Small-sized kitchen: layout and design

Many housewives get lost when it comes to repairing a small kitchen. I want the space to be beautiful, comfortable and roomy. It is possible to carry out the conceived idea even if there are very few square meters. It is only necessary to study all the nuances of planning.

Small-sized kitchen design.

A small kitchen is not a sentence; it can be visually increased thanks to a competent layout.

What design style is possible in a small kitchen?

Designers highlight a number of styles that are suitable for arranging a small kitchen in the house.

The peculiarity of a small space is that it is desirable to give preference to those style directions that do not imply an abundance of dark colors and large details of the decor:

  1. Minimalism. This style is characterized by a minimum of detail. In the kitchen space there is everything only the most necessary and multifunctional. You can make small color accents, but the selected forms should be concise.
  2. Provence. The use of natural (or decorated for natural) materials, pastel colors, floral patterns and prints, open shelves. Such a design should be gentle, airy, bright and spacious.
  3. High tech. In this modern style, you can combine plastic elements with metal and shiny. It is important that all furniture and appliances are very practical and have a minimum of decor.
  4. Oriental. For placement in such a design, low furniture of simple shapes, combined with modern equipment, is well suited. An ideal option for window decoration will be roll curtains. The atmosphere in such a kitchen will turn out to be stylish and calm.
High tech kitchen.

Design of a compact high-tech kitchen.

Kitchen Layout Selection

The layout and design of a small kitchen should be as thought out as possible, because it is important to effectively use every cm of the room. You need to think about how to arrange kitchen furniture for a small kitchen. Designers prefer to use some of the most common layout solutions. Among them are angular, U-shaped, linear. In this article you can get acquainted with the features of each of the options.

Layout of a small kitchen.

There are 3 ways to plan a small kitchen.


This is the most convenient and therefore the most popular option for creating a design project for a small-sized kitchen. In this case, the furniture is installed along two adjacent walls, which makes it possible to optimally use even the smallest area.

Built-in structures, drawers, pull-out shelves, hooks, magnetic doors come to the rescue. Thanks to such elements, you can correctly place kitchen utensils.

Corner kitchen.

Corner layout of a small kitchen.

The advantages of this layout include:

  • compliance with the rules of the working area (gas or electric stove, sink, work surface);
  • compactness and spaciousness;
  • convenience in zoning (there is a free corner for arranging the dining area).

But at the same time, for narrow and elongated kitchens, the corner option is unlikely to be suitable, and even in a rectangular kitchen it will be difficult to make such an arrangement.

Corner kitchen.

The corner kitchen is red.


Such a kitchen is the dream of many housewives, because it uses three walls and two corners, which means it has a large working surface area and a large storage space. It is very convenient for any kitchen work. Also, such a solution is very universal, because it can be planned taking into account the features of the room, changing the distance between the sidewalls, their size, shape, or even replace one of them with a bar counter or peninsula. But you need to consider that this is the most cumbersome option and for its implementation a minimum area of ​​5 square meters is needed. If the space is not large at all, you will have to make the dining area very small, or even consider replacing it with a bar, which will become part of the letter “P”.

U-shaped kitchen.

Small U-shaped kitchen.

Also, it will not be possible to carry out such a layout in a narrow space, otherwise too narrow passages will turn out. This is not only inconvenient, but also violates fire safety rules.

Another drawback - it is unlikely that two or three housewives can simultaneously accommodate in such a mini-kitchen - will be too crowded.


For most situations, this option is the most optimal. Especially when it comes to a narrow room. In this solution, the kitchen is located along one wall.

Linear kitchen.

Linear layout of a small kitchen.

However, it is important to understand that such an arrangement violates the principle of a triangular working area, so if the area allows, it is better to add a peninsula or island.

In what cases a linear project will be the best option:

  • for a small family;
  • for narrow kitchens;
  • for studios.
Linear kitchen.

Line layout is considered the most suitable for a small room.

Like any layout, linear placement has its advantages and disadvantages. The obvious pluses include:

  1. affordable price;
  2. more free space;
  3. the kitchen seems lighter and not cluttered.
Linear small kitchen.

Linear arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen.

How to choose the right decoration for a small kitchen

Choosing the design for the kitchen, follow these rules:

  1. Compliance with the chosen style.
  2. Refusal of large elements.

Preference for functional details.

kitchen with a breakfast bar.

