Main features of induction cookers: operating principle, terms of use, rating of popular manufacturers

Induction cooker is a type of heating equipment powered by electricity. She uses a rapidly changing magnetic field. Induction cooker heats up much faster than electric or gas. The entire surface of the panel or a certain area thereof is not exposed to heat. For cooking, special pans are used that are attracted by a magnet (steel, cast iron).

Induction cooker.

Induction stove in the kitchen.

Induction cookers are gradually replacing traditional gas options. They consume less power, are efficient and look extremely aesthetically pleasing. This has become the main reason for the popularity of equipment in the arrangement of modern kitchen halls. Let's try to understand what an induction cooker is, how the equipment works, and what you should pay attention to when choosing.

Cookware for induction cooker.

For the induction cooker, special ceramic dishes are used.

Induction range specifics

Induction hobs use a rapidly changing electromagnetic field. It is created by coils located just below the working surface. After installing a pan of ferromagnetic materials (substances attracted by a magnet) and turning on the plate, electricity is converted into heat, causing eddy currents. Thus, the dishes are heated directly. Cooking at the same time will become a more efficient process.

The method of operation of the induction cooker.

Induction cooker heats dishes with induced eddy currents.

Buying an induction stove you need to get a special kitchen set. The bottom of pots and pans for the presented household appliances is indicated by a special symbol.

Pros and cons of induction cookers

Induction cookers in appearance do not differ from conventional ceramic options. They look extremely elegant and modern. This is their undeniable advantage.

Type of induction cookers.

The biggest advantage of induction cookers is their sleek appearance.

The presented hobs belong to energy-saving devices - heat is generated only at the bottom of the plate, and not on the surface of the stove. This principle of operation increases the safety of using household equipment. Among the other advantages of its operation are the following:

  1. Security. Thanks to the direct heating of the dishes, the platform itself remains cool. Unlike gas stoves, there is no contact with fire. Any housewife who prefers comfort during cooking will appreciate it.
  2. Profitability. By heating only the bottom of the cookware, and not the entire hob, less energy is consumed. Due to the constant increase in tariffs, this is considered a good advantage.
  3. Easy to clean. Flat surfaces and lack of hard-to-reach corners and crevices make cleaning easy. Cleaning the hob will take a minimum amount of time.
  4. Time saving.The Power Boost function halves cooking time. This is due to the possibility of programming modes for embedded equipment.
  5. Healthy meals. The direct effect on food and the ability to regulate temperature allows vegetables to not lose so many vitamins, and meat - becomes more juicy.
  6. Functionality. Household appliances are equipped with many additional and useful features. They are specially designed to preserve the palatability of individual products.
  7. Ease of use. Diagnosing faults by displaying an error code. This will simplify the work of any master who immediately understands what is wrong with the equipment.
  8. Elegant and esthetic appearance. This parameter is especially important for those who prefer harmony in the kitchen room.
The advantages of induction cookers.

Using a special heating technique, induction cookers allow preserving the juiciness and vitamins of food.

The principle of operation and device capabilities

The offer of induction cookers is becoming wider and more diverse from year to year. This modern and convenient type of built-in appliances is very popular. Induction cooking is convenient, fast and appreciated by modern housewives. This makes induction hobs more and more popular. The models presented in stores are very different. The buyer should familiarize himself with several key features of the choice:

  1. Size of induction hob. This is one of the most important characteristics that you should pay attention to when purchasing household appliances. Not every kitchen will meet the standard sixty, and this is not always necessary. Induction hobs are available in many different sizes. This is an important parameter, due to the different layout of modern kitchens.
  2. Distribution and number of heating circles. It is worth paying attention to the ergonomic layout and other features of the selected induction cooker. The most important thing is not the size of the plate, but how the heating fields are distributed and which plates can be placed on them. For different people, this need is not the same.
  3. Power and type of power source. Such parameters can be crucial in the case of old electrical wiring. Some heating plates must be connected to a three-phase system. Others - can be used after connecting to one phase (230 V).
  4. Design and control. These are parameters that cannot be underestimated. The aesthetics and color of the induction hob are important in that they affect the appearance of the entire kitchen. When it comes to control, it is about the convenient operation of the device. Currently, the most popular and common are induction cookers with touch controls. Models with electronic or mechanical options are rarely used. Electronics is more practical and functional.
Features of induction cookers.

High practicality and functionality are the hallmarks of induction cookers.

