How to create a beautiful kitchen design

Each owner wants to boast of a fresh and chic repair. But these concepts do not always go side by side. There are times when a design that has a good budget and plan has failed. This is due to a lack of knowledge and experience of the designer. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some secrets to make a beautiful kitchen design.

Red color in the interior of a modern kitchen

A beautiful and comfortable kitchen is not a luxury, but a vital necessity

Beautiful cuisine: basic secrets

The main problem due to which an absurd design is obtained even with good financing is the lack of harmony. The dissonance of colors, directions, components - all this affects the overall perception. Remember: harmony should be in everything! This is the first secret of success. What is meant? Let's figure it out.

Beautiful design of the cooking area in the modern kitchen

It is noticed that the food is tastier in a person who cooks with pleasure

To start, the harmony of color. An overabundance of bright colors in the kitchen leads to a heavier design. It’s uncomfortable in such a room, and I want to quickly escape. It is also undesirable to use cold tones in the dining area. They, as a rule, have a bad effect on appetite and do not give relaxation. However, blotches of green in the kitchen are welcome. They will fill you with energy in the morning, and will help you to quickly tone up.

The interior of a beautiful linear kitchen

There are no universal solutions for creating a beautiful kitchen. However, all successful options have common properties - they are harmoniously thought out and designed in the same style.

Harmony of style. Eclecticism has long been a thing of the past. Especially for the kitchen. Mixing different directions will not give a good result. To get a beautiful kitchen, choose one stream and follow its laws.

Another secret: quality materials. The cheapness of the components immediately gives itself away, creating a general impression. Do not skimp on quality raw materials in the manufacture of kitchen units, floors, wall linings and small things.

Kitchen island with work area

Beauty in the kitchen is impossible without the order and proper organization of the workspace

Tip. Beautiful kitchen - expensive kitchen. If it is not possible to lay out a round sum for natural materials, surrender in quantity, but not in quality.

Wooden dining table in a beautiful kitchen

Natural textures are beautiful in their own right

Style thing

The first secret is the right style. If you choose a modern direction, and follow its laws, you will be able to create a beautiful kitchen interior without any difficulties.

Beautiful corner kitchen in a classic style

You can create an attractive interior in a small area.

Review the overview of directions and their characteristics to understand what to deal with:

Style a brief description of Colors, materials used
High tech Contrast combinations, broken lines, sharp corners, a large number of equipment and artificial surfaces The prevailing spectrum is brown, black; using the latest materials for the arrangement of the room
Minimalism The main slogan: nothing more; simple, mainly straight lines, monophonic surface painting White, gray, black, brown; wood, plastic, glass
Provence Village current, relevant motifs, rude features, aged furniture prevail The main color is beige; only natural materials are used
Loft The urban direction of the minimalist orientation, takes rough features and simple design Brown, black, red; mainly wood, artificial brick
Mediterranean It has Greek motifs, there is a marine theme, is simple and comfortable. Pale and light colors; mainly natural materials
Historical directions Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, etc. They have the distinctive features of their era, stand out for their luxurious design. Mostly red and gold; marble, gypsum, wood - generally an expensive and natural basis

This is a superficial description that will help you navigate in directions. Now we offer a detailed inspection, with which you can independently make a beautiful kitchen.

Attractive kitchen design in a modern apartment

Black and white kitchen in a modern style.

Hi-tech: top of modernity

With the introduction of technological progress, there have been changes and ways to equip the interior. At the moment, the top of the popular styles is headed by high-tech. It is the embodiment of modernity in terms of comfort and appearance.

High tech blue kitchen design

Stylish extravagance, cozy minimalism and glossy shine - this is a high-tech kitchen

In this case, novelties are used in the development of equipment and materials in the design of each of the rooms. This helps to achieve maximum comfort. Widespread in this direction are “smart systems”, that is, self-regulating technologies. The most common is the "smart home" system, which accommodates all the latest developments.

Gray kitchen modern design

Refined hi-tech kitchen interior with a graphite touch

Of the materials dominated by artificial. There is a large amount of plastic and glass. For this reason, there are a lot of sharp corners and strict forms. Wood and ceramics are also acceptable. They are mainly used for flooring.

Wooden bar counter

The hi-tech kitchen uses modern appliances, preferably mounted in furniture

The colors correspond to the raw materials used and the direction of the current. There are many transparent and black surfaces, which is associated with technology. The whole range of brown is also found. It helps smooth out the callousness and severity of the atmosphere.

Minimalism: simple and tasteful

Many modern styles tend to simplify, so minimalism is becoming increasingly popular. It is suitable for strict people who do not like pomp and pretentiousness. Everything is simple, but with taste.

Beautiful minimalist kitchen

The main rule for the kitchen in the style of minimalism - nothing more

Strict forms and straight lines prevail, the transition between the boundaries of the surfaces is clearly visible. In the design, preference is given to simplicity: a minimum of furniture, textiles, not burdensome design. Often pick up a white, glossy kitchen set. In general, this color is a business card of minimalism. They paint the walls, choose the appropriate flooring and textiles. Combine it with black, gray and dark brown, beige is also found.

