, so they must definitely decorate curtains, wraps on furniture, serviettes for serving.
Do-it-yourself textile for decorating a modern kitchen

Light, simple curtains and a beautiful long tablecloth are suitable for a modern kitchen

DIY kitchen space decor with do-it-yourself textiles.

Grips, handles and napkins are useful little things for a cozy interior

When deciding to create a textile kitchen decor with your own hands, it is important to remember such a moment as practicality: curtains, wraps on furniture and a tablecloth should not interfere with movement and are easy to clean. But the most important thing in the kitchen is the observance of safety measures, so fabrics for sewing decor should have refractory properties.

Idea number 1. Change the color of the walls

Designers, builders and all those who have already experienced kitchen repairs are unanimously inclined to the idea that it is more profitable, more comfortable and more reliable to paint the walls, rather than pasting them with wallpaper, ceramic tiles or PVC panels. It is not necessary to move furniture and repaint all surfaces, you can limit yourself to one wall or create a picture with a brush, stencil and roller.

Do it yourself ornament on the kitchen wall with a stencil

In a small kitchen, it is better to leave plain walls of a light shade and add a light unobtrusive ornament

Picture in the decor of the kitchen space

In a fairly spacious room you can highlight the entire wall as a work of art

Idea number 2. Change the kitchen apron

If the walls have not lost their freshness after repair and the owners of the house are quite happy with their appearance, you can transform the kitchen apron, which is also easy to do with your own hands and with a minimum waste of time. If you completely change the tile, then it is costly and long, so it is better to use simpler materials - decoupage cards or stickers. In the first case, after transferring the image, it is necessary to cover the surface with colorless varnish, so that in the future it is easy to clean the apron from grease and dirt. In order not to use a special coating, when the choice fell on the stickers, you need to select special stickers that adhere tightly to the ceramic tile or stone, clean neatly even with heavy dirt.

Tiled kitchen apron sticker

Stickers can tear off small irregularities and chips

Do-it-yourself kitchen apron decoration with stickers

Stickers on the apron revive the kitchen in just a couple of minutes

Idea number 3. Changing the look of furniture

In almost every kitchen, the basis of furniture is a kitchen set of cabinets, cabinets, tables and chairs. Much less often in this part of the house or apartment you can find upholstered furniture - sofas or armchairs. And if in the second case, objects can be covered with bedspreads and wraps, then in the first case, the option of minor alteration is relevant.

DIY kitchen decor with stencil pattern

The doors of kitchen cabinets can be decorated with a stencil pattern or applied using decoupage technique with napkins

You can change the appearance of kitchen furniture with the following materials:

  • self-adhesive film;
  • decoupage cards;
  • paper and fabric napkins;
  • acrylic paints.
Decorating kitchen facades with foil

Self-adhesive film that easily simulates almost any material allows you to quickly upgrade facades

Self-adhesive film is a simple, but not original version of the decor of cabinets and nightstands; napkins, decoupage canvases and paints look much more interesting. All types of decor are united by one moment - the surface after decoration needs to be opened at least once with colorless varnish.

Idea number 4. Beautifully decorated fridge

“Everything ingenious is simple,” it is this famous expression that should be used when decorating a refrigerator. In most modern kitchens, you can see the simplest method - magnets. This is a good option for those who like to travel, home-lovers can choose another, no less popular type of jewelry - a magnetic board with markers. This option is relevant for families with children. On such a board you can draw funny pictures, write nice wishes to your family or an action plan for the day.

DIY fridge decor as a way to change the interior of the kitchen

The refrigerator can be painted, pasted with film or painted on the doors of a real masterpiece

If you take into account not only practicality, but also beauty, it is better to transform the refrigerator with drawings. Stencils and acrylic paints in sprays will help in this (they are easier to apply than liquid in a jar). Ideas for composition, colors and possible additional details (for example, rhinestones or embroidered appliqués) can be gleaned from the Internet.

Idea number 5. We are engaged in a table and chairs

The use of rattan, soutache cord or burlap thread is an actual option for kitchens in the Provence or country styles; for other designs, paint is more suitable. Threads and cords can fit the legs of tables and chairs, which will look very unusual and original. Paint is also a good option for a simple restoration of kitchen furniture. It is best to use paints in sprays that evenly coat surfaces and dry quickly.

Decorative decoupage old kitchen table

Decoupage kitchen table

Do-it-yourself kitchen chair covers

Chair covers are an easy way to protect furniture from dirt or to hide the plain appearance of old finishes

Decoration of countertops on the kitchen table with fine tiles

Wall mosaic tile

For the decor of tables and chairs, you can not apply such drastic measures as rattan or painting, just cover them with textiles - a tablecloth and specially sewn wraps. Such a design is not relevant in kitchens decorated in modern, high-tech styles. The main thing is not to forget about the combination of colors: the curtains should be in harmony with the tablecloth and the capes on the chairs.