What types of induction cookers are

An important advantage of induction cookers is the safety of their use. Thanks to direct heating of the bottom of the pan, not the entire plate (as well as the absence of flame under the pan), the risk of burns is reduced. Although the plate is turned on, the surface around the container remains cold. Some manufacturers use additional locks that prevent the accidental inclusion of countertops, both during cleaning and when the child plays in the kitchen. Among the important selection options are the following.

selection of induction hobs.

There is a large selection of induction hobs.

Number of heating fields

The number of fields is an important factor when choosing a drive. The fewer they are, the lower the price of the device. Most plates are equipped with four fields. However, you may come across countertops with three or even two fields. Unlike gas stoves, induction options provide precise temperature settings.Cooking areas do not have to be as diverse in capacity and size as other available solutions. The heating fields may be in the form of a circle, oval or rectangle.

Induction cooker heating fields.

Induction cooker with one heating field.


Most manufacturers use intuitive solutions. Some people opt for mechanically adjustable pens or tactile sliders (electronic sliders). In the market, you can also find induction cookers controlled by color LCD displays. More expensive models of such hobs are equipped with sensors located in front or on the side of the device.

induction stove in the kitchen.

Built-in induction stove in the kitchen.

What are the differences from other plates

Due to the wide range of induction cookers available on the market, it is difficult to choose a specific model. Most devices differ in shape, color, and available features. When operating induction hobs, remember the following:

  1. To prevent malfunctioning of household appliances, do not place wet pans on its surface and keep it perfectly clean.
  2. Dishes for the presented embedded equipment should be made of ferromagnetic steel and have a flat bottom corresponding to the heating zone.
  3. Do not leave magnetic cards near the induction hob, for example, in an ATM, as they may demagnetize.
  4. To save energy, you should use pots with lids.
Cookware for induction cooker.

Cookware on the induction cooker does not burn on the outside.

Induction cookers are a special type of cooking utensil. The principle of operation is to heat metal tanks caused by eddy currents. The latter are created by a high-frequency magnetic field. The advantages of induction furnaces are the highest efficiency (about 90% versus 60-70% in conventional electric stoves), quick achievement of the desired temperature, accurate temperature maintenance, safety and more. Manufacturers provide induction cookers with many additional features. They facilitate the cooking process and make heating more accurate.

Work induction cooker.

after removing the dishes, the induction hob automatically turns off.

Useful features:

  1. Recognition of the size of the vessel. Sensors detect the edges of the vessel and select the appropriate amount of energy for its diameter.
  2. Detecting the presence of dishes. In connection with the presented function, the plate automatically turns on or off.
  3. Programmed run time. After a certain time, the hob automatically turns off. Electronics signals the end by a beep.
  4. The presence of a cooking control sensor. They detect the temperature inside the pan and automatically adjust it. The sensor also tells you when to fry. There is a function that provides acceleration of heating up to 50% by increasing the power of the electromagnetic field.
  5. Residual heat indicator. Indicates whether the hob remains warm. This is important in terms of security and saving resources.
  6. Stop & Go. Allows you to reduce the field heating level to 1 when you need to leave the kitchen for a while. After returning, simply press the button and the dial will restore the previous cooking settings.
  7. Memory. Allows you to save cooking settings that you can use in the future. This is a very practical feature for people who value their free time.
  8. Hitch-hiking. Automatic disk interruption during overheating during cooking. This helps prevent damage to dishes and household equipment.
  9. Bridge. The function allows you to connect two adjacent heating fields into one. In the case of using larger dishes, this is very useful.
  10. Blocking. The button can be used to lock all disk settings and prevent accidentally turning it on or off. This feature is very relevant when children live in the house.
Cooking in the kitchen.

In gas versions of stoves there are many cooking programs.

Recommended Useware

To use the induction hob, you need to get a set of special vessels made of ferromagnetic steel. Cooking is more effective if the pan consists of several layers made of high quality materials. Induction cookers are not the cheapest, but they can be used for many years, because they are of the highest quality.

Induction Cooking.

Only cookware made of ferromagnetic material is suitable for such a plate.

Installation tips

Before using the purchased induction cooker, it must be connected. Assembly of induction hobs should be carried out by an electrician who correctly connects the wires. More and more manufacturers are demanding that the person collecting the device leave a seal on the warranty card confirming the correct installation of the induction hob. Incorrect cable connections can result in damage to household equipment, resulting in a loss of warranty.

induction cooker care.

The glass surface is easy to clean.