Glossy blue kitchen apron

The interior is characterized by straight lines and plain textures

The ideal option for a beautiful kitchen is a black and white version. She personifies the pattern of style, following all its rules. Accordingly, in this case, other laws besides the color combination must be observed.

Brick apron in a beautiful kitchen

To diversify a plain interior, a tree or brick helps

The most popular coating is plain color. The combination of colors within the same surface is rare. Textiles also obey this rule. Decorations and decorations are rare guests, and often absent.

Loft: for street enthusiasts

Another modern trend, minimalist orientation. The peak of his popularity falls on the 50s, after which he was somewhat forgotten. At the moment, when the unusual decoration of the rooms is popular, he regains his fame.

Brick wall in the interior of a beautiful kitchen

A combination of space and functionality is inherent in a loft

This style was formed as a result of the use of technical attic spaces as residential. The design of the room did not change much: the walls could not be processed, the lamps did not change, the floor did not cease. Therefore, the current has the corresponding "technical" notes.

Loft-style wire chairs in the kitchen

The advantage of the loft is that this style does not require exquisite decoration

It is characterized by fluorescent elongated lamps or cone-shaped luminaires with long suspensions. They were often used to illuminate workrooms. For wall decoration, brickwork is often used. However, it is used for one wall as a kind of highlight, and the rest, as a rule, is painted in a neutral monophonic color.

Bar counter in the loft style kitchen

In such an interior there is always a lot of metal, brick, concrete or aged wood

The ground floor is uncomfortable, rude, and uncomfortable, therefore, in the modern interpretation of the style, this part has undergone significant changes. The floor is covered with a parquet board, laminate, in extreme cases - linoleum, imitating natural wood.

Provence: exquisite village

For those who love silence, peace and rustic motifs, there is also the opportunity to create a beautiful kitchen. It will vary significantly from those presented above, but will not be inferior in quality of design. To do everything at the highest level, apply the basic rules of the Provence style.

Pink provence style kitchen

Warm, cozy and rustic home style Provence style kitchen interior

For the refectory, it fits perfectly. The direction comes from France, where hospitable villages, cozy houses and friendly hosts are located. Style accordingly adopted these features. It creates a warm mood, has in its arsenal a lot of beautiful dishes and lovely decorations.

Wooden dining table in a beautiful kitchen

Provincial design involves the use of simple wood furniture

It belongs to eco-directions, therefore it accepts only natural materials as decoration: stone, granite, plaster, wood, marble. Marble tiles or parquet boards are often selected for the floor. For countertops - granite; taps and handles - copper; walls and ceiling - stucco, wood and stone.

Ceramic apron green in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Such a cuisine will definitely appeal to people who love nature and cute rural antiquity.

The color scheme mainly represents the natural colors of the basics, as well as beige. Add it milky, olive and brown. Thanks to expensive materials and skillful color design, this style can offer refined and at the same time simple, and home-like cuisine.

Mediterranean: chic open spaces

We bring to your attention the middle option between the above. It follows the tenets of modern design, but does not have a particular minimalist bias. It has common features with country, so its slogan is simplicity and comfort. However, village motifs are absent here.

Beautiful Mediterranean style kitchen interior

Mediterranean style combines bold design with ancestral traditions

The Mediterranean style is suitable mainly for spacious kitchens that accommodate a dining and functional area. Because one of the distinguishing features of this area is the use of long, transparent curtains. They visually enlarge the windows, making the room spacious and bright. Also, the business card of the style are marine motifs: striped textiles, matching decorations and colors.

Beautiful kitchen with wooden furniture

Massive beams and wooden furniture are common

Mediterranean style small kitchen design

Kitchen furniture can consist of cupboards, open cupboards and wall shelves

For a small room, this style is also suitable. But in this case you will have to sacrifice some postulates. Long curtains need to be removed, having given up simple blinds. The striped print will also become an unwanted guest, as it can visually reduce the room. In general, this light and light style is a real salvation for a small room.

Historical destinations: luxury in every detail

To make a beautiful and truly luxurious cuisine, resort to antiquity.Victorian style, baroque and rococo are especially distinguished by an abundance of pomposity. In many ways they are so similar that they are often confused. We will not go into details, and take them for one example - historical style.

Design a beautiful kitchen in a classic style

The main advantage of all historical styles is that they are always fashionable and relevant.

The first thing that indicates luxury is expensive decoration materials and textiles. Do not save on this. Get heavy brocade curtains with fringe, use velvet or velor for the upholstery of chairs, and silk is perfect as a decorative textile. Cover the floor with natural wood, countertops - from natural granite or marble. Stucco is widespread in these areas. It can be framing a wall or used to mask the joints between the ceiling and walls.

Baroque natural wood kitchen unit

Furniture for such a kitchen must be selected from natural wood

The most popular color combination is red with gold. It gives luxury and creates a festive mood. You can also often see black, brown, purple, silver, white. The main place is golden. It combines with almost all the colors presented, making your kitchen a luxurious palace.

Carved chairs in the interior of a beautiful kitchen

In the interiors, an abundance of abundance of decorations and wood carvings is welcome.

You know the basic secrets of creating a beautiful kitchen, and are also familiar with the laws of style. Now you can create with confidence and ease.

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