German-style kitchens: features, selection tips, top manufacturers

Germany is a country where residents love practicality in everything. This was the inspiration to create stylish German cuisine. In this interior, you can notice many characteristic features and elements. To highlight the distinctive characteristics of the design of the kitchen, you should consider each of the design aspects in more detail.

German kitchen.

German-style kitchen design with a breakfast bar.

Main features of the German-style kitchen

At first glance, there are no distinguishing features that you can catch on if you find yourself in a room decorated in a classic German style.

Note! The main feature is the use of quality furniture made from natural materials. Flooring is made of quality wood.

German cuisine materials.

The main advantage of German cuisine is the use of natural materials.

In such kitchens you can notice the modern technical equipment. Only new technologies are used to make life easier for the owners. In modern German kitchens you will not find ancient stoves, fireplaces, ovens.

Important! All furniture is flat. The corners are straight. Characterized by the lack of a plentiful amount of decorative elements. There are no stucco details on the walls and ceilings, which will only make the room design heavier. Also, elaborate chandeliers and rich curtains are not used.

German cuisine interior.

German-style modern kitchen.

Most often used plafonds made of plastic. One of the main functional elements for any device is plastic. Welcome to modern decorative devices - photo printing and environmentally friendly materials.

The main thing is to create a feeling of comfort and coziness. Every thing should be in its place. The Germans prefer cleanliness, so this is another feature of such a kitchen. It cannot be such that somewhere there is a large oily stain or dust on the surfaces.

German cuisine design features.

German cuisine lacks ancient ovens, curtains and chandeliers.

Note! The location of each thing is thought out to the smallest detail. Furniture is selected with the expectation of creating a harmonious combination. There should be no frills.

Features of the interior in the German style

The following characteristics should be highlighted:

  1. A large amount of light should enter the room. Wide windows that can provide optimal lighting are welcome.
  2. Extreme minimalism in every detail. There are no extra elements. Each thing has its purpose.
  3. Inside should be spacious.
  4. The use of durable and reliable product materials.
  5. Equipping the kitchen with modern technical devices that can significantly simplify a person’s life.
  6. To decorate the walls and floor, wood is used.
  7. Due to the abundant number of plants, a feeling of warmth and home comfort is created.
German-style cuisine.

German cuisine should be spacious.

Quality and Functionality

All furniture is made exclusively from high quality materials. The best option is a tree.Also present are modern elements - for example, plastic. The presence of household appliances made according to all modern standards is characteristic. Everything feels functionalism and high quality workmanship. Household items are characterized by durability and reliability.

How to design a kitchen in the German style.

In German cuisine, household appliances must be manufactured to all modern standards.

What colors in the interior of the kitchen do Germans prefer

The Germans prefer to use light or pastel shades to decorate the kitchen. The most popular are yellow, beige, bluish tone. All colors are natural, so the choice of colors is small. For the decoration of the floor choose dark tones. Even this encourages minimalism and no frills.

Colors in German cuisine.

The German interior uses pastel colors.

Ceiling Finish in German Cuisine

This is one of the main details in the design of German classic cuisine. Preference is given to simple plastering or wood paneling. Nothing extra. Stretch ceilings will do. The main thing to remember about maintaining a minimum number of decorative elements. Choose matte coatings that are not distracting.

The ceiling in German cuisine.

In German cuisine, preference is given to the stretch design of the ceilings.

German style kitchen textiles

Everything should look cozy and give the impression that you are at home. For windows, it is preferable to use stylish curtains for half the window. Fabric - exclusively natural pastel colors. If you choose a pattern, preference is given to floral ornaments. Do not save on tablecloths and napkins - these are important components for comfort.

Curtains in German cuisine.

Curtains in the design of German cuisine.

How to make the right choice of German cuisine

The main material that must be present is wood. Furniture should be made of natural materials. To make the kitchen in modern style, you should add modern technology. Do not forget that there should not be artsy decorative elements.

Useful Tips

Follow these tips when decorating a kitchen:

  1. Provide maximum lighting. A lot of sunlight should be exposed during the day, and soft evening lights should be used in the evening.
  2. Use wood beams or plaster for the ceiling.
  3. Walls are best done in light colors. If you use wallpaper, choose a floral ornament.
  4. As a flooring, wooden boards are used.
German cuisine design.

Design of German cuisine with an original bar counter.

Rating TOP 6 of the best kitchen manufacturers

Below is a selection of manufacturers of luxury kitchens in the German style.

Kitchens Bauformat

Ideal for everyday life. It features functionality and modern embedded systems. The salons provide a wide selection of different modifications.

German Cuisine Bauformat

Kitchen Bauformat.

Kitchens Schuller

Each option is created according to individual design. This allows you to choose any possible functionality. All models are characterized by high quality.

German cuisine Schuller.

Schuller Kitchen.

Zuchel kuche

Each element is adapted to everyday needs. This allows you to perform routine activities without unnecessary effort. Custom development is possible.

German Cuisine Zuchel Kuche.

Kitchens Zuchel Kuche.

Kitchens LEICHT

The optimum ratio of quality and cost. A wide range is presented in a traditional or modern design.

German cuisine LEICHT.

Kitchen LEICHT.

Kitchens Nolte Küchen

It is characterized by bright models for extraordinary personalities. Various configurations are possible depending on use.

Kitchen Nolte Küchen.

Kitchen Nolte Küchen.

Kitchens Nobilia

Each element is characterized by high quality and durability. Only modern durable materials are used.

Nobilia's cuisine is German.

Kitchen Nobilia.

German cuisine is the best solution for pragmatic people. This option allows you to achieve maximum convenience, arrange everything comfortably and beautifully.

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