Wall decor

Sometimes it is not necessary to make major repairs to change the interior of the room, it is enough to use the decor. Before you decorate the kitchen with your own hands, it is worth making a plan for alteration, where the interior style should be in the first place.

Wall decoration in the kitchen with textured plaster

An interesting but expensive way to decorate walls is to use decorative plaster. But the result will be a real work of art

When planning decoration for kitchen walls, you need to consider such points:

  1. Even small decorative elements must match the style of the room.
  2. Parts should be easy to clean.
  3. High moisture resistance is another important requirement for kitchen decor, since even with good ventilation, moisture evaporating during cooking primarily settles on objects as close to the stove as possible.
Do-it-yourself kitchen decorating with family photos

Photos of loved ones are excellent decorations for the walls of the kitchen, especially if they are interesting to design

Also, the compositions should be hygienic - dried flowers crumbling at the slightest touch or flaky paint is inappropriate in the room where food is prepared and stored. The table shows the possible options for wall decor and useful little things for the kitchen, which will help to modernize the space.

The name of the scenery pros Minuses What style of interior is best for
Hand-drawn or stenciled wall art Easy to apply on any surface, does not require special care, economical decoration option Not Art Deco, modern, antique style
Panel of paintings Mobility - at any time you can change the canvas, the arrangement of paintings Clean surfaces regularly Classic, Italian, American
Shelves for useful parts and small things Practicality - dishes can be arranged on shelves, mobility - contents can be changed Requires regular cleaning Provence, Country, Chalet
Wooden shelves for dishes in the interior of the kitchen

For a country-style kitchen or Provence, it will not be difficult to make simple open shelves from planed boards, on which you can place dishes or a collection of photos

Pictures with spoons on a kitchen wall

When making decorations in the kitchen, it is appropriate to use cutlery

You can also create another original decor with your own hands, for example - a panel of polyurethane ceiling rosettes painted with spray paint. As an option, a clock is suitable for decorating kitchen walls, it is best that they are decorated manually.

Simple ideas to decorate the kitchen: accessories and kitchen stuff

The wall panel from various details will look beautifully and unique in the kitchen: dishes, dried flowers, coffee beans and cereals. If we talk about accessories, then in the room where food is prepared and consumed, home and friendly gatherings take place, each little thing needs to be given functional value.

DIY wooden shelves for spices

Small jars with cereals and spices placed on homemade wooden shelves will look organically

The best kitchen accessories that you can create with your own hands, without special skills:

  • Hot cork of wine corks. For the manufacture of panels with a diameter of 25 cm, you need 30-40 corks, silicone and a sharp knife. First you need to select the shortest cap for the bottle, make an equal horizontal incision on one of its sides. Then fit all the other plugs to fit the first one and glue all the parts with silicone (you can take glue, but the product will produce an unpleasant odor for 7-10 days). You should get an even circle that you need to fasten with a belt-flange. Anyone can do this craft, it will be a wonderful addition to the eco-style kitchen. Similarly, you can create mini coasters for glasses, cups or bottles. The shape may optionally be round.
  • Fruit and berry compositions in transparent jars. To create them, you need to take a transparent jar that closes with a lid (or several containers), select whole and beautiful fruits in shape and color, wash everything. Then you need to fill the fruits and berries in the oven or in a steam bath for 5-10 minutes, put everything in jars and pour preservative liquid - vinegar, formalin, ethyl alcohol and tightly close the lid. To make the compositions look more impressive, you can lay a large cotton lace or burlap square over the lid and tie a neck with a satin ribbon.
  • Coasters under the plates. They can be made from jute rope. For one instance with a diameter of 30 cm, 9.5 dense jute rope (thickness should be at least 1 mm), glue gun and scissors are needed. The process of making the stand is very simple: you need to wind the rope in a circle, adding in diameter, parallelly lubricate small areas for bonding.
Decorating the kitchen with colorful dishes

Unusual dishes with bright ornaments will become a stylish decor of the kitchen space

Also, to transform the kitchen and fill it with light, you can sew felt potholders with warmth and comfort. This material is very easy to use, they are even made of various crafts at school labor lessons. Those who are more confident in their creative abilities can take a chance and create a topiary; there are hundreds of ideas on various sites.

Vase from an old kettle in the interior of the kitchen

Old enameled kettle easily turns into a vase

Some needlewomen have adapted to make kitchen accessories without glue. A striking example of such a decor is a stand for knives made of bamboo sticks or stones.To create it, you need a tall glass, wooden sticks or clean decorative stones. The secret to creating is simple - you need to fill the container with natural material and stick the knives in them.

How to change the appearance of household appliances

Decorating your kitchen with your own hands beyond recognition will help decorating household appliances, which are often unattractive. Since the devices are powered by a power supply network, all your ideas must be implemented taking into account security measures. The decoration function is best handled by the previously mentioned stencils and spray paints. They are safe, not harmful to health and household appliances, durable and original.

Rustic-themed stoves

Country Style Gas Stove Decor

DIY fridge decor for a telephone box

The original design of the refrigerator

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