TOP-12 of the best manufacturers of induction cookers

The range of induction cookers is so wide that it is difficult to quickly determine which models are especially popular and deserve attention. That is why our rating of induction hobs was compiled. It shows the devices that are most often bought in stores. The purchase of an induction hob requires significant costs. Do not rush to make decisions. One of the important characteristics is the popularity and good opinion about the manufacturer of the selected device. Knowing which induction hobs and manufacturers are most trusted by consumers, you can choose the best device for yourself. The list of the most popular brands that offer induction cookers includes:


The first place in our ranking is occupied by the manufacturer Skvara, whose motto is quality and reliability. The company is fighting for its leadership, which has been supported for more than a decade. The production of induction cookers by Skvara has been established for a different price segment. There are customer service centers.

Skvara cooker.

Induction cooker Skvara.


One of the most popular global manufacturers of household appliances. The brand offers a wide range of induction cookers. On sale there are devices from different price ranges. Electrolux's induction built-in appliances always get good marks from customers.

Electrolux cooker.

Induction cooker Electrolux.


Gorenje is a well-known brand of the Slovenian engineering company of the same name. Small and large household appliances are produced in different European countries, including in their own factories in Slovenia itself. Practical and productive equipment has long been safely located in the kitchens of connoisseurs of comfort and safety. Slovenian brand was founded in 1950. Gorenje has repeatedly received awards for the convenience of equipment, its design and its contribution to environmental conservation.

Gorenje plate.

Induction Cooker Gorenje.


Hansa is a Russian brand. It produces pretty good home appliances in terms of reliability and functionality. Hansa induction panels are manufactured in Poland by Amica Wronki S.A. This is a company that supplies low-cost kitchen equipment to the market. Built-in appliances are always of high quality. Repeatedly, the manufacturer received awards in the nomination "Brand of the Year". Continuous development of production and quality control allowed to enter the international market.

Hansa cooker.

Hansa induction cooker.


Induction cookers of this manufacturer are gradually replacing traditional gas and electric furnaces. Users are abandoning outdated solutions in favor of superior design, convenient operation and ease of maintenance. In addition to the affordable price, modern Saturn induction cookers have another important advantage - safety.

Saturn cooker.

Induction Cooker Saturn.


This is a German company. The brand is recognized and appreciated almost all over the world.In the Bosch assortment you can find many popular models of induction cookers, including equipment with various functional capabilities and sizes. Household appliances are mainly collected in Spain.

Bosch stove.

Induction hob Bosch.


The company’s history began in 2007 when Indesit merged its Ariston brand with the acquired Hotpoint brand. For this reason, the history of the newly created brand is quite extensive and impressive. Thanks to this, it is hardly necessary to doubt the quality of the equipment. The company pays special attention to preserving the beneficial properties of products. The hob models use a lot of energy, which allows you to cook really healthy dishes that are nutritious.

Hotpoint-Ariston cooker.

Hotpoint-Ariston induction hob.


This is another global brand. The manufacturer offers an extremely wide range of induction cookers. The work of the company is characterized by the constant introduction of innovations.

Whirlpool cooker.

Induction Cooker Whirlpool.


Another recognized leader in the manufacture of kitchen equipment. The company's engineers make innovative decisions as the basis for a new level of safety, comfort and economy. Zanussi is an Italian representative in the home appliance market with a century of history. Known for its decent quality and customer service. Products are manufactured in many European countries.

stove Zanussi.

Induction cooker Zanussi.


Litas are in demand among consumers, and the company cooperates with many recognized brands. This brand creates products on the principle of a quality pyramid. Reliability and functionality are the basis of products, the pristine style is the top.

Siemens cooker.

Induction cooker


The surfaces of a well-known manufacturer are the embodiment of true lightness and grace combined with strict adherence to European quality standards. The Samsung brand is well known in the domestic market, as are other manufacturers in this ranking. In terms of functionality, induction cookers with glass-ceramic surfaces provided by this manufacturer are very popular.

Samsung cooker.

Induction cooker Samsung.


Delivers budget embedded technology. Such equipment in most cases has compact dimensions. The device parameters are calculated in the smallest details. The surface contains only a set of necessary elements, it is stylish and convenient to use.

Indesit cooker.

Induction cooker Indesit.

To determine which induction cooker to choose, the client must pay attention to various parameters. First of all, it is important to make sure that the size of a particular model matches the opening under the stove, if you have one. You must also decide how many heating zones you need. The market has many excellent models for 5 burners and 6 cooking zones. No less attention is paid to additional functionality and thoughtful management. They affect the convenience of cooking.

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