Original kitchen design in green: useful tips for choosing finishes, headsets, curtains

The kitchen is the most visited room in any home. Many requirements are put forward to its interior. It should be functional, versatile in style, comfortable. Creating the interior of the kitchen, you need to choose every detail correctly: from the headset to the main color of the room. The color of decoration, furniture should be in harmony with the overall style of the house, evoke pleasant emotions among the owners.

Linear set in light green

Green shades create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen

A good choice for modern cuisine is green. It has a positive effect on humans, pleasantly associated with spring, grass, natural aromas. This article details how to create an attractive kitchen design in green on your own.

The benefits of green in the interior

It's no secret that every shade of the color palette has its own effect on the physical, emotional state of a person. The kitchen should have a pleasant atmosphere.

Examples of various shades of green

There are over 100 shades of green

The scheme for the separation of green shades into warm and cold

They are all divided into cold and warm colors.

Psychologists say that almost every shade of green has amazing calming properties. They help to relax, feel a surge of energy. This color also positively affects the digestive system, awakening appetite.

Dark green facade of a kitchen set

Kitchens with green color in the interior tend to invigorate in the morning and calm in the evening

Basic rules for building an interior

In order for the kitchen design in green to always please its owners, some rules must be taken into account when developing it:

  1. First, you should deal with the selection of furniture, appliances. Select the shade of finishing materials is necessary last.
  2. Bright, saturated shades of green cannot be used to design large-sized surfaces. They better emphasize a separate part of the room - one wall. Large areas should be decorated with dark shades.
  3. Tones containing a large amount of blue are suitable for decorating the southern room. Warm shades are best used for northern cuisines. The right tone will help create the optimal atmosphere in any weather, temperature.
  4. Small green kitchens should be bright. It is better to combine the main color with white in them. Then the space will look bigger, more comfortable. A large room does not limit its owners in choosing. It’s much easier to “work” with it.
  5. Surplus must be avoided. You can not combine many colors at once, or use only one. For a comfortable interior, it is recommended to use two to three tones.
Yellow-green corner configuration

The main rule is to first pick up the headset and equipment, then decide on the colors of the walls

Olive color in the interior of a modern kitchen

Fashionable solution - olive kitchen with wooden surface

Suitable style

In what style does the green kitchen look most profitable? The most popular, suitable directions are described in more detail in the table:

Suitable style Features
Classical In this case, noble shades of green are used: malachite, emerald, jade, others.This style eliminates flashy details, pronounced accessories. The set is bought wooden, the apron is made of mosaics.
Country Country style. Natural colors, natural materials, fabrics are relevant to him. Used pastel shades, simple shapes. An apron is best made from classic tiles.
Provence A gentle, romantic style. It is characterized by: bright tiles, the colors of natural clay, pistachios. The set should have simple shapes, made of wood. The stove can be decorated with an antique stove.
Mediterranean The most unusual, fabulous decision. The palette can be bright: emerald, lemon. The dining area can be left neutral. Table, chairs can have a natural woody pattern. The apron should be made of tile, glass.
Rustic kitchen design

Provence style green kitchen

Glass chandelier in the kitchen with a green sofa

Green sofa in the Mediterranean style kitchen

Kitchen interior in green classic style

For a kitchen in a classic style, it is advisable to use deep muted shades

Light green kitchen in a modern style

In modern interiors, bright green shades are more appropriate


Home kitchen interior should be practical. In addition to the color scheme, it is important to pay attention to other parameters of the room. A huge role will be played by the right choice of finishing materials. You cannot save on their acquisition. The kitchen has difficult living conditions: high temperature, humidity, dirt. The finish should be wear-resistant, beautiful, practical.

Design of a small kitchen with a splash of green

Light wallpaper with a green ornament in a small kitchen

The floor in the room is best decorated with expensive dark marble. The budget option is a regular tile. These building materials are highly resistant to abrasion, they will last more than twenty years, are "indifferent" to aggressive detergents.

The glossy surface of the ceramic floor in the kitchen of a panel house

Ceramic flooring will be the best option in terms of combination of price and quality

The ceiling can be tensioned. This design has several advantages. The stretch ceiling is installed in one day, it is easy to clean, it will protect the premises from sudden flooding by neighbors from above. The tensile structure may have different shapes, including spot lights.