Design project of a small-sized kitchen with a bar counter.

Color spectrum

To choose the most suitable color scheme, it is important to adhere to the rules and advice from specialists.

  1. The most suitable will be neutral colors, calm shades. They reflect light well, visually making the space wider. As an accent, you can use dark and contrasting colors.
  2. You can combine the kitchen with the adjoining room or hallway using visual reception. You can paint the walls of these two rooms in similar colors or paste the same wallpaper. Such a decision will create the feeling that these are not two different rooms, but one large space. Especially if there are no doors between them.
  3. Textiles should also be light. Pastel shades and not bright prints.
  4. Follow the rules of color matching. The absence of contrasts gives the impression of spaciousness. Use should be no more than 2-3 shades.
  5. A variety of drawings and patterns should not be wide, both on the walls and on the floor or ceiling. The most suitable option is a relief ornament of the same shade as the whole kitchen.
Bright little kitchen.

Light furniture and shiny facades will visually increase the space of a small kitchen.


In a small kitchen, competent lighting is simply necessary, it will make the room more spacious and create coziness. Regardless of the size of the kitchen space, it is important to distinguish three light zones. In general, the kitchen, the work area, which needs a separate lighting, as well as the illumination of the dining table.

Many make the main mistake, believing that one light source will be enough, but this is not so.Unified central lighting does not evenly illuminate the entire area of ​​the room and the corners are left without proper light. This makes the space visually smaller. Even less light penetrates into the working area, since the hanging cabinets interfere with the penetration, in addition, the person himself blocks the light in the process of working. In general, the cons are obvious.

Lighting in a small kitchen.

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, three light zones should be distinguished.

In order for all areas of the rooms to be sufficiently lit, it is necessary to install several lamps at an equal distance from each other. If it is not possible to install several light sources, then you can consider the option of a chandelier with several shades, the light direction of which can be adjusted.

Tips for decorating a small kitchen.

A small kitchen should be well lit.

Furniture for a small kitchen

Designers determine a number of rules, following which you can choose the most successful version of furniture for a small kitchen.

  1. The priority is comfort, not taste preferences. Even a bulky buffet made of solid wood that has madly liked the store will be completely non-functional.
  2. First you need to consider all existing types of layouts. Here you may need a room plan on paper.
  3. In a small room, hanging cabinets, shelves, and other furniture are especially relevant. Also a good choice would be high racks up to the ceiling.
  4. It is important to use the free corners as efficiently as possible, installing the headset elements, appliances and other household accessories there.
Little kitchen design.

Design of corner headset with lighting in a small kitchen.

Workspace furniture design:

  • Kitchen sets should be bright, so it will not seem bulky.
  • At least one piece of furniture should be high (ideally to the ceiling), so the space is visually extended.
  • The furniture of the working area should be suitable not only for visual indicators, but also for such criteria as resistance to moisture, temperature, cleaning products, etc.
Layout of a small kitchen.

U-shaped layout with a window in a small kitchen.

The arrangement of the dining area

So that the dining area in the apartment organically fits into the interior and does not take up much space:

  1. it is worth considering options for transparent furniture, they do not “eat up space”;
  2. Tables, cabinets and sofas with additional storage compartments are well suited;
  3. furniture should be mobile and easy to move around.
Violet cuisine.

Corner layout of the kitchen in purple.

Design Tricks for a Small Kitchen

To make the space as functional and convenient as possible with the help of a number of special tricks. Consider the most popular:

  1. Folding worktop. This option can be very functional: used for cooking or for meals. When it is not necessary, you can remove the countertop, freeing up space.
  2. Folding table. When folded, the structure will not occupy space and interfere with the cooking process.
  3. Wide window sill. It can be used as a work area, a place to store some household appliances (not all appliances can be stored by the window). Or, to extend the area of ​​the windowsill, making it part of the work surface or kitchen table.
  4. Compact table. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a large selection of such models. The main thing is that the chairs can fit under it.
  5. Convertible Console. When assembled, this design takes up very little space, but when used, it can accommodate up to 4 guests.
Sill countertop in the kitchen.

In a small kitchen you can even use a windowsill.


Planning a small kitchen is a difficult, but interesting process. Everyone can arrange the interior of their dreams, even in a small space, the main thing is to use the tips from this article.

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