Mirror suspended ceiling in the kitchen with a green set

Choosing a mirror canvas stretch ceiling, note that it will reflect the basic colors of your kitchen

Tip. Wall decoration should be carried out with a material that can be easily washed. Tile is ideal.

Living plants in the interior of the kitchen

You should not use bright green tones to decorate large wall surfaces, they are much better suited for emphasizing

Gray curtains in the kitchen with a green set

Light walls are suitable for small kitchens, however, as well as for rooms with windows to the north side

If desired, you can combine washable wallpaper with mosaics in the apron area. The apron will protect the walls in the most “dangerous” places: near the sink, hob.

Kitchen interior with pistachio wall

Stylish kitchen with a clean white apron

Harmony in the details: choose furniture, accessories

A beautiful green kitchen must be functional. To do this, you should choose the right headset, do not overdo it with the choice of accessories. A kitchen set can combine several green tones: lighter colors with dark ones. Such a headset looks fresh, interesting. But then the walls need to be decorated in a neutral color.

Stylish kitchen in emerald shade

The main emerald shade of the kitchen is perfectly complemented by chrome details

Green table in a rustic kitchen

Green color can be used as non-essential, adding bright accents in the form of separate objects to the kitchen

When choosing a headset, it is important to pay attention to other parameters too:

  • Lockers, shelves should not be many. Analyze the number of items in advance. Excess furniture will only clutter up the space.
  • The kitchen set must be made of durable, reliable material. Do not save on its purchase. The ideal option is natural wood. Worktops, countertops are best bought from stone. These materials are resistant to abrasion, small mechanical stress.
  • Furniture fittings should be of high quality.It is these details that are the first to fail.
Kitchen island with wood worktop

The cold facades of the headset were successfully softened by a decorative countertop made of wood

The kitchen has a dining area. Usually it consists of a table, several chairs. In a small room, a glass table will look great. It does not take up much space, as it were, dissolves against the background of the finish. There should be few accessories in the room. Usually, their role is played by beautiful textiles in green tones, original dishes, living plants.

Choose curtains

In the green kitchen every detail will be important. Curtains are no exception. Their color should be in harmony with the color of the kitchen set. If the headset is very bright, this does not mean that the curtains should be the same. It is better to buy curtains of the same color, but more muffled. Curtains can have a pattern, ornament. They must be made of natural fabric. Synthetic fabric looks cheap, quickly loses its attractive appearance. Curtains should be easy to remove, withstand frequent washing in the machine.

The choice of curtains for the kitchen in green

Curtains can perfectly complement the design, if you choose them correctly

Light green curtains in the interior of the kitchen of a country house

Light curtains of a natural shade will refresh the kitchen space

Tip. For a small room, it is recommended to choose translucent curtains of light color, or completely abandon them.

Heavy curtains will visually reduce space. They can be used in a large dining room, decorated in a classic style.

The most successful combination of tones

To ensure that there is not too much green in the interior, it must be combined with other tones. Consider the most successful options:

  1. With white. This is a universal, most universal solution. White is usually used as a background. They decorate the walls, light green - everything else. White is well suited for small spaces. It makes them visually more spacious.

    Interior of a white kitchen with a green set

    With white, you can use absolutely any shade of green

  2. With brown. The classic solution. However, it is important not to overdo it with brown. It needs a little. Brown can be a countertop, table, chairs. The rest is best done in green colors.

    Brown countertop headset with green facades

    The brown-green combination was invented by nature itself

  3. With red. Red-green kitchen - an original solution. It will appeal to young, creative people. The red color in the decoration looks rich, spectacular. Sometimes red is used only in decorative elements. If the family has hypertension, red is best avoided. It can cause an increase in pressure, which is dangerous for the health of such people.

    Red-green kitchen set in a bright room

    Saturated green, for example, the color of an apple, is most successfully combined with red.

  4. With yellow. The yellow-green interior will look advantageous in any situation. This color scheme is ideal eco-style. Yellow should be used with caution. The interior should not look oversaturated.

    Round kitchen island

    The winning combination of yellow with green

Provence style green kitchen video review

Photo of beautiful green kitchens

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